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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1955, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - December 29, 1955, Sioux Center, IowaIn Only a few More hours the strains of Auld Lang sync will Mark the end of 1955 and coming of the new Many of us Are it changed a Groat Deal by the changing of a we simply hang up our new calendars and go on living about the Way we did Well go on eating wheat biscuits for wearing overshoes on snowy Days and getting up by the Alum in the our habits dont change much from year to what i dont like about the new year is that i have to work ing for the government countless tax forms will have to be filled out and prop erty taxes will become due and the assessor will be around once until about the mid dle of april it will be one tax matter after and ill soon regret that i Ever heard the strains of Auld Lang syne or received a Happy new year there is something Nice about hanging up a new the 365 Days look like an infinitely Long period of time in which to do things right this ill have about eight months in which to think about our wedding anniversary Date so As not to for get it again this ill have months for planning my Spring planting around the House and Yard and to resolve to Meel the weeds with a Sharp Hoe whenever and wherever they a ill have weeks and weeks in which to plan my work so As 1o get away for a few More Ball games than i did in it All adds up to a lot of Opportunity that might be grasped with More sureness and less i would hic to think ill do better in the coming and perhaps i Christmas like a whirl wind at our it seemed like everything came and went too the first toy was broken by 3 Oclock in the and at 4 Oclock our eldest daughter remembered that she had for gotten to give her sister her gift tiny Turtle exactly the same As the one weve had around for iwo or three and it had to be marked a Stripe of Nail polish to distinguish it from one is named crawly and the of is live in the Samo our boy got a gun that makes too much but i presume that a week or the gun will cease making noise and Mark will Sussli Lulu his own then ill have to in scr the Noucas with my hands raised or some other com Ruand from threatening Des Christmas seems to change a kids who found new ice skates under their Christmas tree didst have much of a Chance to test them out Early this it was so warm that thin film of water floated Over the local skating rink in some while our Christ Mas was melting tempera Tures Friday and saturday made it kind of a dirty talk about coordinated plan Sioux centers Holiday auction party certainly had it last and it was needed to put out Well Over 300 prizes in a Little Over three hours from the stage to the pay tables in the Balcony was by and men on the floor assisted the auctioneers on the people had to wait Only minutes Between the time they made their bids and the time they were handed their volume 64 number 45 Center of Sioux Iowa Center official City and county newspaper december 1955 big 8 column pages today news Over Worth of prizes went out to Holiday auction party thursday Afler Noti auctioneers and officials worked feverishly to get rid of them before the Long list of including everything from expensive perfumes to an electric clothes almost filled the big High school auditorium stage and looked like this at the beginning of the not displayed were cer Tain fragile Mera handle and gift stores will close beginning this week and Coll Ninfi through most Sioux Center business plan pcs will close at c saturday according to tin announcement made today by the retail trades committee of the civic with the exception of bar Ber filling cafes and n few other Busi Ness doors will close it 6 every saturday following a custom of recent March of dimes Kickoff meeting Here tonight some of the winners Are shown in the photos at left is Paul purchaser of a movie camera outfit for Bonus the Little boy on the new tractor is Darrel Sie Bersma of Sioux son of and syne taking Home a new record player for his Gerrit Vander is Wilburt Vander Kieft in the lower photo at beside him is Jack successful bidder on another part of a crowd of More than 1500 persons is shown in the lower right the auction and drawing lasted More than three hours and moved at a rapid the news i wish i had kept track of the hams and turkeys carried a and number of that were id like to have had a picture of the expression on Adrian Moermann face when she Learned she was the Winner of that big 20 Pound Goose Given by Juffer biggest laugh i got was when i saw Jake Van Steen who drives an air cooled carrying away a Gal Lon of Winner of the new Bulck away by jewel which vans jewelry of Sioux Center is a was Welker of a she had signed Only one Over 1500 adults attend Holiday carry Home prizes possessing Catfish costs Man a Howard on Man paid a Fine of and costs just before Christ Mas after entering a Pica of guilty to a charge of having out of season fish in his he was Paul who was picked up by conservation officer newel with 77 Catfish and two northerns in his he was arrested on the Uig Sioux River a Short distance from a also arrested and lined and costs 22 was ring Wallen Burg of Rock who had Vande Berg Breaks wrist in Sheldon game tribe loses the Sioux Center warriors will be without the services of their first string Center for several weeks As the result of an Acci Dent that broke Paul Vonde bergs left wrist in the Sheldon game Friday he was injured in the third Quarter when Sioux Center was leading by about 10 the loss of other first stringers Minugh fouls later resulted in another defeat fori he hapless they built up a midpoint incl and led the arabs until the final two minutes of the by then Vande Llano Semi and Vailler will were Catfish in his Wallen of the contest and Sheldon Burg was also picked up by new Al a Short distance North o a the men appeared before jus Tice Sam Blair at they had caught the pish with Bare hands and in various other ways in open water in the dig night school class will hear state College veterinarian the adult night school class con dulled by Paul Bauer will hold its session next week in con Juii Clion with the animal health clinic which will be conducted by Herrick and Spear of Iowa state the meeting will be in High school at wed gained an Victory by inc Lime inc gun missing fun the game because of another engagement was orc other la Rel leading Bunuel cars were Sci Tenpas to Haar Ima with in and Vander Wilt with tomorrow the warriors will play Sellier Ville there tomorrow night and will meet Orange cily on the Sioux Center floor tuesday both opponents Are considered Strong and will give inc tribe Good coach Paul Muyskens says he Doest know How Long inn do Berg will be missing from the but he Hopes he will be Back by Laic Over 200 expected at dinner in town Hall Bosch will head county wide Campaign a Connly Kickoff mooting for the 1050 March of dimes drive will be held in the Sioux Center town Hall Elliis evening with an expected Alt Nonnce of Over 200 it was announced loony by de county chapter chairman of the National foundation for infantile drive carefully Over the week end hit by car on Way to practice at Alton boy spends Christmas in Hospital a Llytle boy who was to have had a part in the Christmas pro Tarn in the reformed Church in Alton Felt or cloy upset about missing the program Christmas pc but his parents were thank Ful that he was still alive Christ Mas he is Richard live year old son of and Vernon Freriks of Richard was hit by a car at on Highway 33 just As he was going across the Road to the Church for practice for the according to sheriff Harry the Little boy apparently didst see the car coming from the North and he was hit at the Crest of the Hill in front of the the boy was Laken to the Hospital in be Mars where his condition was reported As Good this rays showed no broken and inc boy a or Cully coca cd with Only Driver of the car was Richard Wharton of grand he was taking his family to Sioux City for names drawn for Petit jury in january court silly persons have been named to be summoned for Petit jury duty no Orange City for the Jan uary irm if which will open Al 10 they arc listed no follows Vesta Mary Rose David Gro Lrudd aus rid Rosli Gladys Laura Florence Laur ence Chunnan and la scr Wil illicit Valley Marie Tony do Hazel John Lanclo Gerrit Van Oostra and Cor Usu do Alton Orville Frank Van pole Martha Kellen and Ray Ornis pc City do Anna Gladys Bloom Freida Van Dor Brake and Henry Vander she Linn de Paul sic Allen Udell and vice Hull Clarence Veron Ica William Thomas Mulder and Gerrit Sioux Center Art Van Albert Ramaker and Harriet Ilo Dpn Willard Vander Sylvia Edgar Vermeer and pole in ctn Beni Tor Ilo Secis Pelcer Elcon or Harry Vander Nick Isabel Lola Vansurksum and Van Granv Lluc Joe and nors ii Wood Wayne climbed into the 40s in Sioux county Over the week making Christmas one of the warmest clays of the All Community and township chairmen arc expected to be pc Scal for a dinner which will to served by the members of the farm Bureau women the dinner will be served it according to Gerald county March of dimes the dinner will c followed by n business meeting at which plans fur the big Campaign will be Dis a special him Wil also i this years drive theme is polio int licked Milosch said yesterday that Lloyd a former polio patient will be chairman of the Sioux Center drive and he will be assisted by Many others in inc donations for Little very i total auxiliary grateful the drive for funds Loaid Veryl 7yearold son