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Find your ancestors and read their stories in Arizona newspaper archives. Search by name to discover your family story in historical Arizona. Search by name to find family members, historical figures, or celebrities.

You may be surprised by the information you can find in Arizona state records! In addition to obituaries and death notices, you may find articles about your ancestors' businesses, marriages, births, and other life events. Search Arizona newspapers to trace your family line back further and discover the details of your ancestors' lives.

Or search by keyword to find old newspapers on historical events in Arizona. Read about the old west—cowboy shootouts, saloon fights, and more! Experience world and national events with the people of historical Arizona. Searching Arizona records by keyword will help you find events and research specific topics.

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Search by city to learn more about the places your ancestors lived, the impact they had on their community, and the ways their community impacted them. Get down to your roots and experience the daily grind in your ancestors' hometowns. Read about the cities where your family lived, or discover the past of your own home town.

Newspaper Archive collects historical newspapers from big cities like Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson, but we know the real treasures are in the small town newspapers. In small towns, newspaper publishers have more time to focus on the day-to-day stories about normal people. Search through papers from cities like Clifton, Bibee, and Peach Springs to find personal stories. Some small newspapers may even have articles about who offered prayer at a church service, families that left for vacation, or the winner of a children's coloring contest.

Search for newspapers in cities where your family lived as well as the surrounding areas, as news always travels. You may be surprised to find that your ancestors had a profound impact on their community or that your family has a criminal history. Community events noted in Arizona newspapers may have impacted your family as well. Start your search today to see what you can discover.

Newspaper Publishers in Arizona

Newspaper Archive has newspapers from 142 newspaper publishers in Arizona dating back to 1859. Searching by publisher can be a great tool for genealogists and historians. It will help you narrow down your results, so you find the most relevant information and news articles for your research.

If you have an old newspaper article about an ancestor, searching the same publisher could lead you to more articles or mentions of other family members that may help you grow your family tree.

As a historian, you can follow a publication through the years and watch as Arizona shifted from the rugged, dusty, western town, full of horses and cowboys to the modern hotspot for sight-seeing, national parks, and road trips. Read about historical events like the O.K. Corral Shootout and the Discovery of Pluto. Learn history straight from the accounts left by those in historical Arizona.

Kick up your feet and open a big newspaper title like the Tucson Daily Citizen, the Flagstaff Lumberjack, and the Arizona Silver Belt. Enjoy stories close to home from more localized Arizona newspapers like the Pheonix Jewish News, the Nogales Border Vidette, and the Saint Johns Snips.

Searching Arizona Newspaper Archives

NewspaperSearch through the Arizona newspaper archive to experience historical news as if for the first time. Dive in and reunite with your ancestry through news articles, announcements, and other Arizona state records. Experience the old west and follow Arizona history to present day. Read about hometown heroes and villains and watch the state expand.

Because papers have been catered to the community, old newspapers offer a unique perspective of historical Arizona. Arizona newspapers are a great source for historical research. Many events are recorded in multiple publications, each offering new perspectives and details to the story. Read about the famous Arizona events below and more in our newspaper archives!

O.K. Corral Shootout

Open up the Tombstone Arizona newspapers and read all about the iconic shootout that became the inspiration for for the 1993 film, Tombstone. Check out the original story recorded in newspapers back in 1881. The real shootout that has been dramatized through the years lasted less than a minute and left four dead and three wounded.

Immerse yourself in Arizona's old west—read about saloons, gunslingers, and good ol' cowboy gangs. Discover the old west like never before.

Arizona Astonomer, Clyde Tombaugh Discovered Pluto

Newspapers all across the state of Arizona hailed the famed Clyde Tombaugh for his discovery of Pluto. Browse through Flagstaff newspapers and read all about Clyde and his famous discovery or pop in and read all about the Flagstaff observatory where Pluto was first spotted.

Today, Arizona is home to 48 observatories and is an ideal spot for astronomy research. Read about the other astronomical discoveries that originated in Arizona and the wonders of the Arizona night sky.

Pheonix Lights

In 1997, Arizona residents were visited by—Aliens? Flip open a newspaper and see for yourself. The sky over Pheonix presented an unexplainable triangle of lights on a warm March evening. Many saw the strange phenomena that night and many have tried to justify the peculiarity as flight training exercises or other reasonable occurrences, but many first-hand witnesses stand by their belief of an extraterrestrial visit. Search the Arizona newspaper archive to decide for yourself—were the lights alien spaceships?

Arizona Family History and Genealogy

While newspapers offer a peek into Arizona's past, they also provide a great resource for genealogy research. Reading through old newspapers, you may be able to find names, dates, and other vital information. This can help you fill the gaps in your family tree and learn more about your ancestors.

Newspapers are helpful at overcoming obstacles presented by poor records or missing information, but family history and genealogy research wouldn't be complete without the stories, memories, and photographs. Newspapers have something more to give when it comes to family history. You might find stories, birth or wedding announcements, or even photographs as you search through old Arizona newspapers.

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