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Hurricane Allen
Port Arthur News Sunday, August 10, 1980, Port Arthur, Texas

...Writer HIGH ISLAND — Hurricane Allen was more than 25^ miles from the beaches of Galveston... ...Louisiana residents evacuated because of Hurricane Allen to return home Saturday, but the intense storm's brush... ...cur tail electricity use because Hurricane Allen reduced the supply of natural gas to fuel generators.Read More

Hurricane Andrew
Santa Ana Orange County Register Tuesday, August 25, 1992, Santa Ana, California

...hurricane damage. Barker said. Hurricane Andrew's South Florida toil Hurricane Andrew was the most... ...resident, Hurricane Hugo survivor HURRICANE ANDREW U I got my electric typewriter and an antique... ..., Bahamas, escaped serious damage when Hurricane Andrew passed by in the night, but the outer island of... Read More

Hurricane Audrey
Lowell Sun Sunday, June 30, 1957, Lowell, Massachusetts

...that the property damage in hurricane Audrey would not compare with the disaster In New England two... ...23 and torn asundet by Hurricane Audrey and her vicious tidal wave Louisi- ana's Gull coast... ...wafer, presents a typical WIREPHOTO. HURRICANE AUDREY TOOK SLAP AT NEW ENGLAND Maine and Vermont Get Taste... Read More

Hurricane Betsy
Laurel Leader Call Friday, September 10, 1965, Laurel, Mississippi

..., to escape the wrath of Hurricane Betsy. His father is employed by General Electric at the Mississippi... ...) - The •astern edge of Hurricane Betsy belted Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Thursday night, driving 21,000... ...out from the fury of Hurricane Betsy which struck there Thursday night, but the Biloxi Indians will... Read More

Hurricane Camille
Biloxi Daily Herald Friday, September 26, 1969, Biloxi, Mississippi

...area from damage inflicted by Hurricane Camille is complete or nearing completion on the major phases of... ...destroyed in that location by Hurricane Camille. "I'm too old to try to start... to families affected by Hurricane Camille will be discontinued by the American Red Cross on Sept... Read More

Hurricane Carla
Lubbock Avalanche Journal Monday, September 11, 1961, Lubbock, Texas

...the floods and winds of hurricane Carla. Storm Poses Economic nri . nn i7 H *hurricane Carla. airlines cancelled flights into Houston Sunday as high winds and... ...rain squalls kicked up by hurricane Carla made flights into the city's International Airport . . „... Read More

Hurricane Carmen
Hattiesburg American Sunday, September 08, 1974, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

...the threatened fury ofHurricane Carmen. All available hotel and motel rooms in the city Camp... ...Sunday NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Hurricane Carmen battered Louisiana's low-lying coast Saturday night, pushing up... ...the Mississippi Gulf Coast as Hurricane Carmen approached land. Charles McKellar, news secretary to Gov. Bill... Read More

Hurricane Charley
New Bern Sun Journal Sunday, August 15, 2004, New Bern, North Carolina

..., right, and John Derby discuss Hurricane Charley over the remains of Derby’s Bradford pear tree that... an emergency shelter during Hurricane Charley. Weakened storm soaks area, but causes no major damage... ...damage across the region. Hurricane Charley made landfall along the North Carolina border at around 2... Read More

Hurricane Charlie
Madison Wisconsin State Journal Wednesday, May 29, 1991, Madison, Wisconsin

... Shaggy dog stories Hurricane Charlie kept this household on alert By RUTH HANUSA His name was Hurricane Charlie: Charlie because I always wanted a dog with that name... ...the hatches, maties! Here comes Hurricane Charlie!â€? family members wopld scurry to close bedroom and bathroom... Read More

Hurricane David
Panama City News Herald Wednesday, September 05, 1979, Panama City, Florida

...hit by wine DEBRIS from Hurricane David. Storm Takes Fridge, Leaves Crystal MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP... ...) — Hurricane David scooped Jerry Isenhour’s refrigerator out the door of his... ...a rn. Monday just as Hurricane David roared up the coast. He returned to find his three... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions