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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Nov 6 1942, Page 1

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - November 06, 1942, Sheppard Field, TexasSheppard Field a private publication in the interest of military personnel at Sheppard Field vol. I. No. 48�?Sheppard Field Texas Friday nov. 6, 1942�?civilians ii a in i mikes surprised techs know about chemical warfare by pfc. Mike Mechanic tev acts staff writer a i have been Felling my Buddles Back Home there i More i Fly in air planes than Ilyin them. This i enlarge on As follows everybody knows very Well. Indeed that before there is a air plane there is mechanics which put that air plane together. And As far As Fly it a army air planes in combat is concerned i myself Personalty knows the fact that these techs which put the air planes together has to know More than just putting air planes together. In fact they must know More than somewhat about fighting a War mud i am very much surprised indeed when i see these techs the other Day learning More than somewhat As far As Gas is concerned. This other Day to which i Ani ref Erin for instance i am out Iii the Gas chamber where i sees id. M. F. Allen who is a chemical warfare officer and who certainly knows his onions indeed. She lieutenant and his non com officers is putting the boys through the paces or to be exact through the gases As the above picture shows very clearly no doubt. Well these Basic training Center rookies who must go through the chamber before they graduates knows their onions or gases too As far As that goes. That is because Long before they gets into the chamber they Are learning the nomenclature of the Gas masks in their Squadron areas Aud drilling with these Gas masks on which makes them look very much like men from Mars and which scares some of the pm girls More than somewhat. In fact Down at the fighting 402nd where the boys really learn How to take care of themselves one of the lieutenants gives me a sort of mimeographed Booklet which is prepared for the men. Ibis Booklet tells a great Deal about gases indeed and also brings Iii a great Deal about incendiary bombs incendiary bombs Bela those bombs which causes fires no doubt. Looking through the Booklet for instance i note that there is other things besides women which can give a Guy a headache and a upset stomach one of these tilings Ada site i learns and it is a Gas smelling like Coal smoke it makes a Joe sneeze gives him a headache and a depressed feeling. A Gas mask will protect a Joe from this Gas which is More than a mask will do against women some women not caring what kind of a mask a Guy got and first Aid can be applied on the spot. A Strong hot solution of sodium Carbonate should do the trick. Coming to incendiaries i learns that water is the Best thing with which to put it out. The magnesium bomb usually May he put out Best by a water Spray and this surprises me More than somewhat indeed As i now learn it is better than Sand. A of which shows that there is a great Deal indeed for a Hep Joe to learn about such things but the techs in the air forces it seems is the Joes which knows everything indeed. By Cpl. Larry Book. And they re free Sheppard Field personnel who would like to obtain extra copies of the anniversary edition of Tex acts can have them for the asking by coming to room 12, bldg. 844. Public relations office. As the Supply is limited it is suggested that you make your wants known at an Early Date. The mailing charge for this 24-Page souvenir edition is three 3 cents. Top am grads can obtain bars with the announcement by third District Headquarters of the a a fat c that aviation Mechanic graduates can obtain specialized training in engineering and a commission in the army of the United states Sheppard Field air plane mechanics had a new incentive and goal to shoot at according to it. Col. Bruce von g. Scott director of training for the school. The plan Calls for the selection of a number of men out of each graduating class men of average education intelligence and Good character who will receive this specialized training at Chanute Field 111. Enlisted instructors Are also eligible for the training and will be chosen or a basis of quota i for the Field. Commissioned at Chanute i the training at Chanute Field is designed to prepaid these men for the responsibilities of technical officers. Arriving at Chanute this group will he appointed aviation cadets and will remain in that Grade until their technical training has been completed. Then they will be commissioned second lieutenants and sent to an officers training school to Complete their military training. The first group to leave Here to attend the oct. 28 class were m. Sgt. Jack Cobleigh instructor and pets. James a. Gardner and continued on Page 21 a a we la Fly Mem a say the two Brothers Lux the cockpits to their two Brothers on the Wing a and you confusing no not a bit. The four Fellows above Are the Stieber Brothers of the 312th ass. Brothers Daniel 25, and Harold. 21, in the cockpits soon Are to leave for flying training As aviation cadets. Brothers roman 27, and Gilbert 23, Are aviation Mechanic instructors. All the boys started in tile service the same Day All were corporals Blick sergeants and staff sergeants at the same time. Roman Here a the latest a tech huh sergeant. Some family Yule furloughs of Sheppard Field permanent party men who Are worrying about a furlough or pass for the coming holidays can Stop worrying As Long As they can get their bid in for a furlough or pass which conforms with travel regulations for permanent party enlisted men from nov. 26 to Jan. 12, 1943. The regulations As covered by a Mem trandum from Post Headquarters d j pay reservations total in to during october states that from nov. 26 to dec la inclusive furloughs May be authorized according to existing has eclipsed his Brothers now is regulations. From dec 12 to Jan. No club seeks american legion sponsors reception new members in House at Sheppard Field main Gate special drive the Sheppard Field acc club this w Eek inaugurated a Field wide drive for new members a drive which will end nov. 15 and project for Sheppard Field which with the opening of the next american legion reception House at the main Gate maj. Tony l. Carter jr., special service officer instituted another morale planned to obtain a minimum 2b new members from each Squadron. The no club considered one of the finest in the nation was started in order to give the non commissioned officers of Sheppard Field the utmost in entertainment and social activities for this group of men. Two of the highlight features is sure to win an immediate reaction from the entire Post personnel. Until this time there has been no reception building for friends wives and sweethearts of the officers and enlisted men stationed Here. The problem of Vait ing in Comfort while men Are contacted has now been solved thanks to the Wichita Falls american Leaf the club is the saturday night so 1 the legions House directly to dance and its modern cafe where Only the Best of food is sex of. As in added incentive for first sergeants to obtain More members president Eugene Henson announced that the Squadron receiving the highest number of new members Over 40 will be entitled to use the no club for a Squadron party at Winch time the orchestra will be furnished without charge. The left of the main Gate has been especially designed by Merle Blair chairman of the defense committee in the City so that All civilians coming out to Sheppard Field can he afforded the quickest and most courteous service by the special service office. A Cool porch will prove a Boon in warm weather. Meantime the beautifully Wood panelled reception Hall with its harmonizing Green color and venetian blinds is lit by the latest fluorescent lighting fixtures. Furnishings unique five Hundred dollars Worth of comfortable Bamboo and leather Ette upholstered furnishings will be installed within the next ten Days and All the latest popular magazines Are already at hand for visitors. Excellent rest rooms adjoin the Large Hall. According to sgt. Thomas Acosta and Cpl. Virgie Smith special sen ice men assigned to take All inquiries and Contact personnel visitors can be met. At the legions reception House and civilians entering the Post will then proceed directly to bldg. Us for their proper Field passes. The legion House will be open from 8 a. In. Until 5 30 p. In. Monday through Friday and until 7 p. In. On saturdays and sundays. Henceforth visitors will get a comfortable Welcome of which both officers and enlisted men can be proud. 12, furloughs up to 14 Days May be authorized provided not More than to per cent of permanent party men of each Squadron on the Field Are on furlough at one time. Travel however from either their Post or Home during the period dec. 24 to dec. 25 xviii not he made during this period. One Day passes for thanksgiving Day xviii be granted to permanent party men not to exceed to per cent of each organization. Three Day passes two or three Day passes will be granted for Christmas and new years to to per cent of Tho permanent personnel which requires that the men will commence travel not later than dec. 24 and return not earlier than dec. 25, nor later than dec. 26. A Civ years travel Xxiii Start not later than dec. 31, with return not earlier than Jan. I nor later than Jan. 2. Week end passes xxx ill not he consolidated Xvi the passes authorized for thanksgiving Christmas or new years Day. As the deadline for these pass furlough requests has been set for nov. 12, eligible permanent party men Are urged to Contact their squadrons immediately no Pas it or furloughs under the above plan will be granted to Basil training casuals or students of the technical school. Although no official quota a set for the amount of monthly pay reservations for United states War Bonds at this Field the october report submitted by it. Col. James f. Walsh Post Ivar Bond officer indicates that More than $100,000 a month is being Given by the enlisted men to Uncle same Over 81.200,000 annually. The maturity value of these Bonds will be More than a million and a half dollars which officials state will probably top any record made so far by any Field or Camp in the entire eighth sex ice command regardless of size. Of the amount reserved each month about $25,000 is being contributed by the men of the Basic training Center who have done much in the past month to increase Bond sales through till medium of a number of special events. About 70 per cent of the Field is now buying War Bonds on the army a pay reserve1,Ion plan an amount which the xxx Ai Bond office Hopes to increase in succeeding months

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