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  • 24,946 Results in 1960
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Anders Celsius
Worcester Skandinavia Wednesday, December 11, 1901, Worcester, Massachusetts

...-rymden. . 1 • i Anders Celsius. Ett 200-irsminne. Den 27 November 1701. alltsi... matematikern, fysikern och astronomen Anders Celsius, dagens ljus. For nutidens genomsnittsmenni-skor, hvilka dagligen och stundligen... ...vetenskapern&s lif. Anders Celsius var kitling af en sliigt med stort vetenskapligt anseende sar... Read More

London Miner and Workman Advocate Saturday, May 06, 1865, London, Middlesex their convictions that the anemometer is a correct indicator. Suppose tho anemometer should tell the... may oonolude that the anemometer ia strictly correct. But except the anemometer oan be taken... ...feet per minute than the anemometer gave. Thsi is one proof of its incorrect- ] nesa, because... Read More

Atmospheric Circulation
Delphos Weekly Herald Friday, August 01, 1902, Delphos, Ohio

...time Immemorial In giving the atmospheric circulation certain definite relations, which, despite all seeming caprice, are fixed... ...the permanent relations of the atmospheric circulation arrange themselves more or less in the form of a... Read More

Atmospheric Layers
Winnipeg Free Press Tuesday, November 19, 1968, Winnipeg, Manitoba

...and heat friction from dense atmospheric layers. Moscow said the speed of Zond 6 dropped from 6... ...skipping in and out of atmospheric layers as well as the "aerodynamic lifting" characteristics of the craft... Read More

Atmospheric Pressure
Cumberland Evening Times Monday, December 29, 1986, Cumberland, Maryland

...combined pull on the Atmospheric Pressure Said Best Indicator Of Weather Atmospheric pressure is a... ...€” wind, clouds and temperature included. Atmospheric pressure is actually the weight of the air (or atmosphere) and... ...the device used for measuring atmospheric pressure is a barometer. In simple terms, the atmosphere is... Read More

Blaise Pascal
Joplin Globe Sunday, September 22, 1996, Joplin, Missouri

... Blaise Pascal, a scientist and philosopher, posed a decision problem for atheists... ...€œPascal’s Wager.â€? Blaise Pascal was a brilliant scientist of rare intensity. After becoming more... ...gamble that God exists. Blaise Pascal was undoubtedly a talented man. But because he believed in... Read More

Christopher Wren
Galveston Daily News Monday, February 05, 1923, Galveston, Texas

...those of the renaissance. Sir Christopher Wren, the only son of Dr. Christopher Wren, dean of Wirid... .... 1632. "In speaking of Sir Christopher Wren, it is my intention to speak of him simply an... ...tho laid by his son, Christopher Wren Jr in that year. Wren lived to the as of... Read More

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
Gettysburg Times Wednesday, November 28, 2012, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania generated portrait of physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, of whom no reliable likenesses exist. AP P HOTO / G... ...portrait of 18th century physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit using images of his relatives. Jerzy Pro fi cz from... Read More

Edmund Halley
Hutchinson News Monday, May 12, 1997, Hutchinson, Kansas astronomy club meeting in Edmund Halley Most comets are named after the person who discovered but... ...was named after English astronomer Edmund Halley was not the first to spot it. It has been... ...1682 would return in 1759. Edmund Halley 1656-1742 Maria Mitchell One hundred fifty years Maria Mitchell... Read More

Environmental Monitoring
Kingston Gleaner Saturday, March 17, 2007, Kingston, Kingston

...assist in strengthening post-permit environmental monitoring by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). The specific... ...provision of services to facilitate environmental monitoring of Segment 2 (Greenside to Ocho Rios) of the Northern... ..., Presentation and Database Management.Environmental Monitoring Officer â–  Monitor for compliance with the conditions of... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions