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Sedalia Democrat Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 2

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Sedalia Democrat (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Sedalia, Missouri La ape two the Secdalia Democrat and capital sunday morning March 19, 1939 old Smriti 1181 new series Sta bitched i Jui the Sedalla Democrat str no 2. Hs9 a issued Dali v a entered to the poet office Sedalla. To. As class matter under the Art of Ingres of far h a m k m of n a american new Spaht in Raj Stu is Assn. The Assik press address 11 communications ? a the Sedalia Democrat company Democrat building Sedalia Misir Uri George h Trade pc foment and Genera manage Genevieve k be pre id i a George h. Scruton business manager and editor l a. Briel. Advertising manager tee Fhone number ail departments. Cali in us rates the Dally Democrat of including sunday by mail for 3 month la a. Al by. M a<1\ar.ce for 8 months $2 if Alwais in Adame for 12 months $4 �0. in flt Iva ice. By Farrier for i month 55c, in Advance. For 6 $2 10. In adva re. For 9 month $4 6.5, in Alva re for 12 months 16 of. In a Varce of Advance payments a not made ail past accounts will be i barged for monthly rate. Due the member of the associated press the associated is Egriu Svetly entitled to the ase for Republic Atlon of All news credited to of not otherwise credited to re a Ltd Road aug the local new herein a i rights of Public tation of special dispatches herein Are also reserved paying f or service , for Money Are be Rinnier to charge for sewer rental. A Survey shows that while thus far most of the cities adopting the plan Are Small several of More than 500,000 Popula to a Are considering . is All part of a general tendency in governments to place More and More services when possible on a basis of a let them pay who Are a a free services of any government local or National Are never really free. Somebody digs Down and pays for them. is just a question of a shall All pay a or a shall Only those pay who Are served a the Post office furnishes a typical Case of adjustment Between those propositions. Most of the Cost of postal service is paid by those who use through the Stamps they buy. But there is a loss in the service each year made up by general taxes. Postal service might be maintained entirely free general tax expense. Or might be supported entirely by those who mail letters. One by one government a services Are beginning to be tested by one Standard or another. Just town i Alk the other Day a a just As Long Ltd a Sedalia Gentl Cipan a a a took his wife a a a and daughter 9 a a to the train a a a they were going a 9 9 to attend 9 9� a two Days 9 a a convention 9 9� in a metropolitan 9 9 9 City 9 9 9 he told them As he wanted 9 9 9 to 9 without anyone 9 9 9 suggesting 9 9 9 he might have 9 % 9 stayed out too but late 9 Good Bye 9 went Back Home 9 9 9 and Madbul arrangements 9 9 9 a 9 9 the next afternoon 99 he went Home 9 9 9 from work 9 9 9. And there were 9 9 9 his wife 9 9 9 daughter 9 9 9 to go out 9 and a a what she wrong a 9 9 9 asked 9 9 9 with some 9 men 9 9 a a nothing 9 Fri binds said the wife a 9 a so they say a tragic Light on Czecho Slovakia the next night 9 9 9 he had vision. A 9 4 we Are losing our flexibility and pow ers of . H. F. Alderfer the other Day the editorial desk receive Pennsylvania state College. De a a hand out of prepared publicity which went the Way of so Many others into the wastebasket. But today come if life is said to be wicked or. Norman Vincent Peale Pas new Yorkus Marble collegiate a Man s me is actually Means is stale and thin for the contents of that a hand wickedness is a Panicky escape Mechan out come Back with terrific Impact. The ism for a personality played out on the recollection of causes the kind of Shock that follows when one comes Union a priz tor of de personal Possession of some dear one Church Only recently dead. A a a j was from Czecho Slovakia. That a the welfare of our own people can be ready dismembered Republic had hired a. Circumscribed not Only by International High powered american publicity Man to Trade barriers but by barriers erected by help in its come Back. We can to quote our several states. Secretary of state exactly the a hand out which was thrown Cordell Hull away but its plea pathetic in View of a a a events since comes Back like this j a we done to want pity we czechs. We have be had a hard blow but be Are a Hardy people and we Are trying to Bob of not Haviv in 9 9 9 to break up the card game 99 but thought 9 9 9 Nice 9 would 9 How 9 be to stay a except that we 9 9 9 went to 9 9 9 . Louis 9 9 9 Only to find out 9 9 9 that the 9 9 9 convention 9 9 a is in 9 9 9 Kansas City 9 9 9 i thank you. Did use against their Young rial. Bui Eliis gave As Good As i he took. One of his stunts that scored heavily was a moving picture showing Federal projects which congressmen in the adjoining districts had obtained a Blank slide for the projects of i trained by Fuller. I Fuller raged and culminated i but in the end Ellis licked him by a close margin. During the Campaign. Ellis made 163 speech and says he had one of the Best times of his life. E. C. A a took Gathings was born in Mississippi and was i named after Ezekiel Candler for Many years a prominent missis i Sippi congressman. is i thirty five years old tall Blond i Good looking and once was a j classmate of Ellis and his close i ally in the state Senate. Like Eilis Gathings also unseated a i \ Cocran representative William j. Driver who had served eight terms. Gathings was considered a Long shot even by his closest friends. Opponent Driver considered him so unimportant that he did no to even bother to Campaign. But in a the final week of the contest both drier and Gathings friends Sud i Denly woke up to the fact that he seemed destined to win. Hurried i by. Driver made be eral speeches but was too late. Gathings won by a hairline. Gathings is keenly interested in economic problems particularly old age pensions and questions affecting his Rural District. He is a Strong Booster of Tva and wants a similar undertaking in Arkansas. A Bachelor Gathings is fond of the daily Washington merry go round by Drew Pearson and Robert s. Allen Washington for years in Washington the Southern congressman has taken on the Chin. He has been the butt of these Arkansas first look Wermers. Clyde Ellis most dynamic of the group is Only thirty years old and Are ,.tohas a storybook background. The is a notorious fact that our colleges drawing room jokes. He seen children Ellis was hotbeds of atheism a Rev. Or. Oscar caricatured a cartoons. Hotbeds 01 Iii ism. Ive a a a a a varsity. Up smiling. Instead of pitying us help us. We Are ready to work to hold our place in the worlds Trade All the harder because of our dismemberment munich., but we will work harder produce better goods. You can help us most by buying a i that was the general tone of the Mes i Sage. And now a few Short Days later that rather Brave Little Appeal has gone whistling Down the wind. No longer is there any czech nation proud and Independent trying against Odds to hold its place before the world. has been bound to the German Chariot a wheel and any Money sent for its goods will go not to help a struggling czechoslovakian nation but simply to add Power to the next German drive to overrun the next Small country. For years the cry has been that Zech of Slovakia As a nation was to minorities to sudeten germans to slovakian to ruthenian to hungarians and poles. Now Germany assumes those minority problems. The czechs Are now a minority under German domination so Are the slovenians and magyars and poles within the areas that have been pulled into the a German orbit. Gradually Hitler is assembling a Patchwork of racial minorities that is something like the one pinned together by the old Austro hungarian Empire and which plagued every moment of its life. Hitler As he gains Athan tages. Is also taking on responsibilities Ami troubles. Kreinheder president of Valparaiso do the capital official ladder than i any other of human being. Rightly or wrongly he has been i the social and political worm of newspapermen usually have Vitamin a sum inn. From a combination of acid Skepi and malnutrition. A or. The worm has now begun to Osis from a Comus Iaun i cism sourpuss and malnutrition. A or. M,.t, a. vet William j. Carrington on receiving an Complete but gradually a new award from the Atlantic City press club of Southern congressman a emerging. For years the old Type has sat the head of committees simply because his election District has sent him Back of Congress year after year. No particular brains or statesmanship were in voted. Today times Are changing. Today out of the ranks of Southern has emerged a Young Alert studious intelligent new Type of legislator. He is sincere. They still a e a Long Way to go but the time appears not far Distant when the joke about Southern congressmen will be As out of Date As the tall Yho a football game. Take for instance the state of Arkansas. Suddenly out of the political Blue four Young con the fact that All nations Are full of apprehension and therefore full of vigilance today May help to Avert or the worst to postpone the Lloyd George British War time Premier. A looking fori