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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Dec 25 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - December 25, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaI will not fear tuna can Man do unto Nie Center Sioux Center Iowa Christmas 1930 should Sioux county pave and if it be not so nok who make a liar and mate my speech nothing Worth t an answer to one of our readers Clever clovers Christmas party elect new officers a review of our article of dec 11 will show that Weare not arguing the question of the paving program and the gasoline tax but Are advocating paving for Sioux county As the Best Way out of a situation in which we at present find our selves it is not necessary to discuss the gasoline tax and the Way it is being distributed for that is a decided question it is a Law of the state of Iowa and the most frequently heard objection is that we have no Assurance that the legislature will not remove the gasoline tax after we have bonded ourselves and pledged our real estate As Security and that if this tax were removed the Bonds would have to be paid for by a direct tax it is possible for the legislature to remove the Gas tax but it is not at All probable 85 counties have voted Bonds and Are depending on the Gas tax License fees and fed eral Aid to pay for them any legislator from these 85 counties would no dare vote for repeal of the Gas tax it would mean that he was at tempting to make Liis constituents the people who voted for him and Trust him and whose favor he wishes to keep pay directly out of their pockets what is now being paid very indirectly and a Way in which it is not it would be political suicide for them even to advocate such a repeal since it would take 36 of these 85 counties representatives to effect a repeal if they could get the 14 unpaved counties representatives to help them we believe that it would be next to impossible to have this Law repealed or Nettinga refers to this method of paying for the Bonds a Promise by the Iowa state Highway commission and claims he has no Faith in such promises neither have we but we have Faith in the Laws of the state of Iowa which order the i s h commission to pay these Bonds in a certain Way or Nettinga next argument is what if people should quit using cars and hence Cut Down the Gas tax to so Low a figure it would not be sufficient to pay interest on the Bonds there is a Remote possibility that this might happen but our whole life and scheme existence is built around the use of automobiles to such an extent that they Are absolute necessities to continued life we might also argue i wont get out of bed this morning because by doing so i might break my leg since it is hard telling whether Sioux will have an Opportunity to vote county Bonds before the state votes its Bond Issue we will refrain from saying More until such time As we Are sure Alida Den Herder entertained the Clever Clover girls at a Christmas party on saturday december 29 i brightly lighted Christmas tree an a gift Box helped to usher in the Christmas spirit the girls toot pleasure in we coming to the party Elizabeth Borg Man formerly assistant Leader we is Home for the holidays the meeting was of Pond by a Busi Ness session when tile officers of 1931 were chosen those elected were Borgman Rensink de Boer Vermeer publicity Epping Eppink song de Vries Competition for each office was keen is there were Many ties or close seconds the dub received a Christmas card from the h d a miss Aleene Wilson which was appreciated Verj much the entertainment committee Hac lots of fun planned for the after noon after several hard and laugh Able experiences a two course lunch Eon consisting of Coffee sandwiches and Pickels and ice Cream and wafers was served the gift Box contained Many Beautiful and practical gifts the girls left with renewed enthusiasm for the work of next year they feel that their first year of club work has been very successful they received second prize in the music memory contest on the county rally Day one of the members Esther Borgman holds a position As county Secretary which is an Honor to the club As it has been organized for Only a year they gave a play and musical program which was highly complimented by local people much credit for this Success is due Alida Den pleader club Leader who does not hesitate to give both her time and Effort to make the Best better what question will be up before the voters or Nettinga has again written for us and his very timely article will appear in next weeks Issue of the news former business Man Dies or Fred Vander Muelen for Long a resident and businessman in Sioux Center died at his Home in Orange City at the age of 53 last Friday Mourng while living in Sioux Center or Vander Muelen worked for the electric company and had a Backsmith shop about ten years ago h moved to a 40 acre farm near Orange City and continued his Smithing work As a Side line his death was caused by a heart attack the bereaved relatives Are his father or Roy Vander Muelen who resides with his daughter mrs first reformed Church by Rev l Bruns Liny we wish to express our a Precia Ion to the editors of this paper of their service and the space they us each week unto one and All merry Christmas and Happy be year the choir and chorus rendered Beautiful program last sunday even ing under the leadership of Hen Tepaske the following Christmas carols wer Sung the first Silen hark the Herald Angel o Little town of Bethle Liem two anthems arise Shine of the Light is and the birth Day of a also two selections of the oratorio of Handel and the glory of the and the hallelujah chorus the sunday school had a record offering for the missions last Sun Day a special Check was received of a former member of the sunday school for during the program thursday pm an offering will be received in envelops for the Centenial fund of Home missions the commemoration of the lords death will be held next sunday the reception of new members will take place in the afternoon the c e held their annual meet ing last tuesday evening an appropriate program was rendered and the evening was spent in Harmony with the spirit of the season wednesday evening the teachers and officers held their annual meet jurors drawn list of grand jurors drawn for the year term 1931 District court and ordered to report monday Jan 12 1931 at pm Abbey Elmer Hawarden Anderson h a Hudson s d de Jong c j Orange City de Cook r Orange City Dittmer Henry Ireton Ivankin Evert Sioux Center hoofs Joe Hospers Klein Peter Granville Kooiker l r Hull Muyskens c Alton Ruppert Nick Alton Slothouber Albert Orange City list of Petit jurors drawn for the Jan 1931 term District court and ordered to report my Nav Jan 19 1931 at 10 a m Allen Frank Alton Burrington c Hawarden Buol we Hawarden Bancroft e Hawarden Bloemendaal Henry Alton Bloemendaal John Alton Boland h s Orange City Bogaard Neal Rock Valley Bertram Chas Ireton Cleveringa r Orange City Gambier r h Alton Levering Lou Alton lever Iuga Mary Orange City e Boer Roy Maurice 3oherty we Maurice de Boer Peter Rock Valley Doorn Garret Rock Valley e Boer de Alton Giebink Wesley Alton Green s c Boyden Lorton a d Hawarden Croll Frank Hawarden Ockene Ernest Alton Jein Marion Sioux Center sort encamp Henry Boyden math Granville 001 John Hawarden revering j Rock Valley number 7 i users nem their annual meet Peter Noteboom at of heyday his ing the various elections and appoint wite mrs Fred Vander Muelen and 1i wife mrs Fred Vander Muelen and son Raymond his Brothers Garrit John Edward Roy and his Sisters mrs Pete Noteboom and mrs Fred icks of Maurice the funeral took ments were made and the regulations of the classes and scholars set for another year arrangements were made also the annual prizes of Faith Ful attendance some 70 members will ionic Lucile Sheldon a Muilenburg Harry Maurice Ere Boom Andrew Ireton ring John Boyden ring j m Sioux Center Remacle John h Hospers Rensink h Sioux Center Julius Granville of John Ireton an Steenbergen g Hull Ander Bosch Henry Boyden Ander weird Art Rock Val lev of Peter Sheldon rant Hul Garrit Rock Valley Ander Meer Chas Hull an Roeckel Geo Maurice an Feldik Dick or Dock Valley Vander Wilt Tony a or Boyden Van oort j h Orange City Vandermaaten Andrew Alton velt scamp Henry Hudson so Vandermaaten j Alton Westra we Orange City White Bessie Sheldon Witt Lola Hawarden Wiggerman j c Rock Valley Zevenbergen Peter Alton i St Luke chapter 2 and she brought Forth her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and Laid him in a Manter because there was no room for them in tile inn there were in the same country shepherds abiding tit tile Field keeping thatch Over their flock by Jodh the Angel of the lord came upon them and the of the lord shone round about them and they Csc sore afraid and the Angl said unto them fear not for behold i bring you Evoil tidings of great Joy which shall be to All people unto Sou David a Saviour Burn this Liny in the City of hich is Christ the lord Hijacker hit on head in Sioux count have halfhearted scrap old Pioneer passed away or Henry Vermeer or a seventy nine year old Pioneer died late Mon Day at his Home in Sioux Center or Vermeer was born in the Netherlands with his family he migrated to the u s in 1867 settling in wis Conson five years later when the hollanders began a settlement in Sioux county the Vermeer family started West with Wagon and horses and settled on a farm near Sioux enter about 30 years ago or Vermeer retired to live in town the survivors Are or h Vermeer or mrs Jennie de Vries mrs Dena Schimmer or Jake Vermeer or Pete Vermeer or Joe Vermeer or we Vermeer or John Vermeer or Theo Vermeer mrs been info his brother or e Vermeer and is sister mrs g Vermeer not trying to brag but we have a sort of juvenile Gangland right Sioux county tie participants in a recent Wrangle Are not notorious enough to have their names u byword like Al Capones and their fights Arent serious enough to cause much interest a number of people How Ever know the details of the Story by because of the reputation of bootleggers refuse to sign affidavits and worse still Are very reticent about mentioning names we heard tie Story without names and it goes like this two bootleggers have been running pretty