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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1942, Page 1

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - December 18, 1942, Sheppard Field, TexasSheppard Reid a private publication in Tho interest of military personnel at Sheppard i in \ vol. 2, no. 2�?Sheppard Field Texas Friday dec. 18, 1942 civilians five c in 13 discharge requirements for 38 year Olds listed Sheppard Field soldiers 38 years of age or Over can be honorable discharged from the army provided they can meet certain requirements and Are unable to pet t pm military a service satisfactorily and if they Are qualified otherwise to assist in the National War c. O. Done to allow no Effort by showing evidence that they will be employed in an essential Industry including Mike a ays agriculture. Gold bricking Here holidays for Luten Guys i Fotja like to grab one More hour of sleep nights Hove a like to Drill Only on Good weather Days Hove a like to Stop Getling Tough sure Mike ainu to just mowing his top he a serious. And to sum ii All up the Champ Gold Brick on the Campus will be awarded a ode Yoyo and a Chance on a Shirley Temple doll. No Jokin a a Guy really dropped cloned Clagett a typed letter Uso stationery the other Day and said As follows a that juror morale is prevalent in Sheppard Field is no secret. A it is common knowledge that you require the men limit r your command to be awakened 45 to to minutes earlier than nearly every a tiler Field in the country and work one hour later in adult turn. A also it has Ben brought to my attention that men Are forced to do exercises in temperatures of 80 degrees above Zero with hats off. And also their Coats off. And the older men Are required to Over a strenuous obstacle course with the same agility As younger men which i am sure is not the intention of the Heads of this War who wrote this Little Arite to colonel Clagett i dont know. It Wos signed a a patriotic it Titre patriotic huh poor morale Here pvt. Patriotic c citizen says. Well May get Marai a Here is different from morale Hack in those Lush civilian Days. Supposed to be different. In a Tough fighting War morale in t get. Ting eight hours sleep. To hours a week delightful Little lucrative Ion in do and shelter from both had weather and physical Strain War morale is mostly the eagerness to get a killing smash at the enemy and win Battles and the War. War morale int laughs big salaries ease safety Comfort and luxury. War is still hell. Am the better our War morale is the More hell Well dish out to Many Japan and Italy. There a a big difference Between peace time civilian Amra e am wartime army morale. The Tough Guys at Bataan did t get one hour More sleep and a Light work Day. They Only got 21 a month in those Days. An hundreds of them gave their lives. Hundreds of pm never got Hack to their tents from their Foxholes. And a Spose our buddies u. North Africa now charging at the germans around Tunis and Bizerte Are getting regular rest pretty weather a Bunch of laughs Ami easy Golno. Not on yet life. A the Fri asking is for the shape of a nazi or. His tank or plane in their gun sights. And they ainu to doing had. An Why ainu to they doing had. They ainu to got no comforts but their morale is aces a cause they re winning the hard Way. A know Why they re on the Bali ifs mostly cause some Wise command drilled and marched and trained and exercised the boys til they could t see straight. But it s paying off in live blood now. A read Milt the solid sheets of rain they be been fighting in i Spose. But Tough going is right up their Alley now and its Gonna he a �?�500�?� Bowling game for us in Africa right Quick like. And yet up comes this Here Guy calling himself a patriotic it . I done to know whether he a a Soldier or a civilian. \ it i be trim in s a Gold Brick with pleated edges. This mysterious Guy does no to like to get up and hit the Ball in the dark he writes colonel it Lagett. A Spose this citizen is afraid of the dark great sect bin Halls o fire i done Tuke work Rte in the dark either. And neither do the Guys and gals on the graveyard and a a swing shifts at Lockheed. Hie Kaiser shipyards and Willow run. Maybe he did no to even know we run swing and graveyard shifts right Here on Sheppard Field. This letter colonel Lagett got said the obstacle course was Tough for older men. That ainu to no joke. And it s just As Tough tor most o6-tj<o Young Guys. But limited services men and those who have a Rig lit til claim to imperfect physical conditions Are not pressed to run the barriers. The obstacle courses Are not meant to he the local counterparts of Coney Island. Some of us Guys will tie running thru Germany someday Ami Well thank the Heck out of our Lucky stars some sergeant screamed his lungs out at us getting us to Hustle Over the obstacles. Basic training Center has a full Day officially scheduled tor Nim hours and 15 minutes daily with most of sundays off. The aircraft Mechanic students put in a tougher Day of an average of eight hours of academic work in addition to two hours a Day of military Drill or calisthenic. I knew a hanker who put those schedules to shame. Old Michael Mechanic read the Book a fall this and six months too a not Long ago. It says a recruit will always Gritie about obvious tilings and so will a civilian. But the a Veteran Quot i soldiers of six months or so Point their gripes at something Complex and Worth continued on Page 4 am students announced extend curfew hours on National holidays in keeping with a previous announcement which gave holidays to aviation Mechanic students on dec. 24, 25 and Jan. I 1943, it. Col. Bruce von g. Scott director of training issued a memorandum this week setting Forth class schedules for these holidays. At the same time the eighth service command announced that iwo and one half extra hours of leave would be granted soldiers j each night on National holidays. This Means that soldiers will be j permitted to answer curfew at 2 j a. In. Instead of 11 30 p. In. On Christmas eve and new years eve. Decoration Day and the fourth of july Are other official i designated holidays. Under the Post order the enter Jing class regularly scheduled tor Doc. 21 will be entered in the i t Hird Day s instruction on dec. 26. Entering class scheduled for Dee. 25 will be entered in second Days instruction on dec. 26. Faltering classes scheduled for dec. 26 will be entered in Hie first Day s instruction on dec. 26. Classes scheduled to enter Jan. Continued on Page join addition to having the above stated qualifications men desiring discharges will have to meet other requirements As set Forth in War department circular no. 395. Dated dec. 5, 194 j. Which stipulates the following a no enlisted Man will be discharged unless a suitable trained replacement is present and available. While undergoing sentence of a court martial 01 if he is to be retained in a Hospital for further treatment who has become limited service by reason of a disability occurring in service. A commanders having discharge authority in the Case of Sheppard Field men i heir applications would have to be approved by the third District. Aft to Tulsa will effect discharge of men under this circular in such a manner As to cause the minimum interference with administration training and transportation Etc. A fall men to be discharged under 1 this circular will be reported to the nearest representative of the United states employment serv i ice and each Man so discharged will report immediately to his local selective Board the fact and Type of i applications must be of a voluntary nature and made in Virit i ing to the soldiers immediate commanding officer who in turn will submit application through channels for final disposition. A Tats mow pain a Post quartermaster receives eagles Sheppard Field s quartermaster la. Col. E. Ii. Barr received notification of his promotion from lieutenant colonel to colonel last saturday becoming the sixth officer at the Field to Wear the Silver eagles. Colonel Barr. 46. Was transferred Here from Chanute Field 111., in june. 1941. He served with the medical corps unit in France during the first world War and was originally commissioned in the Field artillery in 1921. He was commissioned a Captain in the quartermaster corps in 1939 and was promoted to lieutenant colonel last june. Complete plans for Christmas eve solemn High mass in hangar fro. I thousands of Catholic and non Catholic soldiers of Sheppard Field will attend the Celebration of the solemn High mass in hangar no. I Christmas evening. The solemn High mass. Offered at the silent hour of Midnight has for centuries been the chief Means of commemorating the Groat feast of the nativity of Jesus Christ chaplain James h. Milf Oil celebrant chaplain b. P. Karpov vice Deacon father Peter Molloy sub Deacon of Hospital bet Bania Wichita Falls will be assisted by two servers maj. Paul j. Alder and s. Sgt. Loran c. Courtney. 417th ass. Communion will be distributed at Tho mass and catholics have been recommended to fast for at least one hour before Midnight. Sgt. Charles Orth 62nd ail base will Lead a mixed choir of 40 voices Twenty enlisted men and 20 nurses will form the choir. A string ensemble will also furnish music. The program begins continued on Page to reduce deduction of pay to soldiers Home effective Jan. I. 1943. Monthly deductions from the pay of warrant officers and enlisted men for the support of the soldiers Home Washington d. A. W ill be reduced from 25 to to cents. Deductions Are made from the pay of members of the United states army. Warrant officer and enlisted men Are eligible for admission to Hie Home a Jim completion of 20 years serv ice. Milk Supply reduced soldiers to receive daily stipulated rations soon Sheppard Field soldiers Willo Christmas edition the Christmas edition of exacts will go to press on wednesday dec. 23. And will be delivered to the personnel of the Field Early thursday dec. 24. Squadron reporters and contributors Are asked to cooperate and have All copy in earlier than usual in order that this Issue May be distributed on time. Shortly have to be satisfied with one half pint of milk per Man per Day the amount of army milk component of the daily ration instead of the pint or More that has been served in the past according to an announcement made by it. Col. Roscoe r. Gravit. Genera mess officer. In explaining the change. Colonel Gravit pointed out that since i the inception of Sheppard f Reid he has been Able to give every Man More than one pint each Day which was made possible through the cooperation of the quartermasters department. During this period the War department has established a great Many posts in tile Southwest to draw a Large Supply of milk from a country that has featured beef cattle and has never been known to be a Large Dairy producing ter-1 Mitory. I this together with the fact that milk has been diverted to other channels As Vel a to Ove seas units brought a shortage of milk to Many Camps in the Southwest to a Point where eighth service command headquarter ordered Post it having More than their allotted ration of milk to share surpluses with command having less than one half pint per Day for each Man. A it has been my desire said colonel Gnu it. A it give shopper Field soldiers one quart of milk a Day for each Man. Had this shortage been avoided Vve could have accomplished this within a Short period of time. However under present circumstances men stationed Here will still be receiving their regulation army allotment and at the same time will know that their buddies in other Camps Are getting their that

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