y years ago backward j. P. Alcorn was chairman of the arrangements committee for the fourth annual Ball Given by the brotherhood of locomotive firemen Liberty Park Friday a Gressmen have emerged in Wash Likht. Members of the reception commit Angton from that Tate and became 111 leaders. They Are Clyde Ellis of Bentonville Arkansas a a took tee were r. J. Mann William Calkins j. Briscoe j e Kinzie s. C. Mcvey s. A. Gathings of West Memphis Wil Briscoe j. Get. Tom a Bur d. Mills of Kensett and Wil Nelson. E. L. , r. B. Evans and g. A Post for i Nislein n. Sanders. A a a Albert Kahn wife and son will leave today for a visit in the East. Mrs. Kahn and son will remain Mo. of the summer while or. Kahn will return to Sedalia next week. I a a j. M. Offield returned Home yesterday afternoon after a sojourn of several weeks hot Springs Ark. A a h. B. Shain and family for Shelbyville. Have established Liam f. Norrell of Monticello. The oldest 42 and the youngest 30, they represent a new Type of Southern who is making the capital sit up and take Stuice. Because if thi May be Worth calling the Roll and taking a Side glances by Leo rip dark lawyer Meri y of Albert Einstein the physici., d a Man Vermont Avenue like even without in tie least in residence 1006 South \ Erm you can de standing the theories of the physical world which have made him great. Those of us who failed dismally to understand his revolutionary Conception of relativity curved space and a talking books Are available for the Blind in England. Ten records contain the whole of a Hook of 90,000 words space time Side of a record runs for about relationships can get a thrill out of learning that Einstein is boldly striking out to Ward a single unified concept Liat will unlock with a single key the mysteries of the physical world. This in a Lunan mind. Get scially in a world Lii he a sort of Twilight of the Irdel Lect. I. . the same time. Ems tinn i diea�?Te.& i. Interest in a sort of ourt of i Dum in which 20 of the worlds Wisest men might sit and deliver judge Zients of the affairs Wirich though without Aii compelling Force behind Rhein night least set up a Standard against Klueh men Elt a uld affairs. Perhaps Quot in be a the a uld no longer pro h1 y a i a a measure visionary sad Day when ducks Sion Aneis an hour. A a the great alexandrian Library contained no books. of More than 500.000 a Anusch written on Rolls of papyrus. was destroyed by fire Dur ing the time of Julius Caesar. A a a first totall a Ali Linda Landing of an air Lane was made key m. S. Boggs on Bept. La. College Park. My. 9 in England a Grapevine planted in 1768. Hampton court where Cromwell lived still bears fruit. 9 9� is estimated that More 000 cars from the l idled Cai Iada annually. Than ,-states enter a How about the movies tonight its one of those fam Ihu die lures fishing and Hunting. The nickname a a took was Hung on him As a boy but he can to remember its origin. Wilbur Mills 31 years old started his political career four years ago when barely within the Legal age to hold the office he Defeated a county judge who had sat on the Bench 16 years. Mills then topped this by freeing the county of debt within one year. The son of the leading merchant in his Home town of Ken Nett Mills completed his education the Harvard Law school where one of his teachers was Justice Felix Frankfurter. He ran for threat vacated by senator John Miller Robinsons successor and like the campaigns of Ellis and Gathings was hot and . Mills attributes his Victory largely to his wife who election ered vigorously addressing every woman a organization in the District. Short dark attractive i Mills is serious minded without being Stuffy about . He is con a scions of his youthfulness but is determined not to let stand in his Way in Washington. William f. Norrell 42, is the oldest of the Arkansas freshmen. Born on a farm his father died when he was an infant leaving his Mother with five Young Chil Dren. Norrell worked his Way through school and College sati Ade in the army during the War and then passed the state bar examination with the highest Ever attained by an applicant. An Able speaker Norrell developed his skill by going into the Forest and practising for hours. He became interested in politics because he liked to meet people and Public affairs. He proved a popular vote getter being twice elected to the state Senate. There he was equally Well liked and was twice chosen president pro Tern by acclamation the first time in the history of the body. In the Senate Norrell worked closely with Ellis and Gathings in enacting a number of Liberal measures. He entered the congressional Arena when representative John l. Mcclellan quit to run against senator Hattie Caraway. Tall and , Norrell is cold to Townsend ism but favors liberalizing the old age pension Law. He is also Strong for cheap Power and for increasing the Farmers buying capacity. Norrell taught a menus Bible class for ten years before coming to Washington and is a militant defender of religious tolerance. A you can to make any Compromise on that right a he says a that is retail grocers to further trip plans the membership of the Sedalia Independent retail grocers association will meet in regular session monday night hotel Bothwell 8 00 of clock. In order that adequate transportation equipment for the special train to Kansas City food show sunday March 26th May be ordered in Advance will be necessary for All those in charge of ticket sales to make a definite report this meeting. All members and associate members Are asked to be in attendance. serial Story mrs. Doc by Tom Horner copyright. 109#, Nea service. Inc. School in two while support a ing himself by washing dishes and i doing other chores. I he won his College and Law degrees by the same hard made leaching Selling bibles in the summer and doing Odd jobs. For a boyhood an ardent debater Ellis produced four successive state Champion debating teams while principal of the Garfield Ark., High school. Population of the town 280. After hanging up his Shingle Ellis lost no time in getting into politics. 24 he had trimmed the local machine and won a seat in the legislature. Two years later he repeated the feat and went to the state Senate. In the legislature he quickly Rose to fighting leadership. A group of hard boiled old tim ers attempted to take charge of the session and run to suit them Seh Oso As they had for years. Ellis organized a counter attack and served notice that his group would vote a against everything unless the old Guarder permitted the consideration of progressive measures. After several Days of bitter deadlock the veterans capitulated and came to terms. I one of Ellis spectacular Legisla tie Battles was to sterilize habitual criminals and the incurably insane. J Ellis Campaign against representative Claude Fuller sour Long cd five termer was one of the most acrimonious in the history of the state. Fuller had built up a potent machine and there were few tricks the the characters and situation in this Story Are wholly fictional. 9 9 9 cast of characters w w a r r e a a Ambi Loim Yoi Icik country doctor. K4iii-v Warrens Alan a wife. Eric Kane i ont auction in i fencer. Or. a elderly Anso Clate. 9 9 9 yester not Alan place Duniy first. He leaves in a blizzard to attend a patient the if tit that his former Dean come to town. Emily in Ai Sirry been Mac a be think he May be a professorship offer. Chapter ii the River Road still open Jimmy a Alan asked As he waited for the filling station attendant to Check his gasoline and Oil. A was 4 of clock Doc but the men who came Down from the dam say Shell be Iii red shut by morning. You have to go up there a a yes Jimmy in be got to go. I guess Well make All right. I wont go All the Way up to the dam just about half a but Doc that a More than 10 Miles and in this storm la take an hour or More. Look out for that new fill up by prices place. They Haven to got the guard rails up yet�?3 of could easily miss the j Road there and go into the ditch. If you have any trouble or get stuck just sit tight and Flash your lights and keep your Horn going. I know All those Farmers up along there ill phone and Tell them to be watching for a thanks Jim. But ill get through but Good to know that people will be looking out for me along the route just in for this to drive through storm and Snow to relieve pain he had worked and dreamed since boyhood. For this he had spent years in Sci oils More years in hospitals. His father had driven through illustration by Harry Grissinger across he room a Iwhite Pam a Marvn face Looley up him. 7�?Tm so glad you came. Or. Alan. Then Oman said. Husband keeps on de sorting me ill probably take you up on that doctor a she said. Farmer said. A sure glad to see Cal hurts you a he went on without waiting a if my for Alan to answer. A hated to Call you out in this blizzard but the a has he left you again x thought head be staying close to the fire tonight. What is some an Quot open Sleigh not in a warm a he pulled his obstetrical bag from having a Tomolilo. The car. A How s mrs. Carroll _. Alan hardly remembered his a a she shaving quite a bit of pain. Storms just As he was doing now. Missus but that first or. Alan Warren a a Sall right John had driven a team and Ridden in is overrated Liis storm Alan told him As father but Farrell had known him Doc. But her sister who a a nurse Well was Farrell then Asso came yesterday and she s not Wor this storm. A a cited with Alan s father who had Rich much. She knew you a be me driving through blizzards is Emily nodded. A mrs. a and Alan drove out there in Why did no the Call brought mrs. Warren and her five year old son word of that first and la heart attack and was Here in time too. Inside the farmhouse warmed his hands Over the Kitchen Farrell who had guided the lad to Range. A better Call Slattery a and Medicine constantly reminding Alan of the heritage his father a country doctor had bequeathed him. 9 9 9 alight flashed past to the right. That would be prices. Jimmy had called after All. And Price had turned on the Light the Gate to let him get his bearings. Alan flashed his lights and sped on. Jimmy a warning about the new fill had been exaggerated Alan thought As he pulled out of a skid slacked his Speed and then went on around the curve. A few feet More and he might have gone Oscr the Edge. Well he had and he was More than half Way new prices and Tell them i m Here. I won try to make Back before he turned toward the bedroom door opened softly. Across the room a White pain drawn face looked up him. A a in a so glad you came. Or. Alan a the woman said with a smile. A everything will be All right now. V 9 9 everything ready her Minia a Emily asked As she stepped into the Kitchen. A cocktails soup ? and did the dessert turn out right a a everything is perfect for once mrs. Warren. Shall i leave a place for doctor Warren a a Alan won be Back. An old Many a Job. We know How Alan its done. Why Back in 1905�?�?� a yes i know. You and Alan a father drove for weeks without even sleeping in your own Beds. That Winter was what brought on or. Warrens heart a a you re More than right there Emily. That a Why i done to want Alan running out in every sort of weather. He has a life a work ahead of him Here in Sumnr. An obstetrician with hands stiffened by frostbite like mine Are can to attain the things Alan will. He should have let me go i know every Inch of that Road. Quot Why if he should get stuck in a Drift a Snow caked his Windshield sex there la just be four. Or. And mrs. Capt the tiny area kept warm by j Peterson or. Farrell and myself the electric Heater and cleaned by you re a jewel Jermima. I knew i could depend on you. When we move to . Louis 111 take you the electric the beating wiper Blade. Alan peered out trying to see beyond the limited Range of his headlights along. Suddenly out of the darkness another pair of headlights gleamed brightly coming directly toward him. Alan wrenched the steering wheel pulled his car far to the right As the other automobile shot by him. A fool a he muttered As the of there a the Bell. Ill answer .�?� Radiant in her Black dinner . Emily Hun red to the door. Despite Alan absence she Coull not feel unhappy. She Felt sure in her mind that or. Peterson s visit was More than a social Call on a former student and the whirlwind of Snow in its Wake daughter of an old Friend. A Emily you look perfectly gorgeous. I d Quot like to steal you away from the warmth of or. Farrell a greeting and the sincerity of his admiration enveloped her As she Vas waiting in the opened the door to admit him. Doorma Ayas Alan turned in the she kissed his Cool rough Cheek Lane and Quot beside the car As i then helped him of with his coat. Emily loved this gentle. Swirled around him. His anger passed quickly however and he found himself wondering if the Driver would make the Price Corner safely. 9 9� Arroll stopped. A run her right into the shed there Doc out of the storm a the this gentle Man. Who had the Power to soothe mental As Well As phys a i a Cdr. Farrell head freeze to death on a night like sudden terror chilled Emily. A but there a no danger of that Farrell tried to Amend his misspoke fear. All those Farmers will Unow about mrs. Carroll and be watching for Alan. Done to worry about him child. By Way what a or. Peterson stopping of Here for a a a he san old Friend of my fathers and he always has been tei Riby interested in a i think he a going to offer Alan a place the University or. Farrell. Father wrote that or. Peterson had practically quizzed him about Alan s work and a hit Sumner and the chances for Success Here. I think he Quot or ants Alan to come Back to . a you d like that you Farrell Stone was soft a you done to like Sumner very Well do you a a i hate . In a the ring of the Telephone interrupted her. A maybe res Alan she thought a ooh god let him be All slowly she lifted the Phonco to be continued

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