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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1977, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - August 24, 1977, Sioux Center, Iowa Northwest binding co. Xxx Box 2443 Lincoln hub.-68906 weather report the Sioux Center news published in Sioux Center Iowa volume 84, number 35 wednesday August 24,1977 Date High Low prec. 8-15, 77 53 .40 8-16 72 59 t 8-17 72 56 0 8-18 70 46 t 8-19 75 55 .268-20 83 51 t. 8-21 81 53 0 rep. Bedell visits Sioux Center morality topic part of meeting by Dennis Durband this was a tremendous meeting for me and very very those were the words of Berkley Bedell. The sixth District member of the United states House of representatives a Democrat made the statement at the conclusion of thursday s open door meeting at City Hall in Sioux Center. Bedell met with approximately three dozen of his Sioux county constituents in a move to give them a Chance to voice their political views and opinions. Those who attended took advantage of the Opportunity. The two hour session covered Energy the Economy the Oahe dam situation and the 1977 farm Bill. Just prior to the meeting s conclusion the congressman from spirit Lake remarked this is the twentieth county i be been in and in All the conversations we have had this one is More directed toward morality than any of the others. 1 think it s great that those concerns Are being voiced the decision of president Carter to allocate no funds to the Oahe dam project Bedell directed responsibility for that decision onto himself. Bedell termed it a terrible misunderstanding on the part of the Public. I was the Leader on this proposal for a billion Dollar irrigation and electrical project was a pork barrel thing that would t have been Good for electrical producers. It would be been detrimental. There could be electrical rate increases in the Long run but this decision will save for on a related matter Bedell claimed one of the most important things i be done since i be been in Congress was to vote against the Mississippi lock and dam project the first time. 1 thought the people had been mis led by the electrical one of the morning s More interesting topics entered on Energy. This is one of the real problems non renewable resources pose a real conflict. Instead of conserving it is the Job of the producer to promote waste and television s made it Bedell answers questions congressman Berkley Bedell was in Sioux Center thursday As part of his Mobile information gathering service. Bedell Here was counting votes on an Issue brought up concerning Energy policies. The Bedell meeting was Well attended locally 1-- that was Bedell s response to a suggestion that churches handle All foreign Aid going out of America leaving the government to administer to its own people. If every place was like Sioux county the Sophomore representative noted churches could handle human concerns like poverty and starvation. But Many others like in Washington . Do not have Strong and influential Church is who could handle when disappoint nent was expressed on a person in the audience commented we be been raised to think there is no end to things that there is no limit to resources and now we have to curtail. The Basic problems facing americans Are three fold. Increasing the Gnu is an annual goal. This causes More consumption and ultimately More waste. Also the Law of diminishing returns cannot be altered once we have consumed the total Quantity of natural resources. The solution is that we will have to develop new alternate Power sources and the biggest Challenge will be to change attitudes and values along with the physical changes. Americans will not Likely want to consume less or waste less than they presently do to gain a comfortable life style Over night. The mental change is currently processing at a very gradual rate. To face the Energy problem realistically one would have to give up part of his comfortable Standard of living. Most people Are not willing to do this and natural resources continue to dwindle in the meantime. When the actions of Congress were questioned Bedell said i Don t think Well do very much about Energy if the people Don t think it s a real problem. We will face a very serious recession if we Don t do something. Indications Are that there is More natural Gas than we thought there was. Some Louisiana Salt deposits May have natural Gas reservoirs when less consumption is urged Price controls Are set and other similar things Are brought up people begin questioning How free our Economy is. According to Bedell we Don t have free Enterprise in the pricing of Oil because of the Cartel. Prices Are administered by the International Cartel which sets prices if people in this country Don t want to change their attitudes and values on Energy and consumption maybe things like International cartels will help them adjust. Discussion then moved to the farm Bill and Grain surpluses. The explanation was that the farm Bill is now in the conference committee. It Calls for a $2.00 loan for the 1978 Corn crop a set aside program for the discretion of the Secretary of agriculture and a base of ten percent of what is planted. Rep. Bedell stated that he thinks the Bill will pass both houses and that the president will sign the Bill. Farmers at the meeting called to Bedell s attention the foreseen shortage of storage bins this fall at Harvest time the problems of Grain surpluses and the problem of beef packers in Northern states buying Canadian beef. Bedell said he was t aware of that problem and that he will Contact Harlan Schut the president of the Siou tra try cattle feeders association. The cattle feeders Are currently at Calgary Alberta viewing Canadian cattle operations. Bedell also plans to inform the Secretary of agriculture Bob Bergland of some of the problems facing Farmers. Rep. Bedell lunched with members of the Sioux Center chamber of Commerce at the Holland House following the open door meeting. There he discussed matters concerning shipping taxes the Small business administration his work on the Over abundance of paper work education and crop disaster payments. Landmark in Sioux Center Sioux City Media were in Sioux Center wednesday afternoon to record the 75,000th glaucoma checkup. Mayor William Mouw of Sioux Center was the vip of the hour As members of the Lions club of Iowa assisted him through the procedure. From behind the kt1v-tv, Channel 4 cameraman Mike commings is or Ivan Schultz Leo Banda president of the Humboldt Lions club Homer Eastman past division governor Lions Max j. Burch District Lions governor Ernie Zinell state Lions Secretary or. Craig Dubols and Eldon Collins assistant and glaucoma coordinator. Lions glaucoma unit tops 75,000 Mark in Sioux Center the honorable Bill Mouw mayor of Sioux Center stepped up into the Mobile unit moments after 1 00 . Wednesday set registration dates for school election if you wish to vote in the up coniing school elections on september 13, 1977, and have not registered to vote you have until a Saturn Ayr sep the be r l3,i977 of 5 00 . To do so. According to county auditor Bertha Rexwinkel non registered persons May Register at any of the following places until August 31. 1977 Security savings Bank Ireton cite clerk Sioux Center City clerk Hull City clerk Hawarden cite clerk Bov Clen Rock Valley Bee Rock Valley you May Register at the auditor s office in the courthouse in Orange City Between the to frs of 8 00 . To 4 00 ., monday through Friday. Afternoon and became the seventy five thousandth person to go through the Iowa Mobile glaucoma test lab which was making an appearance in five Hundredth different Iowa Community that Day. The glaucoma unit sponsored by the Iowa Lions club has been touring Iowa communities for 12 years and Only after 12,000 Miles did mayor Mouw become the historic 75,000th individual to undergo the Brief Eye and physical examination. R state and local persons considered momentous occasion. Five notable state officials from the Iowa Lions club were present to View the ceremonies As were personnel from three Sioux City Media outlets. Cd Porter photographer from the Sioux City journal Mike commings from kt1v-tv, Jim Kiertzner and Greg Lund from Kcal to were All present along with members of the Sioux Center news Lions dignitaries include Ivan Schultz Leo Banda. President of the Humboldt Lions club. Homer Eastman a past District govern or. Max j. Burch District governor Sioux cent Estes Fravel to Appalachia. Hill people they shun modern ways de. Note a group of Sioux Cente rites recently returned from a sojourn to the appalachian mountains in and around Jackson Kentucky. For ten Days the group worked with disadvantage Hill people the later individuals who have shunned the modern world and nearly All of its conveniences. Phil and Bev Vermeer were adult councillors while Jay Kieft Rob Kammerman Rick achterhof Chad Vermeer Elson and Eric Schut Randy Timmer Lisa Hagen Sharla Hulstein and Kim Schuiteman were involved As reformed Church youth Fellowship Ryf participants. Jack and Marlene Timmer were the Contact persons for the Sioux Center group. In the following Phil Vermeer recounts the group s activities and observations. It is a Day by Day account of events some of / which is amusing some enlightening some sad. Friday August 5, 1977 Friday night you would t believe it. Jay Rick and i worked until 11 ., getting the pickup campers trailer hitches ready to go the next morning at 6. Got a Little bit of sleep but not much. Saturday morning the photographer from the news did t show up and Kim Schuiteman woke up late. Just before we were ready to leave around 6 30 , or. Thurman Rynbrandt arrived for prayer. We prayed then left--45 minutes later than planned. Once on the Road we discovered a few things missing like the auxiliary tank on the pickup Jay was driving. That plus the fact that we were going Well past our gasoline budget caused us some anxiety. Instead of getting 10 Miles to the gallon As we had estimated we were getting closer to five or six the result was we had to Stop every two to three hours to refuel. And you know How it you have to Stop often with a group of people someone s go off to do this or that which meant a half hour at each Gas Stop. All this acts As a delay the group got lost in Iowa Cit spending an to find their Way a it took us a total of-15 hours on the Road were late but mrs. Jack Boerigter had a hot meal waiting for us. Later we toured the Church then exhausted we retired for the night. Needless to say no one had trouble falling asleep.  sunday. August 7, 1977 it was a Short night. By 5 30 ., everyone was up. We All had a Good breakfast and i think most of us thought it would be our last once we arrived in Kentucky. Rev. Boerigter then held a mini Church service Beverly and Mildred wanted to sing but that was vetoed by the rest of. The group. Instead we All joined in singing god is so we did t Stop driving except for fuel the rest of the Day. Finally we came to Jackson located at the Bottom of a Valley it was t very big so we were Able to find Lee Junior College where we would be headquartered. After registering and having supper together the councillors met to discuss the activities ahead where we d be going who we d be meeting and what our jobs were. We were oriented As to the area customs and traditions. Monday August 8,1977 the first place i went to was located outside of Jackson. A lady named Lucile was living in a tent that she had put up earlier this summer. She was around 55 years old. We finished up a House for her which measured 12 x 10. Jay Kieft and Crew Bev Vermeer Lisa Hagen Sharla Hulstein Kim Schuiteman and Rick achterhof constructed an outhouse not far from the newly constructed Home. I think she was really grateful and Happy about the whole thing. Now she had something for the Winter months. I you just can t believe it the size of her Home was smaller than our feed houses. Yet. She was so Happy i we also diff some. Work at another location. A woman with two children and no husband was