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Sedalia Democrat Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 3

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Sedalia Democrat (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Sedalia, Missouri A sind of school lesson ruler exhorts to Christian i a Viii the Sedalia Democrat and capital sunday morning March 19. 1939 to age three to Licu we w Ere girls Church services today or Baptist calvary�?10 45 a. 7 30 p. Sunday school 9 30. East sedalia�?10 a 8 p. Sunday school 9 30. First�?10 35 a. 7 30 p. Sunday school 9 30. Christians first�?10 45 a. Sunday school 9 30. East broadway�?10 45 a. Sunday school 9 30. Christian Endeavor 6 30 p. It convary �?7 30 a or and 11 a. M sunday school 10 a. A a angelic Al immanuel�?10 50 a. Sunday school 9 30. Federated federated�?10 45 a. Sunday school 9 30. Lutheran Trinity english�?10 45 a. M., first third fifth sundays. Sunday school 9.30. St paul�?Ts�?10 45 a. Sii tiday school 9 30. Fresly Teriann broadway�?10 45 a. Sunday school 9 30 Vesper services 4 30 p. Young Peoples meeting 5 30 p. Cumberland7 30 p Sunday school 10 a. Methodist first�?10 45 a. A. 7 30 p. Sunday school 9 30. I Fiji street�?10 30 a. A. 7 30 p Sunday school 9 30. Epworth�?10 30 a 7 30 p. Sunday school 9 30. Taylor Chapel negro �?11 00 a m., 7 00 p. Sunday school 9 30 International Bible Sheck a a a services 7 30 p Latter Day saints reorganized�?11 a m., 7 30 p. Tit sunday school 9 45. Christian science fit St church�?11 do a Sunday school 9 30. Catholar Char Rhess sacred heart a masses 6 00 r 9 15 a fid in .30 Patrick a masses 6 30. 8 00 and in 00 a. Text i Peter 3 8-18 by willi.\e. Gilroy d. D. Editor of Odeance one recall in connection with ii it in son the uni of Lesus to Jet or a sinn a Simon. Satan hath de it ired to have thee that he May \ sift thee As wheat but i have j prayed flt in thee that thy Faith fail not. When thou Art converted strengthen thy Here we have a strengthened and regenerated Peter fulfilling this admonition of his .ster, Liri Nging his word of to living to the sorely pressed and tempted disciples in the Early Church and telling them How they May find the strength and help which he himself has found. The religious experience that he dirges upon them is a common experience of those who Are a like minded , Loving As Brethren tenderhearted christians he reminds them do not Render evil for evil or reviling for reviling. On the contrary they Render Good for evil and it is for this that god has called them out of his own infinite Grace and mercy. From this major exhortation he turns to suggest some things in a practical philosophy of life. If one would live Well and happily let him restrain his Tongue let him turn from evil and do Good let him seek peace and pursue it. The Christian is Liing under the watchful Eye of the lord whose ears Are open unto their supplications. Nothing can harm a truly Good Man for even if suffering comes to him for righteousness Sake there is Blessing. The Way of attaining Good life is to Sanctify Christ As lord in the heart for thereby one can give a reason for the Hope that is in him and he can have a Good conscience even when there Are who revile him. Peter does not these disciples immunity from sorrow a or suffering. He Points out that Christ has suffered and that his followers Are in the w a of the Cross. But he says that it is better that we should suffer for Well doing rather than for Evul doing. Here is a Plain practical Christian of life by one who had himself gone through a great Deal of trial and temptation Strain and suffering. Peter had found the Way by which weak men May be made Strong and by which impulsive and Hasty men could attain to stability and persistency of life and i purpose. His words come to tri a and tempted men with who authority of experience and with the pow or of Faith. Perhaps it is Worth Wii la to Point out How essentially the apostles agree w Hen they present the nature of the Christian life and the exhortation to live it. Paul and Peter May not always have agreed on questions of Law and discipline but there is no difference Between Paul a exhortation Lin a v or a s. Act. To Christian 1 n and it Cairnes to Drumn g in of Horac i fellow ship of prayer % a for ourselves sunday March 19. And a child the word of the let re came to him. What Doe a thou Here Elijah a head i King. 19 8-10 in 42.5-8. Elijah had exch god his