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Sedalia Weekly Sentinel (Newspaper) - April 20, 1906, Sedalia, Missouri Al c a Twila Lucchi Sentinel established 1881 Sedalia mo., Friday april 20. 1900. Ivol. Xxv number 23. 1. Per continue deadly work started by earthquake Seda Luns in a Frisco failure to hear direct news causes anxiety to increase. C. I. Roofs among them was a guest at the Royal hotel which building is not Given in the list of those destroyed others from Sedalia. Reports from the stricken districts of California show no cessation or any indication when anything like communication with the outside world will be restored. The conditions Are hardly better than yesterday afternoon and the True situation is beyond description. People in Sedalia who have relatives in san Francisco Are very anxious about them and some Gre almost frantic from worrying for their safety. The reports today Tell that the fire has spread to the residence District but those people who were not in the immediate District where the first devastation occurred had ample time to escape the fire which yesterdays dispatches indicated they were doing. / what communication has been restored is in control of the press agencies who Are endeavouring to give to the general Public the news of the horror and All individual messages will of course be delayed and it May be several Days before this business is touched and the Outlook is that Complete communication will not be reestablished inside of a week. Of the Seda lians in san Francisco was or. C. B. Rodes of 310 West Broadway who is stopping at the Royal hotel. This hotel was out of the District first struck and is not Given in the list of buildings destroyed and if it has been swept by fire today the guests would have had time to escape. While some alarm is Felt for or. Rodest safety by his relatives Here yet the news that has already been Given has served to relieve their anxiety greatly. Mrs. J. N. Dalby has a brother living in Frisco. His name is Bent Waller and he had offices in the Floyd building which is not reported As destroyed. Sisters of mrs. Harry Graham of East fifteenth Street and mrs. Charlie Barnhart of East eleventh Street reside at 810 Taylor Street and 1255 of Ferrell Street san Francisco. Their names Are mrs. T. L. Sherrell and mrs. F. S. Thompson. Vain efforts to hear from them have been made. A. G. Ferguson the Painter and paper Hanger who has apartments Over the Sentinel office is much concerned about his wife who is in san Francisco visiting her parents and family who lived on sixteenth Street. George Mulcahy brother of f. T. Mulcahy the Osage Street grocer who was reared in Sedalia was a member of the police department san Francisco and his duties kept him at the City Hall. This building was one of the first destroyed and or. Mulca Hyp a relatives Are under a most intense Strain awaiting answers to repeated messages they have sent. Other Seda lians who Are residents of Frisco Are Harry and eld red Wick line sons of John Wickline and George Fisher son of Richard Fisher the latter Only having left Sedalia a few weeks ago for the coast City to meet his brother who is coming Home from the philippine islands. Or. Florence Mulcahy informs the Sentinel that the Wickline Brothers were employed in the Vicinity of the City Hall. Newton Cannon of the Cannon dry goods store is among the Seda lians who have relatives in san Francisco his brother o. R. Cannon being a government Engineer at that place. Or. Cannon has received no message As to whether his brother is Safe or not. Mrs. Vivian Mccurdy of this City has two Sisters and one brother living at san Francisco. Frank Royce a former Sedalia is now located at Frisco at least he was to have arrived there last sunday As stated in a letter to relatives Here. Frank Fox a Nephew of James e. Bouldin of this City a former Sedalia is living in Frisco. Of the world offers Relief Scripps Mcrae press association. Washington april 19.�?cablegrams of sympathy have been received from King Edward president Fallieres of France and emperor William. The Senate this morning appropriated half a million dollars for the san Francisco sufferers to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War. Lincoln neb., april 19.�?governor Mickey has wired governor Pardee asking what the people of Nebraska can do. Kansas City april 19.�? a mass meeting of citizens has been called for tonight to act regarding the san Francisco catastrophe. Washington april 19�?the commissary general has ordered 400,000 army rations rushed to san Francisco. It is expected to have a million rations there within ten Days. New York april 19.�?the National Park Bank transferred through the sub Treasury $3,000,000 of Gold to san Francisco this morning. Pierpont Morgan subscribed $25,000 to the Relief fund. Flamer still spreading. Oakland Cal., feb. 19.�?1 50 p. M. A the flames in san Francisco have assumed such proportions that neither dynamite gun Cotton or even Field guns can now Stop them and they Are now Rushing through the Fine residence Section and still spreading. The panic in the City is increasing. Owing to the Lack of adequate traffic facilities it is impossible for but a few to get away at a time. The number of persons killed by tie falling buildings during the earthquake has been doubled by the number killed by the fire. San Francisco today sees no cessation of the horrors that fell upon her yesterday when the Earth Shook and trembled from the mighty convulsions of nature blowing up the great buildings to Check the \ ath of flames has done no Good and they still sweep on leaving death and destruction in their path. Number of dead now reach two thousand fire raging men worn out. Flames spreading to All parts of the City and Are consuming residences. Oakland Cal., May 19, 9 10 a. the fire on the Northwest Side of Market Street is spreading South and West against the wind through the residence sections and North towards the water front. The town is already a mss of ruins and May be wiped off the map altogether. The worn out firemen and volunteers no j longer make very serious efforts to Stop the conflagration realizing that it is futile. The Hopkins Art Institute and the Stanford residence have burned. Half the town camped out a Charleston disaster of 1886 Felt Over causes of earthquakes six theories advanced by scientists and theologians for disturbances. An earthquake described martial Law prevails and the troops Are doing All in their Power to relieve distress it is estimated that there Are now in the City Over two Hundred thousand men women and children who Are wandering the streets without shelter and suffering from injuries and Lack of sustenance. Las night through necessity. All the Parks and vacant lots and Sandy stretches along the Ocean Are filled with refugees. Soldiers still continue to shoot Down the ghouls who attempt to Rob the dead. A great area is graphically written of by an observer. Kansas City april 19. No water to drink or food to eat destruction of stores of provisions and Lack of facilities for bringing in supplies mean that a state of famine exists ruin of water works leaves the people without that fluid to quench thir burning thirst it is said to be the worst calamity known in the history of the world. Mint May be saved. Washington april 19�?superintendent Leach of the Frisco mint in a Telegram sent last night reports that the building together with its store of $309,000,000, have been saved. His report Stales that the mint is the Only place left standing for blocks around and that it was slightly damaged by the earthquakes. The Treasury officials Here Are not convinced that the mint has not been destroyed since Leach sent his report. Santa Rosa suffers severely. Oakland Cal., april 19.�?at 8 a. M. This morning the fire in san Francisco had swept Over Knob Hill the Center of the finest residence Section of the City and the flames were still beyond control. In Santa Rosa not a single building has escaped destruction or damage. The loss of life at that place is now estimated at Over 500. All but two of the Stanford University buildings Are reported Down and every business Block in the City has been destroyed and martial Law has been declared. Santa Cruz Monterey and Hollister have suffered heavily. Washington april 19.�?a Telegram from general Funston at san Francisco at 9 15 a. M. Says that the City is still burning and that matters could not be worse. Washington april 19.�?a Western Union bulletin the Western Union and Southern Pacific building in san Francisco has been totally destroyed. The fire is burning in a Diagonal line up the Hill commencing at Mca lest amp a Street and ending at Battery Street and on Mission Street As far out As sixteenth Street. There is no water and the wind is rising. The military authorities have forbidden anyone to enter the City. No part of the situation is improved and thousands Are lined up awaiting the distribution of food by the soldiers. An earthquake is a trembling of latest re j the Earth a crust due to internal ports from the postal Telegraph and causes. It consists of a series of in Cable company received Here from dilatory impulses or elastic Waves Oakland Cal., at 10 30 a. M. Is that transmitted through the rocks of the the fire is still raging in san fran i crust in somewhat the same Way Cisco and the entire City is doomed. That sound is transmitted through the they have no water except along the air. An earthquake tremor May be Bay Shore and Are dynamite no build Felt on the surface distinctly and Ings in an Effort to Check the flames not on the lower Levels of a deep the powder Supply is nearly exhaust mine and vice versa. The size of the de even to the powder in the gov area where the trembling is percept Ern ment Arsenal which has been Emp probably bears some proportion tied and the fire can not be checked to the violence of the initial Shock until it Burns out. Every building in earthquakes in the United states the business Section and nearly half j Are commonest in c Alifornia the residence Section is destroyed now briefly stated the theories on the and there is not a Large building left standing. Oakland april \ 9�?the City of san Francisco covered a prom Story Twenty Miles from North to South and approximately six Miles wide. Market Street the main thoroughfare ran East and Northeast through the Center of the town. On the West is the Pacific Ocean on the East the Bay with its great ship docks. Directly North lies Oakland. At 2 p. M. Yesterday the fires were in the Section East of Market Street and were being driven by East wind from the Bay along towards Market Street. The Tulare Street Channel a waterway running East and West stemmed the flames and at that hour it was believed that the worst was Over but flying embers and new fires had started on the a st Side of Market Street in the residential Section towards the Pacific and at 3 p. M. The wind changed gradually until in was blowing hard from the West. The new fires were fanned through the financial District and the Fine residence District parallel to the commercial and manufacturing Section already destroyed. The sections named embraced about one half of the City proper but included most of the 549 millions of the assessed valuation of the City and the residence of half of its population of Over four Hundred thousand. Dawned on a scene of death and destitution. After Twenty four hours More terrible than anyone in san Francisco imagined possible. Oakland april 19.�?many of the in a Jared were burned to death As they1 Lay helpless in mechanics Pavilion which was being used As a temporary morgue when it caught fire. Over a Hundred were killed by this fire. The nurses were forced to desert the patients and flee for their lives. Washington april 19�?two smaller earthquake shocks were recorded Here at s 46 p. M. And 2 30 a. M. Oakland Cal., april 19.