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Sedalia Democrat (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Sedalia, Missouri 1 a a fact jacks Ball and rope jumping were games played by the ancient roman children. The Sedalia Democrat sixteen pages in combination with the sunday morning capital City edition thought for today the Way to preserve the peace of the Church is to preserve its m. Henry. Democrat established 1s68. Volume 71 number 65 Medaba Missouri sunday. March 19, 1939 associated press full leased wire Price five cents ten perish As plane drops out of skies of tho and a half we incan aviation a Stral Oliner crashes near Alden Wash. Alder w a so i n it on m a Rah 18�? pm ten persons were killed including two officials of dutch airlines when a four Rno stored .33-passenger air plane designed to operate through the , plunged to Earth near Here during a test flight today. Victims of crash among the victims were the assistant general manager Royal dutch airlines dozen leading experts. The huge air liner broke up and crashed with the Pilot still fighting his controls and passengers in flight position. All aboard were killed instantly. I the dead Peter Guilonard assistant general manager of Royal dutch air and Leader of an air Mission to the United states. I a. G. Von Baumhauer Engineer a for the Netherlands state air i worthiness Board and second member of the Mission. Julius Barr Boeing Pilot and former personal Pilot for j Madame Chiang Kai Shek. Earl a. Ferguson Boeing test Pilot. Ralph l. Cram Boeing Terody tia mics expert. John Kylstra Boeing chief Engineer. William Doyle Boeing test Pilot. Harry c. West jr., Boeing Foreman. Harl Hull chief test Pilot for transcontinental amp Western air. Ben Pearson Boeing sales representative. Been undergoing tests presence of the dutch Mission aboard the plane was not explained by Boeing officials although reports said the men were considering Purchase of the a strato liner or a sister ship. The $500,000 liner was the of a contemplated Fleet of four a Uch planes under construction by the Boeing company in Seattle. It had been undergoing tests at Low altitudes near Seattle for several Days. Air Speed indicators were Jam med at 200 Miles an hour when citizens of this Little Mountain town reached the wreckage. Although the ship carried about 3,-000 Gallons of gasoline there was no fire. Barr at the controls had shut off ignition switches before the plane hit. The outer left motor fell on a Hilltop 1,000 Yards from where the plane landed about 200 Yards from the Tacoma mount Rainier Highway. The left Wing broke off about 10 feet from the and Between the two left Wing motors. One Section landed about 200 Yards and another about 500 Yards from the plane. The plane landed flatly and the bodies were at flight stations throughout the ship with Pilot Barr s body still at tiie controls. Witnesses said the plane appeared suddenly out of tiie and the sound of its nuo ors died to consider sales p program notices have been sent to retail merchants by the chairman of the retail merchants division of the chamber of Commerce Call ing a meeting to be held at the chamber offices on tuesday afternoon March 21, at 4 30 o clock. Chairman Philip Mclaughlin stated that the committee was in receipt of an outline for a Spring sales program which should interest every business Man in Sedalia. It is believed by the committee members that the Christmas sales program was such a Success that a similar one would Meef with approval. Gop selects nominees for aldermen i Rie Haril Keenan is chosen for the school Board rept Blic a Alderman in candidates first Ward Murrell Hayden. Second Ward Gus Gehlken. Third Ward a. L. Pringle. Fourth Ward George James. Member Board of education Richard Keenan. Britain and France act to Block nazi domination of funerals for wreck dead to be today no in Wiiest into tragedy Engineer describes Accident three Funelas will be held in California mo., this afternoon a for the three City employees Henry h. Knorp 51, Street com missioner his 22 year old son Harry Knorp and j. De Hutchison 54, who were killed at 4 01 of clock Friday afternoon when a truck they occupied was struck i by an eastbound Missouri Pacific train. The Accident occurred one i mile West of the City limits atthe Elkhorn crossing. I a double funeral will be held i at the lutheran Church for the i father and son at 3 30 of clock a the Rev. W. K. Schwab to officiate. A service for or. Hutchison will be held at the Baptist Church at 1 30 of clock the Rev. T. J. Smith to officiate i or. H. R. Popejoy of Cali i fornia Maniteau county Coroner did not think it to have a an inquest but the i fireman b. F. Snyder of Maplewood the Engineer r. T. Cecil St. Louis and Ray t. Ehlert of California. The latter agent at the m. F. A. Oil bulk station near the crossing talked to the men a few minutes before the Accident. He said that he left them closed the track heard the train coming and looking Back saw it going into California. He presumed he said that the three men in the truck had waited on the other Side of the track until the train passed and did not know of the Accident until he had gone to Latham and returned. That was the last person to have seen the three men Ali a it was belief a de. The Engineer and fireman told of the Accident the fireman saying he had seen the truck coming towards the track but believed the Driver would Stop. Republican delegates to the City wide con mention met in the circuit court room saturday night to select one candidate for Alderman from each of the four City wards a candidate for the Board of education and the committeemen and committee women from each precinct. The naming of a candidate for the Board of education Means election As the Board is bipartisan and each party names a member. The meeting is opened by e. L. Zoelling acting for Matt Holtzen chairman of the City committee who is ill. Donald s. Lamm and miss Jaunita Young were elected permanent chairman and secretain respectively. Select candidates the Ward delegates held their respective meetings and their chairmen reported their selection of Aldermani candidates in the general meeting. Carl g. Schrader reported the name of Murrell Hayden for the first Ward. Richard Keenan that of Gus Gehlken for the second Ward e. L. Zoelling. A. L. Pringle for the third Ward and Geo. Anson the name of George James for the fourth Ward. The name of Ernest w. Dugan was presented by j. E. Smith As a candidate for the member of the Board of education and Richard Keenan was nominated by w. W. Blain. When the vote was taken it stood 59 for Keenan and 34 for Dugan. The following committeemen and committee women were ratified first Ward first precinct. After a dance Lawrence =., March 18�? is a an automobile ride follow ring a Law school dance ended in death Early today for two University of Kansas students and serious injury to two others. Seen youths were in the car which crashed into a filling station pillar just South of the Kansas River Bridge on the City s main Street. The other three were not injured seriously. The dead were Robert Faul Coner 20, of Arkansas City son of Robert Faulconer former president of the Kansas bar association and Henry g. Lewis 23, of Salina. Carleton Dickinson 22, of Lawrence who police said was driving the car suffered a fractured Skull. His condition was critical. He is the son of Glenn Dickinson operator of a Chain of Heaters in Kansas and Missouri. Bill Baisinger 22, of Dodge City suffered a fractured Pelvis and several cracked ribs. Earl Woodworth 21, of Law Rance former k. U. Student now attending a Topeka business College suffered Only a bruised foot. George Golay 21, of War Rensburg mo., senior basketball player was Cut. Richard Baskett 24, of Holton seventh youth in the cd escaped injury. Flag is quickly removed West Point n. Y., March 18 a zip a Swastika Flag flew Over the democrats Are ratified Allen of Bannon is re to school Board i party Harmony Prev ailed at the City democratic con mention saturday night in the Assembly room of the court House at which time four Aldermani candidates were nominated and a member i of the school Board was likewise i chosen. I the Hundred delegates were backed by More than fifty democratic citizens in their selection of candidates. The Only contest in the convention soon died out and that was in the nomination for the school Board member. The name of Allen of Bannon present president of the Board was presented the convention by Joe Reid of the fourth Ward which was quickly seconded. N. B. Wells of the second Ward then nominated or. F. O. Murphy which was also quickly seconded. The delegates from the four wards went into caucus to discuss the candidates and returned to their seats within a very few minutes and the vote taken. Or. Of Bannon received 78 votes and or. Murphy 22, which gave the present member the nomination. Nomination to the school Board is the same As election there be rumanian economic life the United states military acad. A a to offi Democrat and one be j publican to be elected at the Gen Emy today but West Point vials dismissed it As just a gag. Two feet Square made of White gun cloth on which the colors and nazi Swastika had been traced by hand the Flag was flying from a pole within the South Cadet Barracks area when the band turned out to sound reveille. A Cadet officer removed it. Eral election. The Board is nonpartisan. Nominated for Alderman Berlin rejects protestations of democracies by the associated press Berlin March 18.�?Germany promptly rejected tonight British and French denunciations of her Conquest of Czecho Slovakia declaring they a lacked every political Legal and moral at the same time chancello Hitler called Home his ambassador to London Herbert von Dirksen i a to make a report a reciprocating action taken by Britain yesterday in calling her Berlin envoy Back to London. France following Brita ifs Lead also called her Berlin ambassador Home a to report i the government announced its rejection of the British and French denunciations had been delivered to the British and French ambassadors who earlier in the Day had presented notes j charging Germany a course in Czecho Slovakia was illegal and a a violation of the Munich agreement. European states alarmed these developments occurred As reports of consternation came buy Chamberlain silk umbrella Birmingham England March 18�?�?two thousand British spinsters celebrated prime minister chamberlains 70th birthday today by buying him a silk umbrella tied with a Lilac coloured Bow. Miss Florence White National organizer of the spinsters pension association flourished the umbrella at a mass meeting and declared a i am sure that when he looks at it it will take his mind off that Man Hitler and he will think of something far More pleasant we extra 25 per cent tax on nazi imports u. S. Treasury strikes economic blow at Reich Washington March 18�? a on the heels of the state departments strongly worded de from european states within candidate of Alderman from the j arms reach of the expanding a i enunciation of Germany a absorbed Mclaughlin Empire. The foreign office watch Czecho Slovakia the trea h. Please turn to Page 6 column 3 strange beast creates alarm two runs made by the fire companies two runs were made by the fire companies saturday afternoon the first being at 2 35 of clock to 1102 South Barnett Avenue where some dry grass had caught fire. No damage resulted. At 3 of clock the companies made a run to the residence of Jack Custer 334 North Summit Avenue where Sparks from a burning flue had set fire to the roof of the dwelling. Damage of about $5 resulted. First Ward is name was presented by Emmet Sullivan Delegate chairman. From the second Ward Jack Raeber Delegate chairman presented the name of Harvey l. Barman Alderman who is seeking re election. Third Ward Andy j. Knipps name was offered by Rny Hill chairman of the delegation. Or. Knipp is seeking re election. Or. F. Fulkerson present Alderman was re nominated by John z. Montgomery Delegate chairman. The new nominee or. Me de the gathering Cloud of criticism imperturbable. Tonight the returning British envoy sir Neville Henderson took a train to London to report on developments in Central Europe. In London it was said von Dirksen ambassador to Britain sury ordered an extra 25 per cent Tariff today on Many products the Reich sends to this country. A Treasury spokesman who announced the action said it we As taken with the state departments knowledge but refused comment when asked if it related to Germany a seizure of the czech re since last april 1, was expected Public to leave sunday. In addition to a the action a he said a Speaks for there seemed Little doubt however this economic blow to Ger residents of the county West of Sedalia for a Range of several Miles have been interested in a strange animal reported to be roaming that area which has been seen by a few persons and which is believed to have killed some Stock. The animal As described is Black and evidently of the cat family. It is a Low animal larger than a Bob cat has a tail from 26 to 28 inches Long and while its head is Large not unlike that of a dog it has Small ears like a cat. Its feet Are very Large. One Farmer while cutting Wood saw the animal dash out onto the Highway fifty for a Rabbit that had been killed by a car Fine concert please turn to Page 6 column 4 1,000 dead tuesday night and wounded reporting on Britain a reaction to Germany a invasion of Czechoslovakia it was said the envoy probably would be asked to re Many could be interpreted m any port on an incident involving a other Light than As a forceful a mention of Hitler in the House pression of this country a extreme displeasure at what Wells acting Secretary the de american and British Mission hospitals bombed was sounding he going to Stop he railed to the a Hen the Farmer and when he saw they were called to please turn to Page 6. Col. 6 by underwriters the Sedalia Jfe underwriter it association held