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Sheboygan Press Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1926, Page 5

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Sheboygan Press, The (Newspaper) - January 25, 1926, Sheboygan, Wisconsin The Sheboygan press monday january 25 1926 s All detectives under the skin says Craig Kennedy y 1 t Crais the n mounted his cd a fresh cig Aret v in do people enjoy n be up of o it under Tho m i i if 11 i t a Lew thai Are All 11 i j i f v n j line to Mai i y is asked i Corn noon nil the Trail asks her Hoard about o Eirl or int to him on r c Alu up six o a i i i h n he t Tho to was u in that stopped him i i to that Mollie i i win did t of Hii did 1 u i i j i i the a front i i 1 gossip of Tyllo 11 in i Ould put me i i to Otle All detectives 1 and each h s problem 1 n is i ult u that t i i inn to solve the my out what caused h i t i the u i Lias been in 1 lie child fact about life i n and finding it in my i 11 in phases of i h in i re hey Are i1 i in d Tho i c of up at Ami not t in Pai f a in the there is r lid danger and ii n that hold in is him it tor w o know or v hither h a tied to the end k i Tise nervously is know 1 a plump r Man who to and Fortune Dot e i e Boon i and i to Ernie but r r m about 1 i he b Reeve know what will be the next Tion a political Campaign keeps them guessing until the votes Are counted a trial has the double in Terest of testimony and jury dict and so it goes without any mystery this Dainty would be a Dull old world stories is a or the la u the the in at the in Ilia lulls i i hit to a at to fast laxative Loc planned at St 4 continued from Page 1 i t or two enough to accommodate at least one Hundred fifty students and in addition to the study Halls tation rooms auditorium Library dormitories Etc to be expected in a College of this there will to a Large modern that will afford the students ample of to rare for their Sical while serving Marily to a very demand for additional Able Cor the increasing of Tho local institution building will lie a memorial to Tho father the Villace of St and the original at place the urgent need for the 1 to be found in the i posed an evidence of the that has come to bless the efforts of the society of the Savior when they in the of constructing a lieu College ago there some no doubt who supposed the it the new building their needs for Many decades that building can Only students it has been tilled to capacity during Tho past to o seasons to Tho personal knowledge of the at the ant i1 and time in or and Bossel 11 Sun ill both and 1 in Clear t inn and fathers must find a solution for the financing problem that con fronts them unfortunately for them at a time Likely the members of this society Are not millionaires or the sons of men Asho Are listed among that wealthy class otherwise it might be easy for them to reach into their own coffers and display the guarantees necessary for insuring a ready Supply of Cash for ing on the of construction further delay but ing the source from which such a Supply of Cash May be obtained the fathers must seek elsewhere for a solution to this problem they have accordingly broadcast their Appeal to the readers of their Magazine in the Hope that their most troublesome problem May be solved in part at least by a prompt and generous response in the form of donations to their building fund credit to to Given where due according to the plans for this financing Campaign every person contribute one Dollar or More to Tho salvadorian College building fund will be registered in a special manner As a Benefactor of this institution in this Way Tho fathers intend to have kept in their archives an authentic Ord showing to whom credit will i be due for making possible the i construction of their College the benefactors will to registered in five different classes according to the donation received from them arrangements Are made also for acknowledging promptly every contribution to the building fund and the results of the will be published so that Tho subscribers to the Magazine May know from month to month what Progress is being made some pages from by Victor the dutch a Home after the discovery of the son River by the Man for whom it was named Early in the Century the dutch people began to want a Colony in the new world they were unwilling to allow the French and English to get All the wealth that they still believed was to to found in the new country they came to Manhattan and a Little town called new Amsterdam grew up a one end of the the dutch were a Thrifty people and energetic workers it was not Long before they had established trading posts along the Hudson River at these posts they became accustomed to barter with the indians who brought them pelts from the North and the Interior the dutch were a tolerant ple their government overseas More free and ant than any other government of Europe at that time since they got along together rather Well they Drew colonists from All Over eur Ope yet there was no real self government a governor with most absolute Power kept at american history m t n a Morgan the Colony by the Home ment sometimes these governors were hard and arrogant and bound to but for the most part there was peace a curious system grew up in this Colony perhaps you have heard of it it is called the Patroon system under this plan any Man in Holland who brought to the new land fifty settlers was Given an Tate of some size with frontage on the Hudson River he Vas lord of the Manor and enjoyed Many Leges but the dutch were surrounded by enemies there were the indians always to be considered and de nor were the Savages their Only enemies for the various col were themselves often at Odds with one another jealousy in Trade and crops had much to do with the animosity of Hie Early settlers one an other this land held by the dutch was some of the most valuable settled in this country but they were not destined to hold it Long England saw to that the English Fuire new Netherlands suggest revising of the probation system present Timo a building part of the new converted into a to provide suitable ters for of the students to cannot be accommodated in Tho it is cry that the new buildings Are an absolute sity not for but also for the to enable the fathers and the Brothers to r their consecrated labors of More and More of the v women get m annual Jan 27 Orch increasing of boys to Tho holy Priesthood and Sci k enrolment i the Lati Collece to for work j confronted Liy Oxford watch of those fat fat trousers Oxford doom has been sounded on the Oxford Campus against Oxford wide wide action the fat trousers has been Swift and sure the crusade has taken a simple form which is when you see Oxford bags on the Campus take them off it is called debugging Here War also has been declared on mauve High necked jumpers Black Homburg hats Futurist Tures and the burning of incense digs before dining their whole tem of state probation in Wisconsin should be revised and each county should maintain its own probation officers under state supervision the National probation association new York declares after having made an extensive Survey of Tion work in 30 of the 71 counties of the state the association Points out that there Are but two Tion officers in the state outside of Milwaukee under the present tem the state Board of control de by professor John h Gillen of the department of sociology University of Wisconsin called up the National probation association of new York to lend its help and make a Survey of the entire tem in the state by securing Aid from the american Cial Hygiene association and the state Board of control As Well As making a generous contribution from its own Treasury the National probation association was Able to collect sufficient funds to under take the task the Field work of which took five workers Over three and one half months to Complete the Survey covered 32 out of the 71 counties of Wisconsin All ties having a population of or More All those containing a City whose population was or Over and in addition thereto eral smaller counties were de the smaller counties chosen were considered typical of certain Rural conditions in different parts of the state the far North the Northwest and the Mississippi Ley in All the Survey 1 the state probation ment a careful study was made of persons placed on probation three or four years ago 2 adult probation under county probation officers it was found that volunteers Are be ing used for three times As Many As the state probation de 3 juvenile courts and Tion in All 32 counties the system of a centralized state probation department for adults was condemned As wholly unsatisfactory and a strongly made that it be abandoned As soon As possible the Survey found that although ordered placed on probation by the court practically All adults so de under the state probation de were kept in jail for a considerable time until the Tion officers arrived in few cases were the judges furnished with reports by the Bation officers before placing a de on probation the judges in making their decisions had to rely chiefly upon the voluntary in formation offered and the evidence introduced at the trials under the present system there Are but two adult in the entire this does not include Milwaukee county which maintains its own probation cers at the time the Survey made these two officers one ing Only half time had to look Ter 281 adult probationers in 53 it was also found that there was practically no personal supervision Given by the state probation cers who were fairly buried be Neath the e number of cases de and that it was necessary to rely chiefly upon voluntary she or the correspondence with the and the probationer in the Case of juvenile probation it was found that Only 10 out of 71 counties had paid probation cers and some of these were paid for part time work the results obtained reflect unfairly upon the merits of Bation system and have brought Forth a great Deal of unjust cism against a system which has proved to be the greatest step for Ward in modern penology As the criticism should go to the inadequate and faulty manner in which it is being administered in state the Survey strongly urges that each county maintain its own Bation officers under state super vision for both juvenile and adult probation and that state financial Aid be Given to the counties for the maintenance of this service Wisconsin produced three fourths american cheese in time not be interpreted As intention on the of part of the fathers to begin the actual work of ing Tho proposed new building ing the current season i Cau Well imagine indeed that the fathers and friends Are intimately them and Are thoroughly familiar with their nerds would be All the More pleased it its completion were sure before the end of this Jear but before the ground can broken or any other Steps taken toward actual construction the scenes were witnessed at the funeral of Eileen m Alton 5 killed by a tor s machine a doll Given to her As a Christmas present and a Book Given As a sunday school prize were placed in the coffin the Antelope Herd in the Kam National Park Canada once threatened with extinction has grown from 45 in 1915 to 235 at present planned for Catholic children of stories and in Dron 111 the Catholic v i family s of in u s penal and Short stories question i recipes editorials and ten other clean interesting Reading for the Home the Catholic citizen year of Sentinel bldg r publication Milwaukee wis Poison Gas is to be used by poultry men of Western ton for a Gas attack on rats that Are causing thousands of dollars Worth of damage each year Quick a pleasant effective Throat and Che Wisconsin at the present time produces three fourths of the american or Cheddar cheese made in this country As time passes More cheese will be in the South As Well As in the West All of which will come in direct Competition with sin cheese in All of our Home markets if Wisconsin is to hold its supremacy As a cheese ing state More attention must be paid to Quality the importance of Quality has Beeti recognized by other cheese producing sections both in this country and abroad namely Mook Oregon and new zealand All Chese produced in those regions is rigidly inspected graded and properly ripened the result is that new zealand and Tillamook cheese is acquiring a world wide reputation for Good Quality every person at All familiar with the later developments in the cheese Industry admits that something must be done to substantially improve the Quality of american cheese made in Wisconsin and the majority agree that a Well planned system of grades judicially administered will bring about fhe much needed improvement with a View to improving Ity the Wisconsin department of markets issued orders in january 1922 establishing grades for ican cheese this system of grades can Well be said to have been Pioneer work in state cheese ing As was to be expected the work was of a More or less sex nature and Many were encountered after about four years of cheese ing experience the department de that certain changes in the system and in its administration were necessary if maximum fits were to be obtained with this thought in mind commissioner Nordman arranged for a series of conferences and hearings with bodies and individuals of the cheese Industry such As manufacturers prominent handlers and distributors after Many conferences much discussion and thorough consideration by commissioner Nordman and his assistants certain changes in the system of grading american cheese were deemed necessary it should be Home in mind that in trying to the value of a grading system affecting an Industry of such enormous tude As the cheese Industry of Consin unanimity of judgment is Well nigh impossible the Cess of the new system will fore depend very largely upon the attitude of those most intimately connected with the cheese try namely the Farmer the compound safely relieves 01 uie Moat obstinate abnormal in i to no barn pain or interference i my great monthly safely relieves Aoma of the or Ory operator and maker and the cheese dealer and distributor if the majority of those to whom the future welfare of the cheese Industry Means most will heatedly put Forth their Best efforts to make these grades a Success great improvement will re sult and every person in the Industry will profit accordingly if on the other hand the attitude Ward the grades be one of ence the result will be failure the Law provides a penalty for failure to comply with the ments of the grades the ment of the grades depends upon the administrative activities of the commissioner of markets and his assistants and it will be carried on fairly and impartially the new grades represent As nearly As possible from the Point of an administrative officer the opinions and judgment of Ery Factor in the cheese Industry Ford pays tribute to the jews United press new Henry Ford feels that in the past he May have been too severe in his criticisms of the jews according to an interview with the motor magnate that will appear in the february Issue of the Magazine farm and fireside monday in reply to a question do you believe the jews a menace to the interview will quote Ford As no they Are not a menace on the whole they Are a Good ence Are so much smarter than the Boob gentiles that it makes them Hustle to keep up that is where the Good comes in it serves people right if they let the jews work them Ford emphasized in the inter View his assertion that he had no against jews As such he pointed out that jews were not Only employed in his ing plants but by the Dearborn publishing company itself head fitted that he now Felt some of the articles about jews in the Dearborn Independent had been too but in his attitude toward the International jewish Money Power which he blames for most wars Ford was As bitterly hostile As Ever what i oppose most is the in jewish Money Power that is met in every said Ford in the interview no Ter what happens to the nations in a War the Money Power always wins no War starts without it and every War stops when it says so that is what i Power Scott s Blue True norwegian cod liver Oil natural and Flavoured As pure As Mountain air and Rich in giving vitamins pleasant to take produces by Scott Bowne n j makers of Scotts emulsion aviator is latest by Foster Eaton press Staif correspondent 3 1926 by United press Detroit Frank Rippingille Detroit lad who is be to be the youngest aviator in the world sees nothing More remarkable in his ability to Fly than in the average boy s ability to pedal a bicycle with Tho unquestioning Dence Peculiar to youth Frank manned the control levers of a biplane at Dayton Ohio on the 20th of last november and soared aloft on his first Solo flight he was in his 12th year at the time and 12 Days later celebrated his 13th birthday since then he has increased his Solo record to More than eight hours and expects to get his License this Mer ultimately he wants to be an aeronautical Engineer it sure is line Frank said when asked How it seemed to control an air plane and its motor All alone several Hundred feet off the ground he does t try to explain How it happens that he can handle a plane he is naturally of a quiet disposition and dismisses the question with a puzzled expression which seems to Why should t the darned thing Fly for Frank s father e v who has Long been associated with aviation attributes his ability to Fly to the absence of any pre conceived idea that he could not Fly he has always been interested in flying has made Model air planes w hich flew and when Tho time came to take up a plane alone he seemed to take to it naturally Rippingille was associated with government aviation work at Falo n y and at Dayton during the War and with More than a Man s interest in the science and Tho interesting suggestion that perhaps the boy s ability to Fly at the age of 12 is a significant discovery it May be that he has shown us the Way to approach the matter of instructing people to Gille continued it is possible that we should begin with boys of his age before they have acquired sceptical questioning attitude of mind so often found in older sons Frank apparently considered the plane a More or less perfect machine and regarded himself As the Only possible weak link in the Chain he to take the at that so Long As he merely Learned Bow to handle it the plane would do its part at a matter of course the first flight said was made with a vate instructor at Dayton on july 14 1025 after several flights in a dual control Jenny his instructor e a Johnson permitted him to handle the plane from the rear Johnson he said that Frank s natural interest in is combined with his study of the theory of flight had prepared him for Tho test he surrendered control to Frank and was astonished at Tho boy s Knack he told me instruction continued through the summer until november 20 when Frank was ready for the Bip he made a perfect take off and a similar Landing today he has nearly nine hours Solo and never Lias had a believes his son s record indicates the possible and of making and the theory of flight available to students in their year at High school and possibly earlier is still in grammar school also believes that one of the great needs of aviation today is adequate and More numerous Fields which he says would prove a stimulus to More general flying not to mention the Factor the preliminary ledge of aviation and mechanics in general was gained in the ily machine located in Ihu basement of Tho Home Here there the father said Frank and his two Brothers one older and one the time of their lives making things it keeps him wracking his brain Rippingille said to answer All their questions which he always to do that has no country and that can order the Young men of All tries out to death most people who talk about world peace never penetrate to the cause of War the pacifist and others Are just bling about the surface As Long As the International Money Power constitutes the invisible ment of the backward nations and As Long As it has so Strong a hand upon the politics of the greater peace is impossible the profits of the International Money Power Are not produced by peaceful Industry but by War and until we dig these influences out and expose them and neutralize them world peace cannot be hoped for that in a nutshell is the chief element in the jewish Tion for the International Money Power is jewish they have overplayed their hand As they always do it is destined it seems that such fences should always overplay their hands at a critical moment their setback in great Britain and the United states occurred just As they thought they were sitting on top of the world the jewish question is Here and too Many people Are afraid to study added or Ford neither the jews nor the others Benefit by con at first i was blamed for bringing the question into the Light but Public opinion now proves what i did riches at heu door Teague Alma Currie High school girl looked under her front door step the other Day and found in Gold coins the farm used to be operated As a gambling and drinking resort is your child thin and in a few than you Ever dreamt Ful health building flesh making tablets called Mccoy s cod live Oil compound tablets will Start to help any thin underweight one after sickness and where Are suspected they Are especially valuable no need to give them any Moie Nasty cod liver tablets Are made to take the of that Good but evil smelling stomach upsetting Medicine and they fill rely do it a very child age 9 de 12 pounds in 7 months ask drug co or any druggist for Mccoy s cod liver Oil compound easy to As Candy and 60 tablets 60 cents it they Don t help your Gist is authorized to return your statement of resources and liabilities Oostburg Telephone co As of december in compliance with chapter 376 of the Laws of 1010 resources Central equipment wire Plant equipment sub station equipment miscellaneous equipment 422.55 Central office equipment 100.55 tools 100.47 Cash acts even earnings acts her toll earnings 45.47 573.22 298.20 016.80 notes Able depreciation Reserve 1924 depreciation Reserve 1023 replacement Auto 105.52 240.32 installation and removals capital Laid in surplus 1024 gain in 1025 570.80 statement of profits and losses december 31 1925 profits Exchange earnings Exchange earnings unpaid 573.22 toll earnings 96.49 toll earnings unpaid losses depreciation on interest office operating labor wire Plant expense 734.18 sub station expense 733.31 undistributed expense 578.25 taxes 166.72 loss on Auto 332.97 Central office expense commercial directory Gato 193.29

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