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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Dec 3 1942, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - December 03, 1942, Sioux Center, IowaEnter make pay Day Bond Day volume 51 number 40 official City and county newspaper Center of Sioux county Iowa thursday december 3 news Force will distribute fuel Oil coupons in Sioux county saturday in town Hall All Day saturday fuel Oil coupons will be distributed this week saturday to those who Havo made applications for them the ration Board has acted on All applications except those which came in late and some applications were rejected because for one reason or an other they did not comply with the rules these fuel Oil coupons will be Distri buted in each town in the county on saturday Between the hours of 9 to 12 and 1 46 6 several persons will be at the Sioux enter town Hall to hand out the coupons to persons with a Sioux Center mail address remember when you go for your coupons that the people handing them oat Are per forming this duty without pay As a service to you the fuel Oil coupons will be handed out in every town in Sioux county on Friday and saturday Consumers with the following addresses will Call at the following towns Sioux Center Center Hospers Granville Hull and Perkins Alton and Remsen Orange City City ire ton escapes death 1 under plow Peter Harmelink Friday passed thru an experience which few men live to Tell about while blowing on his farm 1 mile Southeast of Alton the Corner of his overcoat caught in the lug of the tractor wheel he fell from the tractor seat headlong to the ground the tractor wheel passed Over both his legs his body la crumpled up under the hitch of the plow and was pushed 200 feet along the sods the plow Blade threat ening him every moment Peter thought his last minute had come but at last the plow hit a High Furrow the Frame lifted and Peter managed to crawl free his right Cheek received a deep Cut in his fall from the tractor his legs were badly bruised and his right knee dislocated he was also bruised on his Back however he suffered no broken internal juries and he considers his escape from death miraculous capital Hoeven resigns Hawarden and Warden Charles b Hoeven chairman of the Rock Valley Fairview Sioux county defense Council has Rock Valley submitted his resignation to governor de Charles h Tye of Orange City 2owa has been appointed to Sucic or Hoeven As chairman i or Hoeven will leave for Wash Ion to assume his duties As Congro Man inthe near future and therefore could no i continue his duties As head of thefil Fehse program Tuuu Viseu uis Issig Nason to Ijo Vernor Sheldon Matlock and Wilson Snethe same has been accept u practice Hack out Here december 11 regular blackout decl Jake Van Steenwyk civilian defense Sioux Center will have a practice Hospers la special funeral ser s Friday evening vices were held monday for Andrew k a practice for the Vander Velde a Sioux county Early Holch we must per settler who died Friday morning after Alto 14 com a lingering illness resided i is 7 i practice and of the Hospers Community More than 50 the regular blackout will is publish years Hospers passes last week senator Gillette voted against the cloture Rule which would have broken the filibuster against the poll Waxbill thus our the shame of Iowa supported a hand Ful of reactionary Southern senators m their shameful method of denying the vote to millions of citizens the senator has some reputation for in dependent courage should have had the courage to vote for the demo cratic right of citizens to vote if it is not courage that he lacks but sympathy for democratic principles the indict ment against Gillette is More serious we know what Gillette Alibi will Bethe enfranchisement of poor peo ple negro and White is a matter for the individual states to decide or he might stoop lower and say that the cloture Rule should not be invoked a against any senators right to speak on the floor to the first we would reply Doest the senator know that we fought a civil War on the Issue of states rights to the second we would say with time Magazine of november 30 that the Senate resorted to Musty dynastic Senate so the poor people of the South Are taxed without except for that the negroes Are no Longe the personal property of Ufa wealthier classes their slave status is about the same and As an Iowa senator would not help free them remember Peart Harbor his a year ago that the japs attacked us at Pear Harbot we have come a duping these 12 months we to total War productionan3 we Are on i schedule in producing the materials set As a goal by president Franklin Roosevelt we have trained millions of men and sent them into the Battle Fields of the world to fight Theattle of Freedom against the fascists Weare planning the peace of the future we do not look upon the anniversary of Pearl Harbor As an occasion to whip up hatred but As a proper time to review our Progress in this great fight against fascism and for world Freedom and peace brightest spot in the review is the splendid cooperation shown by the people of the us we have among us isolationists who whisper their obstructionist views but this group Are not the dominant influence today they Are dangerous however the pot 9 entail fascists of tomorrow and we f must be on our guard against them As we plan for the future remember Pearl build a future of Freedom and peace today homely philosophy y jew months ago when this japs rashly attacked us reuse to say kidding by that twas Only us to with half the Ocean and to give the japs the other Bottom half Shire arid share alike 9 we Rise at this Point to remark that the division is going along nicely and we Trust the Little Brown Brothers Are satisfied with their share glob Post v v m the truth is we can take the average citizen is cooperating 100 per the War Effo Tyve not Only Send our boys but we buy Bonds col Lect scrap comply with rationing rules but there Are some who apparently think the created to spoil their pleasure and Benefit we quote a paragraph from a letter which appeared in the Des Monics Register of nov you see the american will give up son husband or father he will give up anything of which he int particularly fond but ask him to give Gaso line coffe spices fur Coats and Glamour and he these Are the things he i is cant do Keller 411 w fifteenth St Sou City we must shot get to cocky Sioux and Obrien county people Raluy left nere having retired from the plus equipment and Stock Lor Sale might have a tendency to get too cock farm Marvin left Here in march1942 the event the War ends before he and coast after Reading that their coun a was sent to Camp Barkeley Texas roses of it he will reopen the Market ties Are among the state leaders in the where be was in the office of the meantime he plans to find pm matter of buying War Bondgard Stamps must native department he was sent poly ment possibly in the packing hous Sioux county Ihas bought 120 percent of i it Sill Oklahoma to attend of its quota forthe first ten months and flyers candidate school Early this fall has an excellent Chance finishing the afer coming Home for a furlough he year with More than 100 percent of its expects to finish this course sometime quota bought this is a commendable in december he is being groomed for Okay fellas Julit you thate to Stoio your ration card county oets Banner in scrap drive Sioux county scrap Salvage drive won a Large Fine looking Banner for being one of the High counties in the state who collected Over their per Cap Ita quota of Scran Metal in the recent drives which were held thanks to of Sny Focient help and donations 92 to leave dec 75 to leave 10 special Pear Harbor j stores w monday to j2 a to fit in the High Snopl auditorium next monday of this com minty loin in a Harpf service of Sac to 12 noon the services will Start at about am everyone is urged emergency for try ekers office of Price administration officials in a move to Avert the emergency made the following temporary provision which will be in effect until Dae 13 and other sin cases of acute emergency can Goto a firing station sign an emergency Crews Cpl for gasoline and receive essential scrap is still being up by spa workers at the rate of 12 to 15 tons per Day at present they Are working in the Alton Community arid plan to finish around Sioux Center in december if the weather 0 draft notices have been Senf Poutto 167 Sioux county men i last few Days the 146 a Nett but since some Are still appealing for deferment the number May end tip at 148 or even below is the largest group j m month in a Survey of the names includes Many older that r dogs kill sheep on Den Herder farm four stray dogs got into a flock of 78 sheep on the Elmer Den Herder farm on saturday noon and again during the night killing twelve of than the dogs were first noticed by neighbors who called the Den herders but the dogs had already gotten away with the Young 20 year class ars Affsa Newte previously were in3a eel lateral dependents i does Root invade Mert married prior to sept j some in this Groad we fee a the january list the men who pass their j sex Afflis tons will be permitted a 7day Lough to come Home before going into Active service there Nave been no further in in legs on deferment s2 to leave decembers the following named have been ordered to report for army examination of dec 8th h they Are army a weeks fur sock Canless found Orua Lifieri for Wai return for the sheep Lough before being called for Active i duty there Are 92 men in the follow j in list who must leave next tuesday Herbert Tesch Gra Neffle j Leonard Zwiep Hull j John n Bomgaars to Csc Vallej continued to Hack Page Farmers will set necessary a Soisa 35000 Gallons sold in two Days Here Henderson opa Boss told or Gaylord has arranged for enough ate j investigating committee the other gasoline for 2 cars Lor each game away i that Farmers would be Able to get irom Home and said they plan to con1 c books in which the the Tine on the question is no game Here this week Rook Valley highs Nool scheduled to play Here this week Friday has i cancelled its entire schedule for this season the Hock Valley superintendent informed or Gaylord Nat they were not Abs to arrange for transportation and therefore were it going to play any Gamas this year other teams who Mast play not the schedule Mayhe upset Mearis tha Farmr ill get extra Gas but according a representative of the Iowa ration Board there till be a Emit he the news Zedilar Rush services were held at the first ref Van has been a Church with Rev g doctor presid posted commander of civilian defense ing burial was in the presbyterian in Sioux Center to succeed Allen Mui cemetery Enburg assisting or Van Steenwyk surviving Are four sons and two on the Desense Cauncil Are Elmer daughters mrs Vander Velde and a controller in charge of Aux son preceded death diary policing Maurice Tepaske roads r and gases Ross k Vernon j warnings lights and communications Karl Gaylord air raid wardens Edw Roelofs medical service and nursing this Council will be assisted by 120 local people All these people will Roos Roo Schiebout a quiet Home wedding took place the Home of or and mrs the annual countywide cattle feed will be held in the Sioux Iii incan Licu Uiti vol la v ii o j be notified to attend the regular Civi Friday evening when their daughter Day Evenmo december 10 Rex Beres Yelvema Hendrene became the Bride of department wll be a Short unable to Church j them to filling stations then provisions the Opas emergency ruling provides that filling station operators shall Issue gasoline for the emergency rec Einis in cases of v acute emergency involving threat to life health and valuable pro Perty truck owners and operators who have not received a certificate of War necessity card from the office or made a the december gasoline May do so at All of the states s3 counties for Distri econ Button to gasoline Faas received the second Christian ref Church a notice from to Weir new no Mere each Armer must apply and Giva full details of necessary mileage and he will get a that makes More past our that they would arrive Sioux Center dec Rev Breen will preach his Iare Weh saying the says the i than when the rest of us must abide rationing 470mhes per Mont for salesmen Salesman will get b books valued at 470 Rojes per monthy which is about i11ju Tilli Tater Aikau x5juua Guj East of Hospers last Jenter h5h school next week thurs Ian defense meetings on dec 3 and pe9 10 where they will receive in formation on their duties during the blackout these regular meetings Start at in the town Hall corp Marvin Grotenhuis corp Marvin Grotenhuis is a son of of sgt Abe sch about son of or and flu be mrs Chris Schiebout of Sioux Center sgt Schiebout was Home on furlough for speaker night school classes scheduled will be moved up a from fort Leonard Wood to and refer Days to Ujj Mcember 10 so that Mem turned there in sunday morning the class can hear or Beres mrs Schiebout will make her Home speak in this Way too those from with her parents Way too those from the night school who wish to attend the Only close relatives of the Bride and Njust can do both in one evening Groom were present at the ceremony save and gasoline which was performed by the Rev tickets for the banquet will be Avail Jabaay pastor of the second Christian i Able at the ocal elevator ref Church at Orange City Brothers work to Gether for Uncle Sam Arie no Bomgaars manager of the Bomgaars meat Market Here Hung a sign on the door of his Market last Friday morning which read closed for duration j Ari who bought the Market last Winter informed the news that his reason for closing was the difficulty in getting merchandise Many weeks packers would sell Only one slab 1 of Bacon to each Market and that kind of a curtailment affected most of ins merchandise in addition the threatened rationing of meat would Cut the Supply still further so he thought this the proper time to close and mrs John Grotenhuis who re Jar Bomgaars said he would offer left Here having retired from the his equipment and Stock for Sale in f l f y situation and s Eaks Well for this Prosi w the artillery division Kis porous and patriotic Community i corp Marvin Grotenhuis Obrien county is slipping and now i oct a sch Fusill Okia has Only 105 percent of its quota bought compared with 100 percent a Hyrn ans Crew to i month earlier unless this county 17 Hustles it will beat to fall below its it Valsas air port quota before the first of the year Osceola and Lyon counties Are both John Hymans of Hull plans to leave so far below their quotas that it is for Coffeeville Kansas later this week doubtful if they will come anywhere to work on an air port there he win to Fly is of Sioux City de Vries Moss Tunis Jake Attema Tunis and Jake of or i and mrs pier Attema joined tie army together and have remained together j Ever since the boys left Here in april j1941 were released in nov 41 when i the 28 year age limit was set were re i o or and mrs to de ones of or called to service again in january of Ange City announced the marriage of 1942 they came Home nov 4a for a their daughter Francis Evelyn to or j ten Day furlough their first Edward Moss of san Diego Calif the j ing recalled to the army marriage took place on August 251 these Brothers have Bon together 1942 at san Diego where or Moss All the Way through were promoted is employed at the consolidated to first class privates about the Sares or Plant mrs Moss has been teaching time week before they tote borne school at Arnolds Park and will finish i they me in the quartermaster Tlach the semester there and expects to leave i rant diving trucks carrying prov for California to join her husband soon Isu us and supplies their addresses Attar Christmas the marriage was Ani bounced at the de Vries Home thanks pm Dot 8th c a s c giving Day afternoon Camp Joseph t Robinson Ark Sermon 10 his present Church at gosh 10 to 15 percent of what the new York next sunday dec 5 Salesman alter which they will visit with her 5000 apply for extra Gas v at grand rapids Lor a few Days in Sioux county about 5000 car 6v before coming to Sioux Center ners have already applied Jar extra is Nie f Transfer of Orange is abant75 Oer Cerit of the City Fli go to Goshen on dec 13 to cars in the county there Kifori has extra help to go Over the applied sons and it will be sometime before they finish so the Public is warned to conserve current supplier 35000 Gallons sold Here monday the Public did put in a Little Gas bring the furniture Here tax Sale monday december 7 the Anua tax Sale on properties in for emergency purposes during t the aaa office Orange City also those wishing to make an Appeal amount allotted on their cer it c til Caie May do so by furnishing Evi Ange City next monday dec 7 trea1 Center on saturday Sioux county with delinquent taxes few before rationing Sta Teot a will a held at the court House in or of gasoline sold i with marines in dutch Harbor Alaska Dence of the necessary use the truck surer Balkema said it is the smallest is 35000 Gallons most of this which will require More gasoline than i list in Over 20 Vears r j has Baen allowed on their certificate the ration Board and the entire aaa office Crew have been swamped with applications and they have been doing their very Best to keep the trucks on the Road one big trouble has been that the allowance for trucks has been Cut As much is two thirds another problem is that Many truckers do not yet have their certificate of i o or Candy and nuts for every youngster the annual Christmas party St Jou sorted by the Sioux Center civic Clab will be held on Friday december is j there will be a bag of Candy and nuts i for every boy and girl who comes to Sioux Center that afternoon full de tails on the entertainment Ando the Irv will appear in the news next week went into barrels and 5 Gabon but every Motorist had his car Fuh to the brio a member of the county ration Board said he expected government officials Lcuio Check up on ail bulk sales of j is Schlins at the filling stations and i would prosecute Consumers hoarding illegal supplies 0 heart attack fatal to Hull Farmer pvt Gerald Schutt pvt Gerald Schutt son of mrs til or Peter de Jong passed away Schutt of Sioux Center is in dutch very unexpectedly at monday eve Harbor of Active guard duty regularly ening nov so when he suffered a being sent thera from washing by pm Mouw county chairman next monday december 7th is Pearl Harbor Day ttys slogan is Pray and sacrifice december 7 Why not Stop for a moment at exactly and consider the sacrifices that have already been made by7theyoung men of Pur country offer a prayer to almighty god fora Blessing upon your boys and a prayer for the enemy that they May see the Felly of the fridays so that this human Slaughter cease and right and righteousness May Embid prevail but we must More than that the lord will not bless us or answer our prayers unless we do our part sacrifice that Day clean up on your Bond or stamp pledge or buy an extra Bend or stamp for the equipment of the boys Why net have Alj the Kurch t school Bells toll at exactly Oclock Gerald enlisted in tha marines in to remind us m to Remma us mave a jus january 1942 and Aitor receiving his of silent prayer in the Schrofe training at san Diego was sent to Wash whatever gatherings Mav be in be heart attack which proved to be fatal and he dropped Down dead while doing the chores on his farm East of Hull he had reached the age of 65 years funeral services will be held for him Inetor thence to dutch on thursday afternoon at at the a he had his tonsils removed before Home and at the first reformed leaving Washington and has been feel1 Church Hull with Rev Douwstra ing line Ever since a wrote his Moth officiating burial will be made at or that he recently met a former or the Hull cemetery aage City boy whom he knew Roy Van or de Jong is survived by his wed Pelt and that they had a Verv enjoy of who is at the Hull Hospital follow Able time together a says Bair work is ration dec 10it people who do not Hayea sugar ration Book and who it to cot fee will be Able to Register Lorit Law of or Gerrit Vree Nanof letter from him was dated nov f Center j 2nd received last week

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