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Alabama Crimson Tide
DuBois Courier Express Wednesday, December 29, 1982, DuBois, Pennsylvania

... Quincy Liberty Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Illinois lllini from Memphis. Tenn. Liberty Bowl: Alabama... ... News Liberty Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs Illinois lllini from Memphis, Tenn Tales Of The... ..." SportsCenter Liberty Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Illinois lllini (rom Memphis, Tenn. MISL Soccer: Cleveland... Read More

Arizona Wildcats
El Paso Prospector Saturday, November 19, 1938, El Paso, Texas

...second half that had the Arizona Wildcats going instead of coming, in fact every time the Arizona... ...4) Miners Humble Mighty Arizona Wildcats In Armistice Day Thriller To Break Jinx 26-14... ...lead held by the mighty Arizona Wildcats to win their first game over the Arizonians in twenty... Read More

Arkansas Razorbacks
Lawrence Journal World Wednesday, December 29, 1982, Lawrence, Kansas

...PROBE OJ O BLUEBONNET BOWL Arkansas Razorbacks Florida Gators from SPORTSCENTER OS HALL OF FAME BOWL Air... ...Q WRESTLING SPORTSCENTER BLUEBONNET BOWL Arkansas Razorbacks Florida Gators from R SATURDAYS SPORTS MORNING PICK THE PROS... ...key players and BLUEBONNET BOWL Arkansas Razorbacks Florida Gators from R ROSE BOWL PREVIEW R Offi NFL... Read More

Auburn Tigers
Cullman Times Democrat Tuesday, September 21, 1971, Cullman, Alabama

...ratings Alabama still 6th; Auburn Tigers 7th This is â„¢ By BILL MADDEN UPI... ... AUBURN, ALA. (UPI)-The Auburn Tigers got their first look at Tennessee’s basic formations Monday... ...Conference football game with the Auburn Tigers. Tom Bennett was moved up to the first squad... Read More

Baylor Bears
Waco Citizen Thursday, November 02, 1967, Waco, Texas

...> BEST WISHESTO^HJ the BAYLOR BEARS Best Wishes to the Baylor Bears Complete Sales... ...€™s what happened to the Baylor Bears, in College station last Saturday afternoon, much to the chagrin... ...Qun n I BAYLOR BEARS LAKEVIEW DRUG &GROCERY 307 LACY LAKFVlEi. SÂ... Read More

Clemson Tigers
Waco Citizen Friday, December 28, 1979, Waco, Texas

...project. Baylor Bears and Clemson Tigers in the 1979 Peach Bowl December 31, 1979, Atlanta THE CLEMSON TIGERS (8-3 Overall, 4-2 in the ACC, tied for... ...wager against heavily-stacked Clemson Tigers I I J. a r, — Temple Crushes... Read More

Dayton Flyers
New Bern Sun Journal Thursday, April 03, 2014, New Bern, North Carolina

...>YOI JR HFAT TH Dayton Flyers star has big fan Brain injury changes lives of... ...and Miya is IS. The Dayton Flyers went to this year's NCAA men’s basketball tournament... ..., I’m rooting for the Dayton Flyers men’s basketball team this year (2011-12). Now a... Read More

Duke Blue Devils
Gastonia Daily Gazette Wednesday, November 23, 1927, Gastonia, North Carolina

...the Thanksgiving game with the Duke Blue Devils. Although Monk Younger, Davidson mentor, refused to announce a definite... .... Blue Devils Arrive The Duke Blue Devils arrived in Davidson late this afternoon, and will get a... ...-j ing attack by the Duke Blue Devils, who are slated to appear on Richardson Field here Thursday... Read More

Florida Gators
Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Friday, September 29, 1995, Arlington Heights, Illinois

.... UNDER 12 GIRLS FLORIDA GATORS 5, PENN STATE 3__ Florida Gators goals: Kari Prisching... ..., Stephanie Prato, Michelle Miazga. FLORIDA GATORS 1, WISCONSIN 1_ Florida Gators goal: Tricia Malone. Assist... ...Shemroske, Kim Pertl. BADGERS 1, FLORIDA GATORS 1_ Badgers goal: Jennifer Ward. Assist: Kate Compton. Standouts... Read More

Florida State Seminoles
Pacific Stars and Stripes Wednesday, November 29, 1989, Tokyo, Japan

...of 393 set by the Florida State Seminoles' Derek Schmidt in1987. Thompson finished his college career with 4... ..., got 1,231 points. The Florida State Seminoles andNebraska Cprnhuskers, who will meet in the Fiesta Bowl, are... .... 1 for 21 ratings. The Florida State Seminoles, 8-2and idle, slipped one spot out of the top... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions