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Sikeston Daily Standard Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Sikeston Daily Standard (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Sikeston, Missouri % a a he i Jack Anderson says a Gaulle relents on n nato nuclear Force Admiral Andersons speech before Navy league cooked his Goose italian tourists set precedent in the daily Sikeston Standard 10c per cop published doily except sunday our 53rd year Security tightened after bomb threats As meeting of nato prepares to open Ottawa up a terrorists Quebec province. Ottawa is in th1 eats to bomb Ottawa to Ontario and most of the Provin-1 Tell brought increased Security Cess people Are of Grinsh Des precautions today As top. Rank cent. Ing diplomats continued arrive Rusk and Many of the nato ing in the Canadian capital for their embassies the ministerial meeting of the West German foreign minis North Atlantic treaty Organiza ter Gerhard Schroader ar-1on ranged a meeting with Cana among those due in today were Dian Foi eign Secretary Paul u. S. Secretary of state Dean Martin for this morning. Hie Rusk. British foreign Secretary German made Clear that he will lord Home and French foreign Back the proposal to set up a minister Maurice Couve de new nato common Struc Murville. Ture to handle National nuclear Sikeston Scott county Missouri monday May 20, 1963 number 202 mis legislature Pace to be stepped up Jefferson City up Souri legislature Steps up its Pace this week with Only six weeks of working time left in the 1963 session. House leaders planned to Convene two hours earlier than usual and said some night ses Sions probably would be held during the week. Rep. James g. Trimble d Clay county majority floor Leader complained last week the committees were turning out Bills faster than the House could dispose of them. The Senate Calendar was in somewhat better shape but Senate leaders announced they Rob Abl would Start night meetings late this month or Early in june. The dramatic highlight of the serve As a personal Terresena Quot i w Eek Mav come tuesday night believe that such cooperation us and 1 a a it Quot a a a a pm a j Quot Hen a House committee under we mean Progress z 2 North his but set efforts to further a hear both sides of the mean pro Ress a a a handling. A parochial schoo bus dispute. Hundreds of partisans Are sex petted to Jam the House Cham Norman Bennett com i m Antler of the Sikeston vow Post has been appointed National aide de Camo to the commander. In _ chief of the veterans of foreign wars of the the meeting begins wednes units in the Alliance and to co states Byron b. Gentry in. Ordinate their operations. Announce appointment. Commander in. Chief Gentry Day ordinate their operations. A number of hotels received a Germany supports the re Anonymous letters during the grouping of a part of the Al Sac. A of frat pleasure to weekend saying hotels housing Liance a nuclear capability in i App in a. Bennett. Re will nato delegates would be blown Der discussion a he said. A a we up it was assumed the threats will mean Progress in handling came from the Fly Quebec lib ration front the underground Rusk is to see Martin tues. Group Chat wants to separate Day. He also will Confer with j armed prison Escapee Iber French speaking Quebec pro other delegates in Advance Oicle. . A a a t Vince from Canada. The Fly the nato meeting. Al a s jigs has claimed credit for a number diplomatic sources said thereof Home yell for help 3. F13t Quot Oul. He of bombings in the past few is Little doubt that the 15 nato1 Jefferson ptts m a i in is months in Montreal. So far its countries will approve the new i 7 a an escaped convict armed with Public school pupils. Pending the work of the violence has been confined to nuclear command. Nie i is iii vireo re a v a Quot a Wagner got away minutes be Chi Ciren in Public schools j fore state and City officers con another school problem verged on the House. Common Market countries agree to american demands Ririe Trva a sub us police patrols spread out Geneva the european which he said he thought would through the City in an attempt common Market countries end the deadlock with the unit to capture Wagner who s agreed today to american deed states. Caped from the state penitent mands for across the Board French finance minister Val j Tiara Here last f relay Tariff cuts. This apparent rever Ery Giscard Deestaing said a a it a Garold thrash owner of the Sal of position we aimed at. For the americans to i Home told officers hot awakened encking the deadlock Between the Fuu session of the 73- about 5 . When his Furnace the world two greatest Trad nation general agreement on. Fie walked into the kit f a. A it Arld conference Chen to Check it and found wag but at the same time the six marked time while the common Ner Rifle in hand k european countries demanded marketers and the americans thrash said Vagner demand states agree to an automatic cockeyed for position formula for adjusting gaps be chairman Hans Schaffner of tween High american tariffs and Switzerland called off an after lower european ones. Noon meeting but agreed to pre West German economics min Side at a special evening ses ller Ludwig Erhard claimed Sion of the disputing sides. A Rifle broke into a Home Here a now is a proposal to Amend the this morning but fled when the Constitution so the division of welfare could handle transportation of All students. Controls or Freedom wheat growers to vote tuesday Chicago a the nations estimated 1.800.00u wheat Farmers we ill vote tuesday on whether they want tighter wheat controls to euro production. This is the 12th referendum since 1941, when he first such vote taken. But it is the first time tha Farmers who grow wheat on 15 j acres or less we in vote. Hereto fore the voting was restricted j to growers of wheat on More than 15 acres. If two thirds of the voters approve the new controls they will go into effect next year. In the program is rejected acreage allotments will continue and Price supports will be available at about one half it of parity or around $1.25 a Bushel there will be no marketing quotas or Cash penalties for excess the new program would Cut the 1964 wheat acreage 10 per cent from 55 million acres to 19.5 million acres. Wheat would be divided into two Price categories. Eighty per cent of the �961 crop would go for Domestic food use and exports and would be supported at $2 a Bushel. The remainder would go of livestock feed and other non food use a and would be sup ported at s13.0 a Bushel. A Farmer who retired from wheat production a portion of his old allotment would be paid by the government. Any Farmers who violated the regulations could be fined and jailed. The government has tried for More than 25 years to control wheat production with growing and marketing regulations. But with improved farming methods and greater mechanization production has increased steadily. The government has now 3.3 billion bushels of wheat in storage or under Price support loan a representing a years Supply for Domestic and Export needs. The governments wheat control program Cost More than h billion last year occupants took Refuge in the at tic and yelled for Belt. I Tarvun of an Siua Ems. I Edie xxx a xxx net. Pm a x to a a of cd a ready Are you salespeople in most of the retail the convict identified by to introduced after Many stores of Sikeston win join a Moonlight madness Sale on uce As 19-year-old Billy George Thouc rarer s enrolled their mond Gay it june a a u . To Emph Sile Wagner not away Man pc to. D e m Public schools. Roast of the Meil and women empi0yed in the stores will be wearing pyjamas or other night attire when they serve the customers. Today we show Alfreda Abernathy of Woolworth sir her a a uniform for the a Moonlight madness Sale. The amount of state Aid to be allotted under the foundation pro Gram a also is up in the air. The House has passed a Bill to legalize the foundation program by an estimated $35 million and it is resting in the Senate economics committee which screens All Bills involving major expenditures. But the Senate approx Ria i tons committee has not finished Standard staff photo Campbell woman burned to death in truck wreck fire credit for the new proposal negro Man charged with grand larceny chief of police Arthur Bruce reported this morning that Libler negro o1 232 Felker Street has been arrested and charged we Ith grand larceny in connection with the robbery re third is charged with excess ported at Dukes grocery last j Sive Speed. Wednesday. Bernie Rushing it. 2, est continued on Page 8� report 7 arrests Over the weekend the City police report seven persons arrested Over the weekend. James l. Seism is. Louis its deliberations on the regular Money Bills. Sen. J. F. Patter a 38 year old woman from the week end in its 14 county on a Caruthersville the chair Campbell Wras burned to death territory by troop estate bedroom and was sent to v Many said n0 derision could by in a traffic Accident just before Highway patrol. She Rached on the foundation pro-1 Midnight saturday and 12 Pei at 11 45 . Saturday the a Gram changes until it is known sons were injured in the 18 tool reports mrs. Mary fair de the keys to his car. He told tiie fugitive they were in the them. Once in the room trash said he blocked the door with furniture. Thrash and his wife then climbed into the attic. Their shouts roused neighbors Rhc called police. Wagner who was serving three years on an escape charge had broken away from the Pri j St. Louis up a a a Cerf charged with excessive Speed i fun s Sefa nation Center. His exploded sunday on the second Home a How much Money will be available to finance them. Bomb explodes in new office building posted a $25 Bond to appear in City court next Friday night. Glen Dell Hatley 140 n. Is in Rolla to. Five emergency cases the Missouri Delta Community Hospital reports five persons treated and dismissed Hibler the chief said had sex. Charged with driving and emergency room Over the week floor of a new office building in South St. Louis rocking the neighbourhood. The explosion broke numerous windows in the building and at the Ama de doors and Walls. Police said the bomb had been placed 111 traffic accidents reported Birmingham probes theft of dynamite brm1ngham, Ala. Up a a for cloth. 38. Wife of Teddy fab. Cloth 45. Of it. 1. Campbell was fatally burned on route a a Quot four Niles wrest of Wardell or. Faircloth was driving a pickup truck when lie lost Contr and ran off the Road. The truck turned Over and caught fire. Mrs. Faircloth was fatally burned and or. Faircloth Wras taken to the Scot Conn to thormities Are investigating the memorial Hospital at Hayti for theft of a Large amount of by treatment of cuts bruises and i Amite several Days before twin bums. Blasts touched off negro rioting at 5 10 . Sunday the a this City and threw Sparks tool reports on a township Oad. Drinking. James Scalley 628 Linn charged with Dru Kenne s s posted a $12 Bond to be in City orally admitted taking Money from the grocery but denied it amounted to the $115 reported is stolen. After getting the Money. Hib court Friday night Ler went to Caruthersville with Leo Howard 113 Thompson some other men and returned to charged with assault and affray a a Sikeston Friday night when be i posted a $25 Bond to be in cite on Bra Ken Glass and Vina Ann court Friday night. Haynes Matthews bitten by dog. End. Shirley Lockridge East Prairie lost control of car and ran into Field Chris Winfield new Madrid hit on head Marv Oliver. Sikeston Cut hand on Tail Gate of truck Tony Crosti a. Charleston fell and Cut lip was picked up. Court Friday night. The Case has been referred to j l. B. Dockins the state for prosecution weather Bell City charged with driving while dry my. Posted a $56 Bond to appear in City court next Friday night Albert Jennings Beil cite. I Ive Neay returned to the White j grass fire charged with driving while j House today after an Abbreviat-1 the fire department War a a a Ouw in Keg posted a $56 Bond to de weekend at Camp David Chr called to Jaycee Avenue at 3 59 trouble areas wer it nov h i j. Back in White House Washington if a president cite. Kennedy returned to the a trite while House today after an Abbrev Iai Missouri -. Mostly it Nimy and appear in City court next Fri i presidential hideaway in the pm. Saturday to put out a Gra Cool today with the lugh in the Day night. Cato tin mountains of Maryland fire mid 60s Northeast to Arwind 70 South increasing with Little temperature change tonight Low mid to upper 40s Northeast to around 50 South considerable cloudiness and con Tini de Cool tuesdays scattered showers Likely tonight and ending tuesday Forenoon. Outside the door of the g. W. Of racial unrest All Ever the a two Miles East of Willmo Mike brine real estate co. Office Bon Stephens 16, of Scott City rid where about $10,000 damage we As 1 u o cases of dynamite were ing with Morris Dean Owens done to equipment. I stolen from a storage House 19. Of Scott City flipped Thad prior to the May 1 bombings ashes from his Cigar. They went a negro House and a Mote. Sher into the Eves of Owens Tern Iff Melvin Baiev disclosed Sun Pora Rily blinding h m and he Day. Normally the a i would of lost control of his car. It ran 100 pounds. Off the Road Atid hit a tech. Both a it s a frightening amount a Owens and Ste her. Were taken said Baile. A there is plenty a to a Cane Girardeau Hospital Loose dynamite in this for treatment of injuries. An uneasy Calm prevailed Dur at 3 25 . Sunday the paing the weekend. Nearly 1 300 try report nine mile North o Law enforcement officer. Were Sikeston on Highway 61. An unavailable for duty and potential a Talent fied c a stepped in front of under heavy Charlie f of Polley 42. Of St the blast also damaged joining sales builders equipment co. Self development co., and Swift Way food Mart police declined to speculate on whether the bombing was connected with Black pow Der blasts at three Kroger co. Stores March 8 and four Otho or Jay 9 another Mercury Mission Cape canaveral Fla. A a with two Days of examinations. Questions and confetti behind him astronaut Gordon Cooper planned to do absolutely nothing today except relax. That a something that comes j easy to a Man who can doze off while perched atop a rocket set to blast him into space. Asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded project merc u r y. Cooper replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would come from an extended Mercury flight. Then lie tossed the question to or. Robert c. Seamans associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. A we Are faced with a decision in the next week or so on another Mercury flight a Seamans said but said it is quite unlikely another Mercury manned Mission will be conducted. A the longer Vou keep Mercury personnel working on Mercury flights the longer you delay putting them on the gemini program a he Faid. Tuesday the laconic oklahoman we Ith the Huck finn Grin wit receive the National aeronautics and space administration s distinguished service medal from president Kennedy a a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Then he will address a join session of Congo it a d a following Clay will go to new York for a ticker me Parpoe. Today Cooper plans Only to rest from the one predictable aftereffect of his 34-hour cosmic adventure a an Onrush of adulation from an admiring popu lace. His latest Hosier and supreme court overturns convictions of sit in demonstrators in five big cases i Elk end temper u i res High and Low temperatures for the weekend were for the 24 tour period ending of 7 Sui Day. 83 and 58 for the similar period ending at 7 . This morning. 82 and 53. Precipitation during the past 24 hours a .28 of an Inch of a Ain. Soil temperature soil temperature As reported farm for the past 24 hours a 86 degrees. Tuesday. May 21 Sunset today 7 04 . Sunrise tomorrow 4 46 . The Moon rises 4 38 . Tomorrow and is in Perigee. For the next 10 nights the planet. Mars will continue to move nearer the Star regulus. They Are in the West tonight at 10.42 . Mars is on the right regulus on the left. Computed for Sikeston by a Ley r. Frank Washington up a the supreme court overturned today the convictions of sit in demonstrations in five major cases. Tiie cases were from Durham. N. New Orleans Greenville s. C., and two cases fro Birmingham. Ala. The court s action was Dis closed with the release of an opinion by Justice Haf an in which he concurred in part an dissented in part with the majority a action. It was not known immediately who delivered the majority opinion. Presumably it was chief Justice Warren since he released an opinion in the a from Greenville s. In the Greenville Case Warren declared that a when a slate Agency passes a Law compelling persons to discriminate against other Dersons because of race and the state s Crimin 1 patrol. About 3,000 Federal Louis troops called up by presides Polle Kennedy for possible use a Pur Mingham. Were on standby at two Alabama bases. Gov. George c. Wallace who has sent about 700 Ianc officer into the City filed suit saturday in an Effort to Block any use of the Federal troops. The president and Wallace. Who was iriving South. Swerved to avoid a co -1 continued on Page 8 inc hearing to be thursday at Blu taste of it was a Heartfelt Wea of a by the people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a 5l-Mio stretch of Sun drenched Highway an Ltd waved flags and Bunting and Beach towels and tio1 to a Well. Intorcio. It was one of the largest crowds Ever assembled in this Neon lighted Sand spit which the p to Quot Nauf it ail their Horn away from Home. Music s Charm becomes lethal 5 cows drop dead Hornchurch England a a the Hornchurch drum and trumpet corps went for a weekend reheat Saj in Peter read s pasture. Reads 50 cows lifted their Heads with interest As bandmaster Brian keeper raised his Baton for John Philips Sousa s a Semper the Drums crashed out and the horns blared. Five cows dropped dead. The rest stampeded. Keeler apologized profusely. A they were obviously terrified by the noise a a said read. But he added that he sue _ a these things six killed in traffic in Missouri six persons were killed m traffic accidents in Missouri during the weekend. Arthur Eugene Elaine. 17, of Independence was killed Sim Day when the car he was driving skidded off a rain Slick curve Anc struck an embankment near Independence. Four other teenagers were uninjured. Ronnie Mason 17, St. Louis cited sunday of injuries received when his car hit a Fence n St. Louis county. Two passengers were injured one seriously. Two Kansas City children were killed saturday night in a head on collision of two cars on . 7l bypass seven Miles North of Harrisonville. They were Dana Marie Ford. 2, and Kenneth Ford. 1. Children continued on Page 8�?~ prelates Confer Vatican City up a Pope John Xxiii conferred for More than an hour today with Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski primate of Poland. To was their second meeting since the polish Cardinal am Here May 8 amid reports a a. Warsaw end Veti a might. Be considering consular relations. No speedup in hearing for Barnett Washington Dpi a the is preme court refused today to Speed up its hearing of an Appeal in which gov. Ross r. Barnett of Mississippi claims tha right to a jury trial in the criminal contempt Case pending against him. The High tribunal announced its refusal in routine fashion 11 a Long list of orders. The order in the Earnett Case gave no explanation. The High tribunal on april 29, 1963 agreed to hear arguments on the jury trial question but said the arguments would a heard in the courts new term next fall. It said he Case probably would be called some time during a two week session beginning october 14. Barnett then petitioned the court for a special Early argument session and prompt decision. The governor and it. Gov. Paul b. Johnson of Mississippi were cited for criminal contempt by the u. S. Circuit court in new Orleans. The officials were accused of refusing to obey circuit court orders not to interfere with admission of Janies h. Meredith a negro to die University of Mississippi last fall. After citing the state officials the circuit court split 4-4 on by a jury or by a judge or judges. Barnett and Johnson asked a jury trial. The circuit court requested the supremo court to decide the Issue after which the contempt trial would be held. Johnson joined Barnett in asking a prompt hearing and decision. Their Elution pointed out their terms of office expire in january. Will talk about the weather Leonard f. Hand meteorologist at the Delta research Cen ter. Portageville will be gues speaker for the kiwanis club meeting tuesday night at Thi Dunn hotel. Or. Hand will tall the weather and Tell wha the governor ment and othe agencies Are doing about it Poplar Bluff by die interstate a hearing Commerce Al processes Are employed in a Way which enforces the 1�?~crimination mandated by that Law such a palpable violation of the 14th amendment cannot be saved by attempting to separate the mental urges or a he Harlan s opinion said he disagreed with the court majority because of its treatment of the state action Issue. Haflan also objected to what he said were a the Broad strides with which it the court has proceeded in setting aside the conviction in All of the a eases. Harl Anaid the cases called for a discreet treatment and opinions by chief Justice Warren were released singly first in the Green Rill e Case next in the Birmingham cases. All of the cases resulted from the Campaign to Force desegregation of lunch counters and other facilities in the South by demonstrations by negroes and their White sympathizers. The cases reached the supreme coun in Appeal. From state court decisions in a Obama Louisiana and North a id South Carolina. Besides the individual defendants directly involved in the appeals about other demonstrators convicted Sim supreme court for final word a1 to disposition of their cases. Arguments before the High tribunal entered around the constitutions 14th amendment requirement that a state must provide a equal Protection of the Laws to All its citizens. The amendment say3 nothing about the right of an individual to discriminate and the supreme court in 1883 held the equal Protection guarantee bars discrimination Only through action by a state. The two cases from Alabama arose from sit in Demontra continued on Page 8 met a few hours later at Muse Shoals in North Alabama at a Tennessee Valley authority anniversary Observance. The e 3 talked during a Hei Scooter flight to Huntsville where the president spoke. A we discussed things briefly a Wallace said water at a news conference. Pierre Sal Inger. White House press Sec continued on Page 8 j a y e e 5 supper at 6 30 . Tuesday country club bring a prospective member commission in regard to the Frisco railroads proposed abandonment of its Hoxie Branch will be held in Poplar Bluff at Thel Holiday inn thursday at 10 . Tom Baker state representative from Stoddard county has urged interested citizens Nad business interests to attend the meeting. The Branch Hue Starti at Nash. Me., and continues to near Cape Girardeau running through Poplar Bluff Puxico Advance and Delta and South to Pocahontas Ark. An examiner for the acc Bijj be present to conduct the hearings who will have to be convinced Tutere is a need to continue the line. Han Are to have around 560 persons attend the meeting to voice protests against the proposed abandonment. Any Nerson who wishes to file a statement should comae Jack be of Puxico. Chairman of the citizens committee. Railroads unions heed Fyk request resume talks Richard Quot Ukko Evans son 01 or. Aud mrs. Ebert Evans of Vanduser Lias been initiated into Phi Eta sum a National Honor fraternity at the University of Missouri he Vas one of 54 freshmen out of a class of 2219 eligible for member ship who attained a Rade Point average of 3.5 or higher. On May 17 he was elected president to this Treshman Uono Rary fraternity. Washington ? the railroads and five operating unions. Heeding the urgent request of president Kennedy resume bargaining today in then Long flight Over work rules. If no agreement is reached a before june 12. Only new legis Lattan providing for either compulsory arbitration or government seizure of a he railroads can Block a nationwide rail strike. A three Man emergency Board provided die basis for new negotiations in a report to the president last week. Kennedy in making the report Public said a there is no Lime to be Losi for completing their agreement in this critical dispute. The ultimate dependence must be upon their own the key Issue in the Battle Over that the railroads Ca a Feather bedding is the Fate it 4u.00 i firemen on freight an Yard a Raim. A presidential commis Rit iat year proposed Chat the Jot continued on Page 8> King Sway chapte1 no. 144 r.. And Al Camino Council no. 52 r a so. Regular meeting monday May 20th refreshments alternate 7 30 p. M. Keith Bess e. H. P. A i

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