living on her father s farm. She had gotten a Job about a year ago bought a trailer Home on time payments. Well she really did t have much else. One of the things we performed was raising the existing septic tank which we " liv1 ? ? i. I  k hoped to Drain. The feat was unsuccessful because most of the water ran Back into the Hole.  so Elson Schut we called him fearless Elson jumped Down into the pit and began scooping water he tried to pitch the slime with a Spade but that did t work. Eric jumped into the pit with Elson and the two began scooping with their hands. They did that until there was enough room to slide the tank Back into the ground. We then attached the pipelines Many of which had broken . When this was completed we poured a Cement cover for it. Hauling Sand for the Concrete from a nearby Stream in single pails and mixing it in a Wash tub with our hands. Late that afternoon we returned to the College. Everyone showered. Before i go any further i think i ought to describe the College dorm rooms just in Case anyone might think we were living in luxury. First of All the rooms Are Small. Two Beds an air conditioner a desk and Chest of drawers a Little Mirror with one 100 Watt bulb above. That was it. Nothing like our fancy dorms at Dort or Northwestern colleges. Just be thankful College students. Tuesday August 9, 1977 we were All feeling drowsy and tired. After breakfast we were taken out to the town s feeder pig cooperative. One fellow show Eclus his prize boar which i thought was a rather Short stubby animal. This made me think that they could really use some More length Down Here. Some other observations there feed was very High priced. They re paying for their finishing $180 a ton. Well there s no Way they can make that work profitably for them. It turns out that the reason they re doing this is that they can Only get $20 for their feeder pigs. I thought about this and i came to the conclusion they d need to get the Coop work the Way it should bringing in the sows to get them bred All at once after 5 or 6 weeks bring them All Back to the Coop. This would be the Way to go. They could sort the pigs off and Breed the sows then take the pigs up to Lexington Louisville or Indiana where the Corn is thus Selling them to the Farmers there. At least they a make a Little More Money. But there s other problems the feed store manager is also manager of the Coop. He and Bernie Zinsli the state lion Secretary were All present. The clinic was conducted in a Mobile Winnebago at City Park by Eldon Collins assistant and glaucoma coordinator and or. Craig Dubois. Iri addition to Eye examinations they checked various other things like Blob pressure in searching for physical trends and traits accompanying glaucoma. They remarked that they were impressed with Eye care Here in Sioux Center. The glaucoma unit stayed in Sioux Center from 9 . Until 3 . A total of 117 persons were examined. Local Lions who handled examination information. And directorships included chairman Dave Mulder assistant chairman Bob Vermeer Frank Pollema Don Whitmarsh and Ben Jans. The Lions wish to thank registered nurses Dot Mulder Wanda punt Marti Bruinsma and Karen Schuiteman along with recorders Nancy Irwin Rachel Raak Rhonda Cleveringa and Kay Schuiteman for All their help. City notes Nee for Ems if you arc interested in helping your Community by serving As a Volunteer emt emergency medical technician for the ambulance another training session will be held this fall. Training will be held at the Northwest Iowa technical College in Shell Don with classes beginning september 12 1977. About four persons will be needed this year. If you arc interested or want further information Contact Paul Clousing at 722 0761 or 722-4582. Makes All his Money Selling feed and that s what he wants to do. The sad part of All this was the fact we had to put up a Cement porch for the assistant manager. . 1 die eventually get them to Settle for a cheaper Wood deck. It was the Only Way we could be continued on Page in Section two this Issue  area news in Brief Aycee contribution Jay Poulina left of the Sioux Center Jaycees presented a Check in the amount of $500 and a pledge of Fin additional $500, to Paul Clousing right of the Community betterment Council the.$l, be used for the baseball Field lighting and softball Fields project in the ,.c presentation took place last week Friday at the City offices the most extreme Northwest Community in Iowa became the final Community in Lyon county with the exception of Rock rapids to join the county Law enforcement program. Carl Spaethe a former police officer Here has been hired to patrol the town on behalf of the sheriff s dept. Rock rapids Street traffic Here waded through Axle deep water As the result of torrential Rains last week monday. Several homeowners reported water damage in theh basements after the 4.1s-Inch deluge bombarded the Vicinity. While storm sewers could t accommodate the Rush of water there was also Telephone and electrical trouble. Lemars radio station Klem pm has changed its Call letters to Kozl pm. The station has also made application with the Federal communications commission to increase it Power from 47,000 to 100,000 Watts. Orange City congressman Berkley Bedell was an overnight guest at the Ray ant Dorothy Weiss residence Here last week wednesday. While in the area to Host an open door meeting in Sioux Center on thursday morning representative Bedell took part i the continuing Host a congressman project. Rock Valley businessman Clarence Mulder is retiring after 30 years As owner an operator of the Conoho Gas and Oil company. The Plant and property have been sold to & k Boyden Hull High school students will experience an immediate increase in to number of courses they must take and a gradual increase in the credit requirement credits will increase from 32 to 42 Over a four year period. Students will now be require i to carry six courses per semester including . And music courses

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