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Sedalia Democrat Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 4

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Sedalia Democrat (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Sedalia, Missouri Face fourth up Ulalia demo rat and capital. Sii Mlay morning. Marrh 19. 1939 4 up hmm Yohr my met re we worked directly with Printess and leading fabric Mills to give you i aty Abric Yul Price y $1075 $04 50 sizes 14 to 46 Shetland Type Reefer of not Temh it the Ian Rielei Diatom la plaids Fine Shell aids worsted St. Andrew s Tweed Juillard s men Toses coverts Camel s hair 20% nit vhf a Monotone Tuxedo the Verajr fashions you be been admiring in higher priced collections brought to you by special arrangement with the makers. Don t miss this Opportunity to own the coat of your dreams. % St Louis a oozing to. A a re Ivy Uit Kahn a a. A \2s22siss.j2liisiliii2jse�iy�?� Spear starter 2.10 of boy starter 1.95 Start to finish 2.70 pee , Chick grains chops rolled Oats let us sell you your baby Chicks from blood tested flock s630 up Garden Field seeds Start to finish seed potatoes Sedalia produce co. Ivan Berry owner 219 w. Main phone 42 korean Les Pedreza seed 100 lbs. $3.90 Thompson Chevrolet co. We Are offering to our customers a free Check and test on our front end aligning machine. Save your tires Correct steering drive in for inspection. No Cost or obligation. Guaranteed service on All make cars we Call for and deliver. Phone 590 fourth and Osage Fred Harvey bus line Warsaw. To. Inion bus station Telephone s46 read Down read up. . . Mis. . . 4 45 9 50 0 la Sedalia to. A 11 10 5 30 5 05 10 10 13 Jet. 6.5 a 52 10 50 5 10 5 15 10 20 19 Cole Camp Jet a 10 40 5 00 5 25 10 30 25 Lincoln w 10 30 4 50 5 33 10 38 30 Rock Hill m 10 22 4 35 5 45 10 50 38 Warsaw Lake of ozarks 10 10 4 20 5 59 la pm 47 Dell Jet. 9 56 4 0.5 6 05 11 10 51 Fristoe m 9 50 3 55 6 20 11 25 59 Cross timbers be 9 12 3 20 6 30 11 35 65 Preston be 9 05 3 10 6 37 11 42 69 Cedar Nook m 8 .55 3 00 6 45 11 50 73 Urbana be 8-3.5 2 46 6 .55 12 01 79 Louisburg m 8 20 2 32 7 15 12 30 88 Buffalo a a 7 53 2 08 7 32 12 37 99 red top be 7 48 2 03 7 45 12 50 107 fair Grove 1� 7 30 1 45 7 55 1 00 �z12 Hickory Barren be 8 05 2 17 s 00 1 0.5 115 Crystal Cave a it q 20 3 30 8 15 1 20 127 a. Springfield la 9 35 3.40 bold fish urls denote p. F. A i i Avea it of a r in Ccu Umby a and St. Of r i p 320 p a. A map S. A f r Nty-r-.2u a 3 0 p. 530 p A for Chih Cotha Tranten. Carrot lion and Des Meines 5nn p. A. It a for tip Ion. Jafferson city�?11 10 m., s 10 p. M., 2i 3�?� 1 \ a a or War Ranaburg and Kansas City a 3� a. A. 1 00 a fed of t weat , , . Joplin �?~=--1 ill a a Ihrer oin rades a stirring drama of War s aftermath at i Utonn to flav. Monday. Tuesday Robt. Taylor Margaret Sullavan Robt. Young and Franchot tone in a three the sensational and stirring drama of the Days immediately following the world War is portrayed in pulse stirring manner by the masterful acting of Robert Taylor Robert Young and Fth an Chat tune the a a three comrades in the picture of that name Margaret Sulia an the girl they love a touching heroine that All will remember. A a three comrades a written by the author of a a All quiet on the Western front a is Iowa in blazing Light the Teit Ril it be aftermath of the great War in Germany. Companion feature a one wild night a with june Lang Lyle Talbot and Dick Baldwin. Also included in the news reel tins week will be the pictures of tie election of Pope Pius Xii to the papacy. Able to resume work since return of Good health Trugon relieved stiffness and soreness in Points and Muscles headaches dizzy spells in the past stomach regulated can work All Day without return of former trouble. A a Trugon is the family Medicine at our House a said or. Earl Kir Cher a highly respected local Carpenter who resides at Nev Ada mo., near Sedalia in a recent statement reaching the Mcfarland and or. Kirchh Robinson drug store this City. A Din ing the terrible hot weather of 1936 i became overheated suffering a general breakdown in health. My stomach was affected and immediately following every meal i would Hae dreadful dizzy spells sour stomach and indigestion attacks. My Muscles and joints were stiff and sore which of course made Woi k an impossibility. I would have sickening headaches so bad i thought i could not endure them much longer. I was continually seeking Means of i Clief through various remedies but none of them seemed to have the Power to reach my stubborn Case. I was met with repeated disappointments. Then i began noticing the Trugon testimonials ads in the newspaper and thought that there might be partial Relief for me when it was doing so much for Many of my friends right Here in Sedalia. I bought a Box of these Little red capsules and soon began noticing a change in my a ukr upon Een More than i had anticipated in Roy health a continued or. Kircher. A it is almost unbelievable but i am now Able to work hard All Day without the return of my former trouble. I a e no More of those terrible headaches and dizzy spells. The awful cramping soreness and stiffness Hae left my Muscles and joints and i am not hindered in handling my Carpenter tools. My stomach has been regulated too and i can enjoy my meals without a in after distress. My foods no longer sour and indigestion attacks Are memories of the past. I am feeling better in every Way since i ing Trugon the Opportunity of pro ing proclaimed merits in my obstinate Case. I am continually telling others of the marvelous action of this laxative tonic and Trust they May receive these same Good benefits through the use of Kris go ii is sold by the Nikfar land and Robinson drug store of 111 is City and by the leading drug Gist. In surrounding towns. $1 per Box 6 for $5.00. We fill mail orders. Plus tax. Postage . Zazas build a new Home or remodel your old one f. H. A. And other approved Plana of financing. Year Loans arranged. Payments As Low As $6.10 a month per thousand on inn pal and interest. Quality materials Call. Phene or write today Looney Bloess lumber co. Mam and Washington phone 350 Hiddle Ctm storage crating packing be off lockers phone 946 118 no Lamine Ini pers nations Eleanor Powell impersonates Bill Robinson King s men impersonate the Marx Brothers and Robert Young impersonates himself Robert Young. Eleanor Powell Robert Young in Quot Honolulu Robert Young Eleanor Powell Rober Joung in Honolulu red c Ross at two big fairs this year will be marked by two great worlds in country both inner relive of the Progress and spirit of tie present Day. The one to open ii step february 18th�?-is the Golden Gate internal ional ii position in san pm Anci co Bay. The new York worlds fair waiting for the coming of the a Tern Spring opening Date for april 30th. In both of these great fairs the american red Cros will be Lep resented by it to riling exhibits a Large photo murals dioramas and models some of them in color artistically set with ingenious lighting arrangements. These Are realistic exhibits showing the red Cross of today. Pm oin them the visitor will learn what the red Cross actually does not Only in disaster Relief but in continuous services. To keep within tie spirit of these two fairs the red Cross does not turn Back into the past. It deals with the present Day looking Forward to the future. In san Francisco the red Eli bit is housed in the huge Hall of science. In new York it will be in the very modernistic medical and Public health building. It is no Small matter of Pride that the red Cross enters both fairs As a guest. Althou Gli space Selis by the Square foot at a High rate to meet the enormous construction costs involved the red Cross has received All the room needed for effective Dis lays in tribute to usefulness to the nation. With Blue red and Ivory tones dominating the color scheme the red Cross exhibit in san Francisco occupies some 5 get Square feet of show Isiace. Though it illustrates a very Jhase of red Cross work it will be a thing of Beauty and interest in itself. And As the Hall of science in which it is housed will be one of the main Points of interest to visitors in general a relate Cly Small number of those who hit the fair will be Likely to miss the red Cross feature. At the new York fair the red Cross will maintain an up to Date first Aid Livim adjoining exhibit to i e treatment to All what with Eleanor Powell doing an impersonation of Bill Robinson. Robert Young doing an impersonation of himself and the Kings men Well known radio quartet doing a take off on the in Marx Bro this a Honolulu a the lavish new , coming tuesday for three Days to the Liberty theatre sets a new record for this Type of entertainment. Only George Burns and Gracie Allen also starred in the production wore exempt from the task of impersonating anyone but then the famous team of Burns and Allen Are so unlike anyone else in the world that it would be next to for them to attempt to i the meshes As any other pair. To miss Powell fell the major work of impersonation for she had nut Only to make lie self look As much like Bill Robinson As pos Bible but had also to adapt her flying feet to Steps which would make audiences immediately recognize whom it was she was portraying. In a a Honolulu she does her own version of Robinsons celebrated Stair tap. A pm not sure which was the More difficult a stated miss Powell a learning the Steps or spending the two hours before every a take in applying the Robert Youngs task while perhaps simpler was More unique for in his Case it was his Job to impersonate none other than Robert Young himself. Playing a dual role in the picture he appears first As a movie Star pursued by autograph Hunters and next As an hawaiian planter with whom he exchanges identities much to his subsequent discomfort. fur the Kings men impersonating the Marx Brothers singing a the Leader does no to like music a since there Are four King s men and Only three screen Brothers it was necessary that two Groucho appear in their impersonation. Types of injuries. It will be a Model emergency station with a modern surgery two wards an ambulance Entrance and physicians and trained nurses on duty every Day from 9 a. To 10 p. Including sundays and holidays. Past experience hash own the practical Worth of maintaining this Type of service for the Public. The first Aid station will also serve As a rest room for exhausted fair visitors who Are uninjured. Red Cross health aides trained in Home Hygiene and care of the sick will be on duty. The red Cross suggests that the rest room will be an Ideal spot for friends and members of families to make appointments to meet each other. And invitation to use comforts a ind facilities is extended to All uniformed red Cross volunteers will be on duty at the red Cross exhibits at both fairs. But at new Yoi k they will be recruited not Only from the City s metropolitan area but from Penn Sylvania. Connecticut new Jersey and other Points. The majority of uniformed red Cross volunteers at the Golden Gate fair will Home from the san Francisco Bay area. Visitors to the new York fair will find that there the red Cross has received 1,600 Square feet of space and the exhibit will be worthy of this generous Concession. Lighted Wing panels will depict the red Cross services and the various Volunteer Sei vices will be typified by models in color. The most novel aspect of the exhibit will be a cleverly simulated Tornado funnel in the act of striking with photo panels showing step by step How red Cross Relief forces act. Homemakers in quilting meet the Burford homemakers met recently at the Home of mrs. Maise. Will Morris was an afternoon visitor. The morning was spent in quilting for the hostess and also in the setting up of another quilt. During the afternoon a business meeting was held and it was decided to make a quilt and to sell it with the proceeds to be turned into the club Treasury. The next social meeting will be held at the Home of mrs. Frank Maloney on March 21, while