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Semi-Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - March 22, 1852, Galveston, Texas Walton a found and he Niton Birdsa then and few ill wet g w Wilzba fill Oodward was the Organ i m Gentry 3 Ham Iran. A to Prait croon atari lady c l h co flee Glim Thornton by Collier jux Lynch Irsora Avhad w Han a Oroon Brown c Moore. G Dearborn Bej Antoo. 1.kb Walt troja sell we Hance Hora in Ham j Connelly. He w hallmark Capi x Montgomery j Dunbar. I a1 e in this City on the inst. Shaw my car of Mackerel. Eye. Lot a�oi1-. Package s Mac Ken i Iso do. Do Salmon 50 boxes codfish 20 Box herring now Landing from bark Trinity from and for Sale by mar22 c. W. Adams co1 e Kitaman 4 co e w Elliott to f flak Geo Ball Carroll mar from Brazos a d g Mills a will Hill co. I Paa Reneera. P negroes. S Canler Brazos from the Trinity-12 Passen or and 3 negroes. Spanur Sar Sale-�3hpas-sen is s -ai4er Farmer from h. T 7 Orleans March a by St. A Alo Buan. C. W. Newton. O. Morgan & co. Commission merchants and l a Era in we tera produce no is Poydras Street new Orleans. A keeps Cost aptly  a Cdr pour whiskey a Havana sugar. Molasses Cohoe cigars a March la a a to w. him p. Conk . U. Converse covers & co., is ii.�c3 .3e3 Jek. Feb 9 97 to a tit Tutas Corner it a tue is n. O fans. March 18-Ly. Corson &. Armstrong stationers printers and Blank Book manufacturers a a. 59 Camp Street new Orleans. Match . Bila i per few Lurdi Silav a it to Bathe is also daily Leet More making oar Yard a a be and for Sale Low by Maris i a Forl Texas scrip wasted Feror ca8u. 1st Clasa scrip aadiledan4 scaled a n a a 34 a.  a. A with also Purchase 8 and 10. Bed Back Money and other Cla i not audited. P. G. " Maris real estate and p. draft Korea and cent i Bonds audited or to broker go tidied. Fed in of mtg foods in Toaloa Tage and to to Marchese and Sale of Embs la s rights in Auy state Lott be Union \ p. Tentk�1paiti o Cam Forgala land title a Tea Keohi bag a a loth%g.s8itprejhnecoqrtoa a Ppel a. _j3f prepaid addressed to wig in thew 5, Corr of place. Capitol Hill j g4 will meet with prompt Atten Tion. Marl ios be Galveston phice4 current. We Annex prices of leading articles fix i adamantine will do All in Bis own to Ier t he trip age a j Forn Bustier Hie to . Tone u Ishaug Togoto Cali fornia from trans will Rind Lii Opportunity to cheaper and More expeditious than to go by Way of new odeans. The Price of Cal in passage is file at �10 00  " Steerage " 25 k persons wishing to Avail themselves of Thi four Ohio s. F. St to Lis s. F. Extra. Hay. Us Tab i hides iry per la a salted a  Iron. Sue is per lbs it unit will Call at my Odice and regi Tvr then j ali1 Rajcan Kames where and inform vision maybe 15 1c 8 1g 12 42 25 "5 4 75 5 00 o 50 obtained. Mar22-lm Henily Hubbell. Titles Macl Ciel no. 1. Per bbl 3. For a at cottage containing five room Riih All ,new in barrel or ral buildings. of a. Situated in a pleasant part j la of the City. For particulars apply at the Fard in p it o fire try it. Mar�.k2 in p. R Keg. Rovi Sooim. Mess pork per bbl. N it Recei Vii per j. W Anion from n York ladies sup r Bon Fai French lace Bon Tats hair Blond. Lace and lace inserting Bonn a Blond and to Straw drab and Straw " gos Samiuel Anu of n lace " Black open lace and Tia misses pearls tin and Dunstable hats ladies  forsake by mat22 j. S. Vedder. Grapite am a l i c001 s o per Liate arrivals Tom n. 1 if temmies 3-4. 7-rt. 4 4 and 37 Meh by ticking apron Check Marino types cuito Nadi Sall kinds boots and Slio clothing Etc Flat Dwaine crockery and by Voo ii. Ware brooms he cat ing. For Mit by mar m Pink. Buton hams Plain Pir la. To. Canvassed " sides lard or la. Potatoes per bbl. It ice per llj., j sugar per la j Jin it. A tobacco manufactured per la. J whiskey Peters per Gal. J . . 1 6, i 10 50 h 50i i 6 50 25 3 50 17 00 its 50 19 00 a 50 i 11 14 j i�4 17 18 9 18 10j 15 45 30 90 5 25 5 50 to 75 1 50 i 4 6 5 4 11 00 9 7 00 28 4 00 trios. S. Eli Tau a co., commission merchants 01 is. Nie Orleans. A cuts Lor Sale of of kudu at the Low Price of 4ic. Per Pound also Abr sugar sugar House molasses and syr do. Marlh-3tn.sw. Co., Paul Tulane a shout 8�t.k establishment j no. Id Charlres Siree. New Orleans. Keep constantly of stand a Large and f Ull of fashionable clothing got up expressly Tor the Southern . Which we offer to merchants and planters Uji Liberal terms. I , Baldwin & co., _in_ar8- in. No tid Nassau St. N. York. To Texas Illiff chants. For Sale in lots to suit Offik Bacon , tobacco sugar. Flour raisins butter cheese Tea. Segars. I Brandy. Molasses. Champagne. Starch soap j Cincinnati Star candles. A sperm do., Mustard j Vermicelli Micaroni by cd what Olive Oil codfish. Mackerel Claret it. Hams. Lard and Sundri a i a we. Jewett. Commission m Rechanl w.u4esau grocer. I . 19 pm Lias St. N. Orleans. Save Yorr p. Preema3i & co., l4tk it Kukman. Hoots a co.  importers and jobbers 144 Broadway. I doors ill of Liberty Street new York have now on hand and will be receiving through the season Jav skirts Brown and Whit. Linen drilling i a i a the English and for Neh m Tino clue ii s Cluth Slack cords Black listing cloth Ete. My Stock being v. By g trial Lull i woul. Invite the attention of to Call an., sex j freights j Cotton of new York and Boston. A per la. I " Newin an Pep Bate. A Suharto new Yolk. Per Hhd Al. J a per Bill. 1.25. Mine Lor them Ives. M2j j. S. Vuk dlr. A v Slu i Money Mai feet corrected or Iii big p. G. Arritt real a Flat. J in. Pork j it casks Bacon 50 by h. Froh com Val -0d Clark n round an i Square matches White wine 20 do Elia win Slimy cheese Etc. Etc. For ale 1 w mar i j be Wiloch 10 Bil to boxes cite a toll new this hotel i now open Lor the reception of ladies and gentlemen. Baht Elf Hullum mar32-3m-sw Propri tors. Ferguson a. Elm Lvi commission merchants. And dealers in Western produce 81 t of Pitt Ulas s red mnr22- m a new . W in a. Sci 1 Idt Utoker in Coffee Surur Rice and Vav Stern produce a. 97 to Azinor Street n it Orleans. Strict attention paid to the per. Thaoe and Sale of the above and Olur Aili Eles. Mar. 23-Iim a. W s. K. M. Montu Emkhy. Ceo Uco Pikuta. R. M. Montgomery by ush Ier Rice h Lii. Is coils gum. Ii Powers. Grain to Nash a i Faniion i Lis , Straw i aim Coin St a i it cutlers , shovels. , of l g and Trace chains and breast Chain of yokes Road scrapers. Mai locks. Pick axes Buh and Brier Hooks Grain Cradle an i sey Tii s. Garieri and canal Barrows. Post augur s . Force and sue Tion pumps. Chaia and rotary pumps Hydraulic rams c Iron pipe Una screw joints Lor g is. Steam or Etc. Agricultural furn pcs Iron wire Reinig Fence Vire cast Iron bathing tubs cast Iron Vaes and chair Gar inti hoes Raks Fork Etc Field and roller. Pruning and h shears pruning saws an i civis is prom the pages of Blackwood aft r it has been issued by messes. Scott it co. So that subscribers to the. Reprint of that Magazine May always rely on having the earliest Reading e these fascinating tales. These reprints have now been in successful of ration in this country for Twenty years and thir circulation is constantly on the increase notwithstanding the Competition they in Touli r from am rican p Rio decals of a similar class and from numerous and magazines made up of selections from foreign p Rio Licals. This fact shows clearly the High estimation in which they Are held by the intelligent Reading Public and affords a guarantee that they Are established on a Linn basis and will be continued without interruption. Terms and premiums. S e list of Premium Bolme per annul for one of tote 4 reviews and i Prem vol. C 3 00 n a w a &&&9. Boys pedal hats. Boys China Pearl wi4e-Awakesmlas chm Pearl bomb mrs boys jockey and Cadet Caps Ludiea bloomers a diet Riding hats with feathers gentlemen leghorn gentlemen Black leghorn a Large assortment of panamas All grades for Sale by Marl j. S. Vedder. Kossuth hats Fec Black Casimi mor Kossuth hats Pearl Brash Kossuth Herts Brown Brash Kossuth has Black Brash Plain Kossuth bats Spanish Camp caches hats Cassimire sombreros Pearl Wool hats Black and drab beavers and various other styles. For Sale by mar4 j. S. Vedder. Late who it sold Ona is4dwn account res land Vlahas have 3. 400 ton above new and built and fitted up Speed had safety Are at one of the above i sunday and Friday Ebay new Orleans on so Dag Errian establishment. Old Post office building Post office Street Galveston. Mrs s. R. P. John has fitted top the Post office building in a handsome style and Superior arrangement of Light As Well also As every other facility she will be Able to furnish Daguerreotype likenesses equal in finish accuracy and effect to any other establishment in the South. Mrs. John has availed herself of the ail of or. Bickel an experienced artist and feels confident of giving entire satisfaction to All who patronize her Enterprise. La ii and gentlemen Are respectfully invited to Call and judge Tor themselves. Marl vinegar.-10 barrels vinegar Landing per Brig Choctaw and for Sale by mar4 c. W. Adams & co. Valuable sugar Laud for Sale. 21 of acts adjoining Gen. Hamil-9 1 Oion s Plantation on Oyster Creek. 150-acres of which Nas been cultivated. Oyster Creek is navigable As High up As this land and runs Din ally through this tract. 2,522 acres situated on the East Bank of the Brazos two Miles Beu w Columbia with a River front of three Miles. Titles indisputable. Febl9 David Ayres. The til received twos i Perior finished pianos from the manufactory of Hallet Davis do co. To Tou warranted in Good order and for Sale Low. And hews. Grover & co., jan22 furniture Ware rooms strand. Lost the headlight certificate for 320 acres of land issued on the 19th of March 1817, by the commissioners of Galveston county to Manuel Havana. No. 271 of 4th class. If not found within the time prescribed by Law i will apply for a duplicate of the same. A. F. James Jan 26-0w. Attorney for Manuel Ravana. Porter and ale.-5 Packes London Porter in quarts and pints 8 do. Scotch Al in quarts and pints now Landing per ship s. F Austin and for Sale by Marl c. W. Adams & co.  e. A. & c. B. Groot. Sash and door makers. Corner of Mechanic and Centre streets. Galveston. All the county will be promptly attended to on moderate terms. Mar8 to w cigars. 20 000 Havana cigars 5/-00 "  10 000  " 80 000 common " 30 000 Cuha Mies 40.000 Havana Che roots Ian ing and for Sab by Mart c. W. Adams & co. Having ibo Rejaian Dot 000 and Over a City lots without Ai Giafone ha4mt� specially for this traded or Evend perfect title in a single instance. Adj Krooni accommodations Lor Wili tafe Juhl occasion to remark that be will continue Ai of comm ced Bromide first to Leal in no doubt Alj or disputed Zfatma Abd can Conse i and others we wish iq1 Purchase thai they can rely on getting Perfeche titles in1 All cakes a to others will be offered for Sale at this Estabr Shokett Ohleh is very important to parties who am not acquainted with the titles of the Eoo try. A the undersigned Tiu take the Liberty to refer1 to All those wih whom be has transacted business in the above line and to the commissioners of the general land office and to the comptroller old the state and other offices of Goyen ment believing this will prove More satisfactory to parties inter ested bait referring to persons with wbb no transactions have Ever been had of the kind. Fe1i23 f a a . Merritt. -1 5 Sto the Public printers pretend to say that to sell goods we must advertise. Well Here goes groceries of All kinds for family use such As Suar Coffee. Tea Rice molasses flour Corn meal Bacon sugar cured hams Butteri lard cheese eggs soap candles starch Oil pickles preserves pie Frails Brandy peaches Champagne cider cordials Claret Mustard nuts is cinnamon cloves Pepper spice Ginger Mace Macaroni verme cite tobacco snuff cigars Salt matches to tribes onions Catsup Sal Eratus sardines beef tongues mackeral also buckets brooms tubs sifters Coffee Mills Market Buskas clothes seines clothes pins Wash boards and various liquors at the Corner of Tocmo Ufari Avenue h. Nearly opposite the episcopal Church. Feb25 Geo. Gallup & co. Ͽ�lorn.-75 sacks of Corn Lor Sal Low to Closi consignment by fcb25 Jones Ufford in liquidation. Lumber.-2-1 scantling wether boarding joists and boards of the most desirable sizes and Best Quality Landing and for Sale by feb25 b. S. Parsons. Also. Cypress Sills a. Patented land 100 000 acres for Sale. Titles warranted per it. It not Purchase Money to be returned in All but genuine and indisputable titles sold at this office. The above lands Are located in the different counties of the state and most of them very Fine lands will be sold very Low part of them can be had Tor City property or goods. Feb23 p. G. M err itt agent wanted.-100.000 acres of land claims wanted at this Ollice. Tremont Street adjoining Post of free. P. G. Merritt. Feb23 adj edit. Was do Boot All kinds wanted at this Ottie-feb23 p. G. Merritt agent. Negro Man for Sale. Negro Man "28 years old warranted in every particulars for Sale by teb23 p. G. Merritt. Agent. Or Sale Low for Cash. Substantial and nearly new do. Ilin the Large House one of the Best in occupied by the undersigned the cite. Also the dwelling House and 4 lots know Ashe Gailien property on Broadway for Sale Vry Low for Cash. Apply to feb23 p. G Merritt agent. Torn land on the East san Jacinto a few Mil s the head cd 1 a acres of Bolt /c-,4 1 41-t Bank of the s Ai Ove t right of the Plantation of or. Penn Bein if Whitlock apply to John Shackelford d Ayers. Or i for two a "  1 for three " " " 1 for All 4 of the reviews " 2 for Blackwood s Magazine 1. O h Oratio 1. Be Vit t. Piano Forte at l .11 sic store to 49 Camp Street. X in o a a ans . I a a Ciui by request the attention of the put lie to Hilario. And extensive As Ort it of music and musical instruments of All Kinas Anie Ascriptions Anc Aio n i Well selected Assort. It of piano follies from the factories with first makers in the United states and Europe Attong which Are to be those of a. Stoi Art  co., of new York Hall 4 son of new York and purred. Co. Of Paris. The Olio pc instruments of the following kinds grand Semf Irano Picco of Piccolo of ique Ami Square Are of the most celebrated makers in the world combining All the late improvements May be had off the subscriber i every Stvil of Case and of 6, 6j, 61, 6 and 7 octaves. The y will be sold at prices. Musical m a Chandike old a kinds and in Aari 2 a 2 1-2 discount i 2 1-2 a 3 discount 2 a 3 discount 2 a 2 1-2 discount 2 a 2 1-2 discount 2 a 2 1-2 discount 2 a 2 12 discount orders will be executed for every article wanted by planters. Gojo. W. Sizer. Marl 8 Cor. Magi Otine Aud Poydras its by late arrivals York and Boston " a a a nails k Gwlie a Long 40 boxes or a Bow Lemon syrup Prew Ieiri _ ass d Light castings a. Codfish buckwheat flour Phot bread. Bauer crackers. Raisins. Teal Etc. For Sale by marl8 j. Frederich & co. Texas commercial 00 boxes various qualities Northern soap 350 packages tobacco All grades 200 000 Segars. Assorted 100 kegs Buck and drop shot and bar Lead 500 kegs nails 150 dozen buckets "5 nofts tubs 3"& dozen brooms to quotes. 100 l pipes j and i cables Cognac Brandy 150 or. And eighth casks Madeira Malaga Oporto m Ficca t and Sherry wines 10. Pipes Holland Gin and Jamaica rum 75 bbl Monongahela and Bourbon whisky 150 bbl Domestic Brandy rum and Gin 50 casks London Porter an scotch ale qts pts 75 cases nhe brandies and wines Sund tires. Writing and wrapping pager Ink and wafers Macaboy and scotch stuff Pepper. Spice cloves Cassia Mace Nutmeg sperm. Lard linseed i. Castor and Olive oils lamp Wick Cotton twine raisins figs Castile and fancy soap. Currants. Citron nuts of All kinds. Plantation medicines Etc. Etc. Together i h every article usually kept by grocers and produce dealers. Orders promptly executed. Maris 5 00 7 00 8 00 3 00 9 00 10 00 Green Harding co., commission Juke chants. 66 Poydras Street let Orleans to advances made of consignments to the above House by j. Frederich & co. I dec us A Burrow s Patent Plantation Corn Mills. This Mill dinars from All others in the con san action of the upper or Man Stone which is Cotta of de of of Assou Bott flt by oct enclosed in an Iron Case. This Mill is a so Are Frame is portable. And cons Emu he Best Lull now in Ose. We have this Darr received direct from the at Cir Citina in a of the Aberne Mill Whiteb we of lera Ajel prices in Sydir Tauloa Only added Iii. Etc a a is Andrews Grover ago Mars , Haya Ica to a _ Colgate eve co. Winchester and Naker Hill 8�p Ito. 1, a cd of Sale a than Al for Blackwood s & 3 reviews 3 for Blackwood s & 4 reviews 3 " payments to be made in All cases in Advance j the premiums consist of the following works Back volumes of which will be gown to new subscribers according to the number of periodicals ordered a above explained Premium volume s. Foreign quarterly review one year Black Wood s Magazine six months London guar to Ray review one year metropolitan magi Zine six months Bentley s miscellany six months Edinburgh review one year Westminster review one year consecutive Premium volumes cannot in All cases be famished except of the foreign quarterly review. To prevent disappointment therefor where that work is not alone wanted subscribers will please order As Many different works for premiums As there Are volumes to which they May be entitled. Clubbing. A discount of Twenty five per cent from the above prices Wilf  be allowed to clubs ordering four or More copies of any one or More of the Al Ove works. Four copies of Blackwood or of one review will be sent to one address for 89 four copies of the four reviews Aud Blackwood for $30 and so on. A no premiums will be Given where the above allowance is Wade to clubs nor will premiums in any Case be furnished unless the subscription Money is paid in full to the publishers without recourse to an agent. Money current in the state where issued will be received at Par. Reduced postage. The postage on these periodical has. By the late Law been reduced on the average about forty pm b cent. The following Are the present rates Viz j for Blackwood s Magazine any distance not exceeding 500 mj9c. Per Quad. Over 500 and 14 a 1500 18 " Over 1500 and " " 2500 " 24 " for a review. Any distance not exceeding 500 m., 4c. Per Quad. Over500and " " 150o " j8 " Over 1500 and " a 9500 "46 " at these rates no objections Suonh be made As heretofore to receiving the works by mail and t o r a c c o. 1 Case diadem old a. Twist very Superior 20 boxes nectar 20 boxes Myers 20 Vernon 40 " Eldorado 20 Coats 50 " Bures 100 " assorted brands common Quality 5 barrels smoking tobacco now Ian Ling and for Sale by Mars c. W. Adams & co. Glass Ware. Am e r i c a n ship Tumbler molasses mugs. 25 dozen Glass lamps All kinds gothic sugars Cov d dishes Ashburton wines Cullom goblets nappies 15 pairs Plain and Cut Candie shades pantry bowls gothic lemonade Julip glasses Mantle shades and Many other articles of Glass Ware for Sale by Marl j. S. Vedder. Hay and Corn. 100 Bales of Eastern Hay 300 bags prime White and yellow Corn for Sale by Jno. Berlocher Marl strand. Pickles pres eyes a. 100 boxes Bry peaches 50 boxes by y cherries line be n syrup Brandy gages 50 " assorted pickles " 1 Liolu s English Mustard " a median olives " mackeral clams and Halburt up r sauce 5 Bxs Worcestershire sauce " Tomato and Wal Niit Catsup " ass d Espenas l0ubx s jams and jellies " cases sardines London fair now Landing per Brig Choctaw from Boston and for Sal by mar4. C. W. Adams & co. 30 50 10 5 5 5 10 10 5 i notice to masters and owners of vessels. N conformity with instructions from the proper department notice is hereby Given that vessels causing an injury to the buoys Hiuer the supervision of the collector of this port will be held responsible for the amount of such injury and in Case of a refusal to pay the same suit will be instituted against the vessel for a sum equivalent to the damage sustained. We. R. Smith collector. February 23 1852.-tf Henry c. Iune merchant tailor sir Epson s buil Ilins. Market St. Respectfully y announce to the citizens of Galveston that he has opened his establishment on Market Street. Next door to or. Seeligson a where he is pre eared to execute All orders in is line in the most fashionable style in the neatest manner arid on Short notice. He always will be furnished with the latest Paris and Northern Las bios. Decl of Tredup Arithy Traje have at and for freight or passage. Jpy j5"i_ a i. I Harris & Morgan. Dos Well Hill Deq. 1. 1851. Galveston and Star is i tub following vessels will ran As regular packets Between Gat be Fotou 4nd new. York. Ship Star Republic. Jamoom mairtet1. Bark Milford Andrews master. Bar c Greenfield Hepburn Raa Atefat Bri Empire. Newman master. J Brig Mary lind8i.ey master 1 the subscriber will make libera Adrance upon All shipments of produce to the add Nam i of messes. Hussey & Murray agent a Mutl j. C. Tuhn. Fe7_a-nt at for new York the barque la i Greenfield capt. He Bora. Will is r have Quick despatch for the above port Viaje for freight or passage having elegant Crow Trio d Tion to ply to inn22_j c. Kluj Lotf. La or n new ship Stab v Republic capt. Jameson will Hae immediate despatch for the above port.-, for freight or passage having Superior to i mad Lions apply to the Captain on Board or to it-n.22 j c. Ruhff. For f halt line bark Mil Ord j Andrews mister will sail Lor the above port on or about the .5th of april next. For passage Only having Ane acco Ino lations apply to the Captain on Board or to Marls j. C. Kuhn agent. For the Trinity. Theste Amr c01. Jack Hays p my Ard master will regularly Btty. In Galveston and the Uji 1 Ings on the Trinity River during the season.," her trips will extend As Hight up As the River in f ii viable. This team. R