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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - December 21, 1977, Sioux Center, Iowa Or a 1. J 1 h i a r 1 f 1 1 pc a. 1 i i a a a. I j i i a re v j a 43 in l s " f v a r r k i l a a a. I " 4 p \ .1 the Church Faith Page is made possible through the following individuals and organizations in the Sioux Center area living industries incorporated new Home builders Hull and Sioux Center phone 439-2623 Joe s ready mix Arlon Sand Butic your Concrete and digging specialists phone 722-1646 Sioux automation Center farm automation construction repairs and manufacturing 877 first Avenue Center Iowa phone 722-1488 the Coffee shop Henry & Marion Kroon managers featuring breakfast and lunches f downtown Woodland Lee Mui Leiburg fresh groceries daily Oliver ready built Homes Arie Oliver owner we build on location or ready built Homes to your plans and specifications i Sioux preme packing co. Highway 75 South Sioux Center Iowa phone 722-2555 4 i. \1 i t news j p b 1 f 32 third St. . Sioux Center Iowa phone ?22-0741 h 1 a. 4 pfc i 1. A r a a _ a a 5 a r .5 Christmas i j i pm i i Christian books i a j i i1 and mus a special Christmas hours Eek of december 19io 23 Pene Vilry night until 9 . I a. Open Christmas eve. L / v from 8 am. To 3 . _ r k  Bob & Karen Vonhof owners to a 44932 second Avenue . Sioux Center Iowa. Psi phone 722-4622 a a a first reformed Church a Mew a f a excels 1 a 1 a be h \ a _ r. S0r a a j. L a h lilt Toast to f 1 p i t y a i j a it a " p a a a j t l i h " " " r a a p 1 t r r i a a 1 i f j r 1 1 f Exir a t1 r i a l l n a is t \ 1 a shh i 7. R to 1 i1 a 1 a j i t t i j or 1 f 1 a 7 a i r a a bbl t 7" f a r of j ii. F i it b a a re of j l a i a l i i 4 Riri rih a i. # up l. I m i f Rirl j t 4rirj -4 _ a r n f i i 7 r a Ala a v a a Rii j i a _ i t 1 r Ril a .4 v a i a 1 r r a i r 1 r " of l 1 l 4 r Sioux Center news wednesday december 21,1977 page.2 t. Christmas and the common Man by Rev. John Piersma first Christian reformed Church sermons on Joseph Aren t frequent 1 guess Mary Elizabeth Zecharias Anna anyone who knows his Bible has heard much of them especially at Christmas. But Joseph husband of Mary and Legal father of Jesus of him we speak Seldom. He is the Man in the background the figure in the shadows. He is Worth knowing however especially if you care to learn How to celebrate Christmas in the right Way. I not that he was from inferior Stock. He was of Royal lineage of the House of David. But it was centuries since one of has forefathers had occupied the throne. the romans had usurped that position. And Joseph had become a forgotten Prince of a kingly line no longer esteemed. What is More common than such a Man there is a Story that one roman emperor had heard of this Royal House and what he heard troubled him Caesars need sleeping pills. So he summoned the make representatives of the family to an audience. But the he was their gnarled hands and plan garb he simply dismissed them. It was t Worth his while to chop their Heads off. Still worse however even the jews did t think that it was important to be a descendent of David. But did t the jews look for the restoration of their National Independence indeed but they did t want it come by Way of some simple tradesman from Nazareth. In t this Joseph s son was the surprised query when Jesus preached. In t this the Carpenter s son can any Good come out of Nazareth such questions betray something considerably less than prominence and esteem. At our Point in time things Haven t really changed that Muchl we Are supposed to be living in a time of social equalization and integration. But Little people who want to act like big people Are easy to locate. The world seems filled with people who Are accomplishing such exciting things and achieving such notable results. And if there Aren t enough of them experts will gladly for a fee give you the secrets of their Success in three easy if not inexpensive lessons. There in t much room for simple people who believe the simple gospel. A to go unnoticed was also the Jot of Joseph tie was ignored. Even by the pious. Simeon Speaks to Mary not to Joseph. And such has become a tradition in the Church. It almost seems As if there is a plot to ignore him husband of Mary for behold from henceforth All generations shall Call me blessed and earthly father of Jesus. And yet he was an elect of god foreordained of the father and prepared by the holy spirit to take his place at the very heart of god s plan of redemption. Nor does god ignore you. He has a place and a task for you in his kingdom. And therefore you own a rightful place in the world. If your place and your calling Are understood and faithfully followed no matter How inconspicuous. You May meet with Little acclaim. But there Are heavenly standards of evaluation which produce different rewards than Are often considered impressive. H i the Josephs May look unimpressive but their record in t bad. The Man in the overalls with his tool Box May come with just a few doves the sacrifice of the poor i can imagine that the priest looked kind of sour when he saw i but such offerings lie at the foundation of such communities As Sioux Center with its churches educational institutions missions budgets Dort College Etc. Joseph the simple Man surely we who Are just a few generations removed from such forbears will not pass him by i Joseph the simple Man was also a quiet person. 4 p. P a a j l " a a a \ f 1 \ this is evident at the very outset of the Story of Christ s birth As told in the notices that his. Bride to be is with he has not heard of the things which Gabriel had said to Mary. She understandably did t want to Tell him. Mary waited quietly and patiently for the lord to Tell him. But it must have been a slap in the face when Joseph found out about Mary s pregnancy. According to the Law he had the right to bring her before the elders and to give her a Bill of Divo Cement. Doing that this simple and quiet Man would have been for once in the Center of the stage. People could have congratulated and sympathized with him Good for Joseph he s always been top modest for his own Good 1 what a disappointment for such a Good fellow to be betrayed like that s _ h t \ a vey dangerous aspect of the experience of djs appointment is that for a Little while at least we become interest Long. It takes real Ila cad a interpretation. But i do know that Joseph was one of those fare people so ennobled by god s sprite that he could remain quiet just when it would have been so right so commendable to be very noisy. And he stays quiet even after the Angel of the lord tells him that he is not to fear to take Mary As his wife for that which is conceived in her is of the holy ghost is. 20. He had been willing to Bear the Burden of the Golden Rule. He was now willing to Bear the reproach of Christ the offence of the Virgin birth. I think that order of obedience is typical for True christians l f l it is True of course that a silent personality is not necessarily More Ideal than a More vocal one. It would be very dead in the Church or the Community if everyone were a Joseph. Joseph suffered no doubt from his shyness. Shy people do suffer. The race especially the american rat race for Money things Only for the Swift. The Quick to speak and the Quick to grab. Christmas however Points up the fact that god loves the shy As Well As the aggressive. It is a Beautiful feast for them who go unnoticed. Whose testimony is not As articulate As some might insist it ought to be. Who Are riot so Quick to claim the up ritual gifts. But who love the lord with a True heart. One Day the Josephs will break out in song. And it will go something like this behold god s truth and Grace displayed for he has faithful covenant made and he was sworn that David s son shall Ever sit upon his throne. One can speak through his deeds As Well As by his words. And Joseph s deeds spoke loud and consult your Bible then Joseph being raised from sleep did As the Angel of the lord had Bidden Matt. 1 24. Later after the vist of the Wise men Joseph is commanded to take the child and his Mother and flee into Egypt. Look into your Bible again and you will read and he Rose and took the child and his Mother by night and departed into Egypt Matt. 2 14, Rev. Herod Slayer of the innocents Dies and an Angel comes in a dream to say that Joseph must Rise take the child and his Mother and return to Israel. Here we can verify one More time Joseph s style of response and he Rose and took the Young child and his Mother and came into the land of that is the prompt and Radical obedience of Faith 1 4 he had Learned Well the lesson of the life of Little Samuel. Speak lord for thy servant a lesson in which he would later be confirmed when he heard his adopted son say a he that hath my commandments and Keeth them he it is that Loveth Joseph was a simple quiet Man. But this would be of Little significance if he were not also a believing Man. H Joseph could do this for Jesus because he did it through Jesus. And Jesus was determined to be the son of a Carpenter in order that he might be the lord of a Carpenter and of All who simply quietly and radically believe. The lord indeed of All who regard his covenant and his word As of All things most precious for he is the one who taught Mary to sing so that Joseph listening and believing might know that he has abase the mighty ones exalted those of Low degree he filled the hungry souls with Good and smote the Rich with poverty. Pekin into the past. Ten years ago december 21,1967 Karen Van til daughter of or. And mrs. Nick Van til of Sioux Center a student at Western Christian a fish Wplf has been cited As on of. The outstanding High school students of English in the country the Sioux county in support of kidney Charity preliminary results indicate that Rural residents of o Brien and Sioux counties Are strongly supporting the kidney foundation of Iowa s gift of life Campaign. I mrs. Alvon Holtrop chairperson of o Brien and Sioux counties reports that contributions total approximately ,000 in the Early weeks of the Campaign. This year s Campaign is unique in that for the first time iowans will have an Opportunity to be a live saving Organ donor by simply stating their desires for Organ donation on the Back of , picture Driver s License. As a result a Driver s License will serve As an immediate Means of identifying an Organ donor when time is of the essence. A f p. licenses issued by the department of transportation provide a space on the Back where an Organ donor sticker May be affixed. An individual s decision to become a donor May be carried out when a new renewal or duplicate License is sought Holtrop asks that Rural residents still holding gift of life kits consider signing a donor card make a thoughtful contribution and then pass the kit on to a neighbor. A the gift of life Campaign is an Effort by the kidney foundation of Iowa to inform iowans of the support needed by some 100,000 fellow iowans who Are victims of kidney disease. A National Council of teachers of English has named her a 1967 National runner up in its annual achievement awards Competition. Dave Schellas and Mike Vanden Bosch have been Karen s English instructors at Western Christian. Darrel Rensink Foreman of the Sioux Center City water Plant and assistant City clerk was notified saturday by the Rockwell manufacturing company of Pittsburgh that he is the grand prize Winner of the National essay contest which the company sponsored this year and is the recipient of an All expenses paid 10-Day trip to Hawaii for himself and wife. The re sinks plan to make the trip to Hawaii in february. Estimated Dollar value of the grand prize is $2,500, Rensink was informed. L h a l Twenty years ago december 19,1957 a r patrons of the Sioux Center Post office can now mail their letters without getting out of their cars thanks to a new drive in Type Mailbox which has just been installed at the Northwest Corner of the Post office building. An extended mail snout Mades it convenient 1 t a to drop letters into the Box through a car window. Members of the Sioux county Fox Hunt club will hold their first Fox Hunt of the season tuesdays december 24. They will meet at the Rock Valley Sale barn at 12 30 . Leslie Brower Sioux Center High school Junior daughter of Rev. And mrs. Harry Brower will give a twirling demonstration at half time of the Northwestern Norfolk col lege basketball game which will be played in the new Multi purpose auditorium in Ornage City at 8 . Tonight Leslie recently received a division i rating in Baton twirling and has won other honors As a twirling artist. Thirty years ago december 18,1947 1 r if i to 4 4 an estimated 1000 children saw the free picture  Thoro bred 1 a dog Story presented by the civic club at the Christmas party last Friday. The theater was packed three times twice on Friday afternoon and once for children of the local schools during the Forenoon. H j 1 t v of prof. Kornelis Boot of Dort will address the National modern language association. \ l i. _ i j a h e will present a paper on december 29 at the annual meeting of the association at the Conra Hilton hotel in Chicago Boot based his paper on his second master s thesis which he wrote in linguistics at the University of North Dakota. He has entitled the paper the constraints on the dutch word Erv a h f a 1 t associate professor of linguistics at Dort received his first master degree in Washin " _ i so Noah and has wife 3 sons and their wives were in time that must have been when it started to rain. was the test. How was the roof no leaks and when the water came higher no leaks in the Bottom and when the Ark started lifting was it loaded evenly no tipping Forward or backwards . If you have never been on sea ship it is har4 to understand. On the first sep i was on the Rotterdam. The a Law for we took off we curbed a Long stairway get in the boat but All during schedule of services./. Bethel Christian reformed Church Sioux Center Rev. Henry Vanden Heuvel pastor. Sunday morning worship 10 00 . Evening worship 7 00 . 4 car Mel reformed Church Rock Valley Rev. David Laman pastor. Sunday morning worship 9 30 . Sunday school 10 45 . Evening worship 7 30 . Ryf -7 15 . Central reformed Church Sioux Center Rev. Wesley Kiel pastor. Morning worship 10 30 . Sunday school 9 30 . Evening worship 7 15 . Church of Christ Sioux Center Charles m. Horner minister. Sunday Bible class 9 00 . Morning worship 10 00 . Afternoon worship 1 00 . Thursday mid week service 8 00 . A 1 1 r covenant Christian reformed Church Sioux Center or. Franklin d. Steen pastor. Sunday morning worship 10 30 . Evening worship 6 00 . First Baptist Church Sioux Center Rev. Walter Ulsch pastor. Sunday morning worship 10 45 . Sunday school 9 45 . Children s hour 7 00 . Bible study 7 00 . Evening worship 7 30 . Wednesday mid week service and prayer 7 30 . First reformed Church Sioux Center or. Thurman p. Rynbrandt pastor. Sunday morning worship services 8 45 . And i 1 00 . Sunday school 10 00 . Evening worship 7 15 . Free Grace reformed