�?details of the a Frisco horror received Here at Midnight estimated the dead in san Francisco a 1,000 inmates of the the Springs and Wells they find Evi cause of earthquakes follow 1. The theological theory held by an unusual number of persons who believe that he earthquake is due to the direct intervention of god As a punishment for sins or a warning to righteousness. The theory is of the greatest Antiquity. 2. The mechanical theory which imputes the earthquake to the slipping of Rock strata and lays Especial stress upon the Earth a falling in some places rising in others and being agitated everywhere. 3. The volcanic theory which holds that the disturbances Are due to fires in the eared a Scenter and to their fumes and steam which Force an outlet. In the not water steam and Gas ejected and in the doors imparted to new state insane Asylum 275 at san Jose 05 at Santa Rosa 300, and at other Points at 150. The injured number 3,000, and the homeless in san Francisco foot up to the 100,000 Mark. The property loss in san Francisco alone is estimated at $200,000,-000. The burned area in san Francisco is fully ten Square Miles comprising 130 City blocks. San Francisco april 19.�?the fire this morning is still raging and is now working eastward. The entire population is stricken with terror dreading th3 tidal wave which always follows an earthquake. Thousands on the coast Are fleeing to the Hills for safety. Twenty a five fires Are now raging in the City and a High wind from the West is sweeping the flames Over the City. At this time the entire Supply of drinking water is exhausted actual hunger is overtaking the people and famine absolutely prevails. Today thousands of families that on tuesday were Happy in their Homes the Possession of lucrative Means of support with Money in the Bank Are today practically dependent upon Charity for existence and that Charity is not yet forthcoming As chaos still reigns. The Lack of water which at first was a calamity because none was at hand to quench thirst today becomes a even More horrible reality through its absence for Domestic needs and for drink. All the food is gone and the sources of Supply Are demoralized As Well the lines of communication with the outer world Are broken. All the Corner groceries Are Bare of provisions and unable to replenish their Stock and thousands Are going about the streets hungry and on the Brink of starvation. Death has bereaved an until d number of Homes and others Are worried to the Point of collapse by the absence of loved ones who May be Safe or May be dead in the ashes. San Francisco business men whose Homes Are in Oakland have been unable to leave the City and their families do not know whether their husbands and fathers Are dead or alive. Hundreds of homeless people wander about the streets yet untouched by fire but not knowing where to go. The soldiers and police can do no More than keep them out of the danger zones. Scores of men and women lie in sheltered Corners of the streets completely exhausted by want and suffering. The fires still rage and no one can foresee the end. Oakland Cal. May 19, 6 a., fire in san Francisco has spread to the residence District and is raging unchecked this morning. The entire City seems doomed to have nothing to eat except in the outlying arts tricks until communication is established and food can be brought in. Not a wire Row connects san Francisco directly with the continent. The United states mint is ablaze. Los angers Cal., May 19.�? the Santa be Railroad officials Here have received a saying that another Shock occurred at san Francisco at 7 of cock last night and was worse than any of the previous ones. All the factories gone. Neary every factory building has been wiped out of existence and a Complete enumeration of them would look like a copy o the City directory. Many of the finest buildings in the City were levelled to dust by terrific charges of dynamite in the hopeless Effort to Stop the horror of the fire. In this work Many heroic soldiers policemen or firemen were manned or killed outright. Dence of the Fruth of their theories. 4. The astronomical theory which holds that the cause is to be found in the attraction of the planets derives argument from the enormous freight of the extraordinary tides and claims that the attraction of the Sun and Moon operates on the crust of the Earth a it does on the great body of water that it raises and Lowers. 5. The electrical theory whose followers will deduce from the lights noise Anh velocity of their motions and from comets and meteors that have appeared simultaneously with the earthquake conclusions favourable to the origin of the disturbance from the Subtle and Universal agent electricity. 6. The chemical theory which ascribes the disturbance to fermenting or decomposing minerals. The believer in the conversion of metallic potassium by rapid inflammation into common Potash in deep recesses of the Earth finds the Salt Petrous Sandstone an argument for his belief in the chemical theory of earthquakes. In earthquake described Charleston disaster of 1886 Felt Over a great area is graphically written of. The sound which accompanies an earthquake Las rarely if Ever been described More graphically than by an observer of the Charleston earthquake of 1886. He was at the time on the second floor of a lofty building in Charleston when his attention was a vaguely attracted by a sound that seemed to come from the office below and was supposed to be caused for a moment by the rapid rolling of a heavy body As an Iron Safe or a heavily Laden truck Over the floor. Accompanying the sound there was a perceptible tremor of the building not More marked however than would be cached by the passage of a car or Dray along the Street. For perhaps two or three seconds the occurrence excited no Surprise or continued on pages continued on Page 4.

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