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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - December 21, 1977, Sioux Center, Iowa Point counterpoint Sioux Center wednesday december 21,1977 page.i.3 guest editorial More on the tax Cut or How the East coast views it that president Carter has wisely postponed tax Reform to concentrate on a tax Cut in 1978, it is time for the nation to think deeply about what kind of tax Cut it should be. So far most of the proposals that have surfaced in Washington Call for the traditional cuts of an earlier Day when inflation was Only a minor nuisance. Today however inflation is a major menace. Despite some recent Good on consumer prices More bad is just ahead. Inflation will soon Bounce Back to 6 percent and is expected to stay there or Worsen. A tax Cut in 1978 cannot be one that merely slashes a few Points off personal and corporate taxes. It must tend to inflation As Well. The White House is taking a close look at proposals for such an Anit inflation tax Cut. The idea is known for the moment As tip for tax based incomes policy. Incomes policy quite inaccurately has come in this country to mean mandatory wage and Price controls. Nobody wants those wretched experience under president Nixon. But tip by whatever name is not a rigid form of control. It is a voluntary scheme to wind Down inflation by using tax incentives to improve behaviour on wages and prices in the private sector. One version under discussion would ask the nation s thousand largest firms to hold their average pay increases to some Norm around 5 or 6 percent a year instead of the recent 8 percent. An income tax penalty would be assessed on violators so As to stiffen employers backs against outsize wage demands. Another version of tip would use a Carrot instead of a stick. It would offer both business and labor a tax incentive to hold wage increases to about 6 percent. Such plans would presumably let unions fight for a bigger share of profits but Only if management were willing to take a smaller share or pay extra taxes. The internal Revenue service could audit the system without a new of Federal bureaucrats and Only a few extra lines would be needed on income tax forms. Such ideas won t be easy to sell to Congress. Labor leaders Don t want to hear of anything that sounds like the wage guideposts of the Kennedy and Johnson years. Business has shown Only the most cautious interest. But 1978 offers a rare Opportunity for the government to introduce such a scheme because it can be sweetened with a hefty $20 billion tax Cut. The Calendar is another compelling reason for the White House to try tip. Fortunately relatively few major labor contracts come up for negotiation in 1978, the lightest year in the nation s three year Union bargaining Cycle. But 1979 will be different. Major pattern setting contracts must be written then for the electric truck rubber and Auto workers. If the government is to have a serious anti inflation policy the pieces should be in place Well before York times letters to the editor questions Panama canal treaty dear sirs i just do not understand How anyone can sit Down and study the canal treaties for two hours and come up with the conclusion that the United states is gaining a lot More than we Are the . And the panamanian negotiating teams sat Down for hours nearly six months and even today the cannot agree on it s contents. What i am wondering is Why a treaty Why Transfer sovereignty of this vital and strategic waterway to a proved dictator who has outlawed All political parties in Panama except the communist party Torrijos is a puppet of the soviet Union whose goal is to com Munize the entire Western hemisphere. A i  a a retired former chairman of the join chief of staff Admiral Thomas Moorer testified before the Senate foreign relations committee and warned surprised if this treaty is ratified in it s present form to see a soviet and or cuban presence quickly established in the country of other former and present military leaders and Many authoritative americans share his beliefs. As to the claim that ratification of the treaties will remove a major obstacle to the betterment of our relations with the countries of latin America and the Caribbean area is merely propaganda. The fact is that it will Lead to further estrangement. Even the time Magazine which is biased in favor of surrender of . Sovereignty Over the canal indicated that our latin american allies could Hurt economically if the panamanians do raise the tolls so that it hurts then our latin american friends Are virtually certain to blame the . As Well As again top officials in the three largest South american countries have privately voiced doubts and out right opposition about our living up the canal. Other latin nations Are also said to be sceptical about any major alterations in the current treaty. Moreover by surrendering the canal we May actually anger our latin Capell in an intelligent report quoted the following from a venezuelan newspaper. The . President is engaged in this brainless policy of surrender to the soviet Union which has been expanded and perfected inra series of acts that has alarmed the free world and destroyed the Hope of those under the Heel of the red Soldier. Or. Carter yields to communist pressure everywhere. He condemns Chile Brazil Argentina and so Forth because these countries have adopted a logical policy toward the communist subversion that threatens to destroy their institutions and their economics. The Panama canal in Torrijos hands will be yet another instrument of soviet imperialism in carrying out it s sinister plan of world similar articles and editorials were quoted from the newspaper of Uruguay Chile Paraguay and others.  could this possibly reason Why the polls show that 90% of the american people oppose the surrender of our canal sincerely John Van Der Weide compulsory immunization for children dear editor a during the last session of our legislature they managed to pass a Bill that was sent to the governor for his signature to implement into Law i am in reference to the Bill requiring compulsory Jimmu Ziatin for All school children namely your children. Before gov. Ray had Opportunity to sign the Bill he was presented with Many facts concerning the danger of this Law. Yet he signed the Bill and your Choice is gone. A in 1976, the . Government introduced a mass immunization program against Swine flu because of one unconfirmed Case the program was declared As Safe and tested yet it proved to be neither. After 400 reported deaths the disease control Center stopped counting. How Many deaths Are there that can be directly attributed to the vaccine also there Are Over 11,000 Law suits pending against the . Government in regards to serious reactions form the immunizations. This figure probably represents Only 3 to 10% of those actually affected. After much pressure the program was finally abandoned. Many medical experts and doctors Are challenging the Efficacy of vaccines and even the necessity for example rubella measles was primarily a disease among younger children. Now it is More prevalent in motherhood because of the possibility that vaccines a simply delay the disease. There is Strong evidence to question whether the vaccine causes. Immunity. Of 1,248 cases from 14 recently investigated outbreaks Sll 40.9% gave a history of previous measles vaccination. 59,1 had no history of prior measles illness or measles immunization vaccine Efficacy studies have continued to reveal Efficacy is of about 90% in epidemic situations information from mawr april 8,1977 Center for disease control. How can the Efficacy be 90% when the1 previous information declares 40.9% had immunizations.?. A the responsibility of your state to determine whether your child receives these immunizations what will keep your child from being a statistic from such a program As the Swine flu program the question at hand is do you As parents desire to lose your Choice for your children to state and government or would you like to be Able to retain this Choice a sett upon your own studies the matter is up to you. Jan. 1,?1978 it will be compulsory. If a quire concerned please Send a letter immediately to senator Berl Preibe. Chairman of rules ? regulation review committee,101 Northwood dr., Algona Iowa 5q?u a .j.4 / a 1s a a St. Pastor Schuurman j. Fps Ait Ilievs Ejdys a. Not my do Tye Ummat a up two f obl6mf we a Gem Milfs to me gallon. " changes in taxes ahead for filing some people like changes other prefer things the Way they Are. But whatever Side of the Fence you re on one thing is certain when you fill out your 1977 tax return you won t be Able to avoid the Many changes in the tax Law that have come about through recent legislation. You have probably heard that the Standard deduction has been replaced by a Zero bracket amount which is a Flat $2,200 for singles and $3,200 for marrieds filing jointly. And there has been quite a bit of publicity about the tax tables with the Zero bracket amount personal exemptions and general tax credit built right in. These changes affect most taxpayers the internal Revenue service told the but Don t require you to plan ahead. Because some of the new. Provisions do however a demand -pre-planning1 it makes sense to Start gathering your records together Atid examining the tax consequences of some of your actions. For instance if you own a capital asset such As stocks Bonds or real property that you intend to sell this year you Are aware that in order to qualify for Long term capital gain or loss treatment you must have owned that asset for More than nine months the holding period in prior years was More than six months. Do you also know the amount of a capital loss you can use to offset your taxable income has increased from $1,000 to $2,000? both of these changes can made a significant difference in your tax Bill for 1977. Suppose for example that you never heard of the nine month holding period and you dispose of a capital asset after seven months thinking that you will have to pay tax on Only one half of your profit. When you fill out your 1977 tax return you might be surprised at the amount of tax you owe. If you have moved or plan a move in 1977, you will find several changes in the tax Law. The distance requirement of 50 Miles has been changed to 35 Miles so you won t have to move As far in order to claim moving expenses. In addition the was told the maximum deduction for pre move House Hunting and temporary living expenses has gone up from $1,000 to $1,500 As has the deduction for expenses related to buying Selling or renting a Home which increased by $500, and is How $3000." 7 1 older a Rte Rabahy who in their Homes in 1977 Wili b e glad t o be arri1thatr there has been a sizable change in the tax break available to them on the Sale. Previously anyone age 65 or Over who sold his or her Home did not have to pay any tax on the gain if the adjusted sales Price of the House was $20,000 or less. The exclusion amount has been increased so that you pay no tax on the gain from the Sale if the adjusted sales Price is $35,000 or less. Iff the adjusted sales Price is Over $35,000, the tax break is prorated. Remember the adjusted sales Price of your Home is the amount you receive after paying Selling commissions and certain allowable fixing up expenses such As painting part of the Interior of your Home. Here something else for 1977. If you Are a worker under the age of 70 i and do not participate in any other pension or annuity plan during the year you May for  the first time include your non working spouse in your individual retirement arrangement Ira. If you establish an Ira for yourself and your non working spouse you May contribute a total of 15% of your compensation to a top limit of $1,750. And for 1977, you have an additional 45 Days from the end of the tax year until february 14, 1978 in which to make your contribution and still deduct it on your tax return. The advantage of an Ira of course is that contributions Are not taxed until they Are withdrawn at which time you would normally be in a lower tax bracket. Other changes that could mean " a difference in your tax1 liability Are in 1he areas , child support and child care expenses expenses you pay for work related child care May be claimed As a tax credit. The credit is 20% of the amount you pay during the year for child care.  the maximum amount of the credit allowed is $400 for one child and $800 for two or More children. It s obvious there Are changes in store for Many americans when they prepare their 1977 Federal tax returns. To get a head Start on your taxes Contact the irs for free publications on areas that will affect your taxes. You May order the publications by filling out the order form that is enclosed in the tax package you receive or by contacting your local irs office. In town. By Wayne v. Doll Nowski the gets stacks of mail and the amount grows greater and greater. We get lots of press releases one of which reports president Carter As being regarded a Good president by the French. According to the poll the president s outstanding qualities Are his amiability 38 percent honesty 26 percent courage 25 percent and sincerity 23 percent. What we think this Points to is the next election if president Carter in t reelected Here he can try France. A Reader from California wrote How displeased he was with the local newspaper. For two pages he complained too much City too much on schools too much sports too much pictures More perplexing was his last sentence enclosed is a Check for my subscription to Martin who is seen scurrying about the office received a Surprise via the Des Moines Register. To s Story on Macaroni and cheese which was written in the thanks giving Issue of the was recounted in Hawkeye Hurrah. To is thinking about a writing career. We hate to Tell her though there s no future in it. The Eden Valley Watkins Minnesota school Board voted 4-2 to remove the pulitzer prize winning novel to kill a mockingbird from a High school Reading list on the ground that the Book contains offensive language. The 1961 novel by Harper Lee deals with racial feelings in an Alabama town in the i930 a chances Are that the Book has been taken from the school Library shelf it will find renewed interest and sales in Eden Valley Minn which reminds me of a teacher Friend of mine. He d get students to read Shakespeare by insinuating the letters works were risque. Talk about teaching methods. A a " $ the kids in the second floor Tower dormitory Are going to miss Sharon Baxter. Seems she was asked to leave Oral Roberts University because she was the get thin or get out policy is part of the University s policy. We re often asked How we re Able to come out each week with so much material. Well it s not on account of a big staff we re Small in size but super in enthusiasm. That plus Many hours too Many sometimes is the answer. From the finite to the infinite. Running for Iowa s governorship or by Wayne v. Doll Nowski Sioux county democratic committee persons and officers awaited Tom Whitney s arrival from Sheldon Friday at Orange City s dutch Mill. Their talk was not overzealous rather tempered with a wait commentary and see attitude. Tom Whitney presently with the Polk " county Board of supervisors once Iowa s democratic party chairperson is a gubernatorial candidate. He is Young Bright articulate determined. He also has his hand full his push against a powerful. Incumbent Robert d. Ray is much Akin to a Fly s bite on an elephant s hide. Whitney is a knowledgeable campaigner having gone through . Hubert Humprhey George Mcgovern and James Carter his service therein qualifies him for a political career. He is a graduate of Drake University a former teacher somewhat of an athlete he once had ambitions of playing for the York Yankees. He s known Tor step Forward. He s straight Forward senator George Mcgovern he stated Friday is an honorable honest decent Man which Means he was probably a terrible presidential candidate.". Asked Why he wants to be governor Whitney answered unhesitatingly essentially it s the rent 1 pay for my room on v v on the other Side of the Coin he does not stick his opposition. Of the Ray administration he simply states his own personal. View it s a very bored administration which has been in too Long too he s Quick to Point out what he believes is1,an Iii ustice l the Pes Moines Register he said treated me frankly very Well until i announced my candidacy. They re a Good paper he continued but they have a vested interest in that they be supported governor Ray four times yet away from these mundane issues he is interesting. He made note of the fact that Iowa is ranked third nationally in people Over 60-years of age he noted that in Des Moines 2 out of 3 marriages end in divorce he made his Point on the Issue of social Security and state supported programs and Energy concluding he asked those who had come to hear him How Iowa was going to respond to these and other areas of concern. His own solution to much of this is slightly hinged with idealism which in t bad and their is a Strain of practicality in what he brings forth1 still there is his own youth and this leads the older voter wondering if they can Trust what they hear there is no doubt that people will like what they do hear especially on taxes. This is critical Whitney expressed. We need a total Reform of the system in our state. What we have is too he cited the property tax which he said gov. Ray and the legislature focused upon but forgot everything else and he said the Overall present system Only burdens the Middle and Low income people Aren t these Are fighting words and there is much in what Whitney brought up that adds food for thought. Still there remains the question How do you propose to change the present tax system and what will we do in the meanwhile. John Stegeman past Sioux county chairperson summed up Whitney s presentations at the end of the discussion. We wish you Well in your by for the governorship he said and that was it. Bawel Stegeman meant the county democrats wish to see the. Young Man from Des Moines weather the storm of this there is no doubt Whitney must not Only fight his Way among the rows upon rows of Ray supporters he must walk amidst the ranks of his own Garden and the Challenge of still another Young Democrat House representative Jerome Fitzgerald. The two will have to eventually meet in some form of combat and whichever one is Able to remain a scratched while still keeping Iowa democrats together will receive the support of the party. Withstanding this crisis an emerging Democrat has no other alternative but to face. The Strong gop of Iowa. A of interest. The Farmers forum to be held wednesday Jan. 4, at West mar College has As its keynote speaker congressman Berkely Bedell. Others slated for the one Day program Are or. C. D. Van Houweling director of the Bureau of veterinary Medicine in the Fra Washington or. K. O. Fertig of Sheldon or. Kelly m. Harrison sales manager for the us a and several others. Registration begins at 8 a.m., Jan. 4, with an anticipated four county participation. The internal Revenue service says it is offering free tax service assistance to Low income and elderly taxpayers in Iowa. Volunteers for the program interested in aiding Low income and elderly persons should Contact the irs by toll free Telephone 1-800-362-2600, the Sioux Center address 3?-3rd Street n.w., Sioux Center Iowa 51250. Telephone 722-0741. Official newspaper for Sioux county and the City of Sioux Center. Published every wednesday and second class postage paid at Sioux Center Iowa by the Sioux Center . Subscription Ratesi $6.50 per year $12 for two years in Sioux county. Elsewhere 57.50 per year $14 for two years. Wayne and Linda doll Nowski publishers. News feature Edl Tori w. Doll Nowski sports editor Dennis Durband advertising director to Martins bookkeeper Linda doll Nowski front off Cei Beverly Dezeeuw proofreader Clr Culaton Claudia Dugan typesetter. The entire contents of the is copyrighted. No reproduction or rewrites allowed without the expressed consent of the Sioux Center

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