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Sedalia Democrat Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1982, Page 1

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Sedalia Democrat (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Sedalia, Missouri The the heart of Central Missouri vol. 51, no. 47 Sedalia mo., sunday nov. 21,1982 102 pages a 50 cent weather partly Cloudy tonight and monday with a slight Chance of showers. Low sunday night around 40 High tomorrow in the 50s to Low 60s. The extended forecast tuesday through thursday Calls for showers ending and turning much colder tuesday. Fair and very cold wednesday and thursday. Gems from the past once in a lifetime Antiques go on the Block at Fairgrounds auction. Page in. Darlings off dance budding ballerinas learn that lots of practice is what stars Are made of. Page id. End off the line the Missouri tigers end season on High note with 16-10 Victory Over Kansas. Page in. Law enforcement officials say state s new Dpi Law needs More time to show results by Vince Mcdonough staff writer after working with the states new Drunken driving Law for More than three months local Law enforcement authorities agree on one thing it will take time before the Law has any real Impact. A a it a just too Early in the game to Tell the difference a says sgt. John Cummings of the Highway patrol. A in fact it might be years before the real effects come into sgt. Jim Watson of the patrols safety education division says a i think its a satisfactory Bill but i done to think ifs that much of an improvement Over the old Bill. I can to see any drastic changes i think it came about because the Public demanded the new Law which was sponsored by sen. Harriett Woods a University City took effect aug. 13. The idea was to get More driving while intoxicated convictions by softening the penalties for first time offenders and by making it easier to classify someone As a repeat offender. To do this the new Law reduces the License suspension period for first time offenders and establishes a Central record keeping system to help local Law enforcement officials identify repeat offenders. The problem in measuring the Laws effectiveness is two fold current Dpi conviction figures do not represent cases that have come about since aug. 13, and the Dpi arrests that have been made since then May not be finalized for months or year pc. A a it a very hard a Cummings says a to obtain any figures after Only three months. A actually those arrested can linger things on for years. Prosecutors and assistants Are snowed under. With appeals and postponements those arrested today May first come to trial next summer or assistant prosecuting attorney Ken Dake who handles the county a traffic cases says he agrees it will take time before the Laws effectiveness can be gauged but adds he is pleased with the changes. A it gives me More tools to work with a Dake asserts. A it will help prosecutors obtain guilty pleas a the administrative Side of the Law which focuses on driving is the Only part affected please see Dpi Page 4 space program worthwhile poll new York a seven of to americans think the space shuttle program is a Good investment for the country according to a new associated press Abc news poll. A majority also said they think the government is spending the right amount or not enough on the space program. A plurality said the main purpose of the space program should be scientific exploration rather than National defense. Sixty nine percent of the 1,500 interviewed said the space shuttle program is a Good investment for the country while 21 percent said it is a bad investment to percent were not sure. When the same question was asked please see poll Page 4 Andropov in Lead for presidency Moscow apr Yuri v. Andropov the new soviet communist party chief has consolidated his Power far More rapidly than expected and now appears to be the top candidate to assume the late Leonid i. Brezhnev a other Post a that of president soviet sources and communist diplomats say. When Brezhnev died nov. To the betting was that Andropov held the Edge in taking Brezhnev a party Post but no one ruled out Konstantin u. Chernenko Brezhnev a longtime Friend and aide. In the past few Days sources have confirmed that Andropov 68, and Chernenko 71, waged a Tough Battle to succeed Brezhnev but that Andropov won after getting the support of defense minister Dmitri f. Ustinov foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko and ukrainian party Boss Vladimir v. that lived with dioxin copes with aftermath arabian Days Nikki Cohen Madison wis., had her hands full saturday during the heart of America arabian horse auction on the Fairgrounds. About 75 prospective buyers in the coliseum watched As she alternately ran and walked the six horses her family brought to the Sale. And her showmanship paid off All of her horses were sold. Staff photos by Dale Ruff Reagan urges open markets free Trade serves cause of world peace Washington a president Reagan called on americans trading partners saturday to work for open markets and reject protectionist policies that insulate their countries from world Competition. A free Trade serves the cause of economic Progress and it serves the cause of world peace a the president said in his weekly radio broadcast to the nation. A when governments get too involved in Trade economic costs increase and political disputes multiply. Peace is Reagan a address comes four Days in Advance of a meeting of free world trading ministers in Geneva Switzerland. Declaring that the International trading system is at a Crossroads Reagan said a either free world countries go Forward and sustain the drive toward More open markets or they risk sliding Back toward the mistakes of the 1930s and succumbing to the evils of More and More government intervention and this is really no Choice at he said the United states a will reject protectionist and defeatist proposals and a will set new goals and Lay out a program for limiting government intervention in world a we will Lead with a Clear sense of our own commercial interests and a quiet determination to defend these interests a said Reagan. A let no one misunderstand