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  • 210,518 Results in 1990
  • 74,785 Results in 2000
  • 22,653 Results in 1980
  • 10,459 Results in 2010
  • 5,512 Results in 1970
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1st Infantry Division
European Stars and Stripes Saturday, July 10, 1999, Darmstadt, Hesse

...of the Big Red One (1st Infantry Division) to honor and keep alive the memories of their sacrifices... ...L. Grange, commanding general of 1st Infantry Division. “This follows a tradition in the Big Red One... ...asked brigade commanders of the 1st Infantry Division to commemorate sites to the leaders and heroes of the... Read More

2003 Invasion of Iraq
Winnipeg Free Press Friday, September 09, 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba a senator for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. She also fleshed out several national security priorities if she... ...and in voting for the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a senator. But she defended her support for U... Read More

24th Infantry Division
Pacific Stars and Stripes Monday, April 25, 1949, Tokyo, Japan

...duty.* * * Ralph M. de Gagne,. 24th InfantryDivision Public Information Offici was, recently promoted to privatfirst class. * * * Ret... .... Daniel G. Garcia, Reconnaissance Company. 24th Infantry Division, has been placed on ternporary duty with the 24th Infantry... G-4 Section. Headquarters 24th Infantry Division, Kokura. * » • Hct. Milton L. Fisher was recentlytransferred to... Read More

2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment
Syracuse Post Standard Tuesday, June 17, 2003, Syracuse, New York

...U.S. soldiers from the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment during a raid in eastern Baghdad Saturday evening. The soldiers... ...a tip. troops from the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment swooped down on an open-air bazaar Saturday evening in... ...handcuffed. A member of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment tells the man to be quiet. .7 Tyrone Turner Nswhouse... Read More

Battle of 73 Easting
Santa Ana Orange County Register Sunday, June 16, 1991, Santa Ana, California

...come to be called the Battle at 73 Easting. Like most of the major battles... Krause wrote about the battle. Kick's remarks and early accounts of the battle were... ...wanted him Successful gulf battle to be re-createdArmy wants to use details... ..., only the soldiers witnessed the Battle at 73 Easting up close. The violent clash on... Read More

Battle of Khafji
Fairbanks Daily News Miner Sunday, February 03, 1991, Fairbanks, Alaska

...> —Cox News Service Battle of Khafji Has Saddam captured victory from defeat? -Face* in... ...lens you look through. The battle of Khafji, which produced the first protracted ground fighting of the Persian... ...all accounts so far, the Battle of Khafji is one of those instances. It is becoming clearer... Read More

Battle of Norfolk
Harrisonburg Daily News Record Friday, January 15, 1954, Harrisonburg, Virginia

...> an 8 OO o’clock battle in NorfnUr DI Magvio were married today in Sh... ...* headed, wearing * * ® clock battle in Norfolk -Maggi ma i n o oday in... ll lead at the battle, for alway* in air sport. Dayton when they run into... ... ---RalH loop battle the Elks play Montevi deo High at Montevideo on... Read More

First Gulf War
Altoona Mirror Tuesday, September 28, 2004, Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1991 that the first Gulf War was going almost precisely as planned. Thirteen years ago... ....-led coalition went into the first Gulf War with a coherent plan, extensive international support and overwhelming military... ...was the goal of the first Gulf War, the U.S. military is now spinning its wheels in... Read More

Highway of Death
Mount Carmel Daily Republican Register Thursday, May 05, 2011, Mount Carmel, Illinois

...modern I warfare: On the highway of death^^ Mother fills empty nest with Larry Bird Journalentry... ...since been dubbed the "Highway of Death." A report submitted to the Commission of Inquiry... ...we who are traveling the highway of. death. May God help us all. Constitutional attorney^, and author... Read More

Invasion of Kuwait
Colorado Springs Gazette Friday, August 03, 1990, Colorado Springs, Colorado

... PARIS — Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait ushers in a hew alignment in which Iraqis, Iranians and... ...much to gain from their invasion of Kuwait. A successful offensive could establish Baghdad as the dominant power... ...Moscow to condemn Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Ajoint statement from the United States and the Soviet... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions