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Search by name to find your ancestors in historical Alaska newspapers and build your family story. Learn about the impact your family had on their community by reading their stories. Experience the day-to-day the same way your ancestors did. Search for names and discover how your family was affected by the news of the time. Share your ancestors' stories with your family and friends to keep their memories alive. Alaskan newspapers provide a unique perspective on history, and are a valuable resource for exploring your family tree.

Search for names to read about your favorite scientists, celebrities, or political leaders. Learn about the impact your heroes had on their community before they changed the world. Read about their rise to fame and their quiet discoveries that were closer to home.

Search by keywords and discover the history of the 49th state. Read news about wildlife, scientific discoveries, and other historical events. Read about the eruption of Mount Katmai and experience the event as the people of Alaska did years before. Learn how Alaska was involved in World War II, or read about the establishment of National Parks and National wildlife refuges.

Search by keyword to find the events you are looking for and experience the news as if for the first time. How did the people of Alaska respond to worldwide and United States news? Open up a paper and find out! Search through our vast bank of Alaska state archives and read accounts from cities all over Alaska.

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Search through publications in 17 Alaska cities. Learn about your familys hometown or other cities where they lived or traveled. Search by city to find your roots and connect with your past. Reach into the past and discover what made the people of Anchorage or Juneau tick. Look into the communities of Nome or Wales and see everyday difficulties in the tundra winters and the festivities of a summer of sunshine.

Read about communities by city and learn about the victories and defeats of each city in Alaska. Newspaper Archive focuses on smaller publications because your Alaska ancestors are more likely to be found there. The Alaska records have papers from large cities, like Fairbanks and Kodiak, but we also collect small town papers from places like Iditrod. Larger papers typically share state and national news or big city events, but the smaller newspaper publishers had more room to focus on the common members of the community. Some small newspapers might mention exceptional high school students, local hunting stories, or those who left town for vacation.

Newspaper Publishers in Alaska

The Alaska Newspaper Archive has 61 publishers that tell the stories of those across the state. Find newspaper publishers by city in the advanced search box or find all of the Alaska newspaper publications here. Searching by publisher can be really helpful for your historical or genealogical research. If you know an ancestor was mentioned in a specific publication, there is a chance they may be mentioned in other issues. Research by publisher to find exactly what you are looking for.

Searching in Alaska Newspaper Records

Whether you're looking for your Alaska ancestors or trying to understand the history of Alaska, our Alaska newspaper archives are a great place to start! Old newspapers hold a unique perspective on the state's history, and can be a valuable resource for exploring your family tree. Search for names, dates, and keywords to discover information and stories about Alaska's past.

Our Alaska newspaper archives are a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about Alaska's past and those who influenced it and were affected by it. Alaskan newspapers provide a unique perspective on Alaska's history, people, and culture.

Mount Katmai Eruption of 1912

Check out our Alaska newspaper archives to learn about the eruption of Mount Katmai. What was it like when the volcano exploded? How did people respond? Did any scientists jump at the research opportunity? Open up an old newspaper and find the answers. Read about how the eruption affected the people of Alaska.

Alaska National Forest Historical News

Search Alaska newspaper archives to learn more about the state's national forests. Alaska is home to 17 national parks and 16 wildlife refuges. Wildlife researchers have long been drawn to Alaska for the large diversity of animals. What scientific discoveries were made in Alaska? Pop onto the Alaska records and learn about them as if they are new discoveries.

Alaska World War II Historical Newspapers

While the whole United States was under attack, Alaska had their own ails to deal with during the second World War. The Japanese invaded the Aleutian Islands and held onto two islands for a year during World War II. Canadian and Alaskan troops were sent to reclaim two islands back from the Japanese, the weather making the task more difficult than first anticipated.

Learn about the dedicated soldiers in Alaska and Canada in Alaskan newspapers and read articles about the valiant efforts of those back home to support the troops.

Alaska Family History and Genealogy

At Newspaper Archive, we know that newspapers are a valuable source of names, dates, and stories for genealogists. Where other family history records have gaps and don't offer all the information you are looking for, historical newspapers make up the difference.

In Alaskan newspapers, you may be able to trace your family line back further and add more names to your tree. Newspapers often feature events like marriages, births, deaths, and other life events. Searching for a family member may lead you to a name that will enable you to trace your family line back further. You may learn of mentors, colleagues, or dear friends that are important to your family history.

While names and dates are crucial to completing your genealogy research, the stories are where the true treasures lie. Death certificates will give you names and dates, but an obituary found in a newspaper will tell about your ancestor, how the community saw them and how they interacted with their community. Newspapers can give you a look into the life your ancestors were familiar with as well as stories, names, dates, and other vital information. Dive in and find your ancestors in the state of Alaska!

Additional Alaska newspaper FAQs

Alaska historical newspapers have so many secrets to share, you only have to look for them. See these FAQs or hop over to the Help Center if you aren't sure where to start.

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