Juniper tree for a rave but he was still a Long Way from courage and duty. He was delivered from his us Kimg in three ways. First by being asked to account for and to take account of himself. A what Doe. T thou Here Elijah a a searching question that. We Are not Good for much unless we Ai e in the right place the right place in temper and attitude in duty and relationships in Faith and courage we Are poor use to ourselves or anybody else if we Are in the wrong places by just these same great tests. Unless Vav e can find out what has brought us or our world to any unhappy despairing a there a we Are not Likely to find the Road out. The first step toward a braver life is always by trying to answer that question a what Doest tho ii prayer give us Loid of the Brave and believing in any time of seeming defeat the saving searching vision of what has misled is serve us to action As thou Dost reveal us to ourselves and though the sense of How far we Are from our right selves and our right station Sadden us let thy mercy assure us. And thus May we Lay hold of life again. Amen. Banquet on conservation the banquet to be held at the both a Ell hotel on wednesday evening in Celebration of Natii Nal wild life week to be an interesting affair. A Large attendance is expected at this dinner meeting. An excellent program has been outlined with the principal speaker being Arthur l. Clark director of the fish game and forestry department of the conservation commission of . Many people of Sedalia will be glad to know they Are again to have an Opportunity to hear or. Clark who is a very capable speaker. The members of the Pettis county conservation club feel very fortunate in being Able to secure or. Clark As speaker for there Are Many demands upon him to appear before v organization. Hugo Sparn president of the local organization will preside. The program will include an outline of the of the organization during the past year. Or. Sparn stated he believed there would be even Niobe women this year than last year due to the fact that an auxiliary of the Pettis county organization had been formed and the membership of this women sign up is steadily growing. Or. Sparn continued by stating mrs. George Schmidt had put in a Good Deal of time and Effort in appearing before various clubs in the interest of increasing the membership of the auxiliary. The Public invited to this banquet and tickets May be obtained from the chamber of Commerce. Five Day sales period of Conoho Oil closes a five Day promotion period of the Conoho Oil company closed Here Friday night with 40 representatives from this District attending a 6.30 o clock dinner in the ambassador room at the Bothwell hotel. R. F. Mclaughlin of the Kansas City office was in charge. 51rvice is i red not by a a it a old a by t by a a the of lbs lie who can who can afford Gillespie service anyone and everyone for we offer Complete service of High Quality for persons in every walk of life. No matter what a family a Means. A Beautiful service is a certainty when we have charge. W i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i Mistr cd c a i a Gillespie funeral Home phone i75&Quot ambulance service Quot be be doers of the word and not hearers Jas. 1 21 Broadway Imrch moral no worship 10 45 a. Vernine worship 7 30 p. A. Photographed Abne is a picture among them is a 4x6 foot p. C. Owen. Sedalia representative. Was mentioned for the Active part he has taken in the Campaign. V. F. W. Open Fortini is held there were three speakers and vocal music by a double Quartetti from the Smith Cotton High school Lincis the direction of Burney at an open forum in the Assembly room of the courthouse Here Friday night and sponsored by the veterans of foreign wars. Sergeant Lester Bennett served As master of ceremonies in the absence of Lawrence Barnett. P Rost Waddell. Lieutenant F. Fiske and f. W. Tate of the state and Federal employment service were the speakers. Musical on the program included a blow trumpets. Blow and a the Battle of Jerico a by the double Quartetti Bass viol Solo by Bob wild and a to Danny boy a Sung by Ernest Slat Insky. It was announced during the meeting that the sponsorship of these weekly open forums will be broadened to other local or Yaniz Aticus and that the next meeting will be on Friday March 24, at 7 4.5 p. In. George Evans Keith Baigert win numerals numeral winners in basketball on the Missouri University freshman team announced Friday night at a basketball banquet included George Evans of Sedalia and Keith Bangert of California. John Lobsiger All big six guard from Gary ind., was reelected Captain of the varsity basketball team for the 1939-40 season. Cleaning. Tailoring. cleaners. Phone 512.