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Alexander Von Humboldt
London Hour Tuesday, April 15, 1873, London, Middlesex

...liLILuid, 310 tow, of all ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT* . [FIRST NOTICE.] treated with a conscientious carefulness which nothing seems... ...years have passed since Herr Alexander von Humboldt rested from his labours, at the patriarchal age of ninety... ...intimate friends and associates of Alexander von Humboldt during his life, and when the Humboldt centenary had arrived... Read More

Ancient Egyptian Medicine
Brainerd Daily Dispatch Thursday, August 10, 1911, Brainerd, Minnesota

ingredients called for in the prescription are mainly precious stones. Tiles** were to be ground up, to be used for fumigation. Professor von Oefele. an authority on ancient Egyptian medicine, suspects the case was one of hysteria, though there is no indication of this on the prescription Itself. “G Read More

Ancient Greek Medicine
Winnipeg Free Press Saturday, April 14, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba

from the Costa Staikos The Editorial Activity of Greek Scholars during the Italian will be on display at D University of TexasSouthwestern hosted an international symposium on ancient Greek medicine April opening an exhibit of 30 pharmaceu tical herbs used by SAVE UP TO LOS ANGELES MAY 1 JUNE 15 AI Read More

Ancient Greek Philosophy
Lawrence Journal World Tuesday, August 09, 2016, Lawrence, Kansas

side.â€? The fitness program isn’t the first to emerge from Jenkins’ store, Ad Astra Running, he says, but it is the first — and only, presumably — to incorporate ancient Greek philosophy into its weekly routes. And, unlike other Ad Astra groups, it’s geared specifically toward thos Read More

Cell Theory
Ogden Evening Standard Monday, April 21, 1913, Ogden, Utah

...and |K»ssibility of the cell theory of the soul. After defining the nature and probable...'s realities The cell theory' of the soul la no more opposed by the fact... ...a direct bearing upon the cell theory of the soul. We have taken up this cell... ...bespeaks the argument for the cell theory of the soul as we developed it last Sunday. It... Read More

Central Dogma
Bakersfield Californian Friday, October 17, 1975, Bakersfield, California

...) - An Idea that challenged a central dogma of molecular biology a few years ago is an idea... ...form of life. The central dogma of recent molecular biology was based on the famous work... ... heredity to work. The central dogma of file time held that the information could only go... Read More

Chinese Alchemy
Stanford Daily Thursday, May 31, 1928, Stanford, California

...entitled, "A Study of Chinese Alchemy,â€? and the author is Dr. Obed S. Johnson, instructor... ...the origin and development of Chinese Alchemy and deals with a subject heretofore practically unexplored by Western... ...sources. The author maintains that Chinese Alchemy originated in the teachings of early Taoist philosophy and that... Read More

Classical Chinese Medicine
Dover Community News Friday, May 27, 2005, Dover, New Hampshire

p> • Relatively pain free • Cost effective and non-invasive health care * • FREE consultations 742-6277 538 Central Ave. Essential Energy - Classical Chinese Medicine THE DRUG FREE ALTERNATIVE FOR HEALTH Joseph Allis, L Ac., Dipl Ac .NADA cert. M U N I T Y Nottingha Read More

Claudius Galen
Winchester Star Wednesday, July 29, 2009, Winchester, Virginia

...about the famous Greek physician, Claudius Galen, who lived from 130 to 200 A.D. Galen was... ...maximum health". A prolific author, Claudius Galen wrote 500 books in his lifetime. '.'Manipulative therapy" and "back... Read More

Edwin Smith Papyrus
Charleston Daily Mail Friday, June 23, 1922, Charleston, West Virginia

...Diagnoses and Catalogued Gases, the Edwin Smith Papyrus Shows knew that the heart is army_artlllery as well as... a study of the Edwin Smith papyrus made by Professor J. H. Breasted of the Uni- versity... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions