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Sedalia Democrat (Newspaper) - August 22, 2015, Sedalia, MissouriA a a a iss 4a saturday suday August 22-23.2015 our View Hillary Clinton courted trouble with private email the controversy Over Hillary Clinton a emails so far has less to do with the Content of the messages than with Clinton a Security protocols As Secretary of state. Clinton apparently wanted a convenience that millions of americans enjoy a the ability to receive and Send emails on a hand held Mobile device. She did this through a personal account. Also like Many americans Clinton mixed work emails into her personal email. The problem is that Clinton Wasny to just any american. She w As the keeper of state secrets and she was duty bound to preserve a clean record of All of her official email correspondence. By using a personal server from which she deleted tens of thousands of emails Clinton left herself open to suspicions that she was trying to avoid scrutiny and that she May have deleted important official emails along w Ith those she said were strictly personal. The Fri and . Department of Justice Are now examining Clinton a personal server which Only heightens the intrigue. And reports have surfaced that one of Clinton a aides also used an account on Clinton a private server. The email controversy appears Likely to follow Clinton a Democrat throughout her Campaign for president. Reports surfaced last week that Clinton handled at least two emails now labelled a top secret on her personal server. But their contents Are underwhelming according to people familiar with them. One focused on a discussion of a Well known drone strike and another referred to material that was classified but also widely available through open sources. Neither email was marked classified at the time they were sent and their discovery reopened a question about whether the government is too Quick to designate material As secret. Still Clinton a handling of them was Sloppy and risky. She of All people knew How easily personal email systems Are compromised by spies and hackers. And she of All people should have foreseen How eagerly her opponents would seize on this political vulnerability. The Kansas City Star Leher to the editor policy the Sedalia Democrat welcomes letters from its readers on topics of general Public interest. Persons with questions concerning letters to the editor May Contact the Democrat at 660-8261000 during regular business hours. Please note the following guidelines for letters and their submission a All letters to be considered for publication must include the name and address of the writer and a daytime Telephone number where the writer May be reached during Normal business hours. A All letters must be signed. The name and Hometown of the writer will be published a letters must be 250 words or less. A letters May be mailed to letters to the editor the Sedalia Democrat 700 s. Massachusetts ave., Sedalia. Mo., 65301 or emailed to . A Only one letter of general Public interest each month from writers who submit More than one letter a month will be considered for publication. A All letters dealing with candidates for Public office or letters concerning ballot issues must be received by 5 . Tuesday one week before an election. A these guidelines notwithstanding the editor will make the final determination on the suitability of All letters submitted for publication. Debarr their View reef Albering Carters positive works i heard a most Awe inspiring press conference today among former president Jimmy Carter and the Washington press corps. Or. Carter disclosed information regarding his recent cancer diagnosis and was sharing his feelings about the end of his life which is coming unexpectedly much too soon though he is now 90. Not suffering from pancreatic cancer which claimed his father Mother and siblings or. Carter has Melanoma which showed itself within his body rather than on his skin. Many of you will remember president Carters being called an ineffectual Leader one who Rescue american hostages from the iranian embassy in the months before the election that gave us Ronald Reagan As our next president. Embarrassed today i remember my extremely judgmental evaluation of or. Carter in those years embarrassed especially in Light of his magnificent work Over the past several years toward trying to save the people of this planet from themselves. Or. Carter was Clear in his attempt to govern using the application of the Golden Rule treat others As we wish to be treated. He openly disclosed his religious beliefs including that he was a a ubom again Christian a meaning that he had a accepted Jesus Christ As his lord and Savior As an adult. He confessed to having committed a adultery in his heart by looking upon women other than his wife of now 70 years with he willingly admitted that he modelled his life in the Way he thought god would want. And he tried to do that in the administration of this country a government. And what did he get for these admissions of Faith our country called him a weak a and laughed at him for his beliefs. The speaker of the House at the time tip of Neill said that president Carter just did no to know How to play the game of a Washington a and did Little to help or. Carters attempts to make this country better through legislation. After or. Carter had lost his election and Deborah Mitchell contributing columnist after Ronald Reagan had finished his two terms in office i remember hearing Dixie Carter As Julia sugar Baker on Quot designing women ranting about How both of the former presidents had spent their time out of office. Jimmy Carter she pointed out had spent his time building a coalition to bring habitat for humanity democracy and peace to the world Ronald Reagan had spent his time collecting millions of dollars in speaking fees. The show was meant to be a comedy but i was brought up Short recognizing the truth of her statements. Jimmy Carter since his defeat in 1980, has spent his time trying to make peace in the world and to bring dignity to those who have none. He has made his life mean something. How Many of us can say the same thing about our lives of course most of us done to have the Opportunity to bring about peace to warring factions or oversee the end of the plague of the Guinea worm which the Carter Center has been instrumental in doing. But we do have the Opportunity to act within our Faith. We have the Opportunity to say what we believe and act according to that belief. That does no to mean that we ask the government to apply or use certain religious standards. It Means that we ask the government to act fairly with Justice giving respect to each person which is what or. Carter tried to do. And at the end we might be Able to say As Jimmy Carter said today a a in a perfectly at ease with whatever comes. I do have a deep religious Faith which in a very grateful and guess what Jimmy Carter is going to do on sunday. He a going to teach his sunday school class. I wish of i wish that i could be there. For at the end i would like to be Able to say that i have done something on Par with what Jimmy Carter has done. I would love to think that i have been Able to do something that has brought some Good to the world. If Only. Deborah Mitchell is a a local attorney and a municipal court judge. Their View democrats urge Clinton to ofter better explanation of emails by Ken Thomas and Julie Bykowicz associated press Washington a Hillary Rodham Clinton is facing fresh worries among elected democrats about her use of a private email account while serving As Secretary of state As new polls signal that the inquiry is taking a toll on her presidential Campaign. The democratic front runners Campaign has taken Steps to defend her against allegations she May have put classified information at risk by using a private email account and server arguing she never sent or received material considered classified at the time. Democratic lawmakers said Clinton a Campaign has not adequately explained the complicated nature of the email review and panned some of her attempts to use humor to talk about the probe. Clinton joked at a democratic dinner in Iowa last week that she liked the social Media platform snap Chat because the messages disappear by themselves. And she shrugged off questions about her server being wiped clean asking facetiously in Nevada a like a cloth or something a a i done to think the Campaign has handled it very Well a Florida sen. Bill Nelson told the associated press on thursday. A i think the advice to her of making a joke out of it a i think that was not Good Nelson said if Clinton had received information that should have been labelled classified or top secret the person sending the email would Bear the responsibility of making that Clear on the email. A if she is receiving something on a private email account and it has no designation then How would she know that it is classified a he asked. In Republican leaning Kentucky democratic rep. John Yarmuth warned in an interview with Whas to in Louisville a i still think there is a Chance that this could upend her a i just never feel like i have a grasp of what the facts Are a Armuth said wednesday. A clearly she has handled it poorly from the first Day. And there a the appearance of dishonesty if its not the new concerns Fol Low Clinton a decision to turn Over her server to Federal investigators who Are trying to determine if the data on it was secure. Democratic California gov. Jerry Brown compared the controversy to a a a Vampire in an interview Friday with Abc news a meet the press a saying it has a some kind of dark Energy that gets everybody a a she a going to have to find a stake and put it right through the heart of these emails in some Way a Brown said. Clinton holds a wide but narrowing Lead in the democratic Field against Vermont sen. Bernie Sanders who has picked up ground on her in new Hampshire and Iowa. Former Maryland gov. Martin of Malley has pitched himself As a fresh face and has tried to gain traction. While Clinton holds significant advantages in Money and support among democrats polls released thursday by Quin Lipiac University in Florida Ohio and Pennsylvania a three general election Battleground states a found that Only about one third of respondents thought she was honest and trustworthy

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