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Sicily Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Aug 12 1943, Page 1

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Sicily Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - August 12, 1943, Palermo, Sicily Sicily vol. I no. I thursday August 12, 1943u. S. Army newspaper for troops in Sicily 2 lire Roosevelt and in Canada Foi Allied leaders hold second meet of summer president Franklin a. Roosevelt and prime minister Winston Churchill were in Canada yesterday the bbl announced and were expected to meet shortly. The Canadian meeting will mar the second conference this summer of the american and British War leaders what phase of the War Effort the president and the prime minister went to Canada to discuss has re yet been made Public and is nor Likely to be announced in the near future except a very general terms. All the Roosevelt Churchill meetings have been called to discuss the broadest questions of Allied strategy. For the Canadian conference or. Churchill was accompanied by his Chei. Of staff for the army the Navy and the air Force. With the president was adm. W d. Leahy who Beers the title of chief of staff to the commander in chief of the urn Ted states Churchill conference overseas total 2 000.000 american soldiers Are now overseas Sam Rayburn speaker of the House announced in a recent speech at Commerce Texas. Without Dis closing the number of sailors now abroad. Or. Rayburn said their total at the end of 1943 would double that of 1942. Russian drive threatens nazis at key Points whale German Center weakened by red Pash Nuremberg so do by Allied raiders in widening Warl Nuremberg in Southeast Germany is the latest nazi City to feel the terrific weight of Allied air attacks the big declared yesterday. From the raid an Burem it was reported. In bad bombers failed to return while \ Allied troops Comer bermans in final Sicily onslaught the Bonete Are drawing their ring of steel tight around the trapped germans in Kharkov the bbl reported yesterday. The russians Are now Only eight Miles from the City itself and have Cut All Means of escape for the neats except the Road to the South. Down this Road the Nasa yesterday were said to be fleeing. The red army is Saki to be nearing the fortress of poltava to Miles to the Southwest of Kharkov. And is attacking the town of sum. 80 Miles to the Northwest. The Railroad from Kharkov to poltava has been Cut. The big City of Kharkov has been virtually encircled by the advancing red army. Further to the North the alans advancing from Orel it Quot captured the German stronghold of three enemy he then wore Der Toneu. Kor Tonj pc w mites from Bryansk the smashing attack Oil Burem a Eft Bye Black Airt the italian Navy has been Busy lately not fighting Batties but chilling the names at its ships. According to the big. The destroyer lit tort Quot Audo liquor to was the italian Symbol for fascism has been renamed the itally Atule tile destroyer Camicia Nora Blackshire is now the Aru Guere artillery. The business of giving near names to old ship is part of the Sadoglio government s plan to do away with fascist slog Aik and Organ in Auono. 7 the army coastal posh sets Pace Fer drive a gives Naples to fam diam Al it Ivory Dow lord Louis mount Batten chief of Britain s combined operations was revealed yesterday As among the High ranking British officers who made the trip to Canada with prime minister Churchill lord Louis Leader of Britain s fanned commandos is a Cousin of King George Al army and Navy. Two dose Amli an advisers Harry Hopkins the presidents confidant and James f. Brynes Iii charge of the entire u. S. War Economy were also with or. Roosevelt. Canadian newspapers first announced or. Roosevelt s presence in the Dominion with the Bare statement that he was on a abort visit and was not expected to see any of Canadas political leaders. Then came word that or. Churchill was also in Canada and bad seen prime minister Mackenzie King preliminary to conferring with or. Roosevelt. The meeting Between the prime minister of in Tain and the prime minister of the Dominion of Canada was held in Quebec. Or. Roosevelt and or. Churchill have earlier met somewhere in tik Atlantic to draw up the Atlantic charter in Washington twice and in Casablanca. Just where in Canada their latest meeting took place has not yet been disclosed continued on Page 2 Berg followed Allied air raids on Mannheim Ludwigshafen Ana Many Points in the Oft bombed sustained fury of the air War on Germany has already led to the partial evacuation of Berlin. Residents of the capital not required in essential War work were recently told by officials to pack their belongings and leave for month and to a to of a or. The a North sea port of Hamburg which and Are now threatening Karchev the last outpost before Bryansk. In a Surprise attack in the Bryansk sector. Soviet troops captured a German Airfield with planes fuel and equipment intact. The siege of Kharkov brings the astonishing summer offensive of the russians to flood tide. In the previous Summers of War the germans have rolled Forward in the the germans say has ceased to exist brought about tile orders for non essential civilians to vacate Berlin. According to an icon fanned report the germans Are now also undertaking the partial evacuation of Stettin some 75 Miles Northwest of Berlin on the Baltic sea. The nazis Are said to fear that Stettin will follow Berlin on the allies All out list. The fear of the germans that a City As Remote from the British Isles As Stettin can be wiped out is perhaps the greatest tribute that the nazis have recently paid to Allied air forces. The tune has Long since passed when the germans were Able to say that berlin�?600 air Miles from London was Well out of Allied bombing Range. Luftwaffe retaliation against Britain continues to be notably feeble. East Anglia has been the main target for German attacks this week but neither properly damage nor toil of life is believed to have been heavy. Units of Britain a Royal Navy have entered the Bay of Naples to Shell shipyards and railways at Castell Annare Cli stadia Only 20 Miles from Naples proper the Abby said Quot yesterday. Destroyers and cruisers carried out the daring raid. Naples and Vicinity have been a frequent target for Allied planes recent weeks but the j Tjun town is ult a saw of tsp Winter the russians Litan a if it Al a Lka we to be the advanced 250 Miles of the wreck vast tone the Are a been at tacked from the sea. Observers took the shelling As evidence that the a Hies plan Ever bolder Ansi a ugh against the italian Mainland. Apparently toot the allies Are convinced that they have Little if anything to Lea stars and stripes begins publishing paper in Sicily the stars and stripes begins Lossy the publication of a paper for american armed forces in Sicily because of the Scarcity of such printing necessities As paper Anc Ink. Not to mention damaged equipment the first few issues of the stars and stripes in Sicily will be Only a one Sheet two Page affair and Wall be published twice weekly. # a besides publishing two editions a week at Palermo the North eight Page weekly of the paper will also be sprinted Bere the s week. It is should Niesma if and. Goes the this paper can tie distributed o die troops in Sicily Vir. To july simultaneously with its Pute cation in Algiers tile s c age of the German armies that failed to Uke Stalingrad and took Kharkov mad kursk before the agrarian armies were reorganised in the Spring. The germans counter attacking recaptured Kharkov and from Orel Auh Belgorod two deep thorns were driven into the russian front. Then the nazi began to prepare their usual summer Campaign. The expected German offensive which was expected to be the germans greatest Effort to conquer the soviets was delayed for a full month later than previous years until after the debacle of Tunis. Early in july the heaviest German armoured Force yet reported in this War moved Forward from Orel and Belgorod. The red armies met them halted them and then began their own offensive. After severe fighting Orel was taken and on the evening of the same Day Belgorod fell almost overnight the German offensive had turned into a russian offensive the most startling end promising event on the Wafa most critical front. Tile extent of the damage to the German Center is not yet Clear Orel was the key to Bryansk which is in turn. The door to Smolensk the fall of Belgorod trapped the German in Kharkov upon which the whole nazi Southern front depends. Fished stars and stripes unite at aiders Oran and Casablanca. In establish be the paper Hen if c i. Output the staff a into Many of own it a Lane us Pill same difficulties encountered eau sets new record Xuy in North air. Ca. Newsprint found Here is not up to american standards. Wed like to give Yon pictures but pictures require my and Zinc is practically non exist eff on the Island wed also like to give you the very latest news. Bul regular news channels from Telly a Gam of four percent to the s news centers q plane production. He added yet established and we have hot a. I though that it had been hoped to to depend Largety on the for even More planes Lait month. Keeping up to Date on outside Nap-1 pc in a. As is the policy in a combat zone there will be no charge for us paper in Sicily. Special service of directors u. S. Factories in july turned out 7,373 military planes a a grew record. The figure was released in a us Hington by Donald Nelson chairman of the War production Board who said that the. Injure flyers Keld Cross tie id n edition of the stars l and others interested in Hii Tribu bigger than Ever from Italy s Seldom seen Navy. The naval bombardment of Naples followed heavy Allied air attacks Over the past week end on the Northern italian cities of Milan Turin and Genoa. These key cities frequent targets at Hie Allied air forces have a Loo been centers of unrest since toe downfall of Benito Mussolini nearly three weeks Aga according to reports heard Here the latest Allied bombings brought new Waves of strikes and demonstrations in each of the big manufacturing towns. Rumor has it that in response to Allied warnings Many workers have fled Milan Genoa and Turin for Che comparative safety of Hie Countryside. As yet the appeals of Italy s mashes Lur a speedy peace have aided troops paced by 7th army mute pounding up Sicily s Northern Toast yesterday wore driving the Iii brately battling germans oat of their last stronghold in the my neck of land that ends at Messina. The terrain Steep and Rocky made the Allied going Tough and slow but the advantage Given the germans by the tremendously Doh culy terrain was being overcome by Allied tenacity and daring. Even in the Center of the allies three pronged drive in the Rand Asao sector where the fighting has been fiercest our troops were hardly More than 35 aulos from unaging.4 a spectacular amphibious. Opera Hon. Which isolated German unite holding up the american push along the North sicilian Cost featured recent 7th army tee Uco. Under cover of darkness americana tended behind the German Finch cutting the coastal Highway Lead my to Santa Agata and holding up the bulk of the Axis forces to the a amp to until the main i. Amp Force arrive. A stars cd stripes correspondent sgt Jack Potsie we with the americans who Mads the Brilliant Ken Ferike thrust at Tho enemy rear. He reports Quot it was a grimly silent band of raiders who assembled in their invasion Craft off the Beach where Ween in us no Frew minutes a Landing were anxious ones for us who were to follow in the second wave. When there cams no sound from the a Fere we grew apprehensive not even the hash of tracer fire duly an occasional falling Star to mock it but finally Cher came the Blinker Light to Flash to us the Story of Success Landing unopposed come on in. With the Campaign going Well far the americans on the North coast the British made steady Progress up the East coast beyond fallen Ca tarns. Yesterday the Abo said the British were Well beyond aureate. Americans and British were both mashing hard against Rand Asao brought no response from the government of marshal Pietro a Doglio. successor As Premier. Bado Giros official attitude continues to be that Italy must slay in the War on Germany s Side. Fear of German troops stationed in Italy in the opinion of some observers explains the marshal s stand. Of wave Thor attack by sea and air will move the italian people to open revolt against the Bado Glic government is a question that Only the future can determine but la seems Clear at any rate that Allied pleasure on Seething Italy is steadily mounting. Marauders toll Knell in clock round bombing the marauder More prosaic ally known a the b-29, is now taking part in the round the cd it cd a Allied bombing of Germany a bbl report Laid yesterday. The marauder despite the Large number of Crumps at 330 Miles per no it has troops sent abroad there were 300.-Fa Range of 2,490 Miles Oral carries key Point of German defense to the front s Center. Here at the Northwestern limits of Etna the terrain is especially Nigger and German opposition immensely bite ter. But it is Clear that an All sectors the germans Are fighting a rear guard action without hop of doing More than to delay the relentless Allied push a Long a possible. Too More people living in the United states this year than last the Cen a Quot a a a v j fess Ofsa s was a j vsa3t v. A amp a a i i we sir i rid stripes is an Oil shoo of the i dig the paper throughout the is jobs Bureau in washing Roo report. It Aper published in North a Africa. I land a a urged to cd at the Star Jyh estimated popu Latish of the its mechanical and editorial per arid Stripe offices when country in december was 133.949. Jodiiel1 comes from already estate j to Ai id p Ace their orders., a a a o29. A a a a heavy bomb fond. According to he big the appearance of marauders Over Germany along with flying fortresses Mitchell b-23 and other Allied Teo Berx has Nob previously been disclosed on Solomons Isle its almost Over for the japs on new Georgia Island. American forces pressing re lentils amply ahead through the Quot Green Heil of the Island s Jungles have captured the big Jap Bene St Mlinda and according to the big were yesterday within two mile of Bai Roko Harbor the last Jap stronghold on new Georgia. As some amen can units closed in on Bai Roko others were Ford at work readying the Munda Airfield for Allied use. It is known Between 30 and 40 japanese planes Wen captured when the japs were driven from munds Field by the americans. Because new Georgia a Tor ram is in Mariie part swampland the list two Miles to Barosko Blay take it. S troops some tune to conquer but Finis for the japs on the. Land fortress dearly Lea ahead. The imminent fait of new Geov Gia brought the allies to a Fig apparent go Iai of their in at drive in the Solomons the St Rte a t eve i til
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