Church Mledd Schurg Rev. John Ekema pastor. Sunday morning worship 9 30 . Sunday school 10 45 . Ryf 7 20 . Evening worship 7 30 . Lebanon Christian reformed Church Rural Sioux Center Rev. John Kroon pastor. Sunday morning worship 9 30 . Evening worship 7 15 . A. I Netherlands reformed Church Sioux Center pastor vacant. Morning service 9 30 ., afternoon service 2 . Evening 7 30 . First Christian reformed Church of Sioux Center Rev. John Piersma pastor. While Dort College is in session morning worship services 8 45 . And 11 00 . Afternoon service 3 00 . Evening service 7 00 hymn sing 7 15 . Worship service. Sunday school 10 00 . Peace lutheran Church Rev. James Frank pastor wednesday 2 00 alow thursday 4 30 confirmation classes 7 45, adult instruction classes saturday 9 00 . Sunday school Christmas practice sunday 9 30 sunday school 10 30, worship monday 6 45 choir practice. Obituaries j a f f mrs. Henry Devries Sioux Center mrs. Henry de Vries 93, of Sioux Center died thursday at Sioux Center. Services were held at 1 30 . Saturday at the first reformed Church with the Rev. Thurman Rynbrandt officiating. Burial was in memory gardens cemetery under direction of the Vander Ploeg funeral Home. Mrs. De Vries. The former Jennie Vermeer was born sept. 27, 1884, at Sioux Center. She married March 23, 1905, at Sioux Center. Or. De Vries died dec. 7, 1962. Survivors include a son. Gerben of Sioux Center two grandchildren Rhine great grandchildren two Brothers John h. Of Orange City and ted of Sioux Center and a sister mrs. Art Henrietta Vande Berg of Sioux Center. Reiner g. Onken w Vii in i a i Ujj a  a i j Hij Siuw a. Ireton Reiner a Onken 94, of Ireton died Friday at a Hawarden nursing Home. Services were at 1 30 . Monday in St. Paul lutheran Church Ireton. The Rev. Paul Sieveking officiated. Burial was in pleasant Hill cemetery under direction of the Dow funeral Home of Ireton. Or. Onken was born feb. 2, 1883, near Ireton. He married Zana Twillman on dec. 22.1915, at Ireton. The couple Farmed in the Ireton area until retiring and moving to Ireton in 1943. She died sept. 17, 1972. He was a member of St. Paul lutheran Church. Survivors include a daughter mrs. Loren Margaret Rose of Sioux Falls a son Wayne of Garden City . Three Sisters mrs. Harold Laura Lehrman of Maurice and mrs. Martha Schmidt and mrs. Emile c a 1 Schulz both of be Mars and three i a grandsons. 4. J Sam t. Kooima mrs. William and Boer f a i Rock Valley Sam t. Kooima 69, of Rock Valley died tuesday at his Home of Brief illness. Services were at 10 30 . Friday in the first Christian reformed Church. The Rev. _ a Paul Bakker officiated. Burial was in the Valley View cemetery with the Porter funeral Home in charge. Or. Kooima was born dec. 2, 1908, at Rock Valley. He married Hoekstra june 17, 1932/ at Hudson they Farmed in the Rock Valley area until 1974 when they moved to Rock Valley. Survivors include the widow two sons Tim r. And Gary. A both of Hull two daughters mrs. Jim Eda Vanmaanen of Rock Valley and mrs. Dennis Karen Gaalswyk of Sioux. Falls -. Three or others Paul Edward and Arthur ail of Rock Valley two Sisters mrs. Henry j Eugene Kruizenga of Emrald wise., and Gertrude Rozenboom of Rock Valley an four grandchildren. Mrs. Ted Lois Ribbens of Hull 15 grandchildren and one great Rock Valley mrs. William and Boer 62, of Rock Valley died wednesday at the residence of Brief illness. / services were at 1 30 . Saturday in first Christian reformed Church at Rock Valley. The Rev. Paul Bakker officiated. Burial was in Valley View cemetery under the direction of Porter funeral Home. Mrs. And Boer the former Ann meander f ing was born March 17, 1915, at Rock Valley was married april 27, 1944. The in the Rock Valley area. Survivors include the widower three sons Robert of Colorado Springs colo., and Kenneth and Gary both of Rock Valley two daughters miss Mary and Boer of Littleton colo., arid. Mrs Mike Audrey Johnson of Doon Colo four Sisters mrs. Simon Post an mrs. Pete 0e b or both of Rock Valley mrs de Uittenbogaar of Sheldon and mrs. R 1 j s la 1 h a y mrs. Otto h. Rowenhorst 1. T 4 h 1 1 1 i i a 1 j h \ i r a. 1 of. Orange City mrs. Otto h. Rowenhorst 76i of Orange City. Dies wednesday in the i. Away sometime. Were were they Busy feeding the morning when Noah saw land again every Day a Little More till the Day when the Dove did come with a Leaf. Can you imagine How they leaked thah Leaf Over. Then came the Day the rocking of the Ark was. Over arid they h j 1 Felt solid ground under their feet again. Were they sea sick Idon think so. It was not invented yet at that time. Next about Theoren _ al Heuklom and the j Rev Perry Raak officiated burial Witik West Lawn. Cemetery under direction of the Van Etten Oolman funeral Home. Mrs Rowenhorst. The Borrner Teliha de Boer wis Boin Pec 22, 1900, at Alton. Is a was married july 14 1920, at Luvern. Minn they Farmed in the Orange a Ity and Everly i noyed to Sheldon i arid to Ora i Ity in l97rsjpowephprt 4 _ Rit

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