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Sheppard Field Senator Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1961, Page 2

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Sheppard Field Senator (Newspaper) - August 18, 1961, Sheppard Field, Texas Commander observations Thomas e. Moore major general nothing of material importance can take place without involving some form of communication. Whether the medium of transmission is spoken written or pictorially presented mass communications has become the Basic foundation for our social Progress. I have always advocated a getting the word out As essential to the Success of a new program the Exchange of ideas or the objective directing of attitudes and opinions. It is not a new thought to say a people properly informed can go about their work with Confidence and appreciation for the Job that must be your base newspaper the Sheppard senator has constructively contributed to fulfilling this objective. As a a House Organ instrument of management this weekly tabloid has had the capacity to provide us with current news about base activities and programs recognition of awards and achievements and the promotion of information or education about developments of air Force wide interest. Testament of this accomplishment was recently cited to Sheppard fab and the senator from the department of defense armed forces information and education office in a certificate of Merit. Whereas another Story in this Issue reveals the High Honor this achievement signifies i wish to take this Opportunity to congratulate the information officer his editor and staff of the senator for a Job Well done. However this is not without acknowledgement of the Many individual contributions the personnel of Sheppard have made by promoting the interesting and worthwhile events to write about. His example offers a a a a lesson to All tomorrow morning at the tech school Parade a sgt. Lawrence Wick will be honoured and presented a $1,500 Check for a suggestion which has saved the air Force $11.5 million in one year. It is altogether fitting and proper that he should be thus honoured and rewarded. For aside from the increased capability of the Kc-97 to carry out its inflight refuelling Mission and the huge Dollar savings to the air Force sergeant Wicks achievement represents a Triumph of imagination technical skill and hard work. These Are qualities always deserving of recognition. They Are the very spearheads of Progress and Success in solving our problems. Imagination is the Keystone of the air Force suggestion program. It is the one ingredient without which there would never be a suggestion submitted. A new look a daring look is required to discover a new idea. It takes an unusual degree of imagination to see the unusual in the apparently commonplace. How often do we a put up with an awkward process procedure or equipment failure As a matter of routine there is nothing routine about Success. To achieve it we must constantly seek new and better ways of doing the Job. Imagination applied to the problem can often make the Job easier improve Quality and Quantity of production and bring Cash dividends. We can All take a lesson from sergeant Wicks example. Big Beals folding Bridges members of the French army hold a demonstration of a new collapsible Bridge named the Gil Lois after the technician who created it top photo shows the Span starting to unfold while Ai Bottom another Gil Lois stretches across a Ravine information Down the Slot Tower to horse Rafi proceed at slow Canter since the Wright Brothers made their historic flight in dec. 1903, Many strange requests have been made to control Tower operators. One of the strangest was that received by maj. Charles j. Hendricks base operations officer at Hurlburt Field fla., when a voice beamed from the intercom a sir a horse wants permission to Cross the Active run Way a Yeti a a what a asked the incredulous major Hendricks. A a horse a repeated the dispatcher. A permission granted a replied major Hendicks in a now in be seen everything tone of voice eager to get the four legged a horse crafts out of the Way. Actually the dispatcher explained it was not the horse requesting permission but rather Dave slay a son of it. Col. Alton d. Slay who wanted to Cross the runway to get to a Riding stable some two Miles away thereby saving a nine mile trek Over City roads. An air Force a follow me vehicle tried to Lead the Strawberry Roan to the other Side. Tex the horse had other plans. He spotted a Grassy Field on the other Side of the runway and trotted solved the problem for major Hendricks who observed it All from the control Tower. Alc Melvin l. Songer Driver of the spurned a follow me vehicle drove off mumbling. Joint crusade drive in Washington a Success a new record of achievement in the 1961 Federal services joint crusade in the Washington metropolitan area was reported Here following the closing of the annual Campaign. Air Force contributions by 21,524 individuals reached a total of $21,581.45. In All the 1961 drive netted $261,263.72 in the Washington area. Air Force Secretary Eugene m. Zuckert is the National Federal chairman. The three agencies which Benefit from the Campaign Are the Ameri can korean foundation the radio free Europe fund and care inc. Department of defense strength figures Rise total numerical strength of the armed forces at the end of june reached 2,482,975. This is an increase of 9,625 Over july. The strength of the air Force including full time military personnel comprising both regulars and reservists on continuous Active duty officer candidates and cadets at the Usan Academy was 821,151. This was an increase of 1,741 Over the figure for the end of May. X it s All in a name at the air Force Academy maj. Gen. William s. Stone Usan Academy superintendent and mrs. Stone entertained two Basic cadets of the class of 1965 during a project Dine out at Colorado Springs on july 29. The cadets were Lawrence a. Stone of Benson minn., and Neil h. Stone of University Heights Ohio. Not to be outdone Brig. Gen. Robert f. Mcdermott Dean of the faculty extended a dinner invitation to the one Cadet in the class who bears the same name. He William e. Mcdermott of Birmingham Ala. A project Dine out allowed the 800 cadets of the class to join air Force Academy officers and their families for an evening of dinner and relaxation. By chaplain of. Col. Grover e. St ii i Wagon Lily Sam was one of the smallest men in Jackson county. Perhaps he was Small in More ways than one which might account for the fact that he appeared smaller than he really was. Anyway he went down1 to the general store one Day at two Springs Corners. Wasny to much there you know i just Zeke Smathers general store and a couple of houses where some hired hands of old colonel beavers lived. Now on this particular Day big Jimh Williams happened to be in from his farm to get two Hundred Pound sacks of bran for his milk cows he kept around to give milk for the kids and to share with Widder Thompson who lived alone by the West forty. Jim simply picked up those to Gunny sacks by their ears and toted them out of the store and with hardly any thought at All tossed them up into the bed of his Rattley old �?T31 Ford pickup. Lily Sam watched All this with great interest. Walking up to big Jim he a mired his bulging Arm Muscles tremendously. He said a Jim if i Wiz As big a you is id go out in them thar Woods an Ketch me the biggest bar i cud find. And then id Jess tear thet of bar from limb to limb and head from Tail. Yes sir that Yackly what id do. Big Jim looked Down at Little Sam and said a lil Sam there Are a lot of lil bars out there jes Yoi size. Yep that a what i said at first. I Sam looked smaller than he really a because he was Small in his mind. We never expected Lily Sam to amount to much not because he was a smaller Man but because he was Small. Everything was always too big for him and we got used to his eternal whining about not being Able to do anything. Now Little Sam has always been a lesson to me. There Are always so Many things that every one of us can do. It a pears to me that a Man who does a Litt Job Well and Able to do a Little Good in the world is just As big a hero As the big Man who can do a big Job Well. Yes sir of every Little Man there is a a a Iii bar a jus1 As there is a a big bar for every big Man what you can do. A for Freedom for another year freedoms foundation at Valley forge pa., is conducting its letter writing awards program in which All service people on Active duty Are Ell Gible to submit letters of from too to 50 words that May bring awards ranging a High As $1,000. The subject for the 1961 program which As in the past has a november deadline is a what i can do for Freedom a and the foundation suggests that an Ideal take off Point for a letter on this thex might be president Kennedy a widely quoted exhortation in his inaugural address. A ask not what your country can d for you a said our commander in Chie a ask what you can do for your a letter to freedoms foundation the year then is a Way of asking ourself to what we can do. Apps ithe Sheppard senator the Sheppard senator is an official class 4 Force newspaper published each Friday by and t personnel of Sheppard technical training Center Wichita Falls under the air training command. Opinion the rsretforce8m n0t necessarily represent those commander maj. Gen. Thomas e. Moore. Ncot1?81raymond l. Seidel. A Coico sgt. C. E. Baumgardner. Editor Alc Guy Wimberly. Staff writer�?a2c Barbara j. Lee. Photos sgt. Frank m. Anderson. Address Sheppard senator office of in Nrma 6621ppext 4oft1bldg

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