us a he added. A a we re generous and far sighted in our goals and we intend to use our full Power to achieve these goals. A we seek to plug the holes in the boat of free markets and free Trade and get it moving again in the direction of Prosperity a Reagan said. A and no one should mistake our determination to use our full Power and influence to prevent others from destroying the boat and sinking us giving the democratic response to Reagan rep. James l. Oberstar of Minnesota contended that a the presidents message is an unrealistic Hope that sidesteps solutions we need now to solve our Domestic economic a we need a new spirit of cooperation willingness to act decisively a Oberstar said. He asked Reagan to join with Congress in supporting a jobs program to help reduce unemployment. A the people will not tolerate a tug of War stalemate Between the White House and Capitol Hill a he said. On the Trade Issue Oberstar said that a we would make a terrible mistake if we naively expect our Trade competitors Many of whom Are allies to make concessions in the face of their own economic meanwhile Reagan speaking unknowingly into an open microphone and ribbed on saturday that the nations Economy was in a a hell of a the president was making a sound test at Camp David in Advance of the weekly radio address to the nation and began Reading from his prepared speech on Trade issues. A my fellow americans in be talked to you on a number of occasions about the economic problems and opportunities our nation at that Point head ribbed a and i am prepared to Tell you its a hell of a mess. A Reagan whose sound test quips have caused a stir before immediately asked a we Arentt connected to the press room yet Are we a to the Chagrin of White House aides the comments were indeed heard in the White House press room where reporters were gathered. The presidents remark however was not carried live on radio. Several weeks ago Reagan called the military leaders in Poland a a Bunch of no Good Lousy bums when speaking into a microphone that he did not know was open. Before another broadcast he said a Welcome to death Valley Days a the television show he once hosted. Toxic substance far exceeds Safe level set by Epa by Ray Formanek associated press writer Imperial to. A whenever Bill Skaggs watches his 3-year-old son try to keep up with the other kids he worries that a deadly chemical byproduct has stolen much of the boys mobility. Skaggs was born prematurely with brain damage about a year after the couple moved into a trailer perched atop soil containing dioxin at Levels several thousand times above acceptable Federal Levels. A it just eats me up inside every time i see him try to run a said the 36-year-old horseman. A a he a uncoordinated and runs on his Tippy toes. A the doctors say they done to know what caused it but my wife a pregnancy ended after seven months there a Skaggs said. A now in be got a 3-year-old kid who can to feed himself. And not one person Ever told us about the danger until last Skaggs and the other residents living in this Hilly secluded town 30 Miles Southwest of St. Louis were shocked this fall when Epa officials told them that about 40 truckloads of dirt tainted with dioxin had been used As fill at their subdivision. Most became angry when they discovered that state and Federal officials knew about the problem eight years ago. A i used to believe in the government a said Carol Vickers who lives nearby with her husband and four children. A but now i feel like they be been playing with our environmental Protection Agency tests have shown that soil in the Vickers front Yard contains dioxin a one of the most toxic manmade substances a in concentrations As High As 900 parts per billion. The contamination is so great that it has prompted one official to Label Missouri a the dioxin capital of the although scientists disagree How the chemical affects humans state health officials have described an equal amount of dioxin As 2,000 times More toxic than strychnine and 150,000 times More toxic than cyanide. Technicians a dressed like they were going to the Moon a according to one Man scooped up dirt from Yards where the Vickers Skaggs and others have worked and played for years. The samples which were completed two weeks ago will Tell How far the poisonous substance has spread and How much of a cleanup is necessary. Although no Federal safety Standard exists for dioxin the Epa has convinced the courts to order cleanups when the level of the deadly chemical reached the minimum detectable limits of to to 50 parts per trillion a More than 10,000 times less than the concentration found in the Vickers Yard. At least 14 Sites in the state have been confirmed As being contaminated with dioxin and 35 others categorized As possible Sites. The contamination in Imperial stems from an unfortunate series of events which began la years ago. In 1971, Russell Bliss an Ellisville waste Hauler spread a mixture of salvaged Oil and other liquid waste on three horse Arenas in Eastern Missouri As a dust control measure. That Oil also contained sludge from the northeastern pharmaceutical and chemical co. Which was then producing the Antiseptic Rexach Orphene. The Plant had previously been used to produce the herbicide agent Orange a defoliant used in Vietnam. Both manufacturing processes produce dioxin. In the months after the spraying 97 horses several cats and dogs and scores of Small animals and wild Birds died according to the state department of natural resources. In addition several children and adults developed skin rashes and headaches. Despite an investigation by the centers for disease control in Atlanta the problem was not traced to dioxin until 1974 a in part because so Little was known about the toxin at that time. At bubbling Springs ranch near Imperial a dozen horses had died by 1973. The owners suspected a virus or bacteria in the soil and hired two part time contractors to haul away 850 cubic Yards of dioxin Laden soil. A we never thought about it really a said Mike heaps one of the contractors. A they just thought it was something the horses were allergic please see dioxin Page 4 k

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