its regular meeting saturday noon at the St. Frnncis = hotel wit ii a luncheon. The meeting was attended by a sex eral out of town guests. C. E. Ryler Teffer Sfa in City. It it Rmer Secretary of the association r. Par tee Kansas City or. Mcbride president of the Columbia life hider Waters a Socrati Ltd. And e. E. Wot Bury. Treasurer of the Missouri state Jfe in Nodi writers association also a a Colum by. Were or. Mubi Pic a talk on men Berv up and or. Woodbury made them i cd Kil talk on inter Iru it and have t it them. H. W. Liuio y. a it Borg. And a a. Scan Idle. Sedalia we e admitted As new bars her Rem Beix a Are c. G. Winon. A. In Wilks f h. Bixby. The a. B. Allen. W. E Salt Fen. Reed 1. E. F a t. It e. Mullen. In m. Evvi Hurley. L. K. R. V. E \. W c. A pressm. W. 1, me c. F. Appel. A v. Lit it Latimer i. H. anti Anderson. Please turn to Page 6 column 5 i. V. Carroll Dies at Springfield Matthew v. Carroll 79, former Secretary of the Sedalia chamber of Commerce and a Pettis Good roads Booster. Mgt Ore recently of Springfield mo., died in a Hospital there about 6 o clock saturday night. Air. Carroll fell and broke his hip a year ago but recovered from that injury and had been in Good health until a couple t f Days a it it. His son Vincent Carroll of St. Louis spent thursday with him and returned to his Home that might. Saturday his son Boyd earn la. Of Jefferson City drove a it Spring Leld to unit ewer the Day with him. Thinking he was Only Uig Luly ill with intestinal flu. He ills Fatima Nad been taken Hospital a Short time be a Lix Al. For observation t consider d critical at he said it and later measured the distance the place it jumped to where it landed it was eighteen feet. Reports Hae reached the sheriff w. L. Marlin and his Deputy. Clyde coppers fro m several sources and the officers with others interested have spent considerable thine in the Vicinity following tracks and hoping to locate it. Popular pianist on program with orchestra the Sedalia symphony orchestra in collaboration with Basil d. Gauntlett Columbia pianist who is a familiar figure on the concert platform in the musical centers of Europe and America advices from chunking tem will present one of the finest pro Horary capital of China said the orchestra a a United states embassy there had been informed the american of commons thursday. incident was Sci. Cooper former first lord of the admiralty As a a thrice perjured traitor and breaker of German circles in London resented the fact the speaker of the House made no objection to the remark. They expected the nazi government to protest against it cheered in Vienna while All Europe an Xiii by watched the lengthening Shadow Sumner of state if s yesterday called the a Wanton Law it on of Hitler by Alfred Duff occupation of Czecho Slovakia. I More effective than words i it recalled too president Roosevelt said in his message to con Gress last january there were i Means a Short of War but stronger i and More effective than Mere Hon Kong March 18�?i/p a a toll of about 1.000 Chine a dead and wounded was reported today i of the Swastika Adolf Hitler Rode raids from Vienna amid tumultuous ask Russia to join them to Stop Germany by the associated press London March 18.�?Britain and France today sent biker i Denun Chatory notes to Germany i for her seizure of Czecho Slovakia and acted quickly to Block a re ported nazi move against re mania. Both nations it was said on High authority Are trying to per Suade soviet Russia to join them in aiding Rumania to protect her self against a German threat to j her Independent economic exist ence. Prime minister Chamberlain j rushed Back from Birmingham and presided Over a momentous 2 1-2-hour Cabinet session the first saturday session of the Cabi net since last years september i crisis. \ has dictatorial Powers Premier Daladier won from his i chamber of deputies approval of his plan to Rule France by unprecedented dictatorial Powers until nov. 30. He called a special Cabinet meeting for tomorrow at which it was expected specialists would be called up to join the powerful French army. No official announcement followed the British Cabinet meeting but it was stated authority ively the session dealt with a request from Rumania for a statement of Britain a position on the German rumanian situation. Rumania was reported to have received and then rejected a virtual ultimatum from Germany to Grant the Reich sole Access to rumanian a Rich Oil Grain and other resources in Exchange of German a a Protection of rumanian territory. Where they stand Rumania was understood to have Britain and France particularly How far they were prepared to go to protect her in any stand against Germany. Downing Street was Back in e a crisis atmosphere tonight re mindful of the fearful Days of last fall. Cabinet ministers were instructed to remain within Quick Access of London although no further Cabinet meeting was called in Advance of the regular session next wednesday. Informed quarters expected no words of bringing Home to a nations the aggregate sen spectacular move immediately on in widespread japanese air in Central and Northwest China which destroyed american and British Mission hospitals. Advices from chunking Grams in its Loie iia wic e 111 a was ,.