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  • 484,383 Results in 1960
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  • 327,853 Results in 1950
  • 222,425 Results in 1990
  • 220,469 Results in 1930
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Burlington Daily Hawk Eye Gazette Sunday, August 25, 1889, Burlington, Iowa

...of it.-The History of Alchemy. St. Louie Republican. w | Ow far ba1-, the world moved away from alchemy'’ This question be-J â–  comes pertinent in view... ...'s stone. We laugh at alchemy aud the alchemists, aud affect to despise them and their... ...of the Mi die Ages. Alchemy has been not only greatly misunderstood but greatly misrepresented. The... Read More

Ancient Egypt
Bluefield Daily Telegraph Tuesday, March 03, 1998, Bluefield, West Virginia

...> For Beginning History Students Ancient Egypt ABCs from The Mini Page by Betty Oebnam 6... ...the world. r* Ancient Egypt... of more than 5,000 years ago is important... ... Mediterranean Sea in Africa. Ancient Egypt was a powerful country for 2,500 years. It lasted... Read More

Antoine Lavoisier
Madison Wisconsin State Journal Monday, January 24, 1994, Madison, Wisconsin

...I ask?9 —Antoine LavoisierWhy is PMSBy Kathleen Curry Kraght... ...mark 200 years since Antoine Lavoisier — sometimes called the father of chemistry — was taken... ..., but This painting of Antoine Lavoisier was done by Jacques-Louis David in 1788. anyone... Read More

Bohr Model
Syracuse Herald Saturday, October 23, 1937, Syracuse, New York

what he did With some element ol Irony. Lord Rutherford is not unlikely to be remembered longest for something which has turned out to be wrong: tne so-called Rutherford-Bohr model of the atom, linking to his the name of one of his most dls- tinc-uiehed pupHa Prof Bohr o' Co- penhage Read More

Boyles Law
Chillicothe Constitution Tribune Wednesday, October 02, 1963, Chillicothe, Missouri Boyles Reduced to unscientific Boyles law says that when you get high up in the air... high alti tudes when Boyles law takes if its any comfort to we men have the... Read More

Brownian Motion
Syracuse Post Standard Monday, March 14, 2005, Syracuse, New York

...dissertation, then his papers on Brownian motion, special relativity and the most famous equation of all time... ...him for his paper on Brownian motion. The dissertation concerns how to determine the dimensions of molecules... ...only did Einstein thus explain Brownian motion, he used the new math of statistical fluctu- ation to... Read More

Cast Iron
Riverdale Pointer Friday, December 15, 1922, Riverdale, Illinois

...POINTER, ILL.. interim! diameter cast iron inch pipe: One txvelve feet (12') north of the south... ...of Avenue. PARAGRAPH G. A cast iron wafer irain of six inch internal diameter shall be con... ...line of 112th Street. Four cast iron tees shall he located in the hereinbefore described main in... Read More

Mercurius Democritus Saturday, June 14, 1659, London, Middlesex

for belts fellow at he Dipt crofs the River into the next where Iking on a pot of he conveyd it into the open Sepulchre of his which with the heat of devouring and the parched Beans in his hach Wafted his in the high Game at the Elbo that the fright of accident made him Dice Read More

Dmitri Mendeleev
Elyria Chronicle Telegram Saturday, December 15, 1962, Elyria, Ohio

with their long and costly networks of cables. The relationship between en- ergy production and economic growth was discussed at the October world power conference in Melbourne. DMITRI MENDELEEV DMITRI MENDELEEV, one of the great teachers and chemists of modern times, was born in Siberia in 183 Read More

Lowell Sun Friday, March 28, 1902, Lowell, Massachusetts

.... ONI: WAY TG PREVENT ELECTROLYSIS. There is one sure way by which electrolysis may... ...well worth reading: < ELECTROLYSIS. Electrolysis of water pipes is not a matter of... .... Such damage is caused by electrolysis, or electrolytic corrosion, as it is sometimes called. HOW... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions