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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1942, Page 1

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - December 04, 1942, Sheppard Field, TexasSheppard Mhd by pfc. Mike Mechanic exacts staff writer i Ain standing in the Multi engines hangar next to a bomber which is being worked on by eve a private publication in the interest of military personnel at Sheppard in pm vol. I no. 52 Sheppard Field Texas Friday dec. 4, 1912 civilians five cents a Raj Joes which is students and i says casually a has you gents some across any Mechlin Quot out of the techs who i learns to pvt. Theron Yardley of thrill the ass looks me Over like i am a Simpleton of some sort and a a says a Are you kidding Quot this puzzles me More than somewhat indeed since i am not in the habit of joking about such things As Mechlin a or strut fluffs prop Lins or Femme chs for that matter. A private a says i pulling a rank on him a a Mechlin is not to i l about Especial when they is polling stunts like tearing struts apart loosening Holts Anil nuts and shoot Iii Pistonit powder in Peoples exclaims private Yardley who done to seemed very much impressed by my Stripe a this Mechlin giving us trouble this morning is in the Hydraulic lines somewhere taking an air Bath. The brakes on this ship Are acting up and we suspect that when they Are trying to bleed tile brakes this Mechlin is sticking his Long nose into the a that is very serious indeed say i to him a and what Are you doing about it a Only one thing to do a says a to me a and that is to Cut off his nose or feed him some Oklahoma dust. I have found out that Mechlin Are crazy about Oklahoma oust after talking to Yardley i ambles Over to the operations hangar where i sees sol Fred to Liney and sgt. W. M. Bashaw both of the 62nd . says Sarge be toil we the Mechlin seem to be attacking the brakes on air planes Mound Here. Just the other Day Twidle working on a at-6 i found plenty of those a a a a Mechlin and their whole family. Yes i wiped them out to the last met Blin. I yelled into them that had some Oklahoma mud pie on tile wings. As they l ame running out of every different Section i conked them Over the head with a now. Of course you gents knows thai Mechlin and their gang has no scruples whatsoever indeed. Thes Stop at nothing which is a shooting Pistonit powder into the eyes of students which makes them Day dream or sleep while they should he learn ii things in class they also raises hell with time papers of file clerks and different swivel chair pilots in the offices. The other Day for instance i in talking to s. Sgt. M. Tisdale 4st ass who works in hangar no. S. And the Sarge says lie ainu to about to let any Mechlin or St rut fluff or poplin or i pm Mech get into his drawers to ids desk that is. A while i have not been bothered Fly the Mechlin a yet. The Sarge tells me a a in a not fooling myself about what they can do when a fellow Isnit always on guard against them. Whenever i leave the office for the Day i see to it that they can to get to my papers. I look the drawers to my ask. That As you gents knows these Mechlin also attacks first sergeants Hick they thinks is a general of some sort. First Sarge Charlie Ward of the 417th ass. Which takes rare of All the glider boys says there is Only one thing for 1st sergeants to do. That is namely to keep plenty of Oklahoma mud pies on hand especially when these Mechlin Start All the boys in the Squadron to t Linkin they All should have Christmas furlough. By Cpl. Larry Breek sweetheart of402nd wins in Etc War Bond contest miss Dorothy Stuteville pm office employee was named a sweetheart of the Basic training Center last night and became $25 Richer because the 402nd iss came through the Etc War Bond rally with too per cent of its personnel signed to buy Bonds. The presentation of the $25 War Bond to miss Stuteville was made during the Sheppard Field hour radio show last night by Apt. Carl d. Sutherland commanding officer of the 402nd a a a a ass. Ile was assisted by sgt. I / la. Col. John w. Nessler pictured above supervisor of provisional group no. 2, and a member of the officer candidate examining Board was named president of the Board succeeding it. Col. James f. Walsh. Other members of the Board Are maj. Tony l. Carter jr., maj. Walter h. Minor jr., medical member. Maj. Beman it it. Dawes jr., and it. Delbert a. Til Desly recorder. Officers returned from Miami Beach Are easy to spot with a coat of Tan and a snap of movement and Eye that distinguished them from those who have not been away the first group of officers to have been a retreaded a the Miami Beach oct reported Back to Sheppard Field yesterday. Grinning at the pleasure of returning to Sheppard and at meeting old friends in the officers mess at noontime the Miami graduates were unanimous in expressions of approval of the Rig ors of the course just completed and just As unanimous in explaining they were a damned glad it s a Quick appraisal of the returning men indicated that the school resulted in an a averaging process in regard to weight. Those officers who left Sheppard carrying a slight Surplusage have definitely sealed Down. Others whose build was on the a Gan to Side put some meat on their ribs. But the easy method to spot the a a retread was by complexion. I still in doubt a noticeably a a tight haircut cinched the Brand of Miami Beach. By a #0 3 pm i t c sgt. Edgar Craig. Miss Dorothy Stuteville capt. Carl d. Sutherland privates of the revolutionary army would have been glad to buy Bonds when a Soldier kicks about having to put some of his Money in War Bonds and Stamps he ought to remember that Back in the revolutionary Days our grand grandpa pies would have been glad to buy Bonds and Stamps even with the meager sum that was paid privates four dollars a month. The pay of a Buck private today. $50�?that�?Ts what a lieutenant colonel Drew Back in 1789. Other salaries of the revolutionary army were majors $45 a month captains $35 lieutenants $26 ensigns $20 surgeon. $45 surgeon s mate $30 sergeants $6 corporals $5 musicians. $5 privates. $4. Adjutant quartermasters and paymasters each received an additional $10 a month. These Are different times you say. Sure the year is different there Are More things to buy in 1942, but the Fate of an America is again at stake. In other parts of the world soldiers Are suffering As bitterly from cold As did the soldiers at Valley forge. Tops at pay Call and the american Soldier remains the Best paid by far. Of any Soldier in the world. Out of that surplus Over sustenance could come a percentage of saving an investment for the future. And the Best investment for the future a i savings Bonds bought the army Way through the pay reservation plan. This is a feeling that inspires Sheppard Field and eighth service command soldiers. This is the reason Why the eighth service command leads others in War Bond buying. Edgar Craig. War Bond no of the Squadron. The War Bond rally which started last october at a time when percentages in the Etc were Low gained a great Deal of momentum As maj. Morton Hack originator of the Squadron sweetheart idea saw squadrons go All out to reach the top on dec. I. Each Squadron sweetheart acted As a a silent Salesman urging every Soldier to buy As Man Bonds As he could afford on the army a pay reservation plan. A number of Variet y shows also we leg presented Ai the service he which were appropriately termed a sweethearts on the shows were arranged by pfc. Dick Clark of the special services Branch and featured pvt. Al Sears popular pianist As master of ceremonies the Bic dance band and a number of other outstanding performers. The final report of the contest As of dec. I. Is As follows 402nd ass. Too per cent he. And he. 97.6 per cent 403rd ass 96 per cent 404th ass. 95.5 per cent 401st ass. 94 6 per cent 405th ass. 89.7 per cent 407th ass 87.7 per cent 406th ass continued on Page ii the baby Monarch exacts has first anniversary exacts is one year old this Ltd week and with this Issue completes 52 weeks of publishing to earn the distinction of being termed the a Monarch of Camp inaugurated on dec. 5. 1941, As a private publication. Exacts was at that time prepared and edited by a Large staff of experienced writers artists and photographers of the Public relation office and published by the wings publishing company. Its first editor was sgt Walt Bradbury now a lieutenant in the army air forces. Many of its original staff have completed of Fleer candidate school courses and since then have become of i i Ceil a in various branches of the service. The name a it exacts is derived from the contraction of the phrase. A Texas air corps technical school a and was selected because it has an inclusive and distinctive application to i his Post Only. In March of this year exacts changed publishers when Story and company of Wichita Falls assumed the responsibility o f being publishers and advertising repress Enta Tives. Since that time. Exacts has grown in size because of the increasing activities of Story and company making it possible to print larger editions than in the past. In the past few months exacts has received Many compliments to include one from John Cornell editor of Southland sol Diers a los Angeles times feature in which he wrote Quot the Sheppard Field exacts is one of the neatest most news crammed Camp papers yet to reach our desk or in this Case to follow us to the the Miami Beach aft to paper. A keep Mem flying a in a recent comment said that a a exacts was professional in its makeup and had a reputation of always having Fine news Leatut although the exacts staff was reduced to three men in september the Small staff has made every Effort to continue to uphold the Standard of the publications to give the military personnel of Sheppard Field the finest publication of its kind. At that time exacts became a division of continued on. Page to 402nd gets Turkey wins no Retreat three times in 4s Many weeks the 402nd technical school Squadron in the Basic training Center under the command of capt. Carl d. Sutherland seem to be one of the squadrons that demonstrate the spirit of the aft to. For the third consecutive week this Squadron has won the non commissioned officers Retreat Parade a test in which All the enlisted men have an Opportunity to display the training which they have received during their training period. The 402nd won Thi review for the third consecutive time with a tot a of 938 out of Hoo possible Points. This review is the deciding Factor in determining whether the non commissioned officers a e been Able to put Over to the men in their squadrons the training required of the american Soldier. Neatness of uniform precision and the skill with which each Man in review does his part Are some of the outstanding factors in determining the winning Squadron. A sino mow a i Quot a a Dav officer Speaks at service club tonight Dewitt t. Kirby National service officer of the disabled american veterans Vav ill Mke a talk Friday night at 8 of clock at the service club. He will speak on the phases of All benefits pertaining to the Soldier such As allotment pensions Etc

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