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Semi-Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - June 24, 1852, Galveston, Texas h. Smith Veniro. Oar duty is Plain abide by the past sustain the measures of the spa Prosise faithfully cease agitation and Trust for the it tune to the intelligence and patriotism of the people under the guidance of Providence re so. A tight Galveston it Sumnal Fob the weekly and Somi week a journal will be eminently a Jim rms of Ewas Wellas apolitical paper and it til be the constant Effort of the proprietor to make it acceptable of Ali classes. The latest intelligence from ail parts of out country and other nations will be Given upon the arrival of our steamers with ail matters of local interest. We shall keep our readers " posted up with what is going on among the politicians of the Union and what is Etc Poisant from Congress and the state legislature. No pains i j be pared to publish the earliest and most reliable reports of the markets Domestic and foreign and . The journal labors or the whig party and Lias a right to expect the support and patronage of real whigs if not of National and conservative democrats. We shall improve the journal from Lime to time just in proportion As this patronage is extended. Tea m 1 Semi weekly journal published monday s and thursday s at &5 per annul affording Superior advantages to advertisers. Weekly journal published every Friday morning at $2 50 per annul and leaves for the Interior of the state on the Day that it is i sued. To clubs of five or More we will make a Dedrae 0#d. To Frankila Pierce. So. The allowing Esutace trip Beyt whip a Man s name is before the com try York Post in of uie Sta Durd bearer Siu the As a oxidase Lor place and Power whether free soil divisional conservative Kary placed there by i own Choice or that of democracy a Eom Meriul to the inend., he Occo Pien a position which subjects notice of our neigh us of the civilian his Lite end character to review and 4�ucism,j and the people properly look for Jet a lists to inform them in relation to the Merit and Demerit of to Benne before them asking to be elevated to office. Now that Tjsha. Pierce has formally accepted the nomination by his party and his name been trumpeted throughout the Union As the candidate around whom they could rally without fear or reproach it May be permitted of those opposed in political Faith to urge their objections to him As future president of these United states. We shall Content ourselves for the present however with quoting from the n. O. Bulletin the following Brief review of his course upon various projects of internal improvements that came up while he was in the u. S. Senate. The facts below Given Are corroborated in an article to the Washington Republic of the 8th inst., predicated upon facts set Forth by the Docu kneels. " the Public acts of this gentleman now that he is the regularly nominated candidate of the democratic party for the presidency of the United states Are proper subjects Lor examination and criticism. In the investigations of his political career which we shall make from time to time As occasion May demand we shall Endeavor to treat Lintn according to his deserts As he stands upon record and As his claims upon the gratitude of his lion of Twenty per cent from the above rates it paid in Advance. Sul Mav 6eein to warrant and clubs an respectfully solicited. We so licit subscriptions and the Aid of our friends in procuring them believing the papers pc offer Well Worth thu Price Askov. W. Cherry proprietor and publisher. " or. Pierce voted it Hen a Congress to respect the right of Petit Tea a exercised by the abolitionists. In 1837. When after having served his state in the House or rep Enta Kea he had taken Hia seat As a member of the United states Senate he voted to receive in the Esu Aii manner a petition asking for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia and sustained Bis Vota by his voice. He took the same ground with , Adams As to the propriety of the abolition of slavery in the District. But declared that he would give no vote which might be construed into a denial of the right of petition that was a time when the influence of slavery was in the ascendant when it waa the fashion to Tow Back such petitions with contempt in the faces of those who presented them and it required some courage in a politician of the democratic school to confront and de a. The imperious demand of the South that ail memorials and applications of this nature should be rigidly excluded front the notice of Congress. The right to ask for the extinction of slavery in the District of Columbia in now admitted but Franklin Pierce whatever be his opinions respecting the Compromise was one of the earliest to assert in the first place it is pretty evident that the democratic convention grossly mis caled Latch when icy nominated Gen. I Brce on the ground of his comparative obscurity coupled with the expectation that that very obscure  a n,�.- a. A i to woul 1 Render him Invulnerable. Obscure a coir Irv papers that cop this prospectus. ,. Fax a few times a ill entitled to receive the Semi lie certainly is m All the essentials of a states week journal in Exchange on sending a Mrtin a c1v1c Lane marked copy to our Odich. Cluster around his brow. Asar prese Maud a senator he never ranked allover re Job Pointin of All kind neatly and promptly Asp Citable mediocrity never took the Lead in done at the . On the most reus Oualls Jay matter of Public moment and was known. Ulms principally by his inflexible partisanship f we Hope the subscribers to the Etc by narrow construction of the Constitution in re Jiining. Will keep it in mind that our terms a Lalion to River Harbrand other improvements. If paid at the time of subscribing $3.00land his determined opposition to All measures did a a Ria inf Dpi lev scraps from my portfolio i now hasten to redeem Ray ple Goj Ein Saff Dently Eoo verged from my late illness to fee Able to so tip in bed and write. In desc hint Jezeal see Ery f Cave been guided by Lrtil i alone and distinctly beg leave to state that in the lighter sketches 1 have not the most Remote intention to Tarn any person or place into Rii finale but am Only actuated by a Saud Jable desire to excite laughter and promote mirth at my Oitim expense and should any person fancy that be or she sees his or her own w picture taken i beg they will at once declare the whole narrative " an invention and punish the author by joining in the laugh. Should a dash of melancholy occasionally dim jibe 066106," i Appeal to the kind sympathy of the Reader in remembrance of my past misfortunes. It is Bat Justice to the inhabitants of the land of Texas that i should put everyone Ion his guard that there Isane Ara angst pm taking notes and Faith hell print with this apology i shall at once commence to waste your paper and your readers time and patience by describing the first of the scenes in Western Texas new York correspondence. H5 new York june 10,1852. I strolled into the Park last evening to see the famous wigwam tammany Hall in All its glory. Almost every live Man on this continent knows that tammany Hall has been time out of mind the favorite rallying Camp of the new York democrats. The building itself has no peculiarity of feature hut is a Plain four Story Brick Structure located opposite the Park and at the Corner of a Little Street leading Down to a very a is of any description i dirty neighbourhood. It is painted Light Yel. Asa representative. A a a u Low has a Piaza Over the nest floor and beyond its political uses is half hotel and half restaurant. I found the Piaza occupied by a Gigantic transparency of Gen. Pierce of new Hamp the astonished nominee of the democratic by an englishman. " bather it was Early in the month of february last that i put my sell on Board the steamship Mexico and bidding of cup ornery Adieu to my 88 to cite bbses at we Tel a pour up rials so week la aagut or. Editor i was pleased to Fotieo to Yoor paper an account of the a War Coover tiros. Such a thing has Long keen in Texas a consummation devoutly to be now let every Friend of each one of the three cames of Educ Tim Temperance and rail food unite and throw All their influence in favor of the grand object sought to be attained by this convention. Let there be heard no complaint in regard to the time or place of meeting the manner of getting it up there being too Many objects at one meeting in All being convinced that the conventions contemplate the promotion of important Public interests let every Patriot every True Friend of the interests of the stale determine to Aid by every possible Effort in carrying out to the fullest extent the object of the conventions. The Middle of August is a Leisure season when Many seek relaxation from business. Let such congregate at the Springs and mingle in the debates of the occasion. I predict a considerable concourse of people and Hope much Good May be the result. Recollect-1 editors free. . The capture of the whale ship George Howland by pirates. It has already been mentioned that the whale ship George Howland Cape. Cromwell of new Bedford mass., had been captured by pirates at James s Island in the a family and friends in new Orleans i went Effie. Capt. C. Who with a portion of his . Alone on my voyage of discovery into Western was held upon the Island As a prisoner has Texas. I had heard much of the beauties 0f written a Etter Horae in who he is if paid within in months and a 50 if payment to improve the navigation of our j convention and a band of about 20 Musil a delayed after that time remember that pro Drivers ail lie a a spa no a development of the cans who were putting in All they knew Crast nations Are expensive if not dangerous tt.,rw4,,., Ettigi in i Lek . In Lle via a of Ial air8 t0 the great deii1, and that a Dollar saved is two dollars voluntary , containing important news solicited f of and Quarter of the United states. I 5s any person Prev ring Jive paying subscribed to the journal shall receive one copy gains. Agents for the journal. J. A. Moody Victoria. W. U. . Thursday june 2 iss i. For president Millard Fillmore. I of vice president James c. Jones old jct to the nomination of the Whiz National convention. Electors for the Petate at i arc. Hon. John b. Ashe of Galveston Lias. C. C. Mills of Harrison. District electors. Col. James re1ly, of Harris. W.throckmorton.ofcohin.igcai", i a same. Therefore we think the democrats ,., i . I n i. Will stud out he is not obscure in Oncah t0oi several Hundred people a Street and Park j answer their purposes before tie edifice was brilliantly illuminated from of the canvass. The retentions enemy of j cellar to Garret and extending from it to the i internal improvement will he properly appreciated by the intelligent citizens of the Valley of the Mississippi and of the valleys of its tributary streams. Let a briefly recapitulate i general Pierce took his seat in the House of i representatives in december 1r33. So far Jas we know the record is silent As to his during his first two years o service. At least no exhumations have yet j been made. In june 183g, he voted against a Bill " making additional appropriations Lor ithe Deleware. Breakwater and for certain t harbours and for removing obstructions in and at the Mouths of certain Etc., which i passed and received the signature of Gen Jackson. At the same session he opposed the. Bill making appropriations for the improvement of certain As Well As the Bill to continue the Cumberland Park was what appeared very like the main Sheet of a " seventy four bearing the names of messes. Pierce and King is candidates for the presidency also these words encouraging whoever they May come from in the Union must and shall be a iter quitting this animated scene i heard the loud mouthed Cannon speaking for More than an hour and met Many sturdy old democrats Gallantine their wives and daughters to the the party Here appear Well pleased with their very unexpected candidate. What the whig nomination will be remains enveloped in a Cloud but i cannot conceive that the convention could possibly astonish its scenery and the advantages it held out to the Emigrant and being driven from my House and Home in one of England s oldest colonies by the tyrannical exaction of the government and being moreover All my Lile Almos. Accustomed to a yet warmer climate. I expected to find the very place to suit me we were left under guard at the hut until the return of our captors from the ship about two hours. A consultation was then held on the outside of the building respecting the manner in which we were to be disposed of. It was evident from their conversation that their original intention had been to murder us and indeed one plan had been to dig a Hole in the Sand Large enough to hold then Here. Nor have i been mistaken and to five bodies and to Bury us altogether but i Trust shortly to see Many More of my coun thanks to All Wise and overruling Providence Turmen located in the neighbourhood. Our lives were spared. After about an hour re w i i i ii to pent in the most horrible uncertainty we on Board the ship an occurrence took place 1.a  i were somewhat relieved by the arrival of the which was altogether novel to an englishman governor who Nillus aside some principal a appears was coming Hith person of the gang and had a Short no versa or from the older states to join his family in Tion with him. Alter this our bands were Cut Texas accompanied by his two fair Sisters.-""1 were Sel Al 1 by a on a a Erl i la a in. I the governor Don Martin and ins Man ser on his arrival at Orleans he was met by an Yang were Eft we a u3 an j were the 0,y per. Old acquaintance whom he could not for sons besides ourselves on the Island. The the life of him remember but who seemed robbers left us about fifteen pounds of bread. A goo is nothing hit wide world which of a re Teriba More Bra seat ground of gratitude to Ood than Aftim u is certainly his gift or we Lutow thievery Good gift and or err perfect gift come if Dow ref from the father off we see too Tibt o ten he so orders the events of his Providence As to break of a Happy Home either by the death of one or both parents or by such re verses As makes it necessary for the members of the family to separate. What tie gives Hean take away. I a but we fear that Many our Poona friends Are not properly aware How much a Good Home is Worth to Theta. And How Many sources of safety happiness and improvement to opens to such As have a heart to be Content with Only perfectly Happy Home is that of our first parents before they fell j sin de Stroyer that Home and has destroyed Many Homes since and has introduced into All Homes what Ever unhappiness they suffer. The Worth of a Good Home is sometimes seen in the exposures and temptations of those who have no such Happy place to dwell in. We lately saw a statement of the officer of one of the new York prisons Auburn we believe showing that of seven Hundred and thirty two convicts confined there last december three Hundred and seventy two or considerably More than half there deprived of one or both their parents before they were sixteen years of age. It also appears that three Hundred and eight of the whole number were deprived of n Home before that age How far a homeless orphanage May have been concerned in their career of crime we do not know but we arc sure that their guilt is woefully aggravated if they turned their backs on a Good Home id run such a race of in filmy. The statement to which we have referred has another instructive item viz., that one sixth of the seven Hundred and thirty two convicts ran away from Home it is to be expected that one who Beo ius his course by disobeying god and Disho Noring a father and Mother will end it in shame and Ignominy. Young friends if god has Given you peaceful Happy Homes offer up your daily thanksgivings to him Lor such a signal mercy and improve the advantages it gives you to the glory of his name add the welfare of your soul. Youths Penny Gazette. Difficulties with Washington dispatch of the 9th, says " it is believed that the Senate have been in executive session for the past two Days considering our relations with Mexico which Are said to be in a very troublesome we learn from a dispatch to the Picayune that in the u. S. House of representatives on tuesday a message was received from president Kilmore. In which he called attention to the recent massacres of american citizens on the Rio Grande Frontier. Renoe Wolf pfc last a hjtfe�3 by a by jetted lift stocks sue Kab propriety state Lati St$4rfed in the City j j Poire Hafed As it has Taeb f is Petiet bought by 16 to 991 pee in 8 Itic buld be in february & paric Folarin invites the a toe Piper meat made Dah St the to the to it and City accept Leo system. Tally justifies him Ion Dhu Kris of Elf be marked in dollars had Viat Ioja As regards Price or terms. The Stock consists of the Golf sold at wholesale or retail Flat who Viil , Coffee a a do so Gutter Che imams a of order laps Lead apples s9? . Starch indigo Yah a a rms a a 11 , ale Bra did few App prey. J j Dupuy poet Castilon he a of eve Cha Nivaigne peach and Apple Rami Bis Ket Gin Cherry Boon Cei a j a i Frici cd goods imported direct. A a , Sherry port Clarai Algoe Malaga Claret Hock Muscat by hmm rms prunes peaches fruits in juice apricots pears St ii be exies raspberries currants gages Dice. Cigar imported direct from have a far Pajtl in Price from $3 50 to $75 per thousand amen Cau do., from s3 to s18 per thousand. K. , Lemons pigs bans currants Citron nuts dtc., of every add Brown Beeti Asif a he shirting checks. Hickory stripes denims of Donades. Kentucky jeans jerseys Liaset eeds sat Netts Cassimeris blankets plat Nils. Bed quilts prims Gingham. Relates Al Janeas Cashmere. Silks lawns striped checked Aco Rutt. Mull. Swiss and Book muslims capes collars thread and Bobbinette laces veils hosiery diapers. Gloves towelling table cloths Linen curtains handkerchiefs lace. Taconet and Swiss edgings and infer ratings umbrellas Pbyk pasols buttons. Pins Linen and Cotton tapes Taylor & Coates genuine spool thread Needles sowing Silks. Bonnet ribbons artificial Flowers with every other article embraced in the dry a oils line.  j clot bin , Kentucky jeans Linen. Latinett and cassimere pants from it t to $8 Coats and Jacques of same materials also Hue cloth and Merino from $1 50 log id vests of Satin cassimere Marseilles from to Blanket and Pilot cloth overt Coats from is to $15 shirts Cotton with Linen bosoms and in every variety of style from is to finest Linen red and White flannel Hickory silk Poitou and worsted Nett do. Draws of All kinds suspenders a. Boot Ami men a youths Nadmi secs Bogans Russett s ladies walking by Kins slippers gaiters mud fishermen and dress boats children s shoes All styles. . Moleskin. Angola mexican Brush Jenny Linin Pearl cast Rinere and Wool. original assorted crates suied to country Trade also for retail Otto plates. Dishes tureens teas coffees Tea a a and Coffee pots pitchers bowls basins 2ht Lowers Chambers. China Tea setts from 24 to to take a drink or Ely of meat and frequently we had nothing \ 10 a s. Circuit court As soon a j uhf ape in Ricer tumblers gob in fact our verdant hero really be bul a piece a a beef roasted on the coals. We of a he Lart to 9 a a account of the mock of the concern it j hardware amt and Forks will probably be some Days alter the report is pocket. Pen and . Razors Scis rendered before the court makes its final order ors spoons. Locks. Latches. Bolts. ?, in the premises. J screws. Chisels. Augers planes. Saws Brace & Henry Washington Tele my la chains sad Iron graph of the 9tfi , says exaggerated j Road in the state of Ohio. Indiana and Illinois Botu of which were approved by president 1,8 by a selection so unlocked for As that of the Jackson. In february 1837. He took Senate. During the session \ 1s .v7-33, Lac Votca Ngin uts a l not or. Bill. Int. Lie also vote at Nigist n inn1 Lor Tnc-1 t time of it in his democrats. I think it would be hard to say �1 i which has the preponderance in this City Webster Scott or Fillmore. I hear of no migrant who we a ,.h wa8 , received a wound on the Wright. He also voted Atri Hist a t ill Tor the by Arf on saturday night by i Benefit of the Alabama Florida and sch or Raj gov. Kossuth has a very quit Well conversant with his friends and family at Home. As May be supposed his " old a and one gallon molasses they took from the governor the greater Pari of his furniture and Quaintance was profuse in offers of his ser a sewere kindly received by the governor vices. He knew where the Only cheap and at his House and resided Here while on the decent lodgings were to be found. Lie alone Island. Here our food consisted almost in could direct him where lived that he had found " the very Man he j00j i As we could Only take them at night wanted and in the warmth of his heart in-1and had no firearms the Pursuit was very Traduce him Lias an old Friend of the family us Etc 1 Antl sometimes dangerous. We were the methodist Church new York commercial advertiser understands that the u s. Commissioner or. Nelson has prepared his report in the i methodist Church Casp. And that will be sub to his pretty Sisters. Accompanying this " knowing Cove he set of to look for lodgings. His Friend took nearly destitute of clothing too. Being unprovided with one suit of working after about Twenty three Days passed in the most agonizing suspense a Suil was Dis Nave him in o one of those " Dens of iniquity so covered approaching the Island. It proved of rep a 3 numerous and so disgraceful to the Crescent b the ship coi Garee capt. Maloy which re Rpice to City where liquor and cards form the sole at Ouk u Olbo my Hantl to turn traction to the visitors play at cards the " Friend dred and fifty dollars and treated Omro or ,11 i,0 of foods and provisions having been stolen to Day been the condition circulated with of or. Clay. During the past two or three Days he Hasi Hilt andirons pots ovens. Stew pans. Shovel. And tongs fenders anvils vices Bellows cd with the variety of other goods is the hardware line. Saddle cry mens and women saddles whom showed ii inn him an order on " the Dunk " or some sea faring men in a Row died on Vesler-1 Lla Flroa 1 come my which received tie mip this City and probably from Choice has no twice that sum and requested him to Cash the Tifrea Tanuj St. Domin  t i i a port of messes. Calhoun and Grundy because j Ini up Anent on paid to him still there Are i site. Or Advance him the amount which he co. By a recent arrival tit new York we Day neg at the Hospital. An inquest of j g Uri exre t of rib a character. He voted a a f Ouid be glad to unite in a had lost. Our unlucky Man had the whole of a in a the Island of was in a was held Over the body and rendered in a or Rains a Bill Lor the Benefit of Iho mnunl1"0llsbnus no Ndumu be ,. B. L r c.  i i. Very unsettled condition. The commissioners with the facts. James and new Albany Railroad company procession in his Honor and he is daily Little Fortune m his pocket amounting to no i Lum by he dominicans to of tort an sex with inflicting a the blow with a Billet he state of Indiana which granted alter Jing material Aid to the great disgust of some about one Hundred and seventy dollars which j re of prisoners had returned from port Flint Oil of in w t n in Iris. Treat knt is St. A we., ,. Calomel and states that he is Calm and a dismayed. Cin input bin. Mass Alum. Sal soda. Cream tax find Jieri Emily prepared to Depar when tar Borax rhubarb. Nitro magnesia. Paregori ply by of life has its Prev Olio who if Corda charge be pcs signal card of it. M. Shinn Esq., lock Hart. Caldwell county. Those having business to be transacted in that neighbourhood May depend upon having it attended to with promptness if entrusted to his care. Pete Phillips wot you link of de next  Lection 1 who you link be de president on Ditt Casion ? Well. I Don t . I see Gib Massa Webster dinner so i Spose Dey Lect him i to Lyon wot. Pele. If we get up some after this exhibition of or. Pierce s people to make a world certain it is that Jing where the Bill would be discounted  my a against it in october next. Arrange he coloured up on and gds Hini dimmer to to every thine contemplating internal inv All the narrow contracted souls Don t live on the Money returned with Many thanks. Ments Are being made by the dominicans to a "f.0"""1 so up a d of Sun 1 1 at length they came to some Large Public it l he emergency by placing Force of Vve 11  Ever saw old age that did not applaud the past a Vor i a and condemn the present. Num. Deriti i Oil. Batman s drop go of p wit r �ww%ft.,-cm i. Fat Ziair Dve Cologne. Bav rum. Lupin s extracts. Vaunt and Lead no i Pute extra venetian red Spanish Brown Giroti Green a. Coils Plain and boiled. Woolen and covered buckets brooms yarn biding Brustus. Baskets. Wai a ii Oards. Milk pails tubs. Clothes pins. Chirtos axe handles. Children s Willow carriages a Odds Cap. Letter and other writing paper steel pens Ink stands pencils Iii Sites. Quills Blank books a. A. hour and eight Day of ail six s Ami shapes. I3 w to $25 furniture. Bureaus Solas tables chairs off. In a very great variety. P. S. Cash advances on Cotlon. Sugar bides a consigned to his friends in new York Boston or to Lairope. If principal front on strand running Butk j10 t act to Street. Jun e34i the russian Brig St. Peters from Bremen arrived at our port yesterday with about a Hundred emigrants a portion of whom left this pro vement. We ask the people of Texas what we May expect in tie Way of Federal Aid to improve our Rivers and harbours under the administration of or. Pierce should he be elected ? he has been extolled by tha democratic building where he was requested to sit flown m ,.,.,. The Dominic us were press for his firm and Hernance to his political \ results and justifies the establishment of a in ii ii and the consistency of his course to a j newspaper entirely devoted to its we regard Lieut. Maury s statements to con the outside of this glorious Republic. Steamship Empire City left yesterday for new Orleans with a Jot of chagres passengers to drop at Havana our Trade with the Caribbean and Pacific promises incalculable j throngs of people passed and re passed the j give the emperor a warm reception abolish mint of a j stranger the Sun went Down am. Sent upon meet uie Vinci no. In y us . Ii a i ump in is i ii -.nor. i 7 a. Guess so. Sambo specially in he am pretty a g.000 men under the command of Gen. Santa. A " i i. A. Fat fore you Gin to feed Jim. I tink Dat big and rest himself upon the Steps till the other j Jym ged in repairing the fortifications 1 Siim of Clu Rel Street am de a went up stairs and returned with the Money. On the frontiers and preparing otherwise to a  should Gress re Hting to the capabilities of our com morning for Houston. . New wifi Are n it Lisp Seti t0 the Hamburg bark Miles arrived Here on ,.on,. An j if in be elected we doubt not the 21st. And sailed Lor Havana on the 23d. T iat lie ,i Fiji i a consistent and veto Meree with the Valley of the Amazon in after having landed of passengers for this in a 3 of Congress contemplating internal j South America not Only As interesting but place and 37 Lor Indianola. Improvements. I a his. And go to thy a not her column will be found an advertisement dressed to a. We direct the attention of the a 1" Ling Public to the notice of the Union House l. Which will be understood i. R n. R ii. At Lockhart. Found in to Davs Only by the person whose initials they Are. We have received a letter from his lather paper. Or. Trumble. The proprietor is very highly interests. A Mcnol As a hotel a caper by those who stopped new Orleans which is subject to the exam a a  j i at his House and is in every respect desert Naioti of a. D., should he be in this neigh a. ,. ,. I a a Liberal patronage Tor Hood. We would join in the entreaty of i worthy of legislative action. The political economists whose Hobby is Home Industry regard it. Maury s propositions with much distaste but certainly we Are bound to cherish our commercial As Well As our manufacturing stranger the Sun went Down and evening he put his threat in execution = ,., a i a the dominican government Are encourage to not Lur slate approached still he retained his Setu upon if. F i. I i. A _ i .,i.,i, ii it i  training any acres of Lanu to if we examine the subject it is Pride the step. On passed the multitude till at Emigrant intending to Settle in the coun-1 aThe sprees began to be deserted and i try. The lantern says a correspondent assures us that Maine May be considered a defunct Pari of the Republic the spirit has departed that jut a nth the streets began to be deserted and j try. Five Hundred German settlers were it a l he when. Of a Nihil Ion. ?. 1 i i i. _ . To i i n a or Pride and Lor this reason humility olten night coming on the watchman surprised at daily expected to arrive at Cape Isabella. I displeases us As much the silent patient waiting of our hero end Clipper quire  what he wanted there poor Fei bark Mermaid of Boston arrived at n. York Low in vain he told his piteous tale he Only on the 11th eighty seven Days from air i is the Ebraide run of we Are Auto Omen to announce i sell a stranger in Ulca is i Init Money and he i chef a pfc wave rom Canton to Lon Sparks As a candidate for sheriff at the end a the most Beautiful May be the most and mired and caressed but Riley Are not alway the most esteemed and loved. We an authorised to announce we. N " the drama is the acting of a corps of theatrical monkeys at the Astor opera House. Their engagement in Boston might to follow his parents to return Home and thus make convention election unparalleled Volji up Jdc of its mayor materially Advance them Happy. I whig Triumph. The n. O. Bulletin 8ays inc Prosperity of that City. Which of the the letter directs us to order the Publica the Victory achieved by the whigs of m0ilkey8 does the " heavy tragedy business Tion of the advertisement alluded to in save new Orleans on monday the 1.5th inst., was oct nol appear in the role. Probably some a papers in the state. The Houston ban j one of the. Most Brilliant recorded in party Oid . The great Art in acting is to nor. South Western american. Indianola annuls. The Triumph was Complete the Amilale. Some men Excel in this but your Bullet and Brownsville Flag will insert overthrow of the democrats absolute and Best mimic is the Monkey. The performance the same Lor two weeks and Send accounts to overwhelming. The whig senatorial Dele a a Salire upon actors worthy of mephisto us to b1 forwarded for collection. I tin d the other to col. M. S. Smith. Alter her Way up the in arching the negroes about two Miles for the i up or Down purpose of getting assistance to secure them the Magnolia is fast about six mile be capt. Was attacked by them when an of Low Swartwout on her Way up. With but a single Friend. His Friend provided Ashot he distance is 300 Miles greater. A Cabin passage for his Sisters and a Forward the latest and perhaps the final phase of berth for himself. Such was the history pre arrest and escape of fugitive slaves. " a seated to the passengers by the worthy l e 3d most three fugitive slaves on their Way from Kentucky to Canada were a w asked me to assist him in Detroit. Mich. The sheriff made ing enough to help the ladies Home to their the arrest by orders received by Telegraph friends who lived some Hundred Miles from from Toledo. Ohio. The fugitives were taken Galveston. I was also requested to act as10 jail but while under examination they made _  i ii i a sudden Onset on the jailor knocked him treasurer on the occasion and after col dec Tagi i a j. . Ii i 81 Down and made their escape into the Street. Some fifty dollars i should think Tor i did j the report of their arrest having been circa not count it i was screwing up my courage plated in the City a number of highly excited to present the same " in an acceptable Man Dolored people had assembled in front of the accompanied by a neat speech tojai1 Arul now rendered unavailing nil efforts a i to recapture the three men. I he latter were. The elder sister who was really very pretty by a imm Iii Elv hurried off to the River j Gates have been chosen by a tremendous a 1 pl0le8 himself and of course " the profession j and interesting in her appearance and had placed in a boat and by 11 o clock were safely Jority and Twenty three out of the Twenty Jug a death " upon the show. The patrons just made my beet Bow and was of Ching my landed in Canada. A commendable following reply was made by col. Bergen Zey. One of speech by coolly asking me in a most Busi the hungarian exiles on being invited by one Ness like manner " but what sir i the whole of our aldermen to visit the theatre a amount Reader what a fool i looked and How com ing election. Law we Are authorized to announce James b. Shaw Esq. As a candidate for re election o the office of comptroller of the state at the next August election. We Are authorized to announce j. M Conrad As a candidate for the Tolice of sent fit the next an ust election. 5"f we Are authorized to. Announce j. C Mcgonigal is a candidate for District attorney for the first judicial District. A it we Are authorized to announce John n. Heed As candidate for the office of sheriff at the next August election. Runaway learn from the four r tre tentative de pcs Are whigs Texas planter that Cape. J. Delaney. While Hunting on the san Bernard on tie Lgth inst. Steamers Rivers a. Came upon the Camp of two runaway negroes we learn that he Jack Hay is lying at one of them belonging to r. & d. G. Mills Green s Bluff three Miles above Liberty on River and can get neither port Unity offered and disarmed though he of succeeded in getting away from them unhurt. The next morning several citizens turned out with capt. Delaney to go in search of the runaways. The Trinity River is reported to be dead Low. The Steamer Reliance reached washing is too. Are rating mad and have taken out an injunction against the exhibition. The weather is Cool for the season. Busi Nesh is quiet. Sterling Exchange is firm at 10j Advance. For the journal. The influence of the benevolent and religious instal inns. In. Wichich the different denominations Are invited on the minds of the religious Community generally. A distinguished Clergyman in a recent address in behalf of that Noble institution the on on tuesday and was to leave Uherc on american sunday school Union remarked yesterday morning. She is expected atthe jihad that association and other institutions month of the Brazos to Morrow night. " the Texas planter is the name of a new paper respectable in size and appear Berol which w before us. It is edited by by Doug 1o 4he assembling of Tolje whig l. Fowler a Young Man Well known to j a Yatomi convention was held on to hts evening of the 8lh-inst., at Constitution Hull. Addresses were made in favor of the claims of or. Address Money in hand when the girl saved me All Furcht r trouble and Cut Short my to a. I. If the Yonn a n who left for Tex s from one of the so ill towns on the Bayou Tecube. La., about the 9th or 1-Jth june should see this advertisement he is invited by his afflicted parents to return Home immediately As he has their full Pardon and they Hope he will not wait a moment Ashi i Mother is distracted since the receipt of his letter dated the 9th june. Jem4-2w. Lam for Sale. Azos county i league on the a Sota originally granted o t. W. Sulanne. Refugio county. 8 tracks of f -j0 acres each lying on the Carlo Girlos in All ii 120 acres in one tract. Mclennan county. Acres on the South Bosqui patented to j. A Leflere. L,47f acres on the South Bosqui patented to j. L. Preston. 220 acres on the South Bosqui patented to s s Sherman. 3-20 acres on the Waters of the Paluxy. Patented to Jessee Anions. 3c0 acres on the Waters of the Paluxy patented to John w Farrow. 177 acres on Neel s Creek Pat d to a gabs. 175 acres on the Forks of the bos Joi patented to a Burns. To acres on the Waters of Spring Creek a term d to Samuel a Long. 1 40 acres on the e Side w prong of Bosqui patented to Pinckney Hawkins. G10 acres on the e Side a prong of Bosqui patented to Medard Menard. 640 acres on the w Side Meridian Creek patented to Weheman Mcgee. Bastrop county. 610 acres on Waters Sand Creek West Side Colorado granted to William o Connell. Nac doches District Cherokee county a t.47t acres Between the Neches River and the Sabine Road and about 15 Miles South of the Sabine granted to Marcus Garcia or june in a. F. James Galveston. Y. Ii no sir we Are so used to the realities of of must just imagine gentle. U i. C j a a i be that we have but Little taste for amuse ments of that men used to the realities of life " were also found in our Continental Congress in 1778, As will be seen by the following resolutions which we Here insert with the Hope that Petely my soft solder was thrown aside As i stammering by informed her that " i really did not know the amount not having counted it but i was sure she would find that a he i i to of our officials who have so Jar departed whole had been handed Over to her exactly from the spirit of that age As to allow their As it is a pity i think that it was names to be placarded around our City As a most of our citizens. The planter is pledged to the advancement of 4he planting inter Sis of Brazos Vachev. In politic the editor Weber gentlemen one of whom a r j or. Evarts. In the course of his remarks told a Tays we expect to write independently and boldly upon nil subjects of interest or importance to the Union which May come before i we have our views on the great political questions of the Day. And shall give them candidly whenever occasion requires having an Eye to the welfare of Texas and what we consider the True policy of the slave holding Etory of an occurrence that took place in new Hampshire last summer that elicited warm applause. At the residence of or. Webster n. H., were gathered a Large party embracing men of All shades of political opinion. The conversation turned upon politics and the crisis through which the country Hill lately kissed was the subject of conversation. All spoke freely of the services which or. Webster had rendered to his country during that erisa. But one gentleman far exceeded nil. Others in ult c. J. Cook informs the Public through the heartiness of Hia applause of Juhe labors of in advertisement in the journal that he will1 he Secretary of stale and closed his remarks furnish every description of ready made cloth 1 a pres be?,lbn.1 he r we i sail a ton re a upon hew clothing manufacturing Agency Ance of Only eight Day live to see Daniel Webster president of j claimed ? the United states. The Tao