�?adv. Boobs indoors or out use Coos armo Cote floor enamel replacing floors is always expensive. Protect Louis now and make them attractive at the same time armo Cote floor enamel is made to withstand terrific household abuse. Its easy to apply. Use it on Wood or Concrete floors inside or out. 10 Quick or it ing. Solid covering colors it. Stevens paint and wallpaper 710 s. Ohio phone 514 i i f two very old ladies recalling to mind happenings when they were girls painted about fifty Yeai it ago by mrs. Wayde h. Howard 615 West Street. The Oil painting will Liang on the Wall of a log Cabin from tie Shepherd of the Hills country that will form a it of tie Pioneer Missouri display at the state s exhibit at then it a York mid s b air. The Cabin is furnished with Antiques used by Early missourians and supplied by the school of the ozarks. When mrs. Howard was a girl she frequently visited Betsy Boland seen at the right who with her husband a Uncle Quot Billie lied in a log Cabin on the Tarn of mrs. Howard a parents. John and Emilja a Durham Howard near California. Expression never forgotten on one particular Day the flt Rmer miss Belle Howard recalls a a aunt Betsy had an elderly \ is tor and As mrs. Howard stood in the doorway of the Cabin the hostess finished telling of some near forgotten event in their ii Hond the visitor stopped her knitting trying to Call it to memory and the expressions on to Weir wrinkled toothless faces were never forgot ten by their Small observer. Later As a Young Bride Liing in Tiptn mrs. Howard portrayed the scene on cannas. The heavy Linsey Woolsey dresses worn by the women Waif spun and Woxen by them. An old spinning wheel with a bundle of hand carded Rolls ready for spinning stood by the Wall and a handmade loom was in the Corner. Fond of a pipe a a aunt Betsy who was \ Ery fond of her pipe which she is holding in her hand in the picture did All her cooking at the fireplace mostly w Ltd an Iron Skillet so heavy the Little Belle Howard could scarcely lift it. Mrs. Howard has a number of her own Oil paintings in her Home. Canvas depicting a a created Mother who is Drc Ami in that her lost daughter is being received in heaven by the Angels. In referring to the scene at a a aunt a Betsy s More than fifty years ago. Airs. Toxvard who is pictured in inset Points Cut that Quot then we used to spin Kvool for dresses Oxx we spin through the air to a worlds airs. Howard s painting Xmas naked at the state fair grounds last Veek for shipment to new a Ork. Senator Ewen at luncheon state senator Charles Ewen at Jefferson c Ity was one of a num Bei of legislators at luncheon Vith the governor Lloyd b. Stark who had As Honor guest Alvayor Henry Dickmann of St. Louis. Cd a vilest held at Haig Leesville the annual Grade and High school demonstration Day was held at the Hughesville High school thursday afternoon. This custom which was established several years ago by the superintendent Glenn r. Snider has taken the place of former visitation a weeks. It is primarily to acquaint the parents Vith first hand class room in we Edge of what the pupils and teacher Are doing. Humorous and dramatic Reading contests pupils of the Grade schools Yvere held at this time. Following is the program a class in Aliss Evelyn Liller teacher of English and Commerce. How to teach English 4th Grade a miss Grace Cordry Hughesville Grade teacher. Humorous heading contest a at the county fair a a be tiv Page Eccl lire. A tipping off teachers a alar Garet rages. A at the declamatory contest a a Jean Frances Landers. Class demonstration of teaching social studies in the a a by a Das a miss Mildred rages Prairie Valley Grade teacher. A science class dem a Kenneth Randolph science and mathematics teacher a Marianette show Aliss Lorraine Kincheloe High school Grade teacher. Education problems of interest a Glenn r. Snider. Dramatic Reading contest a out of the storm Quot a Ruth Bunch. A Little dude a Helen Finch. At the close of the program or. Snider announced the senior play a a add in tires of Tom Saxx yer a to be held thursday and Friday nights the 23rd and 24th of March. 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