close infringing on each others territory they were going to enforce their rights in their own just How close to Sioux Cen Ter the frolicking took place Hast been determined but some outsiders must have invaded this Community fhe local Alle merchant was on the Lookout sees his enemy and pounces on to the running Board this going a Little ahead of the Fol Lowed the Licker Carrier with a car drove along Side and then stepped on the other Fello farm Bureau takes a stand marketing legislation taxation the Road Bond Issue and comp Wilsor military training in state schools All came in for consideration in the resolutions passed at the annual meet ing 1 hese resolutions were assembled by a committee consisting of Ralph Bartels l h Hennrich and j e Ralston from the recommendations of the various committees appointed beforehand to stud particular problems involved were presented to the pectin to Ralph Bartels is running Board the Contee Rotaler in the car under attack by a sleight of Arm with the lid of a Jack or a wrench knocked the Raider off the window Vas busted in transit the object of he attacker was to take without sex Hange of either Goodwill or Money he other Fellows Stocko hand How the Story got out is the ques Lon we wish you to answer you just understand that one fellow got lit on the head and being the Oser Tell anybody and the ther fellow was an invader and led without stopping to give Aid o the wounded and very like v afraid to come Back for a while who told the Story appointed beforehand to study the and inv Sarto is each was passed with very Little discussion until the Resolution de Claring opposition of the Organiza Tion to state and county Road Bond Tor paving were reached on Thi Resolution was a rapid pc of ment and discussion and Alt Lioums there were a few feeble attempt made to present figures in regard to How the plan would bring mor Money Back into the county than i is now getting the sentiment was s overwhelmingly against the Bond that when the question was Finalli farm Bureau resolutions 1931 1 Grain marketing being that we Are a consuming Community and very Little Grair is shipped out which is not again returned be it therefore resolved that w support the cooperative elevators in helping Supply the need in districts that need same and not sell at random to the terminal markets but have a Central Agency As a Clearing House and be it further resolved that we wish to have a closer uniformity in prices for Grain in the Dif Ferent localities by the cooperative elevators livestock marketing be in resolved that we favor a closer cooperation Between the co operative livestock marketing Agen cies on the Sioux City livestock Market in the Selling end of the business Creamery be it resolved by the farm Bur eau that we urge All members and banners to produce Good Quality Cream and to sell their milk and Cream to their Home cooperative Creamery and for Creamery boards to cooperate with each other in regard to territory we also urge everybody to use butter and lard in place of Loci Margarine and cooking substitute that the farm Bureau sup Ort the 5c per in excise tax on Oleo Margarine As suggested by the Low 1 a commission marketing lie it resolved that As an Organiza Tion we Are keenly interested in egg marketing and encourage the grueling of eggs As some localities Jive attempted believe that he Larm Burea should assist an District court notes motion for a new trial was filed by plaintiffs attorney in the Case of Geneva Gonnion against h Larn mers and wife marriage License Joe Kreykes Hospers Henrietta Vanden Bosch Boyden Board of supervisors met tuesday december 16th at which time notice was served on we Ter Meer Jan Tor and his hearing will be dec 27 an answer has been filed in the ase of Harrison c Abell against g oilers asking dismissal of plaintiffs petition and costs taxed to plaintiff the third report of the adminis Trator has been filed in die estate f Myrtle cd Scholm deceased Vander Berg Bros of Sioux ceh or Are asking for judgment on account against we Muilenberg of Ranville for with interest and costs application and order designating he first National Bank of Chicago Illinois As depository for receiver hip funds of citizens Hank of hos ers has been filed John Lindner asks for judgment i account and for a writ of attach ment against Leo Feller for balance Lue amounting to with in and costs the petition states hat the defendant is about to move it of the state and place his Money Eyoul tie reach of his creditors program along that la Fiill put the Resolution was adopted Unai i to u sly the second Exchange of Sharp Dis Cussion occurred when the Resolution favouring increasing the tobacco tax was presented several men spoke in opposition to this Resolution declaring that tobacco was taxed sufficiently under the present Law and that any Furter tax would work further hardship on the Farmers in the tobacco growing territories lond Teveltrup left for Oregon i Lay morning the District Man Ger of the providential insurance company in this District has been transferred to Portland Oregon id a personal Friend of the new Jent is going to work with him for in first