who thus spoke " Why did t the founded on similar principles of Union on the fundamental j principles of the gospel were Worth to the Christian Public All that they Cost if the Only Good they accomplished was the promotion of liberality of feeling fraternal Confidence and co operation among the various evangelical 6ectg into which the Church of Christ is divided. We cordially endorse this sentiment. We regard religious bigotry and sectarianism As the Bane of the Christian Church than which nothing presents so formidable a Barrier to the Progress of truth. S. S. Exec saw Whiat a regiment of volunteers were in arching through Camargo a Captain a strict disciplinarian observing that one of the Drums did not beat ordered a lieu meant to enquire the reason. The fellow on being interrogated whispered to the lieutenant " i have two Duck and a Turkey in my drum and the Turkey is for the Captain this being whispered to the Captain he sex was Franklin Pierce the to mince of tie democratic party was lame i do riot want any of my men to do their duty when they Aire not Able the brother " who wore the pants " in new Orleans. The " Friend " would never have " got to Windward " of the fair maid Hud he been ten times smarter than i think he was. Nothing Lurther worthy of remark took place on Hoard and in due course of Lime we arrived 6afely at Indianola. Committee for getting up a " grand dramatic May profit by a Jav. York chronicle. Whereas True religion and Good morals Are the Only solid foundations of Public liberality resolved that it be and hereby is. Earnestly recommended to the several states to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof and for the suppression of theatrical entertainments horse racing. Baoe of the Trade of the Garang anal Guch other diversions As repro Atlantic states with the East indies idleness dissipation and a Ger excl Pacific including the immense fleets bound to California employs 233 ships and 105 barks which with the exception of a few vessels owned in Salem is entirely controlled by new York and Boston new York having a major part of the China Trade and Boston having the monopoly of nearly All the Calcutta. Manilla. Bala via. Sumatra Cape of Good Hope Chilli and peruvian Trade. Let every one protect himself from a sullen egotistical spirit Lor there Ean be none worse. Wholesome sentiment a rain Whiteh nudes the Fields of daily life like fresh and odor Fiig. The intoxication of anger like that of the j grape shows us to others but hides us from ourselves. There is much Novelty that is without Hope much Antiquity without sadness depravity of manners journal of Congress. October 12, 1778. Whereas frequenting play houses and theatrical entertainments has a fatal tendency to divert the minds of the people from a due attention to the Means necessary Jar the defence of their country and tie preservation of their liberties resolved that any persons holding in office u under the United states who shall net promote encourage or attend such plays shall be deemed Unwor by to hold such office and shall be accordingly dismissed. Journal of Congress oct. 16, 1778, the great fib at Wetumpka j the state that All the most valuable part of the business Section it East Wetumpka was destroyed by the great fire on saturday morning the 13th inn 2casks s c Iiams 2 pierces dried beet received per Louisiana for Sale by junes. Jno. Bone. and meal. 20 bbl extra flour 10 4 bbl extra flour 5 bbl Corn meal per Louisiana for Sale by june24 j. Bone. Received Pir Loinsiana-10 sacks Coffee 10 kegs lard. 5 bbl lard Oil 2 bbl lard 2 bbl Wight varnish for Sale by june24_____ j. Bone. Zinc-2 casks for Sale by june2t j Bone. Cows-50 sacks received per Louisiana and fur Sale by june24 j Richard m. Shine attorn by and at Law Lockhart Caldwell co., t was will attend promptly to All business Intra item to him. Jano94-Ly important to country merchants san Antonio clothing manufacturing undersigned respectfully informs the Public that he has taken the Agency of one of the most extensive clothing establishments of the United states and is prepared to furnish at wholesale every description of ready made clothing at an Advance of Only 8 per cent upon new York wholesale he has also on hand a full Supply for retail besides a Stock of boots shoes hats. A comprising every article of gentlemen s clothing from the Crown of the head to the sole of the foot. C. J. Cook. Union House Lockhart Texas. M. Trumble prof Riktor. Having fitted up the Aboite House in Good style the proprietor assures the Public that leather manufactured by j. J. French at wholesale and retail in lots to suit purchasers at manufacturers prices sole leather. Band leather a Superior article for Cotton gins and Mills. Harness and bridle leather Black and Russett. Upper leather. Deer skins Russell and Orange the Stock will a always completely asserts and orders from the country accompanied with remittances or Good City acceptances Promp attend to. J. Frederich & co., june24 agents cottage and lot cheap. Upor Sale the cottage on the South Side of Post office Street West of the Tremont a Chise and a adjoining the residence of or. Edmonson offered very Low for Cash. Uncut a. Of James 2 leagues of land for is ale. Situated on the Waters of the san Diego 10 Miles South of the nieces River soil Rich and the treat Well watered and timbered. A very Good local Ion for a Stock farm and will be sold at a very Low Price for Csiha. J junes a f. Jamesj a. Neville j watchmaker

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