�?Te a on Aiichi r. It a a a oms a 6 pc at 3 of clock in the toe doct is did not by in Ditino was dangerous. Luisser away. To present Bill on repatriation washing tax. March 18�?i/p a senator the Mas de Tali said today he would introduce monday a Bill to repatriate former american citizens who had returned to their one time Homes in Czechoslovakia. Now taken Ever by Germany. Thomas estimated Quot several hundreds czechs and slovaks who had migrated to this country it since 1890 had subsequently returned to Czecho Slovakia after it became an Independent country. He said his Bill was designed a to stent in a measure suicides re sueing from the German offered by the four seasons of performances tuesday night March 21. In the auditorium of Smith cot ton High school. Abe Rosenthal will conduct. Or. Gauntlett director of the Conser airy of music at Stephens College for the last 25 years was born in England and received his Early education there. He is a graduate of the conservatoire National Paris France and has studied at Fontainebleau slither a Hospital at Chen Chow Northern Honan province was hit directly Friday and six chinese patients killed. An american maintained Camp at Chen Chow which has accommodated thousands of War and flood refugees in the past nine months these reports said also was bombed. Heavy casualties were said to have been inflicted on the Camp. Both the Hospital and the Camp tibents of our own the Treasury ordered the extra please turn to Page 5, col. 3 Daladier gets great Powers Paris March 18 chamber of deputies voted Prem Ier Daladier unprecedented die-1 trial Powers tonight As informed former German for quarters disclosed a French Brit. Eign minister and president of ish move to enlist soviet russians i the secret Cabinet Council As Aid in a triple front against Gerof Bohemia Man economic pressure of re i a the Ilse to a secret stopping place on his Way to Berlin. He left to lieutenants the task of imposing i the nazi will on Bohemia Javia and ironing with Slovakia protectorates. He named Baron Konstantin von Neurath out relations Germany a new the part of Britain although British policy was expected to veer definitely toward Russia and away from Germany. There were conjectures too Chamberlain was ready to Back conscription and that he was prepared to give a guarantee to Rumania provided France and Jpn a the Russia agreed to do likewise. Abandons appeasement the disillusioned Chamberlain please turn to Page 6 column 5 France in Berlin and at Columbia were clearly marked by american he diversity new York. He has been an instructor in piano at Grasse France and was head of the piano department at please turn to Page 5 column 1 accused of speeding in Rushing to fire Ray Dirck was arrested saturday afternoon for speeding 58-Miles per hour on West Saline Street. He was Enro Ute to a fire on North Summitt Avenue when motorcycle officer Herman drove up along Side and Quot topped him. Dirck placed a $10 Cah Bond with the police for his appearance in police court monday morning. Flags. Reports in Shanghai said none of the seven americans on the staff in Chen Chow was injured six bombs were reported to have hit the Baptist Hospital at Sian in Shenski province killing or wounding most of its Nati be staff but not injuring any of its British officials. Other japanese bombs scored hits on seven Sian refugee Camps and schools inflicting at Lea it 300 casualties these reports said. Chinese were reported in Shanghai to Hae launched a powerful counter offensive against japanese forces in Central a Neh Northwest of Hankow causing the heaviest fighting in recent weeks. Reichs protector Avia. Von Neurath responsible Only to the fuehrer will have supreme Power Over 7.000,000 czechs who have become German subjects. Meanwhile Rumania feared for her Fertile wheat Fields and Oil Wells alarm was reported i Lithuania concern was shown in Poland suspicion grew of a coup d eat in Danzig and the possibility was mentioned of German aggression against Hungary. A government spokesman however described As a warrant nonsense Quot reports Rumania and Hun