of and Wilbur Huisman who has been hospitalized for Burns during inc past netted i according to Joyce Moel chairman of the Community service committee of inc Amer ican legion a Check Mas been presented to the fam a Large boost for the fund was received when Lou do local sales barn donated a calf o be auctioned with the proceeds going to the auxiliary the which was resold n number of brought after the boys Story became known throughout the some checks were received from per sons in other and Veryl himself received Many personal Cash the bulk of the Money raised by the auxiliary was dropped into the Collal Nurs placed in Sioux Center area Busi Ness Mucller and the auxiliary members wish to express their sincere thanks to All who helped make the drive a chronology Community news of 1955 reviewed auctioneers spend Busy hours getting rid of Over Worth of goods thursday a crowd estimated at Well Over adults last week thursday afternoon witnessed a spectacular Giveaway program that placed Over Worth of merchandise in the hands of some of Sioux centers local shoe store moving across Street the de Bruin shoe store will be this week to its new location in the former Vander Ploeg furniture store building on the West Side of which was purchased by de Bruin a few weeks Bosch clothing which occupied the North Side of the building in which the shoe store will now have the entire building for Stock and de Bruin began moving his Stock Over to the new location wednesday and expects to have everything moved by monday or tuesday of next Best hundreds of gifts were Assem bled on the stage of the High school auditorium for the holi Day auction party and it took More than 3v4 hours to give them people walked away with boxes of grocer toys a and countless other it As they converted their Bonus Bucks into merchandise they also received a free lunch during the afternoon and Many were Lucky winners of door prizes that ranged from cosmetic sets to an electric clothes Winner of the clothes largest item Given was Jake Koel of Sioux the auction party was held in big auditorium where there was plenty of seating space and standing the party started with a Short musical program Given by the High school Pep band and a Brief address of Welcome by mayor Maurice the the Henry a Hans Henry Moret and Stan took turns on the Block and working on the the crowd began arriving at about 12 noon and by 1 Oclock More chairs had to be brought in to accommodate More Whitfi inflation took effect gradually at the about the High est Price paid for any item was 2800 Bonus Bucks for a most items sold for less than 2000 Bucks and went for As Little As the merchandise and prizes were generally Well distributed in the the party climaxed a 30day program in which Sioux Center stores gave away specially Prin Ted Bonus Bucks with purchases of 50 cents or All prizes and merchandise were donated by Sioux Center professional and trades no Story hour on saturday there will be no Story hour at the Public Library this december Story hour will be held As usual next Jan uary from to grand jury names drawn for january the following persons will be summoned to serve on the grand jury on january 1956 at for the term of court Lela Braaks of Howard Duvon and Anthony of Orange will Gebaur of Lee Keehn of Haword Vanmaanen of Rock Valley and Ben Meylink of Martin Mellor of Sioux Cen Gregor Pennings of Henry run sink of her Man Schiebout of Maurice and Ted Woudstra of retarded childrens group to meet 6 a representative of the state school at Wood will be the guest speaker at a meeting of the association for retarded children the meeting will be held in the lome economics room in the Sheldon Public school at 8 shatter will speak on his work of placing children outside of the school in Opportunity knocks again in this Issue of your newspaper after Christmas sales in Sioux Center starting today will offer shoppers a Good Opportunity to save Money on food and As Well As other youll Mon Eysa ving buys advertised in1 Side this weeks women will find an Opportunity to save Money on clothing for themselves and their children at Schissell next All details of a big clearance Sale will be found on a full Page and in other important news in this weeks advertising includes several auction commercial youll find plenty of Good Reading material also in this weeks with this Issue of the news another Large chapter in the com munits history will be in it Are All the reported and printed events of news items that attracted much attention and in news that caught Only passive and some news that shocked the Community with All of it was news during the past All of it is history items in the following chronology brought great Joy to some deep sorrow to in the assembling and editing of these Brief no Effort was made to weigh them or choose them they Are merely Small items taken from a big Chap tar of Community and county his and they should be read with that in Central Board of the Midwest Junior College awarded the contract for an class room and administration building to de Stigter Broth ers of Sioux completion of the building was promised by the Skully service station on North main Avenue changed hands week when Ernest Kempema cased the station and purchased Stock and equipment from Kenneth who had been operating it since Jan prominent Orange City was Sioux county first traffic fatal Ity when his car went out of control and crashed Miles South of Sioux keepers was driving alone when the Accident a Sioux Center food kens passed into now hands last week when Ken Jen sen took Over the establishment from Ken Van Orange noun cd tuesday that they had formed a partnership and bought the Plasier plumbing and heat ing company from Jake Plasier of Fox Hunt cars bagged nine Bushy toils on a Fox Hunt in the Hock Valley area tuesday Jan Sioux Center indians won their 20th straight basketball game wednesday eve Ning when they Defeated 03 to in the second round of the county Martin Mucller announced his retirement from the Sioux Center fire department after 15 years of voluntary Moeller was chief for about half that he retained his membership in the How As he was made an Honor Ary member monday and friends surprised and Carl oel Rich at a House warming party last thursday evening at the Oelrichs new the midwinter band concert was postponed for six Days due to colds and Strep throats among school students at the Sioux Center Public polio fund was boosted during the past week when Fox Hunters donated to the fund and inc american legion auxiliary held a bake Sale for this worthy cause and in bloc owner for the past 1v4 Ted by this Date the local Jensen managed the store for Van gathered was toward Sioux i prussion was that he would like used during inc past two years for automobile members received special Rea ballots Dur ing the past week for inc Specula election that was held Friday which was to determine whether or not the cooperatives Headquarters would remain in Orange City or be moved to a More Central the Coop society announce cd 1054 As their Best year in history when the annual meeting was held at the High school auditorium vow Organiza Tion bought a building site for a Bowling Alley to be erected in Sioux Center and planned a drive for More Sioux centers four big cooperatives did a Gross business of Over million in 1954 to lop the previous years record by a considerable total sales Amoun cd to Macii Arlene whose voyage to Africa As a missionary nurse was delayed two months because of visa received the news that she would embark March 10 from new Gerald Harskamp of Sioux Center was among the six Sioux county youths who Scro slated for induction on March March dutch farm trainee who arrived on the Aric Schimmel farm near Sioux was featured in a Large news Story and Kucs was scheduled to spend 11 months Here and his first irn Wechel for about a year after its opening in who centers goal of the Sioux county fair Board completed arrangements saturday was employed by Plasier plumb1 Tor the Purchase of seven lots ing and and his across the Road cast of Minnesota Anthe fair these lots were it very the slate safely department re ported thursday that Sioux county Drivers were involved in 312 traffic accidents at a total Cost of in damages in March Sioux Center warriors Defeated in the sub stale thus gain ing entry into the Sale Tournai where they arc scheduled to Mel Davenport Saint Ambrose in the la Rel Arnold christians of Edgar president of Iho old Wisl Junior College turned Over the first Spade of Earth saturday afternoon at the ground breaking ceremony at the site of inc new College on fourth Avenue March de wierd of Curmel was named Post Comman Der of the veterans of foreign wars Here last week when the annual election was and John e Graves of Rock Valley became the parents of a Janna born on the 20lh of March Dyk retired newspaper cullor and last surviving member of a Pioneer Sioux Center form family that came to inc county in died in his sleep curly tuesday morning at his Homo in Orange he was 03 years Sioux centers Ron Juffer was named to the Allstate first team chosen by the Iowa daily press association and Ihrcke of her War rior cagers were Given honorable they were Dick Kraay Durrell Beernink and John Van april and Small musical groups won 11 division i ratings and 13 division ii awards at the stale music concert held at the Dap list Church members were making arrangements for a daily attendance of 100 to 150 ministers and Lay people who were expected to attend the and continued on Page ii

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