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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1955, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - August 25, 1955, Sioux Center, Iowa A crippled Bat lying on its Back on the sidewalk caught the Atten Tion of our two daughters and their two Chicago cousins As they were returning from sunday school a couple of weeks the girls didst dare to pick up the Little but All tour wanted to take it Home and make a pet of it was apparent immediately when they came running up to the House that what they had found was something of a major discovery and nothing should delay Tak ing the Bat the result was that i had to go Down the Street to where it lift it into a paper bag and carry it Home where it was to receive a careful the girls were not slow to Dis cover that the Bat had Mouth and a but where were the eyes the explanation that bats Are Blind was not enough for these How could a Bat Fly if it see How could it find things to eat if it had no Eye sight my who is a Scien offered the explanation that bats have a built in radar but that didst seem to make much sense to the so we tried again by telling the girls that bats sounds that Bounce Back and that they can avoid bumping into things by listening for these bouncing again we failed to make the bats navigating capacity so we had to give up and go on with a Little nature lesson on what bats eat and How they this satisfied them and they concluded that it would be quite convenient to keep a Bat for a pet since a Bat could be Hung up for the night and have to have a before the noon hour was the poor creature died of its and girls gave it a Nice funeral before interment in the the Bat has been for gotten for the but my guess is that it will come up for further discussion sometime next going to have to find a better Way of explaining How a Bat can get along without and in afraid its going to have to be a Good one this men Are still unable to Cope with most things of they have to admit their efforts to make rain Haven met with much Suc Cess and that once the rain starts there is no Way of turning it the terrible flood in the East is a Good it did More dam age to a larger area than several atomic bombs could and Here in Iowa hot weather and Lack of rain has taken the starch out of predictions of a huge Corn crop this most recent forecasts have lopped 100 million bushels off Iowa expected and so it were still pretty de pendent on the weather and we cant do much about Tenter volume 64 number 27 Center of Sioux Iowa official City and county newspaper August 1955 College dedication set for next thursday while you sit in front of your electric it might be Comfort ing or discomforting to know that we have a Snow storm in another six while it would be rather we it is not unheard of to have Snow in even Early indians rained out with 40 Lead Over Rock Valley tuesday Rock Valley and Are in the league playoff games now Are indefinite at Park an ill timed Shower tuesday night May have cheated Sioux Center out of a first game Vic tory with the indians were leading 4too and had Only one out and two men left on base when the game was called in Tho fourth that forced playing the game Over Here last flight and made indefinite the dates for succeed ing the locals playoff tuesday nights game would have been the first of a game due to complications involved in the use of the Ball Diamond at Rock nothing was certain about when or where the next game would be the indians got into the finals by defeating Paullina two in a Topping them 85 Here last week tuesday and 60 at Paullina last thursday Vander Berg Stan it was Dave Vander bergs shining hour last week when he pitched the shutout against the he allowed Only six Well scattered Lehudis did the the indians got All the runs they needed inthe third inning when Wayne Juffer Ron Juffer and Sandbulte each and Dan de Ruyter lifted a Long one Over the left Field Fence to hang four scalps on the tribe Tepee and set the stage for the insurance runs came in the 7th and 9th Indian Fielding was particularly notable was Darrell Beernink two catches of Short flies be Hind second base and Wayne buffers catch of a Long drive to dead Center Field about 400 feet from Home free Pony rides this week end hundreds of Little folks in the Community will get a genuine thrill this week end when they take their first rides on live a Pony ride will be set up on third Street Northeast near the Tepaske Law office and free rides will be Given to All boys and girls with the tickets Are also parents can get them at most business places in town simply for the the Pony ride will begin at 9 Oclock each morning Friday and saturday and will continue until 9 close shaves them two Gerlt and Marvin the occupied adjacent Reemi the Hospital Here Friday and saturday and contemplated what might have happened if niether Wai seriously Hurt in the two accidents that put them in the by the news Schissell to hold grand opening woman Hurt trying to avoid collision Gerrit Kuyper suffered cuts and bruises Friday morn no when the car she was driving went out of control and into some of the Birds a ditch at the weve had around All summer have Miles North and already begun flying these Sioux Are Only the first of Kuyper but it wont be Long before some from the West Corner three one West of was coming and Kenneth of the others begin Hulstein was approaching the wish they would take the starlings Corner from the when with Kuyper slammed on her brakes to avoid a the i want to wish Bob Schissel and car went into the ditch and Ann Haarsma Success with their was damaged grand opening this who saw the Kuy women and childrens read to per vehicle came to a Wear store offers another oppor dead Stop to a Unity for people in the Sioux Kuyper was taken to the Center Trade territory to find Sioux Center Hospital where what there looking for she remained under treatment the news joins Many other until Nesses in town in welcoming the new Enterprise and in wishing it real you folks who May have child Ren or grandchildren about the age Eenkhoorn auction Sale cancelled Ben who planned of my three wont want to miss the to Seu the Home located a Block Chance Friday and saturday of i West of the Bethel Christian ing the kids a ride on the ponies reformed Church has Here in get your free tickets cancelled the the auction at one of the business places and not be let the youngsters have a an announcement of the Sale the ponies Are so tame they can appeared in an Early press run go in Only one direction and at a and therefore could not be with pretty slow but there alive drawn from the news after the a that gifts grand opening Celebration will and award hundreds of door prizes Friday was announced today by Schis Sels ready Tower store a Large advertisement on an in Side Page of this weeks news the which will be Man aged by Ann Haarsma of Sioux Center and becomes the second of two stores owned by a Youni Cherokee Roberl will open at 9 m and will feature a full line of girls and Small tots according to the store will feature Many nationally known brands and a great assortment of the new Enterprise is located just North of vans jewelry on main Street and will display clothing on two full details of the grand opening will be found in the Christian education society will meet the annual fall meeting of the Sioux Center society for Christian instruction will be held August at 8 at the Bethel Christian re formed Church in Sioux pastor of the first reformed Church of will address the Gath the regular business meeting will be the treasurers annual report will be heard and the budget for the coming year will be invitation is extended to everyone interested in Christian plans made for softball tourney a one Day softball tournament will be held at the Sioux Center softball Diamond on labor with eight teams first prize will be second prize and third prize will be there will be a Small admission teams participating no will be red Rock yellow Hospers and convention for 1 set for this week Christian Endeavor District will hold its Anual convention August 25 and the first meeting will to held thursday evening at the first reformed Church in Rock with a picnic supper at 15 followed by three the inspirational will be Glen Friday evening at first reformed Church in Lichard Dekker of Montevideo id 11 be guest men escape death in separate accidents near Here thursday morning two Sioux Center men escaped with minor injuries Early thursday morning in separate accidents that could have been persons Hurt in Headon collision near Orange City four persons were injured at about Friday night when two cars came together Headon about a Quarter of a mile West of Orange the four were Monty Van of head Stewart Orange fractured Arm Philys Vander of Orange head bruises and John Orange according to the sheriffs John was driving West on Highway 10 and Vanmeeteren was coming Mouw apparently attempted to turn Oft the Highway and take the gravel Road South when the two cars and Mouw were Riding together in the one car and the three Young people were in the the Goslinga boy was taken to the Hospital in Sioux but the others were treated in Orange Young Farmer living Northeast of town scrambled out of the Way just in time to avoid having the full weight of his overturned tractor come Down on him in a ditch three Miles North and one East of Only his right leg was pinned under the machine by one of the big rear causing painful bruises but no Marvin the was involved in the other he was buried under four feet of Earth in the water pipe line ditch near the towns Well site 3 Miles East of trapped by a sudden Young Tegrotenhuis was Able to stay on his feet and trap a Small pocket of air under his which sustained him until rescuers shovelled away the his head was buried about 10 both men were hospitalized for treatment and the accidents apparently happened at almost the same around 9 Hulstein was driving to his Brothers farm and was in the act of turning a Corner when the Power steering mechanism failed and flipped the realizing what was Gerrit jumped to the ditch and tried to scramble out of the Way of the the machine came to rest Foard fixes rental yes for auditorium after a study of expenses and ther factors involved in renting it the Public school he Board of education announced his week the rates that will be barged for the use of the new auditorium for various members of the Board agreed hat the new building should be Vail Abl for 1 All the uses which will be of Benefit to the Community 2 it should be used s often As possible without interfering with the Normal school Chc Dulc 3 it should be rented it at the fee which will meet the actual costs involved in its with these Points in the Oard set up the following analysis and rent schedule setting up 600 fold ing and putting away 600 setting up stage and general one Man two Days Cost of janitor for one eve Ning Power for running ventilators whether Winter or summer 6 Kwh per electricity