the regular meeting will be at the Home of mrs. George Aldrich april 4. Mrs. Ann Strong will be program Leader with the subject of special Yard problems. Roll Call will be answered with giving a shorts cuts in Yunker Lierman drug co. 3rd amp ohi9 . Phone 546 free delivery i t h give you a ft0t 2s a Emo too it Brush tuft i Szadis solar of a popular combination for tic Tfir Oral by i with a swish of her i skirts and a Wink in i Chivous Eye t f Reid cd a heartbreaker. Iown in tie persuit c Laudette Colb Cit in t of tie Mil. E n v i. It Day u the Liberty it can be done a local doctor recently said that a Vertebra could not be displaced. He stated that he had dissected bodies and knew that the vertebrae could not be moved. I too have desc ted bodies and it is True that a Vertebra m a cadaver cannot be moved but we c h i Toprac tors Are ad.iust-1 n g live bodies. In Caes of s ii b 1 u nation slightly d placed a a e r t a Brae the ligaments Are too tight they limit motion and in to e r f e r e with m a n infestation of Normal life forces. This increased rigidity is approaching the condition found in death but it is still possible to move the vertebrae. When a i Zniber of them Are found to be too rigid to move no doctor can do the person any Good they Are too near death a. Immediately after death the tighten up and Coivin Myrrl until Titiev Flims Negrate. A Ray Piru t shove displayed Vertex a plainly in the majority f f cases the chiropractor s patient can feel the vertebrae move toward Normal position when adjusted. Any doctor who says cannot be ii Ned is either in Nouv or Wigt he to deceive. m k w. Or let Jmc Riiber Yio. A late chiropractic Board fit to to 4 02. Size East of use dentures. By of Titei end a Deans do Nisi plates Sahly. 3o2. Size Rexall denture Adhn Iver powder holds Teeth fast. Not irritating. The 3 e2ta�l drug St re it a Civ Eai Fiucci. In town ladies suits dresses and Coats cleaned and pressed. Felt hats cleaned and re shaped a Monite insured up t cd Lily a process cd Crrrie a men s suits and topcoats cleaned and pressed. 75 fur Oats cleaned and glazed. Expertly done. $2�?~50 summer fur storage 9afe, guaranteed and insured storage Safe from any damage Dorn Cloney laundry amp dry cleaning co. Phone 126 eyes that Strain to see add Many lines and wrinkles to your face. Done to risk premature age when glasses can be made so distinctive and becoming. Or. Floyd l. 207 South Ohio St Lively optometrist Telephone 360 20,000 women follow can to we the Crow d. Wrong definitely Superior Are the $2.00 value Oil permanents at Iii that we offer. And that Price includes an attractive coiffure and trim. Our staff is highly trained and ready to serve you i divid do come in. No appointment is necessary rally machine less Only licensed operators mrs. Ray Coletta Wade Utilie Wiltenburg Laura Miller Edna Edwards Elizabeth Kuykendall Duart no pad Sanders Oil Tulip Oil. Clairol shampoo $4.30 tints. A up Eyebrow til Dye and Arch free neck clip for limited time Only with the above All work guaranteed. $1.95 Shampo and set dry 25t.�?z.35 Rainbow Beauty shop 40814 so. Ohio open evenings Telephone 616 Sun. Mon. Tues. Uptown 15 # All Day double feature�?3 big Days feature no. 2 kiddies 10c Quot one wild night Quot june Lyle Lang Talbot a Mirthful mystery with a laugh a minute Speed thre6 comr Des news and musical Guy Kibbee Yonel Atwill Henry Hull an m c m picture a wed. A thurs. A a Roy Rogers in a Billy the kid returns 2nd feat re a lady in the morgue plus cartoon news Pope Pius election Sun a laundry phone 2889 rough dry la. 4c Flat work beautifully ironed. Wearing apparel starched and dried. Family finish la. 8c nothing extra for shirts. We give one Day service if desired. This laundry gives individual washing. Or. Roy Keller this is the Story of woman. Who has Ever loved a Man blindly foolishly completely co feature now you la know the brutal truth Boris a Plisz shown Pete Smith Short today amp monday Liberty

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