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Semi-Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - May 10, 1852, Galveston, Texas W % 8m11 five Ita abide by them sustain Tadj . Cease " for the fours to the Intelli of he ample under the Octaf. Int fam Jacv Mth Jota Al Ron 1� s. 1k we Ekiyo Semi weekly journal will be Effie a mjg a no of a a at veil u apolitical pap6fi kid a will be the constant Effort of the prof is ural make it acceptable to All clawed. To from All pasts of our Coon try an4h Der nations will be Given upon the arrival a a steamers with All matters of local Ftfe Fajt we shall keep oar readers " parted of 9ft�pa# Fobig on among the politicians of die won and what is important Fiton Congress this great Ialy of of main Street a of the us a s8g Bales Coati Tipp Houston Djay Atli 1809 or. J Daog aarabed the be tag to Ord Stewart of Patk county was matted Toise chair and e. liar co a it Iet by. J a Cotton were revived a of Toee Dallast jt.8 Stafford . And the Daffy Jhan rat meting re of cafe Ali pm i within ten milk. Of the City on the conning the follow Gene Aacen warring my i Houston 1gq Yok of Catt a our arrival and a Wes a in spaced Fobb Tzib the earliest and most reliable re pm Jug a and kits Domestic and foreign and shipping intelligence to journal labors Lor the whig party and has & tight to expect the support and patronage of real whigs if not of National and conservative Deal a crafts. We shall improve the journal from time to Lime just in proportion As this patronage is extended. Sat a weekly journal published monday s and 1 thursday s at 85 per annul affording Superior a. Vantages to advertisers wet try journal published every Friday Mora ing at s3 50 per annul Ana leaves for the it Elerior of the state on the Day that it is issued. To dubs of five or More we will make a deducts m of Twenty per cent. From the above rates it p tiding Advance. Subscriptions from individuals a cd clubs Are respectfully solicited. We so to Faffle cd a a a or Ruiru in w. Cherry proprietor and publisher. T it country papers that copy his prospectus for h few times Wilhie entitled to receive the Semi Wrig a of Galveston Andt. J. All in of Williamson were chosen vice presidents and e. A Davis of Harris was chosen Secretary. The chairman appointed the following committees i committee on nominations a. Go. Co her Montgomery William Mcmillan Hailu j. V. Bates Grimes 8. Reynolds Bastrop j Edge f. M. Gibson fort Bend. Committee on resolutions a. Alexande h. H. Smith Galveston Chas. Stewart Harris j or. J l Irion Montgomery or. C Mcanelly Harris d. T. Chamberlain Bell g. D. Gay vont Gomery , Bastrop w. P. H try Travis. After a recess of half an hour the committee on resolutions reported the following which were con vent Ion. Mia resolved that we regard the Compromise Mea any person procuring Jive paying subscribers to the journal Skali receive one copy Gratis. Monday May to. I8�. For president Millard Fillmore. For vice president James c. Jones subject to the nomination of the whig National convention. Electors for the state at Large. Hon. John b. Ashe of Galveston. Hon. C. C. Mills of Harrison. District electors. Col. James Reily. Of Harri. Hon. J. W. Throckmorton of Collin. Fillmore and and wide we unfurl to the Breeze to Day Bur Banner with the names of Fillmore and Jones Ina Cricri thereon. It is unnecessary Lor us at this time to say More in commendation of the candidates of our Choice and thai of the recent state conventions than we have already said. Their names Are before the people names As " fan i a my a a ton i m Trenth to those who appreciate patriotic and enlarged statesmanship. President Fillmore " has been tried in the balance and not found the South he North the East the West can Trust him. Sectional influences nor the Blandishments of Power hive Ever tempted him from his integrity to he Union from a straight Forward conservative and National administration of the government. Under the guidance of such Standard bearers id t Chamberlain Bell sures of i tie Xxxi Congress As a final settlement of Lihe questions that have recently threatened i he Tranquility of the Union and that we the whigs of Western Texas will continue to give them our firm and unwavering support. Resolved that we claim in behalf of the state of Texas an exercise of the constitutional Power of toe Congress of the United states for the improvement of our Rivers and harbours arts for the construction of such internal improvements As Lizay both facilitate Commerce Between this and other states and Conduce to the Protection of oui Frontier. Resolvc6\ that we cordially approve of the patriotic Art eminently National administration of Miliar Fillmore and that we declare him our first choir the presidency of the United states subject to the decision of the whig National Convent Al the Coin Milter on nominations reported the following Hon. . Ashe of Galveston county elector for the state at Large. Col. Jas Reily of Harris count elector for the Western District. Dele a is to the National convention Hoh. J. B. Ash i col. J. Reily Albert Ball j. Dickenson. S. S Nichols Hon. Lewis a. Bryan report read and adopted. On to Jon of or. Ashe the Secretary was furnished a list of the names of delegates which were Roa to the meeting. T county delegations. Galestan a. L. Briggs a. Ball h. H. Smith s. Southwick w. Alexander j. B. Ashe s. 3. Nichols. Reynolds a. H. Hall. Ejli Timson col. T. J. Allen. Colorado of. Duncan. Trats a p Henry Geo w sinks. Mcluhan a Gregg. On notion of j v Bates a Central committee was a pointed by the chair consisting of or. J s Rob its chairman Harris h h Smith Sec a tary Galveston c s Brown Gonzales Hon. H Cla f Davis Starr e g Collier Montgomery Here tuesday night 4we Icord the a Tea Raer Star state lying at having arrived Here a of Day from the Moth of the Trinity where Ahe bad been detained a Mee her departure from Galveston Bjo Low water. We believe the people Are be or inf More and More satisfied every Day the u they Mart have railroads that no other one of transit eat be depended upon for Freig it pud peas opera the enormous freights a Mfd on Cotton provisions dec betide the difficulty of getting the necessaries of life a any Price the last few months have had a tendency to open the eyes of the planters and Farmers to their True interests. Col. Riley who returned from the Eastern part of the state last evening informs us of two tragic occurrences ust transpired at Crockett and Bastrop. It seems that two germans from Alabama one a pedlar with Liia trunk had been seen wending their Way together towards Crockett up the Trinity Road but the pedlar i coming up missing search was instituted Ard a portion of his body and one leg found dear the Village pedlar s Comrade was then seized by the citizens a rope placed about i Lis neck and swung up to the limb of a tree several times to elicit a confession but proving unsuccessful he was allowed to remain suspended Over night and was of course found dead he following morn ing. Eight georgians of their Way to the Western part of the Sta 6, having heard of the circumstance after they had left Nacogdoches and thinking it no sort of country for them became alarmed and returned Home in double Quick time at Bastrop the Mother of a Young girl who had been decoded from Rome by a fiend in human shape not succeeding in shooting his accomplice the first time she saw him met him again on sunday Las in the Street presented a pistol close to Hia breast and killed him instantly. The whigs of Westert Texas met in convention Here to Day a very Good it presen tation from different sections was present an electoral ticket was Nom dated delegates to the National convention elected and preliminary measures taken for a thorough organization of the party As will be seen by the proceedings of the convention in to Day s journal. Every thing passed off with much Harmony and enthusiasm.7 the resolutions were unanimously adopted. We learn that the convention at Tyler Eastern Texas was Well attended spirited resolutions passed and a determined disposition manifested to redeem that portion of the state from the misrule of Iocono Chism. The whig watch fires regard tothe Iofi mir8. Hup�0m8ii urn half past 6 o clock we struck a a Hole a the Side of our wet Bee Essary to throw Oyer fund now ?5 or Job sacks Aalt tenable Milij a was soon stopped by forcing bed and bedding into the Bole Suff Evje try to enable of to keep her nearly free from water through the night. 4 o clock the Captain is ready to Start for Liberty we have of the Frencht Tod Ahe a Sot leaking Al presen a fair Prospect of Naan Eckold expect. Opoka and flight a the hold damaged but very Little. Yours Respert Aljy h. H. Spencer clerk the steamship yacht arrived Here on thursday evening and proceeded on her Way to Brans Santiago the tame evening. The Steamer Star slate arrived from Houston saturday morning with 698 Bales Youon the largest Load Ever Broo Rbt from Houston. She is now owned by the Houston transportation company and with the Farmer wiil form a regular line hereafter a Ween this City and Houston. It would be difficult p find a line of better boats than these. They Ari admirably managed every thing on Board goes d f like clock work the tables Are with the fat of the land and the officer and attendants Are gentlemanly and the Star state with heir sociable High minted and whole souled com Mander must co flow a popular boat with those a. The Magnolia and Jack Hays Are Mill aground and the Buffalo from the Low stage of water has been unable to go up the Trinity. The Washington and Reliance Are holding on at Washington for a Rise in the Brazos to enable them to proceed up the River. These Rivers Are now dead Low and navigation in them May be considered suspended but the knowing ones those conversant with the " Veather office prophecy heavy and Long con to Rod Rains when the wind changes so As to drive Bank the Vapours which have been passing for a Long time into the Interior. We learn from the Nacogdoches chronicle that the Steamboat Frances Jones was lost on her Ute passage from new Orleans to Sabine pass. He was intended for the Sabine Trade  the steamship Mexico arrived Here yesterday Corning from new Orleans which place she Feu the 7th inst. Returned again to Day. Red River was falling at Shreveport on the with Ultimo. The 6azette learns that the Lake ism Low it is impossible for boats to reach Jeffer on. The Nacogdoches chronicle informs its readers that or. Peebles a gentleman formerly connected with steamboats in the older states is in that place Endea Vorin ? to make arrangements for the procurement of a boat of r t he Angelina River. He informs the chronicle that he has arranged with a Strong House in new Orleans to establish a line of steam vessel from there to Sabine pass to run in connection with his boat. The Snow stiu1ie soda a on the ground that i a the Ling is which was Felt at ton the $9th hit. Waa also a in Ted food governor fete has written a let fir to some cities of Pillad Phu Dedi Eizig to Frau the of of by name a a Cand Lafe for the vice presidency. A Large and enthusiast to Railroad meeting held at Monroe a. A coven too is to be held there on the 5th of july e is Baal washing Georrea prudent for mass upon what he a Jein Sre table authority that or a. O. P. Nicholson of Tennessee Hasa letter in his from general Cass containing by reasons for not voting for the fugitive slave Law. Re said he could not vote for such a Law without toe jury . Y. Evening pest. late account from i new York great anxiety was Felt for the Saf Sty of the steamship Washington from that port for Southampton and Bremen. By the Niagara we have a report that she bad not arrived at Southampton although 22 Days out. La the criminal court at Washington on the 28th olt the trial of or. John Baldwin charged with destroying certain papers filled in the state department was commenced. The Tariff the Washington correspondent of the k. Y. Journal of Commerce says " the committee of ways and Means a Kay a a errant memorials before them on the subject of a modification of the Tariff but have no intention of giving serious consideration to any. Project at this session. Uliey will not report any Bill on the subject. Per Tom Obi aug kit in. Bue opa new ship pad later news Cotton " that same old . Lewis cd co., on the strand have been annoyed additional by the str. Charleston courier has a dispatch which gives the following news received by the Niagara " the Arctic expedition sailed from Liverpool on the 15th. Lord John Russell is a candidate for the representation of Edinburgh. The steamship Washington had not arrived although 22 Days out. In France forty nine provincial newspapers had been suppressed. The russian Imperial almanac sets Down Henry v. As King of France and the compte de Paris As heir apparent. Two thousand petitions had been presented to Louis Napoleon asking for the establishment of an Imperial government. It is probable that the proclamation of the Empire will be made a the grand review which is to take place on the 10th of May. The belgian government forbids the estrange of persons exp ipod from France into their s35 the Washington correspondent of the _. New York courier and enquirer intimates , ejim., Wile s sister is sax that in Case Ciss shall fail in a nomination by1 the Baltimore convention his friends will exert their influence in that body to procure the nomination of Gen. Rusk of Texas. 8.-the Collin steam arrived bringing three 4ay Liverpool. Vance l-8d. The sales of Bentten for the three Days previous to the departure of the Pacific from Liverpool Arao unt de to 25, s middling 5d week s Salt so 69,900 Bales. Speculators took 13,000 mid exporters 6,500 Bales. Stock on hand 365.000 Bales. Flour has advanced 6d.-Corn is. Dearer other articles unchanged. Consols 99i. The general nets by ibis arrival is unimportant. New York May 6, 9 p. And Cotton Dull declined yesterday a sales 700 Bales. Cong Row a i in it t  Wahbi Noton a a 3.-the Senate to any passed a Bill granting a portion of the Public lands in Wisconsin to Aid in the construction of a Railroad from fort Sullie ? to june svelte or. Downs introduced a Bill granting a portion of the Public lands in Louw imia to Aid in the construction of a Railroad from free port to the Mississippi River. In the House the Senate Bill touching the French spoliation was read for the third time and was Laid Over. May 6.-House engaged in discussing joint Resolution to Prim 100,000 copies of the mechanical portion of Patent office report. Sen tote. Unimportant. Debating the deficiency Bill. Or. Clay is feeble but rested Well last Nigist. He is composed peaceful and resigned. Or. Rhett. U. S. Senator from South Carolina has resigned his seau a Baltimore May 4.-Chevalier Hulse Mann the austrian charge has left for Europe. He notified or. Webster and the foreign Diplomatist of his intention probably not to return. Otas Typlt an Meri Erby Mett cow math of 8bt7u Isaac to t a Jum arrival of the tems Matji Kacell w have brows title Pepere to the24tb of Tomt new interesting x i la a i. J Ali old Riff of 1845 m iwo see awl to Jib free in Matamoras the of Rilye Abib hed by the local author Latiea Solomon Van Renselaer a lungs the Winter and Spring by something at i 00. U. ,. I. ,. To died on the 23d ult. At his residence near Al nil rat. Ratum the covers of their sugar bar i _. Of. A.1 Bany of apoplexy in the 78th year of insane res knocking them on pawing Over the Sun " j Boston. May 5.-the Maine liquor Bill bus passed the House by Twenty Nix majority. Uci Nehal tvs. The literary person whom we mentioned from Syracuse with his to be Villiam h. Bur Leigh Temperance lecturer poet and anti slavery orator. Are kindled and we no have an Earnest pc but were Ana a q Mani who Dii Uiel of what the party can Aud will do from these ii two gatherings. News has just come in of another foul Mur we can fight with a right Good will trusting to their Fidelity and Wisdom knowing them to be True to themselves to the principles of their party and to the whole country. The with on Fiot Jojn a committee was appointed to Cor resp orld with the whigs of the Eastern District consisting of d. G. Wheeler and j. S. Stafford. Or. Roberts after making a few pointed and feeling remarks offered the following Resolution eng the trea Snobie isms and factions of which was unanimously adopted the Day can receive no countenance or sup retired that we View with profound regret port from these sentinels of Liberty whether the Date lining Light of the brightest Star in the they rear their Scarlet crests their hideous const Illarion of Antrican statesmen Henry forms in the shape of abolitionists or fire eat j Clay the Genius that for half a Century ill ers interventionists or filibusters. And while Imine brightest Hopes of american legislate shall continue to advocate the claims of to j now Bofto depart eave his a mor i i i u.  and his acts a glorious legacy to his country. A these gentlemen to the highest stations in c a i ,.  ,.  1 mrs Stewart offered the following Resolution Whill was adopted re \ lve4, that a committee of three be a gift psf a free people we equally pledge ��2rfves to the Hearty support of Daniel Ebster Gen. Scott John j. Crittenden or other Good whigs and True who May be nominated by the whig National convention provided always that we can be satisfied of their being right upon the Compromise and other Cardinal whig measures. Jj3" we would Call the attention of those interested to the communication of or. We. R. Smith collector of customs on the subject of buoys dec. We would suggest to those who May wish to apply to government for Aid in these matters that they do so before the regular appropriations made by Congress. The one million 17. 8. Bonds. We Are indebted to the politeness of p. D. Cordova esq., of the South Western Ameri can per hands of our neighbor of the civilian j for the following copy of the bids accepted by the comptroller for the one million u. S. Bonds offered for Sale by the state of Texas. S. M. Williams on $25,000 a 4 per cent Point re to prepare and publish an address to Drift whip. Voters of the Western District of this state setting Forth the principles of the whig a i a Alexander h. H. Smith and j. S. Roberts were appointed said committee. Or Ashe offered the following Resolution which was adopted rehired that this convention recommend to the a hings of the state the. Patronizing of the Gale Toston journal Marshall Patriot and All the other newspapers in the state Friendly to the principle advocated by this convention. Roberts moved that a committee of i Nanch Lvcy that we cordially approve of the appointment of the Hon c c Mills As one of the Premium exclusive of interest deliverable at Elt a of the state at Large and j w the Ock re. Morton As elector forthe Eastern District by the Galveston 15th May or before. Convy Pioh recently held at Tyler and will give $25,000 a 4 per cent Premium exclusive of interest deliverable on the 1st june 1852 with the priv Eledge of $50,000 payable on 15th of june 1852. S. M. Benson $100,000 a 2 per Cen t deliverable in Austin within thirty Days. Corcoran & Rigga $100,000 a $5 01 100,000 a 5 02 100,000 a 15 03 100,000 a 5 04 100.000 a 5 05 100,000 a 5 10 accepted at the above premiums on each $100, delivered in new York As Fallows $850,000 in 10 Days. 250.000 m 20 " Lopi poo a 30 a. The treasurer had already paid out nearly #600.000 before the first of May j St. Charles hotel n. grand and stately edifice is rapidly approaching completion. Ice Gen. Valentine Walker a prominent politician of Georgia lied in Richmon coun to in that Taie a few Days ago aged 73 year Kcf the be Ophy of Minnesota have accepted the Maine liquor Law Whiteb Fiat referred a Bem by the legislature. A _ them our Hearty support. Mrw Teler moved that this convention re Tomn Send the forming of clubs to promulgate the principles iof the whig party in every county and precinct in Western Texas motion carried. Moved and carried that the several whig papers in the state be respectfully requested to publish tfx a proceedings of this convention on motion the convention adjourned sine die. James Reily president. E. A. Davis Secretary. Jct in a letter written by senator Bor land and published in the Little Rock Gazette it is stated that Congress will Grant t6 the states of Arkansas lands for the building of two railroads one from Memphis to the South West and one from Helena to the Northwest part of the state. Or. Weed of the Albany journal in one of he Plata Fetler from Europe men Lions Havit a paid a visit to or. Powers the Uele Bra cd sculptor. He says that those that we have so Moch admired Are chiselled entirely by assistant. A the Jeo Iowa and labor of our great sculptor Are Zepe Odd on the code to alter Whiteb the Marble Ata Teji of �ae4�9d.i i v Der. Donald Smith an old gentleman and citizen of Bastrop who had acquired some Means aaa Santa be trader. A no a a sonar in Mexico started from Bastrop with his cattle dec for the purpose of settling on the Frontier some 40 Miles above Georgetown in Williamson county and camped out Over night near the latter place. The tent and contents were not Only found burned to ashes the next morning but Kcf tint portions of his limbs and body were discovered with the Scull broken in. It is supposed that he was murdered for his Money by a Young Man of suspicious character who was accompanying him to his place of destination but no traces have yet been had of his whereabouts though some two Hundred dollars raised by the citizens in that Vicinity to pay the expenses of bringing him to Justice. We Are stopping at the capital and a capital House it is too. Situated just far enough from the bustling part of the City to make it pleasant the rooms airy and spacious the colonel and those in his employ always attentive a table supplied with the Best the Market affords prepared in mrs. A s Best style must Ever secure for mine Host the patronage of those who have once been his guests. As an evidence of the great amount of business now doing in this City we forgot to mention that on monday night teamsters with 200 Yoke of oxen and 60 wagons camped out in one place about two Miles from the City. Of jct the april number of the masonic review published at Cincinnati is on our table. It is a very neat monthly and worthy of the patronage of the members of that order whose leading Star is. Philanthropy and whose principles inculcate an unceasing Devotion to the cause of virtue and terms one Dollar per annul. Little s living age is received and contains All the choicest matter of the foreign publications. Disc Lief. Or. Bone the present occupant of j organizing a new political party fee store having been troubled theime Way. A a of a foreign and Domestic intervention. Of a s visit to the South appears to have been very unsatisfactory. In the matter of a material Aid his treasurer will Bear Wilnes that it ranges at a very Low figure. He has therefore tarried but a very Short time in any Southern City. In Charles 7t. To j ton he arrived unheralded and departed with to Libere m some talk at Washington of of noise or this City it was not opposed to j n0vvn la it he had consecrated our soil by his tread until he was Hall Way to Washington. Intervention armed or otherwise is a dead thought he would try the Virtues of a steel j far As the town elections of trap who he placed in one of the barrels Millie have been heard irom ninety eight go j doughl9 we have to amerind , Creed most frequented by the unknown interloper j for the liquor Law seven Are divided and 29-suit this whig ire it that place during the prevalence cent disturbances on the Frontier Havia bet \ a a 1 i from the a of gentlemen of Rio Grande City from ii Nav the a event which my the a afro Tion of this article. For want of room Wear obliged to give Only the facts without any of the att Quant circumstances and Paryj Cioara. Seems that a or. Patten a Baioa. Texas formerly of & of Leaf few Grande City for the purpose of taking some Stock which Njaa being of into the Interior and slopped toe Tonata camb Ian gtd Pond called to i if by were encamped two mex Eane is Tab a a when or. P. Was asleep he wad set upon and his Gnu is beaten out by these Fellows for the Sake of his Money and to this Jef Leet having been give i by the i a party of citizens started out Iii Pursuit 1 one of the Fellows was taken. After a emr trial he was Hung by the citizens of Grande City in presence of the whole people nil concurring. A. Just before his execution he made other confessions from which a party started f eee Roma crossed the River and returned with the Ether fellow who had assisted at the murder or or. Patten. After the Aasa Lorma Hiest had been extended to him he Wale also Hung at that place. But the work not yet finished Justice was to be Damom de soothers a party started out and near 1 scene of the murder charged upon and 4dm six More of the villains who have been Mobe habit for a Long time of commit tiny depredations in the Vicinity. We stave neither space nor inclination to comment Pofi these events. Those abroad can know Noth ing of our situation and say that the who people concurred in the execution. Mexican irruption american settlers Delv Veu from flier Homes the House of or. A. V. Is Drandson a attached on Friday last while the inmate including himself and two or three other persons were totally unconscious of any danger upon going to the door or. Edmondson saw that the House was completely surrounded by mexican robbers who upon his a. Yearance commenced to fire upon his House., seizing his arms which were unfortunately not in condition for use he called upon the others to follow him. And made a Rush through the Liziie and succeeded in escaping unhurt. Many shots were fired after them but none took effect one Man however had three Ball holes through his shirt. Proceeding to a Range at some distance they obtained assistance but returned too late to effect their purpose. The place had been completely robbed of everything it contained All the household furniture provisions cloth intr Down to the smallest articles were carried across the River and All the Stock consisting of 22 horses Ana mutes driven off As they believe in the direction of Matamoros on the mexican Side of the River. A skirmish Dicross the River took place Between the parties and the robbers in derision said they had Only now commenced and in tend to Rob every american on the River and kill them if they could. They said that they were acting under the orders of general Ca Jar the Charleston papers state that the ,.notorious or. Hires was set at Large on the not Ore of your common coun-i.,., ,. ,. A Lible ult., under a writ of Hareas Corpus upon a hearing before the clerk of the court of common pleas. On a i Nitt to Iii Sturre Yoo Tonny morning or. Bone found Caugh by one of his paws one of the finest and most intelligent looking Coons imaginable try Coons but one with a sort of keen City bred air. It seems that his Coo ship having had Access by a cat Hole through the Back door All this time his been making hit sell familiar on Short acquaintance. Of course he has been living High but or. Bone having very politely presented him to us As vill be seen by the following note we Are now treating him with Plain diet in the rear of our of fice where he May be seen by those anxious to become acquainted with the veritable old gentleman who has so Long been laying Low for ducks not daring to show his hand in this benighted Region of Iocono Chism until the recent whig state conventions came off when he ventured to make his appearance As thousands of others will do previous to the coming presidential election. Galveston. May 10th. 1s52. Or. Editor with this allow me to present you with one of " them same old Coons caught in my store on the strand last saturday night. He is fond of Sweet things and a pretty smart old Coon but not quite As Sharp As a steel trap. Very respectfully a. Jno. Bone. Ocif Green Corn made its appearance in our Market three or four Days since. He the Star state Patriot has hoisted the names of Millard Fillmore and John a. Cri Tenden for the presidency and vice presidency. New Jersey whig learn that the whig state Antral committee of new Jersey have issued a Call for a state convention to meet in Trenton on the the Henderson Texas Flag has been21 aay of june re a the purpose of appointing considerably improved presenting a very respectable appearance. Success to Enterprise. Later from Picayune has received files of the Siglo diez y nerve to the 24th ult., being six Days later than our previous advices. There is no news of importance. Senor Larrainzar the new minister to the United states embarked at Vera Cruz in the Joshua Bragdon for Mobile on the 15th us. He had instructions in regard to a Complete settlement of the Tehuantepec difficulty of j which fact or. Letcher was informed by the government in reply to a very energetic note from him. A Steamboat a now Runn goo Lake Chalco. Whig movement in proceedings of whig meetings in Macon Green counties Alabama vindicate the commencement of the work of reorganization As distinguished from the maintenance of the Union party of that state. Shortest time n. O. Bulletin inform us that the Steamboat John p. Teed has made a remarkably fast trip from Aein Aati. She left that j Point on thursday delegates to the whig National convention at Baltimore Jer in in proposed to establish a new democratic paper in Washington to be filled voting America. Jct the Baltimore whig primary elections resulted in favor of or. Fillmore by an overwhelming majority. A def the Washington Republic announces that on wednesday following the nomination by the whig National convention the first number of a journal for the Campaign to be devoted to the support of the nominees of the convention for the presidency and vice presidency of the United states will be issued from that office. If a letter to the Jacksonville news says that the seminoles in Florida have consented to emigrate. The government offers Gen. Blake $530,000 to pay All necessary expenses. Railroad collision and loss or life. A Railroad collision took place near Detroit on the 21st inst., by which John Ashley was killed. Or. Church two Brothers named big Nell or. Just or g. Sanford and b. Wheeler were More or less injured. Executions in Massachusetts legislature have passed a Bill providing that criminals under sentence of death shall be imprisoned at hard labor in the state prison for one year previous to their execution. The new York opening of the n. York canals has already been announced but the business done so far has been Ifni de. Sales. And they tended shortly to attack and failure at the South and messes. Cass and Brownsville. Threats of this kind have to i been frequently made from persons Over the Way and it is said have in Many instances come Fram me Xii a officers. All the settlers on the River Are arming themselves. And intend to be prepared for future emergencies if they should arise. We understand that or. Al. Intends making a demand upon the authorities Over the by. In relation to this outrage. We do not believe this course Wilt have any effect. It is the general opinion that All those nests of robbers wiil have to be broken up before peace Audi Harmony will be restored. The same paper says that the mail rider from Brownsville was killed by Indian about 20 Miles from Laredo. 53" it is said that there Are thirteen California Gold mining companies in London with a capital of Over $7,000,000. The Richmond whig says " the democratic press Manifest great fear that the whigs wiil nominate general Scott. It they Don t take care they will Aid the very result they so much deprecate. Whigs seeing their adversaries so alarmed will conclude that the old hero is the Man Lor the occasion. A thing May be overdone fj3" the Detroit Baptist Herald says that Gen. Cass was invited some time ago while at Centreville mich., to rink. " no said the general  i never drank liquor nor used tobacco and i do not wish to begin at h3 a Bill has been introduced into Congress by or. Fayette Mchollin giving to members of Congress a salary of $1500 a year instead of the present allowance of a a Day. Convert to Bengal hur Karu states that Tien Tab the new Era-�3�. 1. . of China a a Christian having been half past 8 last evening thus making the run 4___ a a in 4 Day and 22 1-2 hours. She lost 10 Webster s Boston Post hours in discharging Way freight so that Ber learns that the first edition 6f or Webster s True running time was 4 Days 12 1-2 hours works just published in six volumes is already this is Quick Wcfc-j600 Miles m Lour Day entirely exhausted and that a see bad edition i Hals will Saab read for a livery. Domestic news. Nacogdoches chronicle informs us that the publication of the red land Herald has been suspended. It is not fully informed As to the causes of suspension. la Grange Monument has Learned from or. Smith sheriff of Starr county that Carvajal and Many of his follow Era Are now at Corpus Christi and that so soon As the fair is Over they intend making another demonstration on the mexican frontiers. Runaway Houston Telegraph has been informed by a gentleman who arrived there a few Days since from the Frontier that a Man named Davis was dangerously wounded a few weeks since by two runaway negroes at the deserted town of Kent above Waco Village. He was knotted Down by one of the negroes and beaten vib severely that he was senseless and left for dead. He afterwards recovered and i went to the nearest settlement eight Miles Distant and alarmed the inhabitants went in Pursuit of the negroes but could not find them. ________1. The Boston journal referring to the statement that Madame Kossuth has written a work on America which will shortly by a published in new York truly remarks a if she give a Fuh account of All the Tody Iolj which her husband was forced Toeodore in a York and some other pieces the work Wal be a Eun Russ sur address of the Southern whigs. We Puhl a this morning the address of a portion of the Southern whigs to their constituents and the country. From All comment on the course of the minority or the majority in the recent congressional caucus we have intentionally Nhgia Itice. We know that both were actuated Only by the most elevated sentiments of Public duty and patriotic attach Cut. We believe that both will at gome time be enabled so Lar to harmonize conflicting opinions As to act together id a common cause. Our own position in regard to the measures of adjustment was taken too Early and has been too distinctly and consistently maintained through times of greater doubt and darkness than the present to permit us to waver or hesitate a moment As to the propriety and necessity of insisting upon the recognition of the policy of the Compromise. This was the ground taken by president Fillmore in both he messages affirmed by the whig congressional caucus at the commencement of the present session and it is claimed to he the ground of every whig candidate for the presidency who is at All prominent before the Public. Washington Republic 29th ult. South run whig Washington Republic of the 29th ult. Publishes an address to the whigs of the United states by the seceding members of the late congressional caucus. Its signers Are messes. Brooke of Mississippi Morton and Cabell of Florida Moore and Landry of Louisiana h. Marshall of Kentucky Gentry and Williams of Tennessee outlaw and Clingman of North Carolina and James f. Strother of Virginia. It gives an account of the occurrences in caucus substantially the same As has been made Public from other sources and their reasons for retiring when the resolutions declaring the finality of the Compromise were ruled to be out of order. They to declare themselves pledged in Honor and consistency to support no Man for office unless he is known to be determined to support and execute the Compromise Laws. Fugitive slave Law and All and regarding the vote in caucus As a declaration by the meeting that the persons present remained uncommitted As to their own support of the measures of adjustment or that they refused to establish such a test of the qualification of the nominee of the nation Nal convention no for the signers but to withdraw from the meeting. They defend themselves against the charge of attempting to distract the party or to open afresh the slavery excitement on the contrary the affirm the necessity Lor quieting and the peace of the country and at the same time securing the Success of their party that it would declare adhesion to the Compromise otherwise it would not deserve Success that no party will have their support which does not make this profession of principle without reservation and in open . O. Picayune. A Vert French readers will remember that we gave an account the other Day of the trial and conviction of Robard. At Lyons for killing a Yong lady in the theatre in order that he might be executed. A singular circumstance which we did not mention was connected with the affair. He went to the theatre with the intention of killing some one and happened to sent himself just behind two Young ladies. For some time be was undecided which to select As his victim but finally chose the younger and prettier As being " nearer end More fit for the neglected Beauty on j learning the reason of he evoke was so profoundly affected at the sight that she refused Consolation would take no nourishment and " =. Finally ended her life by co mitting Toi Cudei fat. O. Picayune. The French Consul at Trieste has by order of his government it Neh Down the Escutcheon hearing the w ads Liberia legs Ite. Frat emite and replaced it with the Imperial eagle5 a the accounts from that Quarter says the Rio Bravo speak in the most gloomy and responding tone of the probability of Ever being relieved from the Scourge with which they Are so frequently Visi de. Most of the settlers have re crossed the River for Protection a a their Fields remain uncultivated. There is but one feeling on this subject upon the Rio Grande and that is. That an entire change in relation to Indian policy must be adopted by the. Government or the territory for which so much treasure and mood was shed will shortly revert Back to in original owners the red skins. Custom House. Galveston May 6th, 1852. It or. Editor As superintendent of lights buoys. A. On the coast of Texas i have heretofore depended for information on the pilots of the respective bars and the experienced captains of steamers and vessels constantly engaged in the Trade. There can be no better guide than that derived to those most interested in saving life and property and the captains and pilots Well know and will testify that at no time have they been refused the aids at my disposal Viz buoys beacons dec the Light houses of course being dependent on special acts of Cong res for tort time to Lime. The above has been suggested in part by the remarks in the Indianola bulletin intimating that the cause of the accidents on the Matagorda bar was the neglect to Supply it with the necessary buoys Etc. To Correct which erroneous impressions however the editor and the Public have Only to consult the pilots of Twenty years standing and the experienced and gent Lemandy captains employed h the navigation of Matagorda Bay who can have no other interest but in the truth and safety of All concerned. The pm Dpi object of this communication now it that through the journals i May elicit a Well a through other Means Correct Driaus As to the requirements of every bar and every Bays Texas. Prompt and pressing represent too of the same shall be made to the proper department at Washington and no exertion shit be wanting 00 my part to ensure Soeles to every application for useful and Prsa Tizabi aids to our navigation. Us we. R. Smith %. Id Lek Evv Ftp to i Glitto eve a Sam we Are authorised to a Maeo a h. Do As candidate Forth of oof of Brut att so Cut aug Tut Kwitt. 5 we a re authorised to sumo Ike a m Rao a a candidate for the office of 8betia next yoga selection. We Are authorized to announce Etc Senigal As a candidate far Dirik Abr the first judicial District i r we Are authorized to a atme Johw eds candidate for the off Ceef Sherf at 1 " election. A it a Safe 4.11-400,000 feet Mobile Lambet Oai bark Maine a Starr std �y0 sap Foed a
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