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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Dec 11 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - December 11, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaI i Tail not fear car Sioux county school notes i production drops on Corn stalk pasture the chats carnival last week and the Corn stalk Field is no place a Lor the milking says the Sioux he c i v i county tester Frank Fleisch Wum school held n his november report issued last vember report herds which were run in i Neras a Man were run in Vith a profit of about the Sta rfcs throughout the month of above expenses the Money will be november showed a Lowe product used towards purchasing a new p very Likely couxc1l proceedings Sioux Center Iowa december i 1930 Council met in regular session minutes of meeting of nov 3 1930 read and approved treas report read for information same ordered filed marshals report read for information same ordered county sup Ttye and supt bal lard of Hawarden attended Trie state Basket Ball meeting at Des Moines saturday a Large delegation from n w Iowa attended and full at Tendance from Over the state Ion than those herds which were kept filed up and fed on a palatable Well bal j several petitions for streets lights iced ration the ice Are several reasons who Corn stalk pastures Are not very Good Vest Gatien or milk cows continued or Fleis Chaer several cows in the As i a too much Cornand were presented to Council or consideration referred to Light committee for in sub county contest held at thrown badly out of production in Newkirk last week Hospers won i other cases cows suffer from sex first place in the dramatic and Hup sure on cold and Windy Davs v Morous and Boyden won first Best the Corn stalk Field fers place in the oratorical class a Good of Low Quality and o0od univ crowd attended prof Hilmert of cd t profitable to keep the Sioux Center was the judge i in the sub county contest held at Orange cite last thursday night the h j Grant and j c Schalekamp presented themselves petitioning coun 01 to pay or cause to be paid one half of total expense of laying 8 sewer main Extension petition ranted on motion clerk was instructed to repair fire engine room after being o cd by the finance milking m the Yard and utiliz1 committee Bills amounting to 70s58 the stalk Fields for dry cows and were order paid out of the cons Uii front Vitigo Stock Range cite won urst place m dramatic class Ireton won first Farmers Union fund n dated fund and is unouiitii7a js455 out of the Bond question again being discussed inspire of two defeats Sioux county has twice voted on of Hose Bonds should he paid at the question of bonding itself Lor paving and has twice decided that it would not take its share of the Money die state has available Tor purposes there Are Mam county Yho believe that the Bonds Wen voted Down because the voters Iii nut understand the benefits to Bei in Riveri from the plan the state the Road fund he cause of belief the paving ques is again being discussed maturity us interest paid on them out of the primary Road fund 1 lie primary Road fund consists paving of no i cents per gallon of the in the i tax in 1 he proceeds of the motor ii rinse Lees this fund is used to pay the Bunin which the counties Issue lir a Vii s5 counties have bonded themselves am to Brit Bonds Are in my paid from fund 14 have failed m vote Bonds i n Osiier to help every body under and they Arr min in the Issue the next time it i i on we Are presenting the respect to working of is plan of Ailin the count my Procis and place in the Ora Tosca class won first place in the Kun Morous class mrs Vernon Green local of the a program the Vest Branch r fables Mon via t of Bioux City was the judge a Small j in tile two room school 2 Miles South crowd attended Mii one West of Soux c Sherman to 4 has added a new in thursday evening december 8th primary Chart hash cards and some at right Oclock Lively body Al new Iwate miss Betty Wood come take your famil valor on motion Council adjourned it town december 3 1930 i the place of miss v and program de Berg who resigned to keep House for her husband we note that quite a Rural teachers Are get Ting married Washington no 1 will hold r record Estarah shed for counts Assn new High record for cows in the j per his record clerk instructed to j record of expense item n Lav i ing main in in line record of s sewer main on Morion Council adjourned a Ven Small of this Friml each year to act maintain their gravel Road d the the1 remainder of their share is being used in to pay the Bonds of some other county be Furi prepared by 1 in Ain the run exe Recor or cows n the dec 19th and Sioux county cow testing Assoc a Washington no 3 will hold a pro Gram 2nd dedicate the new school House on 1 be slav evening dec 23 to Republic is invited to these two programs prof John Timmer of the Boyden Chirstian school was a pleasant office caller at the court House saturday file Junior College and Academy glee clubs Are presenting an operetta the count at the coed at science Hall at Orange City Friday night december 12th established last month by a purebred Holstein Heifer with second i grader a Good e Straat Sini town clerk 0 Egister Calls ii Aby Lubs parked ii us 1 his is to be a Ica Turu in next sundays Register he Ida Wise Smith Smith will Ciure this is As she saw Wiur in last missionary Richard Harper con i uses a 3jn Ter friends with tins paragraph the Christian will Alt owned by Albert Dethmers of Iowa this cow produced 99 ibs butterfat in the month of Ink St int november which is the highest on Nice lil Cannon auction any cow has attained since the association was organized the returns Over Cost of feed Tor this cow was the proclus r Rinn for this cow for the month of Lac Tion and one of our Good Council men came the news office and reported that town november is 6 112 times the average grader was in Good Condi since the Dav was a Cauti ii Kii Oiler i the twin ii Wail filled Hou was the n recent att Niam by or paste of the nation t i convention in Houston Texas and the family pins to reside in la my pcs during so still of furnished the of Chinn fur the event and the thought if an informal program that i Given mrs c Van Der Ploug presided it the piano for tile singing of Amer Ica and smile gospel hymns Haverkamp led in prayer or to 1 will fight the liquor traffic the guests and in i t erred briefly to people of America and others Wake up to the danger of the liquor propaganda which is so persistently and sent out in the dailies and in other ways personally j do not believe the Isth Amend ment will Ever be repealed by gods help while i have life am strength Ioui Kis lature passed Liu or f r White state in incr thar in Rev county wished to have for county they give the the Cost of such self for rhe proposed pavement for real is arc Riv is inv county and the Money Avail Tor the paying of such Bonds i hey arc self explanatory real and pit moneys and erred briefly to some of rhe possible isolation at us me spoke Ful one 1 be slav afternoon the in Lor the state of Iowa Reju v Vivi net invt the High cow was owned j permitted to take it out a club bask clu3is Mon he go of bovje1 Uch a i and patrol the streets it seems that t j production of 726 ibs butterfat for role apparent uselessness of the grader Sioux atty debtors in pct 3q Davs is an cons Gunton the i he closing of the 1irst National Geo glad the High Hon not a tin toy and can really stand in november with an average of considerable abuse the fact that its list ditch alls Rcv t Xuc mar Mission i s and suggested Aries Are a unit on this question it nip scr ers give him orders to Ulicy expected him to do mrs Tepaske Ulio hed with an sex the closing of the first National and Sioux National Banks of Sioux City on saturday afternoon came As a Shock to Northwest Iowa these Banks were old institutions and the Volinn of deposits is a Clear indication of the Confidence they had the explanation of Frozen assets is rather vague these assets Are very Likely Bonds and mortgages which previous to the present hard time were Good Security but which Sud Denly fell below Par value attempt Are being made to liquidate these As sets and reorganize the Banks pay ing the depositors so much on the Dollar monday morning hundreds of depositors in other Banks began to Clow their accounts these Banks Wen fortified with enough Cash to pay of those who feared losing their Money monday afternoon the depositors gained Confidence since the Banks were so Well prepared to protect them depositors in Leeds made such heavy demands on the Leeds Bank that t f Harrington or president of the Leeds Bank was forced to 40 ibs butterfat per cow Albert is still in Fine condition Only Dethmers had second High Herd with Flint inc engineers and other an average of 385 ibs butterfat officials were too Busy to play with Niina sick Coda treated her t l friends to a very pleasant report the Venino at tiie skating rink dec 1 i he Ocassio being her twelfth birth a consisted of pop cd county s5136347200 5162 69300 of assessed valuations y i a aunty souls outstanding approx 153000 of can Issue j Mary Road Bonds of 77 Sqq x kstiinatt1 Cal of program the state Lor the Road no Riad in Road in Sioux county provides the Tull Wing pavement county line total Linn Issue fi400uuo principal All intent payments average principal payment divided by la urls Accra annual interest at 5 per cent ill ars the grader and take it Only mrs Karr goes to Boston j o close the doors at 11 Oclock monday he proposed calling a meeting of depositors and show them the danger of withdrawing Cash assets there is always a danger when some Bank closes that the depositors of other Banks will Force their own doors to close by mating abnormal demands the Leeds Bank is Likely in no worse condition than at any previous time and yet in no position to pay out All its depositors besides depositors Many country Bank had business dealings with the two dosed Banks in Sioux City we Are glad to announce that neither of the Sioux Center Banks do any Busi Ness with Fiese Bank in Sioux qty mrs j r Karr of Ireton District committee woman for the 3rd j District was selected by the exec i i Kornke liable to Houston Cnoc tinn she was the Otinicial of the stat i if Iowa to this and Wensi a Jii Nibur of the Centra executive committee and a part o the inner working of the Organ ratio i he report of the convention Lef no doubt As to its deep spiritual Char Acter also the the recent Fly Crisi had nut a Rouglin discouragement to t is nearly tic women but had Only Encl the crusade 3500000 total Avera and e annual j principal interest s 2830000 Accident tic committee of the Iowa far Bureau federation As one of the women to attend the american farm Bureau federation National convention which is being held in Boston this week mrs Karr joined the party Des Homes on december 1st and expects to arrive in Orange City on december 15th in time to make a Brief report to the annual meeting the National convention is being Leld in Boston this year As part of the Celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of the City fur shippers have been getting in trouble for shipping furs out of the state without a permit the game urea gets reports on All furs ship de out and has been filing complaints n this Community our officials Lave suspended fines so far but wish his to be a warning that All Hunters and trappers arrange for a License o ship furs out of the state notice the you Gladies Mission band f the first reformed Church will Ladly help you with your Christmas t bopping they invite you to look or Henry and John Addink Are Agam Able to be around t is nearly inc women but had Only strength nation a week since they began to walk Ric crusade spirit and i around and now they Are a clip Faith and determination j enough to be at work or Henry a growth in the membership was also Jake Korneeff Well known in Sioux Addink is still stiff and suffers from on die cheering reports Center As hamburger Bill was sore Muscles and nerves John adj a number of men who took part recently invited by our town coun Dak with ii in ref i cil to leave town his vagrant habits have earned for him the reputation of the most unique character in town the invitation to leave anticipated the possibility of having a Public charge or Bill went Orange City to the county farm there is a possibility that he be de ported to the Netherlands Benig an alien and a vagrant nerves on o men to too Dink with the exception of a bad j in the convention added a Viril wrist is Hale and whole Henry Addink purchased a new car his other car was completely wrecked in the Accident Al Vii it i Pic among them were the Mavor of Houston the former governor the present governor Dan Moody and gov elect Sterling also or Doran j now Jim Yurin after the unfortunate Accident in of the National enforcing depart which these men were it seems Good ment sen Morris Shepar Dof to see them about again Sheldon has Fine poultry show three Hundred two 302 Birds were entered in the Obrien county poultry Shoi held in Sheldon last week this is a Good increase Over the entries in 1929 and the Quality of the entries was excellent we Lapp of the poultry re search society addressed a crowd of 250 interested poultry men in Sheldon on Yai i j Lexas the commander of the 1 american legion of Texas also made a powerful prohibition Appeal and not the least was the cordial message from pres Hoover himself some 800 women from the 48 states took part in the convention serious in the presence of the task that seems humanly impossible but courageous undaunted determined in the Faith that the Arsenal of their strength is More than human the Mutual Telephone Assn de decline in egg for another no ppm i hey invite you to look ver their gift display and have lunch 1 1 Oil is Vith them on sat dec 73 in Nisi 6 j Vith them on sat dec 13 at new show room j ii Nuudi j Yiep Juanc n de armory thursday afternoon or i serves a compliment from the Corn Lapp is recognized As a leading Poult Unity for poles from Zinty a further main Street this association is an asset to the interests Are Mutual watching the accomplishment of this organization and of private Utility plants in neighbouring towns we anticipate a Utility Plant of our some Day the profits to be expended in Public improvement i month or two and then a gradual recovery throughout the year 1931 i or Lapp urged producers present to improve the Quality and to observe i the of sanitation and proper i feeding i 56147 Semi t60 Semi f primary Road funds Avail he for principal and interest 1 Oral area of state area Sioux county total primary Road fund annual allotment of primary Road to Sioux county on area basis list Miatch Cost of maintaining primary roads Sioux county Road funds available per year for payment of interest 9 o lax Levy required since it will require Only about Ner Cir to Terest and principal on a 400 000 Bond a p mated that there will be f and Smice t s answers to objections the objection most frequently Leard to the paving project is that paving benefits but a Small proportion of the people in a Rural county and that it would be better to spend his Money improving farm to mar get roads secondary roads we most Icar tily agree that it would be better o take care of the county roads first and that All available Money should e used for that purpose but that s impossible we have a Law pro iding and 85 counties have bonded item selves in confirm Ify with this a and but 14 have not these 85 counties Are not going to allow their legislators to change this Law and Hus make themselves liable for their saving debt just because 14 counties would rather have this Money spent differently this Law will remain on the statute books until every mile of paving in the state has been paid for out of the primary Road fund and Sioux county can continue to vote Down the Bonds for years to come and we wont get any More for our secondary roads than we Are getting today which is our per area share of the 1113 cent per of per gallon or the Gas tax we can take our share of the primary Road fund and still get our share for secondary roads it does t make any difference what we do Well get no More nor less Tor county roads As Long As the Pav no Law remains a Lawand it will reman a Law simply because counties want it to and would like to change it Only 14 a arguments in favor the Way things stand today we Are passing up per year of Money which the state is offering us to pay for our paving most of this Money comes right from our continued to Page s

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