for 40 Kwh per 46 Kwh for an average of 3 hrs depreciation on 600 folding chairs 2c renting schedule 1 arrangements for dates to be made at superintendents 2 rent of auditorium for one evening basketball not including use of folding chairs 3 extra evening practices with above 4 use of lunchroom and Kitchen with auditorium per 5 lunchroom and Kitchen separately plus per 6 All uses of auditorium Are subject to the approval of the Board of the above prices subject to change without 7 the facilities of the old gym will be rented for smaller groups at the same Price As in the final Story hour Here tomorrow the last Story hour sponsored by the Sioux Center Public Library will be held Friday morning at ten Oclock in the Library miss Janice who has been conducting the Story requested that All the children who have received Little books to bring them to this last Story prizes will be these books have been Given to All 2nd and 3rd graders and should be filled miss Vermeer reported that with the exception of the last two weeks attendance has been very Good at the Story the Library trustees expressed their appreciation to miss ver Meer who has done a very Fine Job with the this fall she will teach first and second grades in the Odebell Public upside Down with one big rubber tire on the Drivers fortunate it choked itself and quit run the Hooyer Sisters who were working in the school House nearby heard Hulstein shout for after seeing what had Hap they drove to the Kenneth Hulstein farm and got Ger Rit was taken to the Hospital after being freed and rays showed no broken to Grotenhuis was working in the pipe line ditch when it caved in on he was Able to answer Rescue workers who shovelled More than a half hour before freeing the Young Man was in a weakened condition when they got him aside from a few he was not he had been employed on the pipe line Crew about three to Grotenhuis was released from the Hospital Calvin College president wih speak enrolment of 40 expected for fall term classes Start 14 with an expected enrolment of about 40 freshman College Stu plans have been set for the opening of Midwest Christian Junior College in Sioux Center following two Days for registration and students will Register 12 Bowling leagues to meet tomorrow All Loam cup twins have been asked to to present for bowlers meeting in the base ment the town Hill hero at the purpose of the meeting is to organize the Bowling league for the season and map plans for league Bowling any one interested in league bowl ing May attend this this includes both 11 and Public school to open monday see record enrolment members of the Sioux Center Public school faculty will be ready monday to Register what is expected to be the largest enrol ment of pupils in the history of the institution hundreds of children will be flocking Back to class rooms and More than 30 beginners will be taking seats in the kindergarten opening exercises will to held for the entire school at 9 Oclock monday morning in the new and this will be followed by registration of pupils and the is suing of buses will leave at on the opening Day to return pupils to their the first regular school Day will be tuesday and the hot lunch program will be set up Ito serve at noon that the Noonday meal will be served daily there Henry Frankyn has been hire to drive the new school bus thai was purchased for this Kinsey announces this week that a teachers meeting will be held at 1 Oclock saturday youll find opportunities to save Money in the news classified Sec and Are used to having kids climb cancellation notice ing on and a ride on them will give the Little tots a real much As we try to avoid occasionally we miss news that right in our Back such was the Case last week when we failed to report that big Al Kraayenbrink won the tractor Rodeo at the fair for the second year in Al will again compete at the state fair and were betting hell do Xou it was Al who performed so Well on the basketball court a few years ago when Franny Jones took the team to the state if i remember Al was a big help in that famous contest with a pair of glasses apparently lost at the performance of the White horse patrol at the Sioux Edthis Bri what Ahei 75th have lost his glasses at the Celebration there next monday and the Booster caravan stopped in town thursday affair May claim this pair by presented a hat and badge to mayor Maurice Tepaske and made him an honorary Mem seeing Mouw at the first of their whisker with Tepaske in Tho photo at right a de Boer from Rock behind National them is Herb a of Sioux by the news five from county attend Christian school convention five persons representing Christian schools in Sioux county were present among about 450 attending the 35th annual convention of the National Union of Christian schools at during the week of they wore and Gerrit Rozeboom of Western Christian High school at Norman Vander Ark of the Christian Grade school at Boersma of Sioux Center and Lester Landaal of toot horns for Jubilee Rock Valley Jubilee dressed in that Date speakers for Mission feat Here named All services in the first re formed and Central reformed churches will be devoted to the Mission of the this will be the annual Mission speakers will include Harvey missionary to Jalil a native teacher in the bus Rah boys school in Arabia for Over 35 and Elton Yenigun theological information Berg of Western further about this event will be published next read the want ads every yellow jackets top Rock Valley Ireton defeats