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Search for Names and Keywords in Arkansas Newspapers

Arkansas state newspapers are a fascinating way to gain insight into the lives of your Arkansas ancestors and connect with the past. Search through historical newspaper articles from 1854 to 2007 by name to learn about your family members or other important figures in history. Read their stories and experience the details of their everyday life.

Arkansas newspapers provide a wealth of information for genealogical and historical research. They are an especially valuable resource for studying less common surnames, since they often include more detailed information than censuses and other government records. In addition, Arkansas newspapers can be a great way to learn about the day-to-day lives of your ancestors.

Searching by name is key to many types of research, but searching by keyword is also important. Searching Arkansas newspaper archives by keyword will help you learn more about the state's history. Research historical events to see how Arkansas residents were impacted by national and state news. Gain insight into the lives of people who lived there and the communities they lived in. Dive in and read about events that changed Arkansas, the United States, and the world.

Search Historical Arkansas Newspapers by City

Search historical Arkansas newspapers by city to learn about your family's hometown. Take a look at your roots—learn where you came from and how their experiences live on in you today. Newspaper Archive collects newspapers from many cities from across Arkansas state, including big cities like Hot Springs and Fayetteville, but we also focus on smaller publications from towns like Stephens or Prescott.

Newspapers from smaller cities and towns are more likely to feature ordinary people and talk about smaller events. Bigger papers are focused on the big event, and they don't have enough space to feature a lot of people or write a lot of articles about everyday excitement. If your ancestors lived in a small town, consider yourself lucky! You're likely to find stories about your family members that have passed on. Some small newspapers even detailed things like which families were out of town on vacation, who offered prayer at a local church function, or which neighborhood kids got together for a sleepover.

There is so much to discover in our Arkansas newspaper archives! Learn the history of your city or discover historical news from places where your family lived. Search historical Arkansas records by city and find all of the information you are looking for.

Search through 57 Newspaper Publishers in Arkansas

Newspaper Archive has 57 of papers dating back to 1854, so you're likely to find the stories and information you're looking for. If you know what you're looking for, searching by publisher can be extremely helpful. Find all of the publications released by a publisher and find your targeted information. Browse through the publishers and find familiar newspaper names. Or follow a newspaper publisher to see the changes through the years.

Newspaper Archive has publishers like the Russellville Democrat, Forrest City Times, Ashdown Little River News, and we are always updating the site with new content so you can keep coming back for more. We are always reaching out to libraries, publishers, and historical archives to get more newspapers, so we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Searching in Arkansas Newspaper Records

Arkansas state is full of history, from the civil war to the coal mines, and it's all waiting to be discovered in the Arkansas Newspaper Archives.

From the early days of settlement to the present, there have been newspapers published in Arkansas that have documented the news and events of the 25th state in the United States. Newspaper Archive offers many resources and features to help you begin your research and learn more about historical Arkansas and your ancestors that lived there. Open up a newspaper and get a feel for life in the past. Whether you're looking for information on your family history, impactful events, or just want to find some good ol' southern recipes, we've got you covered.

Arkansas Civil War History

Search for Arkansas newspapers in the years before the Civil War to experience the rise of tensions. Read about the political tensions and start to understand the minds of the Arkansas people before the war began. Search for mentions of the Civil War to read about insurrections, soldier lists, battles, and politics. Follow the news through to the end of the war and witness the resolution of the war just as the people of Arkansas did.

Arkansas River Flood of 1927

Read about the most devastating flood in recorded Arkansas history. The heavy rains of the summer and the early snowmelt in Canada made the Arkansas river swell enough to burst levees and devastate cities. Read about the tragic event and all the generous hands that came to help. Experience the news of floods just as the early Arkansas citizens did.

Arkansas Coal Mine Industry

Arkansas is home to some of the largest coal mines. In 1907, Arkansas mines put out more than two million tons of coal. With mining comes a way of life, an occupation, tragedies, and many stories. Did your ancestors work in the mines? Learn about their day to day experiences in the mines and experience the tragedies of mine collapses as they were experienced in the past.

Family History and Genealogy in Arkansas Newspapers

Old newspaper articles are a treasure trove for genealogy research! You never know what you might find when you search through our historical archives—maybe an old family recipe or a long-lost relative.

Search the Arkansas newspaper records to find names, birth dates, death dates, marriage records, and exciting stories to add to the family collection. While other family history records are a great starting point, newspapers can help you further your genealogy research and help you overcome barriers. An article might mention a parent or other relative that will allow you to trace your line back even further.

In addition to adding to your family tree, read the next chapter of your family story. Family history is about the names and dates, but the stories are where it comes to life. Look in newspapers in cities where your family members lived and areas they may have had influence. Find articles that mention your family and learn about the impact they had on their community. Clip newspaper articles, save them to your family collections and share them with your living family members.

Additional Arkansas Newspaper FAQs

Arkansas newspapers have so much to offer—all you have to do is search. Take a look at the FAQs below or visit the help center if you have any questions.

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