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Semi-Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - May 10, 1852, Galveston, Texas To Trow Landing per nip & f Austin and for Sale by mar4 c. W. Adams & co. following headlight Laud certificates iss Ted by the Board land commissioners Liberty county Lowil certify Eatie for one third league land Issue to Michael variably be moderate and reasonable St with their unremitting exertions to give satisfaction Hope to receive 1 share j we ii patronage. 1 6ct.2-.gre Cert Floars Cote Sogar. Ltd molasses Botter ?hesse5 hams soap Oil. Shot powder Caje Lead applet peaches potatoes a diff Wka a & . late Rbee greatly Jen Lai ail otherwise improved ,_,,., hones and carriages have beef proc ired together e�,8tacck, indigo vinegar card Lei with an omnibus and hears winery exert 6 Law main pastor a the be made to Oppl wants 4 the Public Puey ,,c�stfllonco., the shortest notice att their Chi me will in Alessey Cha a mate Fotte and Apple Etta whiskey Gin . I French ii oods wines. Madeira Sherry , Malaga Clairet rhenish cordials Abs a an Fizette Maraschino Curacao Estelor one third league land Issue to Michael vat us is Tea it tract a in i a Syfel a Annlet certificate for one a Jysk is ?�1t� a pinning matters Aej league and labor. No. 325. First class issued lome w,.,h a to few inertial Iii league and labor no. 325, first class issued to Stephen Jones dec a Cerf flite for one third league issued to William Smith first class no. 29 a 10, donation land certificate issued to William a. Smith by the Secretary War for t�40 acres for having fought in the Battle san Jacinto no. And Date not recollected. said certificates should not be heard from at the proper time i will apply for duplicates thereof. Mar25-9t-w. C. L. Cleveland. Valuable town site for Pale. A on the East Bank the Brazos two Miles bore its Mouth containing 1111 acres land. The Brazos and Galveston canal runs directly through and enters the River on this tract feb 10 David Ayres. Valuable ixe land for Sale. A half league land on the East Bank chocolate Bayou at the head tide water inc Hendrix lbs . Francis Moore Fehily David i g a it s. 20.000 Havana cigars r a Kex " "   10,000 " " 80 000 common30 000 Cuba Sixes 40,000 Havana Che roots just Landing and for Sale by Mars c. W. Adams & co. Oil Yard Here and have their cider filled at the Alabama Milf for any kind and Quantity upon the most favourable terms by Appie caution to Jas a b. S. Parsons raw flannel to Larne Wool Meri no and ribbed Wool Juei received and for Sale by dec 8. Pride catch & co. New goods. Received by recent arrivals a general assortment Staple dry a cods houses keeping goods it consisting in Parr Linen sheeting Brown and bleached Cotton Linen table cloths Pillow Case Linen blankets bed ticking. Brown colons furniture prints Cotton batting for comforts flannels wadding Calico i e lanes Lineys apron checks Irish Linen towelling Isper. Crashes napkins shirting bleached Long cloth drillings children s Varn stockings Wool locks gloves Woolen Varn darning Cotton sewing thread spool Cotton sewing silk tapes Needles. Pins Hosery Cotton corel scissors buttons Linen shirts. Net under shirts and drawers school satchels a. A for Saleby now a. C. Crawford. -4 t tract 1 Casp diff Iceni old in. Twit very Superior i0 boxes nectar 2t boxes Myers 20 a Vernon -10 " Eldorado 20  Coats 50 " burp 100 " Assoc Ted brands common q i Lity 5 barrels smoking now land Injo and for Sale by Marh c. W. Adams & co. . " secure the Shadow Ere the substance fade " left nature copy that which attire think these portraits by the sunlight made she Cir a though they iroc. Trill like a Shado w Lade no when the lip flesh in dust shall lie Eye. When deaths cold film up Eads o the beaming fn"/, s life like pictures mocking at decay will still be fresh Aud vivid As to a Ftp. Our galleries Are open from san use to Sun set at the Corner Post lice and Centric Street Galveston and Corner Preston and main streets Houston where we shall be pleased so see visitors til ass Ware. American ship Tumbler molasses Mues 25doz a Glass lamps All winds Goth ,. ,. ,. In Susas Cove. Butt i dishes Ash Isginn win to examine specimens whether they wish pictures is culled goblets nappies 15 pairs Plain and a i10t for portraits Adl lots your process rut Cande shades pantry bowls gothic Lemon in and improved instrument a Cloudy Day is quite Ades jail in glasses Mantle shades and many5 favourable As Clear weather. I children a other articles Ware for Sale he Clear Day b a Ween eleven and twos a a St. I in is ladies Are recommended to Vear Nur-1 id dark material plaid figured striped dresses for children. White Light Blue and Pink should be avoided. Marl. S. Vodder. Box Jie 1 Lee ived per. W Fannin from n Yolk ladies Tupi French lace bonnets hair. Blond lace and lace inserting bonnets Blond and Straw " drab and Straw " " " " Goss Amine and open lace " Black open lace and Straw " misses Pearl Satin and Dunstable hats Ladie " " inar23. S. Vedier. St pump syringes Ai artificial leeches lancets Lens thu inti do., Silver Spring do. Hist common spec Luins St these opes Silver catheters As. Abdominal sup porters trusses at a Hall Corner Twenty second and Market streets Galveston. T. D. Johnson. L Staple and fancy dry goods per Liaty arrivals from t. Y Ork and itoston.-3-1. 7-n, 4-4 Brown and bleached domestics 3-4, 4 4 and 37 Inch bed ticking apron Check Marino stripes Cotto Nades All kinds boots and shoes clothing Etc hardware rockery and Glass Ware saddlery wooden Ware brooms Etc carpeting and matting. For mar. S. Veddler. Ali tax Tatios goods for Sale by late arrivals from new York Viz an assortment Naburgs. Bleached sheeting and shillings. Linarys jerseys. Prints Snipes. Ticks a Dkl. Cas Siiner a. Also in store bagging. Rope. Twine and groceries. 11. H. Will iams & co Marine risks to and from any Points in the state and Galveston covered on applied in ii ii Kib i 11" 1 s. Fet Jones St u Ford. received two Superior finished pianos from tin manufactory Hallet Davis & co warranted in Good order and for Sale Low. Andrews. Grovelt & co. Furniture Ware Kooms str jan22 . S tar ii. 30 in incs s an Sale by win. Colgate & co. L. Fko.s1i. I valuable Suckar land for Sale. 21 q. Acres adjoining Gen. Hamil. Ton s Plantation on Oyster Creek. J50 acres a Inch has been cultivated. Omer Creek is navigable As High up As this land and tins directly through this tract. 2,5 a a acres situated on the cast Bank the Brazos two Miles beef w Columbia with a River front Tureo Miles. Cities indisputable feb 10 David Ayres. "1 ploughs irom Yohji Moore. New 1 Vaju York now Landing from rate Moi Tauk and for Sale by l. Frosini. Stand. Portraits miniatures and daguerreotypes copied. Views buildings taken. Invalids waited upon and likenesses deceased persons taken. F1tzg1bbon, Bourges & Stanley. Dang Verrean artists. wishing to Purchase materials can now be supplied with cameras caws plates and All other necessary articles appertaining to the business and at new Orleans Price. Inn. . B. A s. The cheapest hosiery in the state at v i m Rose s half Price stoic cd in Rel trem Nita i Gorki t to Terr s. Read and judge for yourselves a Dies gloves Cotton. 10c per pair Black kid 75c per pair " " coloured kid. 75 Toi pair " Hose Cotton. 12j to 30c per pair " silk. 7 2 to 90c pair gents gloves Cotton 10 to 25c per pair Linen 25 to 50e per pair " 11 Black kid. All sizes 75-.-. Per pair " " Buckskin 75c per pair i " Antelope new article sir pair half Hose Cotton. 8 to 25 per pair " " Merino. 30 to 90c per pair " Woolen. 30 to 50c per Pstir Cotton Merino feet Fine Quality " Linen handkerchiefs Large size Sec " Black silk italian cravats 38 in. Sqr., s l 50 " Chang ble silk " " " 75 also an Assoc Tenient shirts the first Quality ranging from 50c Osi each. N. persons indebted to me will Confer a great favor by calling and settling tji Cir account-1 As it will save themselves the unpleasantness being Dunne and Mioi Dunning nov-27 m. Primrose. J. Frederick & co. Ave just received per bark Trinity a Large air general assortment fancy and Staple dry goods. Boot shoes hats Caps. Wooden and Willow Ware. Hardware. Groceries. A. Nov24. Up o persons dealing in can Al Dies.-1 have just received on consignment v barque Greenfield. 110 boxes assorted candies. Which 1 will sell extremely Low for Cash so As to close out the lot immediately. T. D. Hall. Galveston. Nov. 20. 1851. . Gibson . Al w Dake a pm c should be directed to the grand Secretary in this City. Fel7 . Gunpowder Souchon pout Hong to Lota Young Hyson a. A , jams Prairies peaches fruits in juice apricots Peare strawberries gages a. It Ara imported direct from Havana varying in Prici Efroni $3 50 to 875 per thous and american dp., froth $3 to per thousand. Oran a Lemons Fis raisins currants Citron 1$ute. &c., every kind. Dry goods bleached and Brown sheeting and shirting cheats Hickory stripes denims Cotto Nades Kentucky jeans jerseys. Lineys tweeds. Sai Ineus cassimere blankets flannels. Bed quilts prints Gingham. Detains alpacas Cashmere Silks lawns striped checked a Concett mall Swiss and Book muslims capes collars thread and Bobbiett laces veils. Hosiery diapers gloves towelling table cloths Linen curtains handkerchiefs lace Taconet and Swiss edgings and inserting umbrellas parasols buttons pins Linen and Cotton tapes Taylor ccrates genuine Spoo thread Needles sewing Silks. Bonnet ribbons ail fical Flowers with every other article embraced in the dry goods line. , Kentucky jeans Linen Latinett and cassimere pants from a is to $8 Coats and Jacques. same a jul trials also Fine cloth and Merino from i 50 to $13 vests Satin cassimere Marseilles from to Blanket and Pilot cloth overcoats from s&4 to $15 shirts Cotton with Linen bosoms and in every variety style from St to finest Linen red and White flannel Hickory. Silk Cotton and worsted Nett do. Draws All kinds suspenders dec. Boots and men a youths and misses brogans Russett s ladies walking. Busking slippers gaiters mud fishermen and dress boots children s shoes All , Moleskin. Angola mexican Brush Jenny Lind Pearl cassimere and Wool. Crockery1.-in original assorted crates suited to country Trade also for retail plates. Dishes. Tureens teas Cottes Tea and Coffee pots pitchers. Bowls basins Ewers. Chambers China Tea setts for 24 to 100 pieces. Glassware in every variety tumblers goblets wines,1 lamps lasses jugs. Castors wary and August a Lodge Oft be. T4z�u, meets on first monday feb 1 i . Groovy j. Pfeifer Sec. H. Julfs treas. I. O. . R. Galveston Lodge to. 9 meets every wednesday evening at 7 o clock. Oppi cers. Chas. Atkins n. 6. I w. Avery. Sec. W. N. Sparks v.6. J. Hughes treas Hermann s led?e,1o., meets every tuesday evening at 7 o . C. Reppun . E. Steinesr v. G chosen friends Lodge to 6 meets Ever thursday evening at 7 o clock. cubs. . Goodwin. . G. W. L. . N. Lidstone . C. R. Hughes to. Salt Jacinto Lodge no. 1s meets every saturday evening at 7 o clock. I officers. J. Sasse n a. Ward. Treas. T. W. Marshall avg. J. . So. Lone Star no 1 meets on the 3d and 4th mondays every month at 7 p. M. Howato teits. \ a19 a a co Mia a i Xeda i Gat Vesto Cash fees Wilt be made on Cotton 8agt� hides 6 die add in new York Boston new Liverpool. B. 8. Wood importer we outdo and real dealer to had War Stombs Ako i5tebt a Bitt Tim and wooden Ware strand Street Galveston. Iron steel and ploughs. J fe7. Hughes i. W. W. M. Carper. T. W. J. E Haviland. S. Goodwin c. P. J. S. Vedder he. L w. Dake. Scribe. W. Richardson to. Mutual degree Lodge no. 2 meets on the 3d and 4th-fridays every month at 7lp. M. G. W. Goodwin no 1 n. Lids tote Sec. D. Wakelee v. G. F. Hughes treas. Real estate & Money broker t he subscribe has opened an office on tre Mon Street adjoining the Post Olifice for the pure a and Sale improved and unimproved City property. Plantations patented lands other titles perfect the payment taxes on land and will perfect the titles fld papers left at this office for Sale will also buy and sell land certificates procure new ones the old ones Are lost and also buy and be l All kinds evidences debt the late Republic Texas neat her audited Vot. The undersigned offers his services with Confidence As he is familiar with All the genuine titles and papers connected with the above business. Vs7igtfrva so in l is account is candlesticks decanters Mosc than 800.000 acres hand and land claims ,. Land Over 100 City lots without giving one bad lanterns preserve hardware and and Forks w even imperfect in a single instance. Pocket pen and Butcher s knives. Razors. Scis sors spoons locks. Latches. Bolts. Hinges files. Screws chisels augers planes saws Brace i Bitts giblets Trace and log chains. Sad Irons. Will Lake this occasion to remark that he will continue As he commenced from the first to Deal in no doubtful disputed claims and can Conse .v.v.v. W. Quentlyn assure strangers and others who wish to andirons "p7 that they can rely on getting perfect tongs fenders anvils vices. Blows. Cell Lucs in a cases As no others will be Ofle Reu for with the usual variety other goods Ian the hard-i5851 a Al pm Esiah ashment which is very import Ware line Tant to parties who Are not acquainted with the and women a 01 ,l,R Ina i o a .1 u i Teh 1 he undersigned Wil take the Liberty to refer trom a i to $.10 by idles. Martingales. Hal. N a -. I u u. I  ters Heads and Keins. Girths Cicitt Glucs by Fth a w a whom he has transacted business bridle Bitts. Stirrup Irons flames. Collars. Wet a the \ Tui a a be commit owners the Hin whips a general land office and to the comptroller drugs and Oil. Calomel u s,a.,.f 3nd other it ices government believing aug inc. Blue mass Alum Sal soda. Cream tar la s a apr Stern no to persons with whom laudanum. British Oil. Bateman s drops �go�l-1 runs have Ever been had Olsh kind Frey s coital Mclean s Verm Fuge. Phillip s Lei a u Mitiu no Hir Dye Cologne. Bay rum. Lupin s extracts. Faints and Load no i. Pure extra be Dejian red. Spanish Brown Chrome Green a. Tace. Oils Plain and boiled. and covered buckets brooms. Scrubbing brushes. Baskets. Dashboards milk pails. Tubs. Clothes pins churns. Axe handles. Children s Willow carriages. A. Ͽ�5? Cash advances on Cotton. Sugar. Hides a. Consigned to his friends in new York. Bosen to i Ironie. Oei2. A e. S. Wood. Wholesale & retail hardware store strand Galveston Texas. S oa1.-20u boxes assorted Brown soap for Sale by Marl c. W. Adams & co. Vinegar.-10 vinegar a Brig Choctaw and Sale by Marl c. W. Adams to co. Boot per i oots and have receive late arrival an assortment boots Irani shoes comprising Geni Lemens Fine calf boots brogans Patent leather Jersey ties. Misses lace boots Patent leather busking. Gentle cons gaiters Lippand Seal brogans. Children s Sisoes a. A m. Seeligson & sox. Galveston March 20, inv a. Musah scrip wanted for Cash. X 1st class scrip audited and sealed 2.1 " " "  " id will also Purchase and 10 per cent Bonds red Back Money and other claims audited nut audited. P. G. Merritt mari8 reel estate and Money broker. P. draft notes and Loans negotiate. Ladies shoes. The subscriber would respectably invite the attention his old customers and a l who wish to per disc for Cash to the largest and Cape to Stock , and to Strofs. Which he has Ever offered for Sale before. . S�7. A. C. Craw Fob d. I Simon a a galves1 new clothing store. In Market Sti Kkt. Begs leave to inform the Peop Eston that he has just opened a new and Choice assortment dry Good at Lewis & co s old stand on Market St., consisting every article men s and youth s clothing hats hoots and shoes dress frock and overcoats shirts. Drawers and Woolen and Cotton Hose. Pocket Hanit Berchis Etc. Also a variety ladies fancy dry goods u loves shawls ladles Hose. Misses and ladles shoes and brogans. All which he will sell lower than any Stab Ili Hinnent in the place and respectfully invites a citizens and strangers to Call and examine lot themselves. He has also one dozen Superior guns for Sale iat very Low prices cell har supplies. Solicited by my old texan friends i have  he pleasure to announce thai i have just fitted up my store called the  Sun dial House wills a Large assortment wines liquors cordials and a oscars to Supply Public houses families and travellers. Cognac Brandy whiskey rum Gin Madeira port w Ine Guigno let bitters Bounce Peppermint White wine Claret ale cider Etc. Will be found in hollies Gallons barrels casks to suit purchasers. Annist the Absy Tith Kirshe Washer Curacao cordials bran in cherries Superior wine Maraschino syrups Etc., in hollies and boxes. A so Segars cig Aritos carols t#2cco sardines smoking and chewing tobacco playing cards dried fruits Vermicelli Macaroni olives chocolate almonds Anchovy. A Sec. I Oil Marseilles soap French Candle nuts All sorts Etc. A War prices will be found in my store than in any other in this Market even in n. Oil cans. Orders for , other articles in Thi Dos Well Hill co., general c0mm1bsion Marc Wirts and Cotta n factors will make Liberal Cash advances in All kinds produce consigned to them either for Sale in this Market for re shipment to their friends in new Orleans new York and Boston. We Are also prepared to furnish planters with Plantation supplies Ott the most reasonable terms. Bagging and rope constantly on hand and for Sale at new Orleans prices.fe7 i Ilif Gal Veatta a Zas. I a " i x id wools Cook i Oplt a a a Raetz Gaff s i earful Bopf apart weary has remove. Botne i Jin Rump on Market Tupete to . R��ttberfc�isprepar�4toiill All order in his line. A to arrive a fresh is sort Mentor drags front new York new Orleans and Germany. I Jatis a. Hurlbut Sor Oeon 4 in d a Alicr a a n office on Post office . A tvs i residence the City Hospital. February 17, 1851. J. Wakelee Shaw. / dealers in groceries ship stores Wood arid produce at the Corner strand and Central wharf. James k. Brow a i general commission merchant strand. Galveston. Fe7 it. C Crawford dealer in dry goods groceries. It general merchandise. Market Street. Galveston.fc7 b. S. Parsons shipping lumber and commission merchant Galveston. Texas. Fe7. C. Kuhn commission & shipping merchant. Strand. Galveston. Fe7 br1ggs & Yard importers wholesale and retail dealers in mens and boys4 clothing even description trunks carpet bags umbrellas a. Tremont Street Galveston. E. Kaufl Man a co. Commission merchants Galveston. E. L. Ufford commission merchant and wholesale dealer in groceries dry goods boots shoes. So. Will make Liberal advances on produce consigned to them for Sale shipment. Fe7 Lawrence Frosini commission merchant. Strand. Galveston. Texas. Fe15 uht for Wjk at Doftney at Law i Bellville Austin county. Will practice in the courts the 6ri Titi i Cial District in the District court for the county Washington and also in the a noveme court at Galveston and 20, ? Street e prepared Large a lao them under Bills sailing vessels. -1 to should be distal Bulky freight sent with Tripp is tand upon Whitbr Vadams a toot incur the Hajj Unity. it pc be received by them i the facilities for fun twi " Adams co., at new Rilje a Large and come Phi our 5 it i believed than has Bee Herett fore. The Bills 1 to Marl i 19 foot try. A Ett Yff tit Ovid. Johnson. Joseph a. Wurr Johnson a Swett attorneys and counsellors at Law. _ Galveston Texas fe7 Robert Hughes a Trorey at Law office next door to the Federal court room Fedr. T. D. Johnson wholesale and retail dealer in drags medicines paints oils and fancy articles. Apothecary s Hail Corner Market and 22d streets. Galveston. Sep 1 Law card. William Axexander. Dam l d. At Hirou Alexander & Atchison. . T. S Are. S it gun p 1 so & w. Ion. I a English. French and Grunn languages spoken dec Law so b theron Galveston. Receive mens g arrive by the first ves a Complete Stock Glass ladies dress goods Taconet. Swiss mull Book and other muslims Poss Lin a . Delanes. Canton cloth. Raw silk a my Jef Wool plaids Lustres silk and worsted trim 1- mings a great variety All which wiil be sold the the lowest prices by the undersigned. Nov3 we. Ashton. Ass Sel from Boston Ware direct from the manufacturers which will be sold Low at wholesale retail by nov3 we. Ashton. . S. Sydnor has this Day Pur a chased the interest h. He St. Car. In the concern ii. Dest. Cyr & Sydner and assumes Lue indebtedness the concern and will receive All debts due the same. I 11. Dest Cyr. J. S. Sydnell. Galveston. April 2nd, 1s. A notes the Northern Bank Mississippi having our endorsement will the redeemed in new Orleans at percent Dis i count. At the office Mcdowell Mills & co. Oil Gravier Street. Aup4. & d. G. Mills. Will Coni inac the business in my own name and invite the attention my friends and customers. To those who have dealt with us for Cash its equivalent i pledge myself Lor the future to make it to their interest to continue their patronage and under no circumstances will i deviate from Cash City acceptance. To those who have been purchasing on Long time i would say they wish to save Money Send me their orders accompanied with the Cash produce draft and on comparison prices. With those bought on credit the difference will be so obvious they will be constrained to adopt the Cash i have not on hand the articles ordered. I will Purchase the same without charge and make no charge for Sale produce from my customers. April , 1852. J. S. Sydnor. Hic St. Cyr will do Exielu Srery a commis Sion business office at. S. Sydnor store april 2d. 1852. _ Agency for the collection Claiz vis the subscriber will attend to the collection debts due b citizens in any county in this state and to the prosecution claims against the late Republic Texas the govern Livent the United states. Fcl5 a. F. James. G 300 sacks Rio Coffee 30 barrels Rice 5 " Rice 100 boxes sperm candles 50 " Star cd s 50 by had c i in cans 5 " Wax candles in cans 5 barrels soft Shell almonds 20 chests in assorted packages All kind us boxes soda Sal Eratus in la paper 20 " Cream tartar in la Paderi 20 bags Black Pepper 3 bags 5pice 30 malts Curria 5 barrels Saratus 20 bags race Ginger 10 kegs cloves just landed and Foi Sale by raai4 a w. Adams & co. Mobile lumber-��0,00 feet Landing and to Schr. R. P. Brown has just arrived and is now discharging on Labadie s wharf a Good assorted cargo a great Quantity which consists 2 by i 2 by 3 i i he 4.1 by 4, and 1 by 3 scantling. The bark Maine and Schr. Major Bache Are daily expected with the remainder the Aboye. Orders to any amount and any see shape can be promptly filled on Good terms by s a Ford Oberts co., have a full assortment Elf which they will sell lower for Cash approved paper than any firm in the state except ing our Friend Labadie Galveston and we will not be Batby him. J Tief All our medicines warranty Dipatre and selected Roberts & co., " Marl main so reset Houston stoves stoves 1 cooking office parlor nine plate and Franklin stoves All which Are the latest and most approved patterns. A the improved Buck Cook stoves and the commercial air tight parlor stoves outshine anything the stove kind for their cheapness and Beauty. Castings Iron and steel co tons assorted Savery s castings con idling ovens. Spiders and pots All sizes dog Irons and sad Irons. 30 tons assorted swede and Antrican rolled Iron and steel All kinds slab steel for ploughs boiler and Sheet Iron. A cd several sets the Best Blacksmith s tools. Stiver and Silver plated Ware consisting table castors. Tea sets Complete fruit cake baskets spoons. Forks trays. Snuffers. Candlesticks. Guns rifles and Colts revolvers a Large assortment Fine double barrel shot guns. Rang ing in Price from 10 to s 75. Abo a line lot Billies and Colts revolvers gun and Rifle trimmings. Scales Scales i druggist Scales counter and Tea do platform Scales from 210 to 2 000 los Patent balances from 500 to 1� m lbs. Steel misses eol d m. Ties Black lasting gaiters Yards from 100 to Hoo lbs. J tip col d lasting busking cola to. lamps lamps 11-a Large assortment i a Jenny Lind Mack lasting Cush Jsn ties parlor. Side and hanging lamps. Hall lanterns cd s kid and Patent leather boots. Be. For Sale globes. Chimneys and lamp Vick direct from i h oct la. S. Vedder. The manufactories. J. Ii. Bennett general commission merchant Galveston. Texas. Liberal Cash advances will be made on Cotton other produce consigned to me for Sale in this Market for shipment. All consignments Are covered he an open policy insurance from any place shipment in the state. Fe7 a. Baldinger wholesale and dealer in groceries. . Oks. Crockery. Wood vre. To. Be Corner Meehn Nie and 22d Stre to. E. A. & c. B. Go Todt Sash As i door makers. Corner Mechanic and Centre streets go Livston. All orders from the county will be promptly attended to on moderate terms.  Mars by w fainting g l a z ing and paper hanging. The subset bar having located Perm mently in this place inform the Public that he i will carry on All the above branches with Neil i is and Iii Patch. All orders thankfully received Jand promptly attended to at reasonable rms. Jjg5 shop on Tremont Street 2 door South the Post Olifice. . T. Omsby Galveston. April 7. 1852. By ats boots shoes and no a a " super Black Blue and fancy Oloti Ftp Kaffl " Black dress Coats \ " j Blue and fancy de Joinville Scoats a a a Black Blue and fancy sack Dot a " Black and Pray Beaver overcoats " Blue Blanket overcoats i " Black Doeskin Pantaja Toons fancy do do " Black Sahn vests " figured do do " double breasted silk velvet vests " do  White Marseilles be Juls " single breasted do do t " Linen shirts Calico sort is " Merino do Merino. Draw a splendid lot cloth cloaks a full assortment Boyon clothing India rubber Coats cloaks leggings Etui Berbeco s Best styles Broadway hat " Caps All kinds. Cravats suspenders Etc a Superior lot trunks and carpet sold wholesale and retail at a. Baj Ulfe strand by oct-10 a pk1ces Kuo Uchio and films extended 0"s. Buggies Light wagons Cai Ryah a a niches Hockaway. Coaches stages Ness. Horse c lairs cd. Forty a hides now in the originald., depository on the Siriann and fifteen More rive in the Milford and other vessel corp a great variety will be sold Low for cask Long time for satisfactory paper by Jan. 21. B. Sparso h fashionable Stortv to boots. And clothing Bike pc dress Coats. Frocks sacks and Dorsya Olive frocks. Black Doeskin cassimere pants and fancy do. Silk wrappers drawers and Merino too numerous to mention. Made Taj order under my particular instruction. Also. Philada. Olphia made boots and head . Ii. Beebe i co s Broadway hats. Solo at wholesale and retail Low for City acceptances. D. Keel nov 5 strand next door to Geo. Ball am plows-500 is. Vorp sorted sizes just received and for Sale oci27 Brown & Kirklan is my a desirable sugar lamp for Sale. Tract 1000 More acres them St Superior sugar land in the country situated i Media Elv on the Bank old River in Liberty county will be sold on reasonable Lerps by the undersigned. The tract embraces in Jab Sundance the Best kind fencing Timber pod a most appropriate site for a Suar House near the Ank the River enabling the planter to Roll his 11 attend Sun 1 1.s,,is immediately on l Oard the Vepy Al x to he pay it taxes upon lands lying in Fakin. Ket. It is said by Thane Bol have examined it to be adopted to a Pax Agency the subscriber Wil the several counties this state. Iei5 a.james n. 1. La i a t. 110, Lasale and Tail dealer in. Cess meet cd nes. Paints. Oils . Fancy a Sci Ooi. Al Miks. Auden seei1s, i c. Fe7 Corner m ii t and 22 i streets. French unfair signed would respectfully invite the kind ladies Galveston to Call and examine his most Superior and excellent Stock Fie Peh perfume eve Etc. Etc. Just received by ship Travis t. D. Johnson. A Oihi Cary s Hall Cpl Corner Market and 22d its. Fran is Abbes. Watchmaker and jeweller. A pairing wad lies clocks sugar farm both As regards location and the duality soil. For further particulars apply at this Olifice on the premises to a Mars Robt. Wise mat. -------------_---,--1 u. S i a i i line carrying the str leaves Houston for Austin cd other Moi at 3 o clock a. Are attention Given to passengers and their baggage. The Tran apr 1 states lil item very a Den a and a i kinds twins. S optical in Strum its John ill , i Porter and d air in grocer a. Liquors Wood a. Strand. Galveston. Particularly understands Inak Gal. Kegs Gross Matts. Clothes pins Icik i i is by a s in buckets Willow Pra idles. Mai net Ivik is. Brass and in n Shives win Idow 1.ji Iii is. 13riimies. H pne. We. Ashton. I 1s52. Shot. Tobacco All kinds. A. Nov 1 Coopers and carpenters tools a Large assortment the above tools received direct from the manufactories. Nails nails 1-300 kegs nails and spikes assorted. Saddlery saddlery saddlers trimmings. Hames. Collars cart saddles bridles. Back chains traces. A. Woozien Ware and tin Ware a general assortment wooden Ware and tin Ware. Window Glass paints and Oil. Farming implements ploughs every description Corn shellers Patent Corn Mills. Straw cutters Suytle Ura Iii cradles Well pumps a. Builders hardware winners materials table and pocket cutlery a. For Sale by oci23-6m. E. S. Wood. Vecei Ved per from new Orleans and retail i Ion 2s Louisiana and meteor 50 bbl. Superfine and extra St. Louis flour Stagg & Shays hams Bacon lard lard Oil Western butter and cheese for Sale by. Frederich & co. Dec. A 18 11. j. Frederickl & co., commission merchants de la is in dry goads. Groceries. In Quorn scars rats. Roots and s docs hardware rope. Bagging. Do. At the store formerly occupied by Jones & Ufford. Strand. Galveston Texas. Bur Kowta Patent. Plantation Corn Mills. This Mill Dili Eis lion All others in the construction the upper runner Stone which is composed Fumii by Itu big is. Enclosed in an Iron Case. This Mill is a Square Frame is portable and considered the Best Mill now in use we have t is Day received from the manufacturer at Cincinnati four the above. Mills which we Oiler for Sale at manufacturer so t ust e ived per Brig Mary from new Yirk prics with not Only added and Black Good Chine silk silk muslims Black invite t a silent in those wishing give icing Pii Nied lawns Organ Dies Muslin " a Hobes my lawns Check Singh ii. Prod Jjack joints Rigau in Robes Toel de Noil Plain and print t a tissues Ems d Swiss a bes 1 dolled pm silk and dress goods to Call and examine for themselves. Andrews Glover & co., strand. Mat 8 8 by i 2."i boxes Allen. Olg ii & co s winches 1, in Slop and for a nov i7j llavv4 co. Wm.1 Ter and Hill be lower than nsna1, a l. Frosh. I to persons visiting Galveston. F you wish to Stop at the Powhatan House work and repairing done to , importer building and Plantation Ware. Cooking and parlor stoves and manufacturer All kinds Copper and Sheet Iron Wisie. Tremont Street. Galveston. N. B. New steam. Copper and Sheet had to Iron Roi tiered Swiss plaid tissues Iii Sook Iii iia a up Swiss muslims Jacomet did in Al Silins thread lace Swiss and i Taconet edging Linen Bobin Edge info figured to Iti Eit la Iii s Pearl Black and spun silk i Rise la is ass fired kid gloves gents Mill Alary Lisle and i i gloves ladies and misses Black and whip  Lri e mitts fancy Bells laites in Albi Lii and he stitched hand in not Purchase k,.r .j,., no. Naf and Cap ribbons my " Menlai collars wrought do embroidered ace.4enuin at per Day. To families it i l be found particularly desirable being retired from the Bustle the City within at enclosure 5 acres ground Large Flower Garden servants houses Good stables and Only five minutes ride to the boats. Oct2 Bis present new Stock groceries which he is enabled to sell at remarkably Low figures. His from bark Norm Stock is comprised in part the following Arti a a Lubega. Rowland s Cross Cut saws Collins cles Rio and Java Coffee St. Louis and Ohio by. Axes log chains Trace chains platform flour mess pork Bacon sides canvassed hams count re Scales Coffee Mills pol d steel Spades lard butter cheese lard Oil Star candles and shovel Scane knives Mills & tape files sugar molasses Liverpool Salt loaf and crushed sugars fresh Rice buckwheat raisins dried and preserved Fri it assorted Candy pickles pickled and dried fish currants Citron almonds Farina Macaroni Vermicelli soap starch indigo spices Mustard jellies Fulton Market beef Green and Black teas soda biscuit butter crackers nary and Pilot bread rectified whiskey Rose & Dexter s extra Bourbon and Rye whiskies Cognac Champagne and american brandies Sherry Madeira Malaga and Teneriffe wines Claret and White wine in casks and boxes Santa Cruz Jamaica and new England rum Irish whiskey scotch ale London Porter Vassar ale and bottled cider tobacco a variety brands Havana and american cigars assorted cordials Lemon syrup nails crockery in crates whale Oil Tanner s and linseed Oil a &.c, a. No1". 17 Auger Bitts socket chisels firmer do ass a steel and Iron squares drawing knives Hooks and hinges till and plate looks compasses brass Butts Ivory and Wood rules Rogers razors Fine pocket knives table cutlery enamelled sauce pans Fry pans sad Irons brass and cast Iron andirons a. A for Sale by Scols. S. Vedder. We have an open policy to cover All consignments to is produce either for Sale Here forr shipment and valuations Are in full proportion to Market prices. Oct29. & d. G. Mills. Notice to masters and owners vessels in conformity with instructions from the proper department notice is hereby Given that vessels causing any injury to the boy Unuer the supervision the collector this port will be held responsible for the amount Luch injury and in Case a refusal to pay the same suit will be instituted against the vessel for a sum equivalent to the damage sustained.  i we for. Smith collector. February 38, 1852,- Mackerel Etc.-100 assorted packages Mackerel 30 do do. Salmon 50 boxes codfish 20 boxes herring now Landing from bark Trinity from Boston and for Sale by mar22 c. W. Adams co Book bin Ding. Market Street "2vews" office and the William. Thu House Galveston. The subscriber has opened a Book bindery As above where be will execute any orders that May be Given him in his line business on Short notice and in any style that May be required. In other places he has carried on this business extensively and professes to be Well acquainted with every Branch it from the plainest and cheapest to the most ornamental and most costly binding annuals albums music books and periodicals All kinds which require to be bound in order to be preserved will be finished As directed either in boards marbled sheep calf binders cloth neatly lettered and with ornamental gilding. Damaged binding repaired with despatch. Prices moderate. Api. I c. Reppien. I w 31. Wright deat in fancy and Stapi i it goods Corner Market and Centre streets Galveston. Boots shoes cloth uni hats Glass and crockery Ware. Sugar. Coffee Tea flour. Corn meal. Rice lard. Spices Bacco soap starch Oil candles powder shot Lead. May 12 Brown & Kirk land importers and wholesale and retail dealers in hardware & cutlery. Iron. Stebl., and castings. Also manufacturers tin. Copper and Sheet Iron Ware every description. Jel8 strand Galveston no sposite.ifr d. G. Mills l cd 23 anted. P. G. Mek Kitt. Agent -10 1 000 wanted at this Otlie joining Post Olifice. fibs w acres land claim a Tilmont sire . Add. G. Mei1k1tt, agent. Mens and roys hats and Caps and ladies Riding Caps a Complete assortment for Sale by _ nov we. Ashton. Straim. Texas debt a ii kinds wanted at this Olyce. 1 feb-2.1 p. G. Mek.1tt. Agent. F. s Sulista the Large fur n Iti undersigned will receive by the first vessel from Boston i and will sell at the lowest prices a Large Stock furniture comprising every Anich in in line. Purchasers would do Well to cauda and. Sale Low for Stantial and nearly new dwelling hons examine the Stock when opened occupied by the undersigned one the Best in to lev we. Pashto to. A Halls Ali dwelling House and 4 lots ror re 77a air tent family fag. N As the Gailien from Rev on Broadway for be 1 Kun Bacon and Sua driest Foi known As the Gailien property on Broadway Sale very Low for Cash. Apply to feb23 p. G Merritt agent Fitzgibbon. Bourges jan39. R Ell a 8pxag v a importer and dealer in pore Iok and Domestic nerd waste a. 97 Pearl and. 93 Stone Street few York. Aaron l. Bid. Febl9. Jqseph a. Sprotte. Jos. W. Rice still continues the business House and sign painting imitations Woods a. At his old stand Market Street next door to . N. D. Labadie s. He Hopes by proper attention to his business to Merit and continue to receive his share Public patronage. Fifels improved Winter strained lard Oil a Superior article by hid gallon dec4 a Frederich & co. New goods March 1, 1859. S to a Jav g o o d s. Molasses. 47 barrels for Sale by Marl. Frederich & c Agur Frulan establish me Imti Post office Bari Uig Post office St. Galveston. A yrs. S. R. P. John has fitted no Ihu office Bui Kiing in no the Post a. Handsome style Baa haying a Superior arrangement Light 9 m Ano a i every other facility she will be Bjk to furnish Daeumer Notye likenesses equal in accuracy and effect to any other a Stahlin Hon the South. Mrs. John has availed herself id . Bickel an expert need attest in and confident giving entire satisfaction to All �5 11 lir u Kyj u o., Aboy Spedale Hals. Boys China Pearl wide up r1""?, a awakes miss China Pearl bound Binns boys t3. 69 at gentlemen Are respectfully in jockey and Cadet cans ladies bloomers lady est to a a d. G. Mills. Stoja Naiwi tinware on band made 16orier. The latest Imp firoved Copper Stemb Teri made to order on Short notice. N. B. I All work done As cheap As at foe m rat i iv36niw-� t cargo big "8. N. Horton a nov Landing front for Safe m i 1 mail  c. W. Adams & cd l tw1 Hec trived per Louisiana. J my kegs Leaf lard 6 bbl extra lard 1 6 tasks Claret 20 casks Cora .25, barrels old Aion
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