Garv were slated to follow Czecho Slovakia in hitlers Book of conquests. A German spokesman denied there had been any ultimatum to Rumania. Marriage licenses issued Martha l. N c Shepard Koth a Elza pc us to to b. It Susan Curdelia Wuriu h. St Dalia. G udi n Harbit and Miller b that f Medaba. P in to m. Vole a avd Gar Ltd a la a. I a a a Daha. r w a. Dix ii. Grid to. To Ehe a a a a a l Ltd 11 Gaioi by were Resi m i. To a Quot a it it 1 i Sod Al a for a a Nuiji Ber of \ a ,. A l a y v 1 c a i i is. Ing an a w p a \ 1 a a. J. 1 1 cd i 1c 1 to fairs and o. ,1 Lor to or in a Secre a it a \ it 1 in a u a. By i not t in Erce i o t t Hili t n .1 1 City i h. R t v. R a. S ate f air. Ulke 11 oed to a a. cd a a 1. T t it e a m 1 a i Quot n o of a a �11 a it s e Quot a Quot Douai. To it a it i \ it a. 1 St. To is. 1 up to t he so t a a i Bill tel. I \ a it Pany Ard r by cd e a. 1 a 11. 1 h e St. Lii i Quot e. Do itis. I. E. And i a 1. T Daugin itch. M r m. \ 1 we 1 u 1 a i f be get the uts 11 1i a. T t a o do old i la. A. A. O t an i. 1 1 a. A a it Ai a i an Virt Dag per inti Iii California Traisi truck crash Nartui 1 m. Quot Urive. Id mib. Weeding a prowler a Soaries at big Zearil Home a House prowler had to fast saturday night made Glt a gtd his escape Nold Buzzard at his father. T. East seventh Henry Onoro Lutc Binosa think when he Fiomar the Home of o. Buzzard 1612 Street. Or. Buzzard had gone to the heme about 10 15 o clock and upon entering found the bed Cli Khing torn from the Beds in two Rood a. He went to another room and called his father and Learned they had been freshly Wade dining the Day. Starting v tim a Ligate he walked into a where the prowler was hiding in a closet. The door swung open the Man Eliut. Striking or. Buzzard with his shoulder upsetting him. And then out the door. Or. Buzzard de tiption an the ugh a Check if to find i min Sruti mama. The sweeping decree Powers Daladier demanded to enable France to move As fast As the dictatorships passed by a vote of 321 to 264 in the chamber. Senate approval at tomorrows was considered a foregone conclusion. In another move to put the nations in order the Premier called an emergency a a Cabinet session for tomorrow at which members of parliament said he would ask approval of decrees calling to the colors specialists from a number of military service classes. French sources said meanwhile King Carol of Rumania had advised Britain and France of his to resist Adolf Hitler eastward drive if they could pro vide for rumanian sex i ports of which Germany now is j the greatest purchaser. The rumanian Monarch was said to have asked Paris and London for a reply within 48 no verdict in insurance suit jurors who heard the evidence in the $3,000 suit on insurance filed by mrs. Mary Brigham against the metropolitan life insurance company failed to return a verdict by 6 25 of clock saturday afternoon and were sent Home Dimmitt Hoffman to further deliberation morning. The ease began in the circuit court pm riday morning and continued throughout that Day and saturday. It was Given to the jury about 4 20 of clock saw urday afternoon. By judge return for monday four injured in Auto Accident four men injured in an automobile Accident one mile East of Syracuse about 11 of clock saturday night were treated for minor injuries by or. Potts of Tipton. The car said to Hae been of hours on what support they could copied by six men from Jefferson give against the nazi drive. Thereupon the two governments these sources said asked Moscow if the soviet Union would join them in buying from Rumania to Block Hitler. City whose names were not Learned collided with one occupied by Elvin Fowler and Margaret Perkins of Syracuse. Obtained a fair the Man As he lighted room. A the Home is if anything to be made was in Piid son soon after the disclosure of marriage j new York March 18-�?1/p��?j actress Toby Wing and aviator Dick Merrill who the world at Large a couple of weeks ago with the disclosure they were married produced another sur prise today. Toby gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at the Columbia medical Center. The taciturn Merrill transatlantic flight Veteran left on his regular Miami passenger run an i air afterwards happily announcing the heir would be named Henry t. Merrill jr., and that a a in la make a Pilot of the weather generally fair sunday and monday with rising temperature. Nookie Lake of ozarks stage Lake of ozarks twelve and two feet below full Reservoir. Sunrise and Sunset Sunrise 6 25 a. Sunset 6 26 p. The temperature the temperature at 7 a. Was 23 degrees above Zero at noon and 33 at 3 p. M., 30

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