has just received the most thorough repairs her toilers have been a a Large and various other improvements added 1 isto expense has been spared to make her every Way worthy of Public patronage a share it which is re pet full solicited. Dert of captains and Oty Neha of sail vessels Are respectfully in c formed that the Uncle signed is the aut Bot i Ani age it for the ship was. Bayway i near Spear s steam Sawmill prepared to take contracts for repairing and re fitting Ait yeas is of any size that can navigate Galvez to but. The Best and most experienced ship Carpen i tens Are a Hodys 01. Hand and an abundance of the Best Quality of material is now ready. The charge for hauling out vessels will be 25c. A per ton. Labor performed and material furnished at moderate rates. Ploy c. Baling. Ship Carpenter & master Galveston. For Small Sloop Margaret Ann. Is for Sale Low for a Cash. She is capable to carry about1___ barrels oysters and is admirably adapted to the Trade. She is in completed order. Apply to b25 g. C. Rains. R. I cargo of Brig  s. D. Horton c. W. Adams & co. I now Landing from Richland and for Sale by mar4 Northern Bank of Mississippi notes received at pm for lumber Buggi carriages a. 20,000 wanted by Jan. 29. B. S. A ii sons. undersigned keeps on hand and manufactures Spring Moss hair Wool and Cotton Mattras secs. Also cushions pillows a. Sofas chairs and lounges re filled and recovered with new Springs and mohair those wishing to Purchase will do Well to Call at my establishment on Mechanic Street a few doors Casi of the journal Omee. A 8m3 r. Kurnel. Cheapest lumber yet 119ft onto feet 1,681 Pensacola seasoned i Well assorted daily expected per Brig judge Whitem re and will be sold so As to draw Aud satisfy purchasers by Marl b s Parsons. Fruit a 20 boxes 10 half do. And 15 Quarter do. Of raisins in Fine order 2 casks c Grants. 10 boxes Lemons and 30 boxes assorted pickles in store Aud for Sale by dl5 Jones & Ufford. Potatoes,300 barrels for Sale to to ume consignments by Jones 4 Ufford Marll in liquidation. Goa sacks Corn in prime order Tor Sale. Below the Market Price to close a Eon Safe and regular sigment by raar8 Jones 4 Ufford in liquidation thus ensuring their speedy delivery. 13" remittances and communications should be always addressed Post Jaid. To the publishers. Leonard com & 79 Fulton Street Entrance 54 Gold new York. N. B is a co. Have recently published and have now for Sale the Farmer s Slete Ingv Onines. Roval Octavo co fining la to p1 to Al mat Partesi 14 steel and 600 Wood engravings. Price fever air a ague cured in Twenty minutes i the greatest discovery of the age to or. Urban a veg. Fever and ague Medicine Safe and sure cure. It is Seldom necessary to take More than one dose to effect a Complete cure unless in Long standing cases then it May n quire from three to Lour. The doctor has known its curative effects Lor spro e be i v e d or Milieo. Louis flour 1 con sides a Hiipfl dried apples dried Pac sugar. For Sale by Marl j. Frederick 1 in kegs Al. 1t 1 it Laeb tc4a Lary Lisle and kid Glove a lad an splendid shipping oner.,Tor Side by. L fresh. M5,tji. 1 own Narf. Pongee state except and we will a ouse a co sons Tom groceries a 300 sacks Rio Coffee 30 barrels ride m Musl n binding 96 in paper corer a for 4he mai1, s5 i j.19 i 6 a Hie 100 boxes sperm candles Sostar 4wm he Syd c " in Cai ii 5 to we candles in 5 barrels Solt Shell alms 96 Chest a a sorted Pac 100 bodies soda fall Etna Fth 20 bags Bael Pepper 3 Baj 30 barrel Jost landed and Tot Safe by of Misiti Wippl Wilvor withold on endorse. ,
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