Carmel in the first game Friday night the yellow jackets had a Vic tory Over Rock Valley All but sewed up in the seventh inning with two outs and leading 4 to 2 when Vanden Bosch of Rock Valley hit one past the Center elder and came All the Way around on it for a Homer with one Man on to knot the game at 4 then Rock Valley held the yellow jackets in the eighth and came Back with three straight hits to get the run they needed for the Popma homered for the yellow for Van Den Bosch threw to Van Halland and for the losers it was Kosters and Vermeer making up Tho Carmel Drew first blood in the second game to go ahead of Iho red Caps 1 to 0 but then Ireton took command and built a 4 to 1 Lead which was enough As they weathered two late inn ing rally to 4 to for Carmel it was to Groten Tiuis tossing to Delmar Sand Bulte and for the victors Schuller pitched to tuesday night in an extra inning thriller it was Hull defeating the red 8 to it was a Seesaw affair All the Way through with the Lead county Corn sealers listed for nearby areas one other change in the Corn sealers in Sioux county was announced this Jesse Yates has resigned to become county bin superintendent and he is being re placed by Tony Vander Kooy of Corn sealers in this area who will serve during the coming year re Gerrit Vander Center for Sioux and settlers Tony Vander phone for washing Eagle and Reading Ted Center for Wel and West Branch act funds available Farmers of Sioux county Are asked to take Opportunity of sign ing up for the 1955 act cos share As there Are still funds available for the the following practices Are applicable for cos share Terrac open drainage Sod and it is Nec Essary that a Farmer come to the ask office and sign a request be fore he starts the the ruling that one had to comply within the Corn allotment in order to be eligible for cos share has been and 13 and classes will commence on the according to Schmo a member of the College fac students from four states will be registering the opening semes four from several from Minnesota and South Dakota and the balance from about half will be from the local the remainder coming from a Dis Vanschouwen said arrangements have been in do for housing 20 students in private Homes in Sioux there will be five faculty Mem Bers for the opening it is expected that the new buil Ding will to Complete and ready for the opening Clay of the janitor hired to take care of the building and grounds is Tun is Vissr and he has already be gun his dedication service a historic ceremony that is expected to attract Many hundreds of persons from the three state area will be held at 8 thurs in the new auditorium of the Public school the College will be dedicated at that William president of Calvin College at grand will be the principal speaker at the ceremony which will Mark the founding of the first Christian College West of the Mississippi others who will have a part in the ceremony will include Arnold presi Dent of the College and several ministers in this the program for the evening is As follows Organ and piano de Jong and Gerritsma scripture and Van Der Lebanon gospel male John director we Praise o audience presentation of the Gilbert de Stigter acceptance of the Arnold pres responsive audience amen chorus prayer of Huis Rock Valley psalm audience William spool Hof Praise audience gospel male chorus Worthington All 48 members of the College Board Are expected to be present and will occupy places of Honor at the dedication they represent six districts from which the College draws the new College building will be open for inspection next thurs Day when it is expected that most equipment will be in the Public has been invited to tour the building and attend the Dedi cation there will be no dedicatory of Vanschouwen some letters have been mailed out requesting people to mail in their dedicatory Vanschouwen said the response to this mailing has been but he expects Many More to respond in the next few persons who did not get a letter May make their offering by simply mailing it to the Vanschouwen urged every one in the area to attend the Dedi cation service next week and fill the big school vermeers address relatives Here received the permanent address of miss Ellen who went by plane where she will be and it is As follows Wiss Ellen elementary Wiss Ellen Apo new now bumper Corn crop Bubble bursts As hot weather continues to Burn county Fields Sioux county bumper Corn crop was about Given up last week As continued hot weather and Lack of rain reduced chances appreciably of even producing an average in the opinion of Many Farmers in the county there want much Chance of piling up any production records on any Somo were even willing to Settle for a half crop of until actual picking gets under Way next there be any Way of making an three or four weeks ago the Corn crop looked extremely then the hot weather began making itself Felt and except rainfall Here for Inch of tuesday changing hands Many i farm experts began lowering with Hull leading it was production Only the scullers bases loaded triple i very Early Corn May have got hat gave the red Caps the Lead Only to see Hull tie it in the continued on Page ten ten by without real another week of dry weather passed during the past seven there was no temperatures for the past seven As recorded by John Volunteer weather Are As follows 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 86 92 06 98 93 89 92 65 67 08 71 68 60 63

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