few months he expects to i its some members will be tirs place on monday dec 22 Orange will be awarded for not having miss be Back some i in de once during the past year less he finds Oregon too attractive the eleventh hour t Sci i Luries however when put to a vote these favouring he adoption of the Resolution won out by a fair majority following the adoption of the Resolution presented by the committee the following Resolution was presented from the floor and adopted by a unanimous vote we believe in the principle that farm products should be marketed through commodity marketing organization owned and controlled by the producers of that commodity and that the particular Channel of Trade through which the commodity is marketed is of less importance than the fact that it is marketed through cooperative agencies we endorse the producers com Mission association of Sioux cite As a livestock cooperative marketing Agency owned and controlled by the producers of livestock Only and urge Sioux county farm Bureau Mem Bers to support this Agency with their patronage following Are the resolutions presented by the committee educational line club u e Decoi Amend that All toys club work be developed As far As pos Mulc through local Community Cen Ter we believe that Inot How Many but How Well Ney Are organized should he c club slogan we Virther believe that the establishment of a axes Lor conscientious work and Complete records should be arranged in addition to tie Premium n Tyne Sioux us fair we recommend that each town ship farm Bureau chairman be requested to assist the county agent by furnishing a of club members in township and form a local Community club Cen Ter with regular meetings be it resolved that the farm Bureau organization go on record opposing the county and state Bond Issue for paved roads 7 that we favor a higher state tax for our Public schools to replace 6 Jaby has four grand parents and four great grandparents Jasper Schoep just arrived at the lome of or and mrs John Schoep r his Welcome is certainly a genuine one received by More ancestors Han most babies Ever had we often Peak of the culture or Breeding of investors and if were lowly lot at All bout them Jasper maybe proud of of forefathers a healthy vital outages people who fought the prob ims of the Western Prairies win ing the Battle and building up a Holesome and substantial setting for Inland living to see his Day his parents Are or and mrs can Schoep or grandparents or my mrs John face pcs great grand Arents or and mrs h Vander Tooren mrs t h fee fees mrs Ken Mouw or 0 some tax of the present local shoo we recommend a penalty to be imposed on All landowners and renters for letting noxious weeds mature and seed and that a copy of this be sent to our lawmakers 9 legislative that we recommend the enactment of a personal in come tax 10 that we favor a corporation franchise tax on All corporations that Are operated profit for financial Majon 11 that we favor doubling die to Bacco tax 12 that military training in our state schools be optional 13 the Success of the farm Bureau organization rests in a Large degree on the whole hearted cooperation of a to of the Farmers therefore be it resolved that each individual member of the farm Bureau use every Effort possible to get his neighbors lined up with the organization that the farm Bureau Board pm ploy such assistance As they Ikeem advisable for the Best interests of the organization that there be published in the leading newspapers of the county a series of articles setting Forth the accomplishments of the farm Bureau 4 inasmuch As the method of settling National differences has been outlawed by the leading nations of the world in the pact of Paris Actu the Sioux county citizenship class is in full swing now they meet every monday night town ship town and county government has been studied tie remaining weeks will be devoted to Iowa and the Constitution of the United states monday night 28 were pres ent the Federal department is very critical and exacting one of our Sioux county applicants who has lived in Sioux county since he came from Europe at the age of 4 has not yet proven his arrival in this county some records Are missing to get the matter cleaned up he must Send seventy another applicant made his preliminary appearance at the court House lately finding that this Man was a Hollander who also lived a number of years in Germany the examiner asked which of the three countries do you like Best Amer the reply and Why Amer Ica Well came the answer Vou see in Germany i had a wheelbarrow n Holland it was a bicycle but Here n America i own a Good Auto and the owner of that Auto is an excellent Farmer in Sioux county chances Are hell pass the county executive committee Leld its quarterly meeting at Sioux Center monday afternoon therefore be it resolved that we endorse the recommendation of the president that Congress agree to adhere to the world court 15 we recommend the officers and employees of the association for their faithful performance of their various duties Ralph Bartels Hennrich j e Ralston Resolution com
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