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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - August 20, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaSample copy Sioux Center news volume 39 Sioux Center Iowa thursday August 20 1930 number 24 English paper for Sioux Center Ford at it again Rord a Cumes o r temporary shut Why toys leave Home Joe Archibald r r Cut rates to help Farmers a Hundred thousand men returned u i u m Rii to in the Rouge Plant of the Aiter much bought and not wit for m company at Dearborn out the advise or Many people be have decided to publish a a thread the English language the time has come for any news paper anywhere in this country to use the american language in order to be an influence this is not meant in any Way to neglect the Good Oll pioneers they Are Worth All the at Tention we can give them and More but we Are sure that they Are Wil ing that we should seek the Best in Terest of our Community and its fut ure the fact that the paper will hence Forth appear in the English language does not mean that it will lose its Appeal to Holland people we shall try to Issue a newspaper with an a peal to All the readers in the Community we must serve whether old or Young Holland or american speak ing the language used will be the simplest at our command so that even though you Are not expert m English you will have no trouble ii understanding us Many people whom we on the language question suggested that since the change would have to be made Arne Day anyway we might just As Well make the change nov believe this is Good news visitors an old settler was in last thur Day afternoon he sat in the new office and talked he spoke Aai mat edly about the fairly Days of Sioux Center it needed Only a Good listener to put him in a reminiscent mood imagined his youth for me fifty years ago his family moved from Michigan the first fall his father slowed around the House anticipating Prairie fires or and mrs so Ami so were his schoolmates some still t to meet the Ford demands thus turning thousands of others to i in resuming operations the Rouge Plant began on a schedule of 8000 cirs and trucks a Day for the pres tvs the shops will operate four Days a wet no change is being made in although additional stocks had bees built up to meet the require marts of the dealers during the inventory period the stocks in dealers hands Are now in Many instances be Low Normal according to officials of the company in the six months ended june 30 Ford passenger cars accounted for nearly half of All the cars of All makes registered in the United states the number of cars registered was 684518 Ford trucks likewise advanced their position in the Indus try look at that id Spear Gas prices and taxis the Oil Industry thru economies endurance and fairie of the Lindberg is one of the modern j o the editors of the news the Northern Pacific Railroad is the first to be be persuaded by the Dii per tent of agriculture hat a cat an rates was necessary the rates on in operation Ana improved refining Hay feed water and livestock have methods has made a remarkable rec been Cut fifty percent Ord in lowering the Cost of Ansolini there Art a number of plans being to motorists discussed for aiding the Farmers in the in 191 j the average retail prices of drought districts the farm Board gasoline was 16s cents a gallon and advises the government to reduce the on May 1 1930 it was 1713 cents Prce on seed Grain for next sprint excluding the tax in the years be the Kentucky Bankers association is tween the Cost of living and the working on a program to Cut tax average Cost of All commodities in rates in the districts of crop failure 74 per cent yet the Advance i Many interested organizations Are gasoline prices has been but two studying on plans of financing the per cent effect the Industry for metro who must buy used Grain has saved the Public the difference livestock and machinery Early next Between 292 cents the Price Gas year would have Bee based on the in j because the farm Board cannot crease in living costs and 1713 c premise any substantial Aid and May i Juls is probably one of the main have to sell their surplus wheat inc reasons Why the upward tendency of Price of wheat has dropped from one gasoline taxation has not been Strong to four cents there is shortage opposed during the last few years enough to bring this Price up but gasoline is one of the cheapest com this is Little help to the Farmer who modifies and most motorists feel that has no Grain to sell they can Well afford to pay in Addi Large districts in South Dakota Tion one two or three cents tax for Nebraska and Iowa Are saved from r0ad work imaging losses by Rains and a Harj however the situation has been or better is an estimate on rapidly getting out of control it is states the effect of this drought on a Case of Riding a Good horse to labor conditions in Northwest death today three states Levy a tax is negligible tramps arid bums of six cents a gallon nine have a Haven bothered yet and local work Viecent tax and 18 charge four the first part of this year saw pioneers in taking Long chances to greetings i two new developments in the Ford win recognition he staked his life it s no common occurrence that in seem to be employed with legislation calling for higher business both of which had their on one venture willing to pay with Marks your coming to our midst to lay0ffs if the local Community cat rates is pending in several states share in increasing the company Bua life which As it was meant nothing you it is a matter of first importance care of to own labourers and if this year it is estimated that the siness one of these was the introduce in order to get out of the rut of to us but scarcely less Market prices raise this fall we May average Motorist will pay for Tion of he luxe models i simmer to being just another person you will chronicle and proclaim to consider ourselves fortunate if we gasoline tolls alone and to com repeal to those who desire appoint Bergh won and today is recognized the world the life of this com Novini could take just one look at the labor plete the Story gasoline tax funds Metis and refinements unusual in the As a hero and great aeronautic ext you will be our publicity men conditions in the Eastern cities May be have been used for other purposes Lou priced Field the Forry line now pert since this epic making event the you will interpret us to the world we Vituld imagine ourselves in Cathan Road work in some states Sedan Coupe and Phaeton whole nation has gone into endurance to a considerable extent the world Naan instead of in the desert j a reasonable Gas tax All of which is used for roads is sound but Public is beginning to show that it third resents the political attitude of one Alfalfa cutting cent More make any difference the de luxe class All of which have competitions which reminds one of will judge us by your yardstick our the Standard Model a Chassis the famous boys game of follow the neighbors will see us through your the other development was thei Leader eyes your place is import Iii it production of a new truck Chassis i the Hunter Brothers just bronc a offers to you opportunities of Leader with four Speed transmission dual red Jacksons air record red Jack ship rear wheels and an optional wheel Eon and his partner refuse to be beat1 you will make your weekly visit Kase of either 131 or t57 inches in and go up into the air for Wesci tour Homes the Humble and the this new truck has so extended the the Hunter record has already been More pretentious you will meet on useful the firm Ircul i mis Veir it has Romna record and the stand often destroyed by ltiju11iiit Al Hll Vuu Wiki its Way into Many Fields in which it a few weeks ago boys and girls in cups the boys and girls will watch taking last crop to Date n the kind of people they Are a Good had not previously teen p Factor almost every state crawled up into your columns for their names among 3eclares h d Hughes head of to apply judging the to Man muck better crat Agha Bcka Joyland illness of the Ford that within minimized by red Jacksons new the same terms you will be we Hoim Jar any of Alfalfa Are weaken first half of this Vear it has found record with the Friendly gossip Over the Tea h d destroyed by show me How people spend ther the stand often destroyed by Leisure time and i will Tell you what urged to keep Rees mothers turned Grey worrying athletic and Scholastic the farm crops department at Iowa moral character of a town it int living and some dead or x helped him put a Little pig in the schoolroom i a diphtheria epidemic swept the to pc flip Faircl onh our helped paint coffins with linseed Oil s blackened with a mixture of soothe the coffins were built in an old Church building i iwo i j i a j h11cul ilk jul w1 about Johnnie falling and possibly Flie political candidate will take not state in Centra Jowa and fair to speak highly of a town Mere of cur columns for his rating and Sci Imp go Oil in Luis Way a Nav j regions will see their herds go to per scores of other Are in Hoseflt Ascot the severe Vou Mav include that their Good sunday is More than poor economists not Only do humans pioneering Hollander we want to butterfat and milk prices the farm Ards be satisfactory and May its re waste the but collect All Early data on Sioux Cen Ter history directly from those who have lived this history some Day we Hope to Tell the younger generations the whole Story we intend to retell frequently such ii stories As we meet i formation and Cost of aviation one of the principal obstacles that the commercial aviation Industry has to overcome is the popular belief that rates for air transportation Are excessively High aviation is a Young Industry the Best of modern transport planes depreciate 33 1j3 per cent each Vear and represent an investment of 000 or More scientific developments have been made on passenger planes obviously the charges for this Type of transportation must be higher Pec mile than for More standardized yet when the time element is considered air rates Are comparatively j ers of our Community Are urged to hold on to their cattle by All Means ener Serif these energies were put to keep them feed them Well they Are use instead of foolishly fling to bring us Prosperity there dissipated there would be More per is Little reason for us to be driven Iris Worth meeting and kno Winar by alarm into Hast action do Vou tank of a Anthony the watch activities at the skating rink Hoover and rain i Nared to most of the Middle West we miniature Golf not for have Eood crops let us use what t it merely to earn sources we have and wait sanely for refutation of having played on Ahe cause better times sure to come course for More hours by Iny other person neither do i ifron5 Hunter Brothers to i conducted by or Sieperda we appear i were impressed by the care wit ii j which the Rolace was conducted in the Hunter Brothers record a with to multiple the Middle West being tradition Durance filers of Chicago their Reo is More interested a Ord breaking ship the City of Cluck evil influences a in 1930 drought than in the 1930 go and the refuelling plane big to r Tii and Public character of this skating use Tanra effects the Farmer in Cen will of in i Ankton a Judic Ink make it an excellent advertise Sheldon Man v on prospects it no rain Means Kraal for the air fair a refuelling exhibition is to be give will Roger suggests that Hoover in am one of the group will address Fame for Fortune i could do something about this rain the crowd i proposition Hoover signed the Tariff thirty air planes Are coming Here sent for Sioux Center Sibley Gazette merchant Fred w Miller of Sheldon owner of sma11 clothing stores at Sheldon and Sib of was Ley was the Cit yesterday speaking of conditions or Mil Ler restated a statement made to the Jiu piment an of Friend was calling in theand it has gone into effect he May from Sioux City Sioux Falls and newspaper i want rain too but so far nothing other towns in Iowa Nebraska adj things had Stone Well has been done about it if our Wei Dakota Minneapolis Jour e Infra the unemployed with the editor he had an up Friend Morrow Grandfather of Lindal up Odate j bergs re was an air of Well might get some late or Flindt his former partner on my return from Florida fire he said or Miller i Torii w Fen dead years ago or Flindt the East would have to being about or editor if he had the democrats or radicals do some thing about this the visitor fair going Strong feel the results of a panic before the West would see much Relief or Prosperity and secure a fair Deal i am still of the same opinion and note Low last Vear they averaged Nocente i they Are beginning to get theirs in a mile this Vear the average is eight East cents the difference in Cost betwee or Miler is anything but rail and air transportation from los smut but he does believe the Angeles to Kansas cite is but you seem to be getting on in news and world must be there is Money in the the people newspaper business yes replied the Wise editor have prot on it has been a lot of work Many has just announced the her total of unemployed persons is 12757000 this brings old world in employ in Cut to a new High Mark great Britain unemployment of when this Issue reaches its read fatally passed the 2000000 Mark ers the county fair will be in full last month swing the program we have seen in european promises an interesting and instuct1 Britain Germany France Austria pc exposition not the least interest1 Italy there Are 5949 item of fair activity is the persons receiving Doles or private f Rhc Day is it reach the newspaper office is an incredible 1cipation of Young mys and girls Charity Tust How Mic i Are Gnu Worth Medley of facts propaganda Rumor the exhibition work France is reported least hard i been taken Dvan tag he great saving in time More than of All he asks is a Square Deal for compensates for the higher Cost thousands of business men and trav Ness interests Ciers As the so ration Industry develops and becomes better standardized rues will continue to decrease in the t i us agriculture and the Western bust an you see t worked hard for 30 for the newspaper is in All literal Ness Rrean while the Saring of time often makes the air plane the most economical Mode of transportation a question n t tit t Kjerse Hrc Lish is it True As Walter Lippmann j the exhibits of this year indicate alone in suffering a Boioni the Bible of democracy the Book most we Are coming Back to the real it Mig be Ris com people do read it is the Only Book purpose of fairs the purpose is pan on Thor the if Hev read eve Day now the first of Al amusement and Ento prob Jbv no says that self government is Primar ily a struggle for Power and priv is and not an exercise in self Tion and self restraint

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