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  • 313,369 Results in 1960
  • 313,332 Results in 1950
  • 154,996 Results in 1990
  • 99,911 Results in 1970
  • 73,728 Results in 2000
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Bay of Pigs
Jefferson City Daily Capital News Thursday, January 24, 1963, Jefferson City, Missouri

...>What Really Happened? The Bay of Pigs tragedy is back in the news spotlight of the nation... ...groups which mounted the abortive Bay of Pigs invasion, then withdrawn from them at the last minute by... ...American air cover for the Bay of Pigs invaders. The reason, according to the Attorney General, is that... Read More

Berlin Airlift
Xenia Daily Gazette Thursday, September 23, 2004, Xenia, Ohio

...flew alongside pilots during the Berlin Airlift has been recently added to the back of a dog... ...mannequin in the Berlin Airlift Exhibit at the U.S. Air Force Museum. The parachute... ...a significant addition to the Berlin Airlift exhibit. “Throughout the history of the Air Force... Read More

Berlin Blockade 
Bakersfield Californian Thursday, May 05, 1949, Bakersfield, California

...Berlin Blockade to End LAKE SUCCESS, NT. — (INS) — Th... ...Union on lifting of the Berlin blockade. They simultaneously requested him to notify the security council, which... ...the . United States.â€? Berlin Blockade Lifting Hailed as Hopeful Sign WASHINGTON — (INS) â... Read More

Berlin Crisis
Racine Journal Times Monday, September 27, 1948, Racine, Wisconsin

...talking with Russia on the Berlin crisis, and accuse the Stalinites of faith-breaking and the double... .... But the Packer of the Berlin crisis, but has rug-debacle, particularly, recalls some- gested conciliation on... ...reported as fair to- Berlin Crisis Hurts Stocks NEW YORK—<,P>— Prices... Read More

Berlin Wall
Gettysburg Times Wednesday, April 25, 1990, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

...- Robert L. Bennett Arendtsville The Berlin Wall: A chunk of history Abortion question answered '.Editor, Gettysburg Times... ...even a piece of the Berlin Wall on the newsroom shelf now to prove it. Yet this... ...not any old piece of Berlin Wall brought to the states in a tourist's suitcase after... Read More

Chinese Civil War
Anniston Star Thursday, December 09, 1948, Anniston, Alabama

...Babe Ruth. 7. The Chinese civil war. 8. U. S. spy investigations. 9. The founding... ...Italian elections. 10. The Chinese civil war. Australians Pick Truman Australian editors made this choice:Chinese civil war; the Kasenkina case; Gen. Smut’s defeat in South African... Read More

San Antonio Light Wednesday, July 23, 1941, San Antonio, Texas

...Ossip Pianltzky held in the Comintern. The Org-Leiter could make and break men in his... ...west- err, secretariat of the Comintern was therefore established in "Berlin, whose jurisdiction reached from Iceland... ..., the real ruler of the Comintern. I met DimitroV through Willy Muenzenberg, who had invited me... Read More

Cuban Missile Crisis
Walla Walla Union Bulletin Friday, October 09, 1992, Walla Walla, Washington

...Fidel Castro. QD (KTVR) CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS: AT THE Examines the events of the October 1962... ...Cuban Missile Crisis. Aired originally as part of "War and Peace in... ...> Cuban Missile Crisis Campaign for CubaRead More

Winchester Evening Star Tuesday, December 30, 1975, Winchester, Virginia transform popular support for detente into support for detente into support for the wherewithal! to... ...bolder than they were without detente. Almost equally hard to sort out is whether detente... ...keep playing games, support for detente will erodeâ€?; Humphrey — “The burden on detente now... Read More

Dien Bien Phu
Cumberland News Friday, April 30, 1954, Cumberland, Maryland

...Lives And Airlift Planes Over Dien Bien Phu WASHINGTON — French censorship has blacked out the truth... ...and paratroopers over Communist-ringed Dien Bien Phu. Reports have filtered back to the Pentagon that airlift... ..., as the planes drone over Dien Bien Phu, the air-control radio crackles with exact reports on their... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions