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Abraham Lincoln
Bluefield Daily Telegraph Thursday, February 13, 1936, Bluefield, West Virginia

...the decision, among whom was Abraham Lincoln, who made the appeal. Abraham Lincoln more than once... In paving tribute to Abraham Lincoln, It having long been my custom to Join annually In... ...for any public office. Abraham Lincoln was born February 12. 1809, and we are well met... Read More

Alexander Hamilton
Webster City Tribune Friday, June 05, 1908, Webster City, Iowa

...Cummins Conner Woods Cragwick Stover Alexander Hamilton So gard Lund Sterling Brown Cunningham Allisqn Cummins Alexander Hamilton... ...Allison Cummins Conner Cragwick Stover Alexander Hamilton So ard Third AUlson Cummins Conner Woods J Cragwick Stover... ...Alexander Hamilton So gard Lund Sterling Brown li2 Cunningham Fourth Allison Cummins... Read More

Andrew Jackson
Washington Globe Saturday, June 13, 1931, Washington, Washington-DC

...of March, 18 U. ANDREW JACKSON. By the President: ELUAH HAY WARD, Commissioner of... ...\ day of March, 1831. ANDREW JACKSON. By the President: ELUAH HAYWARD, Commissioner of... ...> IN pursuance of law, I, ANDREW JACKSON, President of the United States of America, do hereby declare... Read More

Andrew Johnson
Richmond Palladium Thursday, March 05, 1868, Richmond, Indiana

...his batteries upon Fort Sumter. Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, tramples upon a law, defies... ...come to cease trifling with Andrew Johnson. This man who reeled inlo the Presidency; who had de... .... “We Have Impeached Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, “OF I11UH CRIMES... Read More

Barack Obama
Anderson Herald Bulletin Thursday, May 08, 2008, Anderson, Indiana

...race and endorsed her rival, Barack Obama. Mer washing the returns horn the North Cantina and Indiana... ...> 5403 11 BARACK OBAMA r 45 97 11 BARACK OBAMA 177 47 9/ I! BARACK OBAMA 116 44 44Read More

Bill Clinton
Gettysburg Times Wednesday, November 04, 1992, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

...153 BERWICK TOWNSHIP PRESIDENT (D) Bill Clinton 142 (R) George Bush 244 (L) Andre Marrou 0 (NA... .... Maitland 288 BIGLERVILLE PRESIDENT CD) Bill Clinton (R) George Bush (L) Andre Marrou (NA) Lenora B. Fulani... ...195 BUTLER TOWNSHIP PRESIDENT (D) Bill Clinton 236 (R) George Bush 521 (L) Andre Marrou 2 (NA... Read More

Calvin Coolidge
Berkeley Daily Gazette Thursday, January 05, 1933, Berkeley, California

...- 50c PER MONTH ESTABLISHED 1871 CALVIN COOLIDGE DIES OF HEART ATTACK IN NOR THAMPTOM HOME EX-PRESIDENT... ...Praia NORTHAMPTON, Mas.., Jan. 5.-Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States, died suddenly today at... ...eyes to the sit-uatton." CALVIN COOLIDGE PRESIDENT OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES LOSS TO U. S. Br United Frees... Read More

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Stevens Point Daily Journal Wednesday, November 09, 1932, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

...VOTE Krv, York, Nov. 9 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Demo- i rrtttic presidential candidate cnrrlcd his home state by... ...New York, Nov. Gov- ernor Franklin D. Roosevelt car- ried his home state in a landslide victory over... ...conceded the election to Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, his Demo- cratic opponent. He telegraphed congratulations to the New... Read More

George Bush
Brazosport Facts Sunday, December 04, 1994, Clute, Texas

...D Ann Richards 169 R George Bush 168 L Keary Ehlers 5 STATE DISTRICT 17 D Ronnie... ...D Ann Richards 494 R George Bush 935 L Keary Ehlers 14 STATE DISTRICT 11 D Mike... ...GOVERNOR D Ann Richards R George Bush L Keary Enters STATE DISTRICT 17 0 Ronnie Harrison R... ...D Ann Richards 221 R George Bush 311 L Keary Ehlers 8 STATE DISTRICT 11 D Mike... Read More

George W. Bush
Joplin Globe Wednesday, November 08, 2000, Joplin, Missouri predicting a nailbiter between George W. Bush and A1 Gore, then became giddy when it turned out... ...Re- Nader publican George W. Bush. “I did not run for president to help... ...€? Others were just as certain George W. Bush shouldn’t be elected because he’s unqualified, uncommitted, unfit... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions