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Sicily Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1944, Page 1

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Sicily Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - June 2, 1944, Palermo, Sicily Vol. I no. 85 Friday june 2, 1944 for u. S. Armed forces heart of 6erman railway network a by bombers a a a a it a hot foot by a hot ship it Quot a amp a or Quot a London. June in Allied timbers by the thousands stabbed the heart of Germany s rail system yesterday and continued to score on targets throughout invasion taut occupied in the Light of Day american fortresses and liberators coursed out from their British Bast s to rip at Hamm the biggest marshal eng Yard in Germany. Arteries leading out of the main railway Hub were severed at Osnabrock Sci Veru Southwest of Dortmund and sees Southeast of Hamm. The four motored Arnica also struck the German Ai drome at Luxeuil. West of Mulhouse in France. Two thousand fighters flew top cover on this Mission and performed work on their own account. Thirty five locomotives As Well As aircraft were smashed in attacks on airports and Tail functions. The Luftwaffe failed to put up a Fig str aim inst these widespread of a rations and out of a Fleet of More than 2.000 aircraft. American losses were one bomber and four fighters. Pictures taken Over the target Mea indicated severe damage to locomotive repair shops and marshalling Yards. Great damage was inflicted also on Wagon repair shops in the Schwertz Yards where Titer Frere numerous explosions and fires among rolling Stock on the sidings. A Large concentration of bombs also fell around the engine repair shop in the of Snabbi uck marshalling Yards. Recon photos likewise showed heavy damage to German aircraft factories at Dessau Osche Sleben and Halbe Raadt. Work shops hangars boilers machine and Assembly shops and aircraft were destroyed or damaged. Maintaining the air offensive against railway cents of Northwestern Europe about 1.000 Kai bombers on wednesday night bantered the great railway centers o Ternier about 15 Miles Southwest of san Quintin Traw Pes. Five Miles Southwest of Versailles and Saucer Between Nantes and Tours. F Var Quot set v a Quot v Quot a a Orward �75 Miles from eternal of Tysl 5th f army elemental a a Raider of the maa heals for its Home base All r firing the Campo i Marie freight Yards in Florence Italy where German Supply trains and warehouses were left in smoking ruins. Photo through pub police smash nazi dope ring in Middle East Cairo june in a German plot to smuggle narcotics to the Middle East hag been smashed by special of the Middle East narcotics Board in a series of simultaneous raids throughout Egypt. Palestine and Syria. Fifty three members of the ring were captured. The Cairo raid took plate in a Section of tile troop thronged Soliman Passa Highway where police seized a syrian banker a Swiss chemist and several doctors and pharmacists. Police said Tivey were aware of tile ring for months but arrests were withheld until All the principals were uncovered. Ship losses drop in Mediterranean v Meriter Ranea n Allie d Force naval Headquarters june in Allied shipping losses in All Mediterranean Supply operations Are Only about 28 of one percent or just slightly More than one ship in each 400 that get through safely according to Admiral sir John cunning in commander in chief of tile Allied Mediterranean naval forces. The British and american navies Are of it rating As a a a one and indivisible naval Armada in the Mediterranean safeguarding the sea lanes by which the great land offensive in Italy is being supplied. Admiral Cunningham said. An average number of 230 Allied merchant ships per Day wire reported to be at sea in the Mediterranean carrying not Only vast quantities of Tho fuel tanks vehicles ammunition stores and me necessary for the pros ecu t iou of the offensive in Italy but also bringing in a store of food and other commodities for the civilian population of Allied liberated areas and carrying Back to America and England the raw materials Winch this Region is supplying Tor the Allied War machines some 11.500.ooo Groso tons of Allied shipping per month is being conveyed through the 2.000-mile sea route through tile Mediterranean the Admiral reported yanks threaten free Jap bases Allied South Pacific Headquarters june in reinforcements have reached the Allied invaders on Biak Island off the North coast of dutch new Guinea after their rapid Advance had been slowed up by japanese snipers and machine gun emplacements. Despite tenacious enemy resistance Amel ican Advance guards arc driving toward the three enemy held airfields on the Island chunking june a japanese troops have made further Progress into the Southeast China Rice bowl province of Hunan and Are reported within 12 Miles of Changsha capital of the province. Japanese aircraft Are ruthlessly bombing chinese cities from Dawn to dusk. The chinese have begun to evacuate civilians from the threatened area As Well As from Changsha. In Northern Burma meanwhile Allied forces captured the enemy stronghold of Mala Kawing in the Mog Aung Valley. The capture followed a two mile Advance South of rhe main Road by an Allied column despite determined enemy resistance another chinese Arn or lean Force advanced Eusuf of the Mog Aung River and consolidated its front South of Vamg and Shatraw. Soviets attack Stem nazi drive Moscow june la All Day today German tanks self propelled guns armoured cars and infantry supported by aircraft of All types beat against marshal Ivan Koneva a lines North of Jassy but once again failed to make any headway. In some sectors of the 15-mile front soviet troops counterattacked successfully with tanks and infantry. In the first two Days of fighting. May 30 and 31, the germans lost 148 tanks and 197 planes. Yesterday s action alone accounted for 122 tanks and 164 planes. At the end of the Day thousands of German dead Lay piled in front of the soviet defences and All the enemy had to show for those losses in men and Materiel was a Small wedge driven into the soviet lines. Soviet infantry men Are proceeding to Iron out this wedge. In Moscow meanwhile military commentators were puzzled As to the nazis objective. It was believed that the germans merely wanted to strengthen their positions before the coming russian summer offensive but the soviets failed to see continued on Palt in 8 Allied Force Headquarters june a this is the situation today on the italian front As the Allied armies enter the fourth week of their determined drive on Moratt. V fifth army infantry smashing at the enemy s Val Montone a Euerl line Southwest of Rome have bypassed and almost completely surrounded Velletri to occupy the High ground Northwest of the town in Ute Vicinity of Lago i Nemi a Small Lake South of Lago Altona Forward elements of la Gen. Mark w. Clarks army now arg within 15 Miles of the eternal City. 9. In the same sector armoured units fur tiler to the Southwest have crossed into fool i Cam Oleona three Miles arest of Lanu Vio and bordering via and Date the Angio Rome Highway. In the Liri Valley. 8th army troops continue to mop up around Highway 6, and have captured Tho town of Bora and Are advancing on Geremino seven Miles beyond fro is none which fell wednesday. To the extreme right flank of the 5th army Trout and slightly Inland from the tyrrhenian sea British infantry has pushed on astride the Road North of Ardea which Lead into Rome. Lied armies in the Val Montone Velletri sector would have to Muster All the forces at their disposal to crack the Strong enemy Lino which faces them. A spokesman at Allied Headquarters said that the Val Montone Veiler i line was definitely not a rearguard action and that the germans could be expected to exert every Effort to hold it it would take a major Effort he said to crack the line. That major Effort is now in Progress. \ in uie Lanu Vio sector a web of pillboxes Cement bloc houses and gun emplacements continued to confront the Allied Advance. Tho germans have continued the Pace of their withdrawal in this Are and Are being harnessed by preach troops who Are maintaining con continued on Page 8j Danube Iron Bate attacked by Raf Allied Force Headquarters june in the Iron hate a narrow two mile Long Gorge in the Danube River and a vital key Point in All Danube traffic has been blasted by the maae. Raft heavy bombers favored by Good weather and carrying out their attack virtually unmolested showered tons by bombs up to 4,000 tons in weight on the canal wednesday night. Crews described the concentration of hits on the canal As excellent. The Iron Gate is a natural canal formed by two mountainous Walls one on the right Bank and the other in the River itself and flows Between Yugoslavia and Rumania in the Southern carpathians tremendous amount of traffic Nasa through the Short a retch of water where the current is so rapid that tugs and locomotives Are needed to pull heavily Laden barges through the Waters. Maae plying fortresses hammered the Ploessl Outfield in Daylight again wednesday while a Small formation of liberators attacked the rail Yards at turn Severn in Rumania. Spanish ships granted Access to Houston port Washington Tho s ate department has granted Spanish vessels permission to enter the port of Houston Texas and pick up cargoes of Cotton rep Albert Thomas id a Texas announced today. The step come As the result of efforts by rep. Thomas and rep Joseph j. Manet end id., Tex to utilize texan port facilities in the War Effort selective service tells Job rights of veterans Aerial prediction Oklahoma City three Hun dred thousand civilian planes will be in Active service four years after the Wetr with 95 percent of them Small Craft manned by private flyers Charles i Stanton administrator of civil aeronautics predicted Here. Washington june i selective service in its interpretation of the 1940 selective training and service act with respect to that part of the measure which protects the Job rights of returning veterans has placed its Finger very firmly on one of the most tender spots in the whole problem of re employment of War veterans according to the associated press the news Agency cited particularly the selective service statement that a a a Veteran is entitled to reinstatement in his former position or one of like seniority status and pay. Even though such reinstatement necessitates the discharge of a no Veteran with greater the a said that the settlement of cases like that will be painful for workers Bosses and unions Aud listed representative instances a Man Over 38. Too old for War but the fatties of children and for vice for physical reasons when he volunteered and when tile draft l Oard called him. Women who obtained jobs with the understanding that they would be permanent and who have built up seniority. Hundreds of thousands of negroes satisfactorily employed in factories and at jobs where negroes never were considered before. Under the 1940 act veterans Are entitled to old jobs Back provided they request re employment within 40 Days after military discharge and provided that the jobs they had held were of a permanent nature. The associated press listed a number of Points employers should keep in mind if they Are thinking of stalling off veterans who come under the provisions of the act. A Veteran is entitled to Back pay for time lost because of a delay by be Boss in rehiring. Any employer seeking to show years a steady worker in the Plant that the Veteran before going into to which the no married Veter an service hag waived re employment returns. Rights must tic prepared to prove a Man kept out of military Are that cont anon. Hull is prepared for peace talks Washington june i Secretary of state Cordell Hull announced yesterday thai he a ready to proceed with discussion with great Britain Russia and China Aud then with other United nations concerning the establishment of on International Security organization. Or. Hull made his announcement following a meeting with subcommittee of the Senate foreign relations committee. He asserted that the a first phase of informal conversations with the eight senators had been completed and tit at he was a a definitely encouraged and ready to proceed to International discussions a a with the approval of the president the Secretary of state said the the �?T�?Tdo6t of no partisanship Wilt continue to be wide open Here a the department of state especially when any phase of the plan Ning for postwar Security u under he declared that to intended to have further discussions with the Senate subcommittee and Quot other leaders of both parties in the two houses of Congreve and with others. A news agencies said it was presumed that or. Hull would follow up his statement with an invitation under tire Moscow declaration for the other three leading United nations to Send representatives for Hie of Opal discussion which lie proposed. Fewer Navy fighters Washington the Navy be a runt announced thai it wan omm Mchaig a Cut to. Fighter plan production. Hie Rote of loss a been less than originally estimates the Annot Noeme aia explained

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