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Sicily Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - August 17, 1943, Palermo, Sicily Vol. I no. 2 tuesday August 17, 1943 u. S. Army newspaper for troops in Sicily 2 lire allies hold War Council in Canada leghorn s pillar of flame. A i Quot v president plays Host to Premier Churchill at Hyde Park estate no beautify i old City of Quebec today is waiting the arrival of president Roosevelt at the global War conferences now being held by British Canadian and american military lenders. Prime minis the Winston Churchill is already Iii the leading City of French Canada and . Roosevelt is expected before the week is out. Anthony Eden. Britain foreign Secretary. Is also sex pc teed to present at what May prove to be the most Allied conference since began a smoke an i fire Rise from bombed Oil tanks and refineries during a raid by Saaf flying fortresses to the important Industrial Center of leghorn in tie Northern skirt of tile italian Mainland. How to place orders Roosevelt and Churchill diet thus week end at Hyde Park for the sixth time since Pearl Harbor . Churchill who landed in Canada Atter his second crossing of the Atlantic this summer spent the week end at the Hudson River estate. . Roosevelt himself bad just returned from a Brief Canadian Holiday before the prime minister arrived after the Hyde Park week end . Churchill returned to Quebec and the president announced that he would follow shortly. In Quebec meanwhile the chiefs of the Allied military air and naval staffs were hard at work in a Quebec hotel taken Over for the conference. Tile discussions said Quot to be of a technical military nature. Foreshadow further smashing blows against the Axis on All fronts. Although the european front is expected to occupy the Center of the conference stage. There Are indications that the Paella front will not be neglected future strategy against the japs is said to have been discussed at a meeting of the Pacific War Council in Washington a few Days this meeting was considered a preliminary to the bigger Quebec conference whether any important an-1 noun Eeraerts will immediately follow the Quebec conference is doubtful since the agreements reached there will doubtless be of far reaching military significance. But it is Clear that the conference comes at a time when military prospects were never brighter and a when recent successes on All fronts Call for stepping up the Pace of the glottal War. For stars and stripes today Marks the first a parame of a Quot the stars and stripes Sicily As a four Page Issue. The paper is now being published in Palermo twice each week on tuesday and Friday afternoons and in and coition is reprinting the weekly african edition of a a stars and stripes on sundays. Special service Ollie ers red Cross Field directors and others interested in distributing the paper throughout Sicily Are urged to Call at Quot the stars and stripes offices when in Palermo. Copies of the paper May also in reserved by Tele phoning sgt. Leonard Emmer at Palermo 19275. Editorial and other information May also be obtained at this number. As is the policy in combat zones there is no charge for the paper Iii Sicily. Sadoglio seeks to spare Rome from bombings sicilian battlers end hear As Maxis Elbe Axis plane losses heavy Over Sicily the Campaign it of Sicily has Cost Ute Axis dear in plane strength. Official Allied sources have an i uni need in the first month of the struggle for the Island the allies destroyed 1,-421 Axis planes in the air on the ground. Allied losses totalled Only ii planes Cut of 999 enemy planes destroyed on the ground 203 were Messer Mirits Conners. U. S. Shell opens Battle of Italy by a sgt. Stars and Ralph stripes cd. Martin stiff writer writ russians make steady Progress on three fronts democrats Lead italian labor .111. Was Limiter evident pressure from democratic forces at Home and out of possible wish to conciliate Allied opinion abroad. Italy is moving farther and farther away from fascism. The italian press strictly censored by marshal Pietro Bado Fioz a government makes a Point of dressing democratic developments at Home. While rom radio incessantly broadcasts news of Italy a democratic re a wakening to Tho outside world. The most porent of such developments the announcement yesterday that Trade Union leaders have been appointed to head a ran labor groups i every Case according to big. The new labor leaders pointedly the government men who opposed fascism in its Early stages. The new Leader of the Industrial workers Union for ex-1 ample is Bruno a Viozzi. Wiio headed the italian labor confederation before Mussolini seized Power for 20 years thereafter he lived in exile m France. An outspoken Cam tin a gtd an pact 4 it under the red Sun of August and the grinding Force of soviet attacks. The nazis Are staggering farther Back along an Ever widening front. Russian armies have been advancing five to ten Miles a Day along a 500-mile front which extends As far North As Smolensk and As far West As poltava. The main red drive continues slightly North of the Center of the front towards Bryansk to the South the russians draw the noose tighter around Kharkov while to the North the drive to Smolensk has begun to Roll Karchev the last barricade on the Road to Bryansk has fallen after a bitter three Day struggle. The capture of Karchev was announced yesterday try the big. German defences were crushed by the weight of material which includes increasing numbers of american tanks and guns the red division which broke into the flaming City and which were honoured to Premier Stalin with the title of Quot divisions of Karchev a have pushed on More than halt of he distance to Bryansk. Yesterday advanced a uni were reported within 19 Miles of the City Sta the capture of Bryansk a Stone of the nazi defensive system the i May not be easy. The country be u i tween Karchev and Bryansk is a Are i heavily wooded Low lying swampy area. Unfit for armoured vehicles. Beyond the Forest lies the River desna on the further Side of which the City of Bryansk stands on a High Bluff. A the soviet armies Are flanking Bryansk to the North in a drive on to slave which lies half was continued on Page 4 in a desperate Effort to Ward off Allied air blows the government of marshal Pietro Sadoglio has declared Rome an open City. The allies response to the Sadoglio move was a Stern reminder that under International Law an open City is one which contains no military objectives of any kind a de scrip Tori which does not appear to fit modern Rome barring now developments it seemed probable yesterday that the allies would continue to regard the strategic italian capital As a legitimate target for Anat tack e the world Learned of the Bado to governments move through a radio Rome broadcast on sunday which asserted that the new Premier two weeks ago had asked the Pope to inform the allies that Rome was to by made an open City. When no reply was forthcoming from tile allies the italian broadcast assert cd marshal Sadoglio decided to use the radio As a Means of letting it be known that the capital was a nor military target according to a Iller sources however neither i Melon nor Washington has received official notification of the us Eauil s intentions Washin a on announced that la the Vatican so far Bas preserved mar ,.o1k Susson. I ,.r american troops in northeastern Sich a aug 16 the Batik of Italy Bertin at 26 minutes before noon today whoa the first. American artillery Shell lanced in Villa san Giovanni to in it rant railway and ferry terminus on the italian coast. We Ile the Sicily show was in the last scene of the Hist act with americans striking toward the m Silna Road the Long Toms of Battery d of a held artillery unit was pushed a ahead into position their noses pointed Over Messina into Italy. You stood on your toes your Mouth hanging open Yoni fingers in your eats As the colonel pulled the lanyard which pulled the Hammer hit the primer shot the name through the vent into the powder and pressured the path Jewtik about 15 Miles onto the italian coast. Quot that s said the gunner. Chi Peter Volpe of Cambridge mass. There was not much Lime Tor comment from anybody be a Huso the Crew was Busy shoving in More shells and pulling More lanyards. Before the Day was Over there would in iou rounds marked special delivery which were to hit important targets. Before the first Shell wits fired everybody signed some message Anc signature. Yanks and British Pound up coasts toward final goal with american troops advancing on Messina the fall of Messina appeared imminent yesterday with americans far up the Northern coastal Road. , on the other coast Ware reports just North of Taormina some 25 Miles away from the Ikirt on the islands Northern lip. After pushing ahead All Day without Contact the advanced Ameri Van elements ran into Light artillery coming from gesso where die coast Road turns Inland to reach Messina. It appeared that the enemy would seek to delay the Advance Long enough for one last evacuation a fort tonight officers believe that the final hour of German prisoners will to Small. Nver will they have left available equipment behind. There was no indication Al a wholesale Destine Tion of supplies try the enemy on the last Nils of the North coast Highway. Only at Sandal Ora had the germans left equipment be Stassun in Pacific a strict silence. Students of International Law Point out that it. Is not enough for a belligerent government merely to say that a City does not con Tam military objectives. It is held that an open City must be undefended and militarily valueless in fact As Well As in name so far it is maintained the Sadoglio government has offered no proof that Rome answers this description. Allied sources stress the fact that Rome lying about Midway Down a he italian Peninsula is a key rail and Highway link Between North pm and Southern Italy. The old saying All roads Lead to Rome still holds Good. In one opinion. Rome could not be made a True open City unless the italians agreed not to defend the entire Southern part of their country since Materiel to defend the Southern half must pass through rom from Industrial North More ova los Harold e. Biassed governor of Minnesota has reported for Active duty As Flag Sec rotary and personal aide to adm. William of Halsey naval commander in the South Basilica Hind a train Load of salvaged trucks left standing in the rally Aid. The nazis Retreat appears to have been orderly and efficient with demolitions continuing to de Lay the yanks on his Heel. There were fewer mines to contend with however. Perhaps he had rim Sho to of them. His last evacuations from the North beaches came yesterday and were harried by Allied bomb ors. It was estimated that during the last round of the Campaign the germans have been Able to Evascu til some 5.ooo men with Light equipment each 24 hours despite Allied efforts to intercept the movement. But allies and Axis forces alike were Well aware that the end had come. For the allies it was a ques non of overcoming the. Barriers of mines Aud demolitions. For tire germans it was the finish of one More unsuccessful Effort to hold bark Allied Force from the so called fortress of Europe. As it had been in North Africa so wait now in Sicily. The in it it of Messina is Only about three mile from the narrow Straits of Messina from tile italian Mainland its capture would Mark the virtual end of the sicilian Campaign which began on july to with hip landings of american British and Canadian troops on the Beadles on the Southeastern part of the Island Randazzo in ruins As Allied forces Eider City together by sgt Jack Fosie stars and stripes staff writer wit h american forces in i hardest hit to Date. The main slice of no a Rai sic Ely delayed was a big Day for the Shoemaker of Randazzo. He said there had never been another Day like it in All his 60 years at Randazzo a Hie i town in the Shadow of mount Etna a first tile americans and the lied sources noted Long before the open City question arose Rome has been a concentration Point for Axis troops and under the fascists a of Wai Industry. A key i growing Center itj1 englishmen had come into town shortly after the sup had risen Over the lower slopes of the Moun Tain he had in expect ing its. Fir said for tile germans had looted last night. That was a sign that they were going away to stay. Secondly it was quiet in Randazzo there had t been a bomb York occasional Soave a a spell m the town All Day. The North african invasion Shoemaker kept looking up in the of yellow currency Bekky he Irdi be that some what re behind those Clouds there Wasny to a Silver plane ready to drop a Black bomb. They had come so Many times before. Randazzo is in ruins. It was harder hit that either Nicosia Calt amp Wisetta which had bean yellow seals go Home new mrs of the in the form turning up in store and tavern Cash registers Here. The currency apparently brought Back to the states by servicemen is being turned Over to the Federal Reserve Bank by local Banks for Exchange. It i in Randazzo is so blocked with debris that engineers ure preparing a Road which bypasses the town entirely. Randazzo was the left end on what May be to vudred As the last German defense line in Sicily. Roads to tile North East West and South came together at Randazzo it is one it the most important Inland communication Points in Sicily. Military strategy demanded that this Road Junction be smashed and the allies with their mighty air Fleet smashed it by burying the Road under the debris of the town. Forced to leave the germans were forced to withdraw from their stronghold because there was no stronghold left nothing remained but crumbled Bricky shattered Rock and splintered Wood. A there was not however the smell of death. Civilians had moved of Pope h of
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