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Semi-Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - May 10, 1852, Galveston, Texas 1rby. Mocq so. A Pam a the time of i we Al months and i if moment be delayed until a fee r a a month Saba Etc a Titi discontinued Amii Alt Arreter prepaid. Copies if i a for at ode time will be sent to tar ofte Post office for Twenty dollars a fear. Bae ricers May remit Money by mail a one if enclosed in a presence of the Post Massat masters an authorized to act a agents Atal deduct 10 per cent on moneys they remit. Ift a letters Mast be prepaid. Call transient advertisements must be paid Florat the ii Roe their insertion is ordered. I political. Get. Cabs and his biography of Gen. Caas published at Detroit liar you seem animated by this Fine autumn scene Ray dear Annie said ?id a of never alms be Rndt Dutill t be your wife,1 land Rieg be her of been recently announced the new York j hint kiss that Jemima vowed she thought ebbing Post thus Speaks of the subject of Jtj a Mehi y had hit against the barn dope with of the prominent candidates of its party j lrf1 o a we k a Stich f noise. For tie next presidency a. Jul the work of or. Young makes its a Pedra cent Detroit. of or. Cass a rfcs none i will be regarded by his friends a Wothe Tiric. It h the biography of a Man of Antu Uble temper hut flexible purposes Eft thinly anxious observer o Public opinion Long versed in Public affairs. But. Perhaps Loo Mathot a politician to be a perfectly Euc Cees Folk epitome or. Buchanan s characteristic from another democratic source is in no degree More flattering. Or. Marshall of the House of representatives in it a clout speech in that body thus spoke by charged extra Lover. Annie Willii. Or be he editor of the Boston carpet bag a neither. Under the Maine Law a Man wallowed of Wear his Arm in a Sling to make merry Over the London punch to sell soap in fears to Commir Neate with the rapping spirits to and Minmier a drop of comport to a suffering Friend to punch his neighbor s head to Purchase horned beef to tap is enemy s Claret to cat rum cherries or to beat the spirit stirring drum ? a late philosopher says that if any thing will make a woman swear it is looking Lor her night a Aldow a a Frej a an a i Jovito make Mineral rain wafer through a barrel of rust hails then duty of fee when we consider that the Niener Webr Psi aug railroads Are in certainly Witbro the hands of the people of Texas we Are surprised at our own Supin eness. Tie conductors of the Public press have More facilities for watching the signs of the times Han others and it is their duty of enlighten the masses to a Liberal policy of the Hetaler to arouse a spirit which will cause the congregated Wisdom who shall next represent ahem to feel themselves instructed to giver votes which shall bring the greatest Good to the greatest number. Such a spirit every Whf re exists in the Community it Only Neecy re in Stone bottles and Label it. A to injure or. Buchanan because i really do a at,0 Conj of a lire incr elea pipe filled not think he is in the race. Laughter ii any i Wilh brr id was a Short time since snipped part of the democratic parly were trying info Portland hut it came Back again in a Day of or. to right or two wow. The language out of von blow by attempting to mount up of tha prostrate bodies of All the Best men in the in swell a conflict or. Buchanan would escape is not being Worth the killing. F of the South. Pitt. This was probably the " mortal Coil that Hamlet wanted to shuffle apology this is the last science of which we remember to have rend. But we perceive by he january number of the London in Una the natural allies of the South. Itterly review that a or. Edwin Warwick has the Agosia a chronicle thro Nuh a writ Weir a Book on " Nosology or the science correspondent a. Some remarks so pert Sentif no according to this author the 1. 1 i human Tisoc is the Strait racial sign Post which to Thia matter that we sub join them. _ after spoil Jug ,0 Rhor Clort and we have Only to Ibl alluding to rant ups speech so fur As it con in our noses to he on the right Road. Cerns Hallett. And the resolutions Given by the he classifies them according to their Prin Richmond Lvi. The writer says no in Elj and r.un8,pan.lel9 be we i a tonal noses and National manners we apprehend that this will prove n science of Ireat delicacy if not Dir Mculty. For the human nose is generally a rather delicate subject to be handled. He no can colors be called fast which Are warranted not to run tour nets ire floating while As the girl sail id heir ribbons. Marv. My said a not Verv attentive shall  from this it will he seen not Only what sort of a Man this or. Ramon is. Hut also Ofha Storl of a Man or. Hallett is. Who Schair Inan of the committee who called ii Baltimore convention. It was expected by some of the Jire eating gentlemen of last year that or. Rantoul. For the Sake of Harmony would have modified his opinions to some extent. But it seems Leaf this Yankee Ohst Iiley is stronger than tie in snut Jern chivalry for h spoke with the same boldness that he did Lani Spring when he Rol unheard in the Cas of the ims baud to his wife at the dinner fable runaway slave  Sims who was Tuat i i s iry Frt is Potts to is Xor ii and Smth. Willei Ihlen. The attorney general has Many friends in Kentucky who would Topee i Iii nominated liar the presidency or at least Many i kids who won i he to show him Oliai Kent eke would rejoice to see him nominated or int High office. We Are told by the Frankfort Commonwealth that a i number of or. Crittenden s friends wished 1 thie Lale Kentucky state convention to present o Liep. L de to the meetings go a and shout Whene or i pleased and when election times come on. L de sneeze when others sneezed. I a put some Cotton in my ears fill my head with sap l de shout Lor Windy orators. And rap when others Scank waiting of a railway. Mia Stout Man smoking and pumped Rule smoking strictly his name for the presidency. Or. C. Wrote to a Friend a private Ejier. Requesting that thin should not a done Ami in Flint letter Prtt cd his pro Fenny for or. . Of ,.1. Be conc Lusi oth of the convention we need not repeal were entirely without dissent and perfectly ii Nanilou a for or. Fillmore. They do Honor to k. Kit son As m r. Tucky. Who. With Steh a go Way no facial. Jii i Hill t.-. R Chai had better not smoke sir inn err. That s what my friends j huh icing you must t smoke sir i flr/vr.-"so my Dix Tor tells itt in attn you Shan t smoke. I in tra pains will be spared to cause the pupils to Advance As thoroughly add rapidly As possible. The school is designed to be permanent it the patronage is Sutiri Cint to warrant it. Any Branch of science usually taught in preparatory schools and colleges to ill be taught in this school As occasion May require. To hts rooms selected Are Hose about to be vacated by or. Mccullough s school being the most convenient and comfortable that can be obtained in the City. The school will commence operations on the first monday in february and continue throughout the term of five . Rates of Tulion per session spelling Reading. Writing first lessons in geography and arithmetic .----$10 00 English grammar. Geography arithmetic. Writing and . 15 00 rhetoric. Logic physiology. Geology mineralogy. Political be ostomy amoral and intellectual philosophy. 20 00 latin and greek languages and the higher branches of mathematics. 25 00 Tii Tiou fees will be required regularly at the end of each month. Isaac Naylor. Re be reuses l. Sherwood. It. H. Conoard w. . J. S. Sonoh. Glib is ton a in. I 3 t�.v3. Of be a a q o d sat received from n. York by j. J. Fri Lcy. Tell Lilly present Stock which is the largest Ever Liberty consists of dry goods. hardware crockery a required for family and Plantation use. The whole of which has been selected with j great care expressly for this Market under the personal attention of or. Fames Wrigley. Who Lias just returned from the North and they now flatter items Civ shut they be prepared to furnish the citizens of Liberty and he joining counties on As favourable terms As goals can 1 be had in any Market in Texas. Fair Vilii an i Plantation a a icings of every kind l will always be kept on hand and Lew Sale at very j Low prices. Re country produce in payment for 1 1 Liberty. Oct. 1, i it kxcui3 fur bad bit mad. Anew article introduced to the Public which is War fitted when used with i a Ood Flonoi to make Light West and Cou sequent Jle riot pious bread. L v the use of i a Johnson s i i Neal liitle yeast powder you Enn avoid tin consumption of a Large Quantity of impure vegetable matter whirls is contained in brew i or s East or hop East such As Chalk ble dust and Baa a my other in entities not in Cess nov to Lii Enn on. Iso ingredient is used in tin no thu feature of this yeast which is not pure and As if is manuf curved on chemical principles if will not fail bread of every description to wit loaves Rolls biscuits buckwheat cakes pie crust puddings pot pics dumplings and in Short every variety of bread or a try. It is equally adapted to com bread or Indian cake also to every variety of Pound cake sponge cake or Sweet bread. This yeast f Owci i particularly recommended for sea voyages As it will keep i u any climate. It is Pat up in half Pound tin cans sealed air Light w Ith 3ireciions, a. Tie extreme Low Price at which to is a horde and the in Reid is of its operation makes it the cheapest article now in use. Which will justify the proprietors of All Public House owner of vessels and steam boats. To Purchase this Artic. By the Quantity. A Liberal discount will be mate where it is ordered by the dozen. Prepared and sold Only by or. T. P. Johnson. Feb2 apothecaries Hall. Git cers.&coini0rmerchants of e a 1. S Tea 1 s Tea Coffee sprees to Oreca Fly Kan wines liquors oils pickles soap search can Dies Etc., Etc. All Kii is of Staple and fancy groceries sulphate Clui nine by the cases ind1 Staple drugs and Chepa ical March 18-Ly.w. To Texas Midi for Sale in u a in. To suit Coffee Bacon Wei a tobacco sugar flour raisins. Butler fees i Tea Segars. Brandy. Molasses Pham Rugne Tarch. Soap Cincinnati Star candles Vermicelli Macaroni Job codfish Mackerel Claret a. A a sundries by we. Corbel commission merch Dit and marl8-gxa.vr. 19poyjira8 is. Loo Camp Street importers and rat. Limit its., n. O. Aps-wem.-. Jl1. F. F to Cielur & co., no. 17 Nep levee 32  34 us. New Orle ans. Ilar Dutre cutlery Iron steel if alls. Castings chains Anchor carnage axes hoes Mill stones grind 8tones, paint a a la oakum tar. Pitch Glass Magazine St., Orleans. Where May be had an exle Tisie assortment of bathing apparatus consisting of the celebrated per Ryan Baths also bathing tubs showering pans foot. Baths hip Baths. Bathing cups. And a variety of Shower Baths. S Tower a jts repaired of Short notice. I a orders respectfully solicited from Texas Meichai to. Mar25-Ly-w. Ii. M. Rush a Ami l in foreign and Domestic liquors wines cordials Etc m=ir25-1 . 21 Girod St., avid . 8amuel Hannah co., commission and forwarding merchants 107 Street new Orleans. Ap5-wly. Joseph Turk Kraii Uusi vjwm9xr�rtf?  no. 8 St. Charles Street. New Orleans and no. 42 Maiden Lane nne York. Fa5w6ro. & Langsdorff wholesale grocers and importers of French wines brandies cordials Etc nos. 11, 13 15 St. Louis St new Orleans agents for Langlet if co s preserved game and meats of St. Louis to. A5wly. John Devereux Copper tin and Sheet Iron manufacturer jvo.25 St. Ave Orleans. Stoves grates of ship cabooses of ail sizes and patterns put up to order. A goods for the country carefully packed. Ap5wy. A. Richard 4g Conti St., near Exchange Alky n. Orleans billiard table manufacturer As constantly on hand new and second handed billiard tables India rubber cushions Superior of a new system warranted to last 10 years Aai Over. Also an assortment of billiard articles such As billiard cloths balls cues Cue leather of like Bright Hopes through a so 8lo the Gallant lnm.\v. Nassau St. York. A g \ 1n s a a r cd Aini s b a r a 1x s a no. T l to a Zinc a my nut Oil aos. Cotton gins. He. House Powers $50. Flows $2. Cross bar Cable Chain and in i tvs. Sic has -fliimainck.i. tto.-,r .v.-.j. 1k by Ira 5 in no in Rojko at 7 cents Cotton a Sao s from 3d cants to 2o boots t rom a i t and i of o Ber goo is. All of which will be m ,1 at Abdul Kali the usual Price and than any other la us in the City. a. C. M. Has lec i 0 ca\.ii. San not avid Orleans. As constantly on bar la Large and Well be Ted Stock of season abbr dry goods and by great care in purchasing Ami Selling on the principle of  s iio/1 a fits and. Quirk Falls ii is enabled to undersell any other House in new Orleans. His Stock embraces All kinds of dress no is barges Taconet. Organ Dies. Lawns. Painted Linen Law is tissues grenadines Gingham. Plain. Plaid and Swiss Mulins Silks. Alpacas bomb Zines Etc. Points of All descriptions Etc. Etc. His Irish ladies a Are 6f his own importation Raa Nufa tured for him Elf and Are All even lie cheapest qualities guaranteed pure flax and will be sold at Power pries turn other houses ask for an inferior Art icle. The assortment of Linen go ills such As Liim Sii filings and Pillow casings. Table damask napkins. Towels Linen lawns is always Complete and cheap As Are also Bis embroideries and lace goods unders levs Chemise ties. Collars. Cuffs. Cape. Veils curtains. Edgings and insert mrs add lace Mantilla Elk Lai Itil As. Crape shawls at real bargains. Also. Parasols and fans of the latest styles cheap. Linen Cambric handkerchiefs Are always Low at this House and can generally be had from about Onk Dollar per dozen pure flax of the finest embroidered ones. Hosiery and Gloyis the assortment of these articles cannot be surpassed. Plantation goads Lowells. K Seys. Lineys. Stripes. Plaids negro blankets and a heavy Stock of Domestic goods such As sheeting shirting. Drills Cotto Nades. Denims ticks will All be sold Low for Cash or App rare a Citi acceptance. In fact Simpson will nol be undersold but will at All imps offer a full Stock of nearly All kinds of dry i ods from the commonest manufactures to the most delicate fabrics adapted to Jill a Bill through., and at prices guaranteed to be trom 15to 20 cent cheaper than he prices of any other establishment. To visitors to the Crescent cite Are respectfully invited to examine at Simpsons j0 canal Street mar25-1y,w new Orleans. It and take every advantage of the Market. Merchants. Planters. V Isi Turs hotel and steam boat proprietors pedlar and the Public generally should idiot hink of making their purchases until they Call and examine the goods at Kino s wholesale and retail establishment. To Iff one Price and no deviation for Cash or acceptances. Ap5-Wfim. Swedish he ave on leeches w Hani Arret Are constantly receiving fresh importations of healthy swedish and hungarian leeches which we will sell at the lowest Market Price wholesale and retail at Syme s drug and chemical store 91 canal Cor. Taroiu tact Street. Apa ally. N. Orleans. Notice the partnership existing under the name of Parry ainu John is Edisol Redby the election of the Rixter signed one of the members of the firm and the Public Are hereby notified that from this Day Forward said firm will not be responsible for any contract or business done or transacted in the name of the firm and notice is further Given that the Ufi signed will not consider the said firm or Himie a bound by any Sel pole pants of the business of said firm unless made Yth his approbation and consent. j�rcu29th, 185jl Morgan l. Parry. Pickles preserves a. Boxes by y peaches 50 boxes br1/ cherries " Brandy gages 50 " Fine be n syrup a assorted pack less a " 1 beetles Enish Mustard " a median olives Mackerel clams and Harburt  up r sauce 5 Bxs a sauce " Tomato and Walnut Catsup a ass d Essenam a s jams and jellies " cases sardines in Fondi fair now Landing per Brig crop till Iron Boston and for sate by 5t#r4 c. Dabis & co. -r-rr---1 100 30 10 50 5 5 5 10 10 5 5l#bo�dbwanted. In Jav a air of 9. M8si�ltt, steal estate and Bre mai6 Horatio i. Hewitt Piai o Porto and music store no 40 Campst Reh new Orleans a Pulju spec thu l by request the attention of the Public this Large and extensive assortment of music Ani musical instruments of All kinds and descriptions and also to his Well selected assortment of piano Fortes from the factories of the first makers in the United states and Europe among which Are to be found Thost cof a. Stodart co.,of new York Hall son. Of new York and Pleyel co., of Paris. The above instruments of the following kinds grand Semi grand Piccolo Piccolo oblique and Square Are of the most celebrated makers in the world combining All the late improvements May be had of the subscriber is every style of Case and of 6, 6i, 6i, 6 and 7 octaves. They Jill be sold at manufacturers prices. Musical merchandise of All kinds and m any quantify. Among others the subscriber keeps constantly on hand the largest and finest selection of accordions Ever brought to the Southern Market which Are a flared at the most reasonable rates. Guitars manufactured by William Hall of son from the most approved Spanish models. These instruments Are of the first class and warranted tip stand the climate. Maslia Deanjr years experience in the music business w the Northern cities As Well As new Orleans and is thoroughly acquainted with the minutest details of the business. His Stock is the Best selected tha has Ever been in the Southern Market and his facilities re such that be will always Havo on hand a selected Stock of ally ads of musical lnstrinenitm6itbe latest and Thost fashionable music the Moi Cal Public Are aspect fail invited w Call Index Amine his Stock. Horatio d. Hewitt i b. A Tognini 11 co n to s treet 11 Between Charlres and levee streets keeps constantly on band a Stock of new and second hand billiard Tabije also All the game of billiards such As cloths balls cues Etc. India rubber cushions warranted 10 last Over five years. Superior for the precision of the. Ball. Also. Slate s billiard table Superior to the old one. Complete Keno game. Ten pin Alley balls and a new Rule for the four handed billiard game. N. , new invention billiard tables round and Oval Wither without pockets. These tables have been proclaimed Superior by the Best amateurs of Paris to any heretofore made. Persons wishing examine these tables will please Call at no. 5h2 common Street near the Verandah hotel at or. Lucus Orlick s. A vol v. A ver1tble Salamander. New York dec. 20, 1851. Messes. Stearns if Marvin successors to c. Rich if co. No 14g water Street new York -. Sirs when the fire was consuming my place of business no. 21g Pearl Street i was absent in Ren Isdaer county testing a new cleaning Apa Ratus in connection with my Excelsior Thresher and did Hothead the account until 1 was fearful it was too late to save my books which were placed in one of your safes purchased from or. Marvin some years ago. My fears were not allayed when i found it necessary upon Ray return to apply c rot on water 40 hours before 1 was enabled to commence operations after which it required 51 hours of labor and application of water to raise the Salamander from its Ashy bed. Yon May judge of my anxiety during this delay and my agreeable Surprise upon opening the Safe in the presence of a number of gentlemen to find my books and papers saved and As legible As they were previous to the fire. The intense heal to which toe Safe was subjected can be conjectured from the condition of another Safe not a Salamander of which an Iron Skeleton Frame Only remained and no Vestage of a Book. They were companions in the same office on the second floor from which they fell upon crates of earthenware in the cellar the ruined Safe upon the Salamander. If their position had been reversed not even the Skeleton would have remained. My loss Over the insurance is $1,900, yet the salvation of my books in your Salamander with the representative of upwards of $100,000, and important documents which could not be duplicated has fully compensated me. It will afford me great pleasure to exhibit the new Safe purchased of you and explain its merits at my present office no 251 Pearl Street where i shall remain until the new building no. 216, is erected. Yours respectfully Joseph g. Gilbert. Rice Tchop Toulas St., n. Orleans the boarding department of the above 4f & establish i it having lately come iffy management of the undersigned Aua greatly enlarged is now prepared to accommodate travellers in a style not surpassed by any in the City. The House is situated near the Texas steamship Landing also Coo vecient to the business part of and is under the Best of management. The undersigned respectfully solicits the continuance of the Liberal patronage heretofore bestowed upon the House. P. A. Goldstein. souk Lake. W Jefferson county Texas. _ Juthe undersigned respectfully invite the attention of the Public to the above named watering place situated in Jefferson county Texas As one possessing very Superior medicinal Virtues and Well worthy the attention of those who Are afflicted with any of the usual maladies of the present Day. They have recently purchased and Are now improving the same for the reception of visitors the present season which will commence the 1st of june next. The proprietors will spare no pains nor avoid any expense that is necessary in making this one of the most deniable watering places now known either for the Ali listed or those wishing to spend a season of recreation in the country. Carriages will run to the Points of communication. Terms for boarders per month $25 00 " week Aih " " Day 1,25 of of no charge made to boarders Tot the use of the Waters. Binl Holland. Fit above table we intr pc adopted target for �4mtiatf�bk Wilch prove advantage eat in Shoaa particulars in old custom of publishers in Tiiu a. Greater number of Iliae Ritota to of Rulch is equivalent to j the Haw 8fth4h8 to aced will in itt Eftis rants Here Lifet Surasit Manhattan life. . 106 Broatis Tabi died under the new class capital of �t60.00& to stocks offers upon the Mutia Frindel to ii ii re.   of i 1st. The lives of Indira dual lot one or a Ojo like arson for life.   a a a i t 2nd. For joint lives the a Moaitt pair jail it the death of either. 3rd. Against Accident by 1 Mel it of Kang or Short journeys. 14th. To insure the payment of a certain Satt at a future Perrod by the payment of it a Aall annual Prem Urai in assured re Mil causes Tot Ariit pipe in All the profits of the company. Payment of premiums arranged to accommodate Rae assured. Board of directors mind Van sch ick David Aust it j Caleb s. Woodhull Ambrose c. Fit gland Edivina d. Morgan Enoch Dean i , Nath l g. Radlow d. Henry Haight Edwin a a Winiy i a. J. Anderson Eleazer per my used. Phelps7 j As. C Baldwin Wos strap go Denton pea shall Edward Haight we. J. Valentine Humphrey Phelphs John s. Larris George Hastings Silas. Herring John p. Ware Dan l Bournett George Webb John a. Merritt Henery Stokes a Jas. Van Norden . Mills jr., a. A. Alvord. Alonza . President c. Y. , Secretary.  . Reynolds & Shack attorney Law counsel. Abeam die is. M. D., medical examine at the Otince from 2 to 3 o clock daily re Parker m. D., consulting a heft a Simian. E. P. Hunt Galveston december 17,1850.  . Fikani in Holland Freeman & co. Alex. So ar8, m. 1. S sour Lake. May nth 1sh51. Ma2. A the Victori. Advocate. Austin state Gazette Houston Beacon and Telegraph the Tyler Telegraph will publish till forbid and Send copies to sour Lake. Jefferson county. Insurance. Against accidents and accident4 Al deaths. The Matia Hatten life insurance company Tonew York with Cash capital of one Hundred thousand dollars i addition to the amount received for insurance is also especially empowered by its charter to insure persons against Accident or violence. The following Are amongst Many others some of the causes from which death by Accident May occur Viz Palmetto House trem0nt Street Galveston. This Well known and popular hotel having recently been enlarged and repaired is now in Complete order to accommodate boarders and the travelling Community. The proprietor pledges himself that nothing shall be Pauli Tigon his part it one of the most popular hotels in Texas novo e. Blakeman proprietor. N. Porter is always ready on the arrival of boats to convey Basr Gage to and from the House pious Toni Texas this Well known hotel situated in the most healthy wart of the City has in Cert our a thorough repair. To Nafei a bedrooms 1ioti"tgrjn%t? Seq thai Tatj imy it Vlf. Stat for Comfort both in Winter and summer. Their is no bar in the House but a Well furnished one is convenient. I have employed a Cook unsurpassed by any. A Well furnished and attended stable with plenty of Cistern water is attached to the premises. An omnibus will be always ready to convey Gustt m is to and from the bum free of charge. I feel Gratful to the Public Tor their Liberal patronage and to my friends fur their indulgent kindness manifested in hiding me to keep up a Good House. 1 am determined if possible to Merit that patronage and that kindness by keeping As Good a House As any in Well kept houses the timeout and Palmetto not excepted. Passengers will be taken by the stages As readily from this House As any in the City and their seats will be secured Tor them without Hen Drance or delay. Fare .el25 per Dav. F. B. J. Hadley Mart a Dpi of a 30th december 1851. New importation of liquors and Segars by b. The Ron san dial House Galveston. "1 a casks and bbl. Cognac from 50c. To 1 u 3-1 per Gailon 12 000 sugars from $15 to �-75 per thousand. 5 boxes in Raco 2 boxes Vermuth d Turin 2 boxes Swiss a Synie 12 baskets Annisette de Bordeaux 5 boxes Guigno Lei d smgers 5 do Cherry Bounce % baskets Champaigne wine from most & Chandon 2 boxes assorted French syrups 5 casks Claret 50 boxes do., from $2 50 to $8 per Box 10.000 Claret corks 600 bottles Claret at is per dozen White wine at $1 50 per dozen Jamaica and Santa Cruz rum Brandy cherries currants fruits port and Madeira wines a id All sorts of liquors. Cordials and Segars at wholesale and retail. Come and see a Wany orders from the country will be prompt a  fled. -c2� by Falls of Earth or or or materials Falls from buildings and other Falls. Suffocation scalds Burns j lightning i i murder bites of animals & reptiles. Byg i shot and other wounds horses couches carriages wagons carts railways Shipwreck. Machinery assassination drowning explosion manslaughter rates of insurance. Against accidental death without regard to age sex or health 1st. The first class comprises professional men land private gentlemen Farmers clerks shopkeepers and tradesmen and All females engaged in the usual household occupations. Allot this class will be insured at the a a a rates of insurance against accidental injury Ait persons travelling by rauroadshnko1 boats Etc. Etc. _ in All persons travelling by land or water insured against injury by Accident or accidental death for any term of time at rates averaging Lesa Titan one cent per hour. Terms i cents. For Tidas wholesale & retail. Grocery establishment at Leon a. county. Matthew Taylor respectfully informs the citizens of Leon and surrounding counties that he offers for Sale a very extensive As son ment of groceries liquors hardware a consisting of flour Coffee teas Suga. Molasses Salt Brandy whiskey wines cast Ings and a variety of articles suitable for planar ton purposes All of which will be sold Low for Cash or country produce. Mr7vi of. General Agency the firm of Webb. Duval & co., Austin and Ayers Webb & co. Galveston having been dissolved some time since by Mutual consent the business is continued by David Ayers in the cily of Galveston. He will Purchase and Eli negroes and real estate Purchase sell and locate land claims examine and quiet land titles procure patents and other documents necessary to perfect titles to lands pay taxes on lands and redeem lands sold for collect and secure foreign and Domestic debts in any part of the state of Texas and attend to All business pertaining to a general Agency. He Lefers to the at tories and business men of the City of Galveston and to Pierson & Jennings. Broadway v. A. S. Barnes & co., John Street \ All communications addressed to David areas Galveston pre paid will be promptly attended to. Galveston. January 22. 1852. So Way. For 6 hours 12 hours 24 hours 2 Days .1 Days 4 Days 5 Days 12 cents. 25 cents-30 cents. 40 cents. 50 cents. 00 cents. 7 Days 10 Days 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days Pap conditions. In the event of an Accident by which the Holder of a policy my t e injured one of the following sums will be allowed and paid Viz for an nig try that shall detain the insured ten flays from i j or her Ordinary business one Hundred dollars or to an injury that shall be so severe Asta Tain the insured for thirty rays two Hundred Lars. Or if death results therefrom As an ii Diate consequence five Hundred dollars rent will be made within thirty Days after i and Propf Are Given to the company. Travel policies Are issued to operatives on roads and steamboats on terms stated in thes a. When an Accident happens immediate Raof Kef must lie Given to the company by mail. This company is now prepared to Issue risks tto persons in Texas on More Faro Rabic Cowitt Tefr tfx. Than any other company extant which the Fli. Lie will at once see upon examination Otto great advantages offered to the insured i become members and participate in Utler the Brotsos with yet personal responsibility. Pampa Mia of. Gether with All other information incident to my subject will be obtained by application it a e. P. Agneil Galveston feb. 20,1851. A a lost the Hea Dright of Jno. A Seymour issued by the Board of land commissioners in Fayette county no. 37, Date not recollected if not found within sixty Days. I will duplicate. Lebag j. L. Flour-77 bbl. Superfine St. Look t of new wheat received per a Fuselle and a Lent of vehicles Ever a Chili a & forsake Larby Jno. Berlocher. I i Afy rep Story will be further Muel no fall and be constantly applied building mat muts Mon Eit Frost useful and Desi Rahfie article Al Thomaston Lime 200 bbl Rosendale new a Tatj or ment 20 bbl. Plaster of Paris 200 bushels Plaa Teton to tar Jih store and Sale car a at prices by a Sapis l. Frosh. Hjtr.4bale�latvdfag frombr1a 5wl forsake by Apps a r08h Carriage repository i Irene Large and splendid omnibus for 14 Tjada singers i do Rockaway coack4aetua 3iare fight stages leather tops. 2 Fine family carriages do 5 do Rockaway do 4 do Barouchas do 3 do Carryall do 2 do wagons do a 3 and Light Wagon,.wltbout tops Leali 4. Elk Trajner Prince Albert and fancy 8 is Fine buggies leather tops one and of Vatious styles qualities and Price. Sales will be made for Cas Uipi if red from the North and Long a Edt Ogi season for satisfactory payer.,. Eri solicited and promptly filled tip manufactories by Bot Lilia m
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