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  • 56,543 Results in 1970
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  • 38,397 Results in 1960
  • 24,993 Results in 2000
  • 24,876 Results in 1980
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Maritime Archaeology
Portsmouth Herald Sunday, September 26, 2004, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

...a master’s degree in maritime archaeology from the University of Southampton in England. Other... ...Regents to createCa Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation that wovjd somewhat resemble the archine ology oceanography... Read More

Mary Leakey
Madison Wisconsin State Journal Tuesday, December 10, 1996, Madison, Wisconsin

...€” State Journal wire terriers Mary Leakey, 83, probed human past By Susan Linnee Associated... ..., Kenya — Archaeologist and anthropologist Mary Leakey, whose driving curiosity about prehistoric humans led her and her... ...was 83. Louis and Mary Leakey found fossils in Tanzania and Kenya that indicated human evolution... Read More

Michael Shanks
Panama City News Herald Thursday, November 07, 2013, Panama City, Florida

...of Truth (08) Ben Browder, Michael Shanks ** Stargate: Continuum (08) Ben Browder... ...Michael Shanks. ] IV ..... .12X244Michael Shanks. ** Eurotripi TCM Ut TO (04) Scott Mechlowicz, Michelle... Read More

Burlington Hawk Eye Wednesday, September 06, 1978, Burlington, Iowa

...number of scientists are practicing paleopathology — the study of ancient man or animal remains to... ...and conventional surgery. Through paleopathology, he said, scientists can learn the medical histories of ancient... hereditary, he said. Paleopathology has been practiced over the last two centuries by mal... Read More

Bryan Eagle Sunday, January 13, 1974, Bryan, Texas

....U pr. Bryant’s Palynology Studies Open the Past HY JOHN WEST University Information... .... MORF. BOTANY than anthropology, palynology as an archeological research technique has flowered in the last... The science of palynology was developed in the early 1900s. Dr. Erie Galien perfected... Read More

Philip Phillips
Lawrence Evening Tribune Monday, December 12, 1887, Lawrence, Kansas Crew Wednesday for the Philip Phillips If you would like to take a trip around the... a small fit tend Philip Phillips Tho novelty of the trip will ho will take you... ...of registered at tho Eldridge Philip Phillips the church Ihursdry It will pay you to stop and... Read More

Radiocarbon Dating
El Paso Herald Post Friday, July 30, 1954, El Paso, Texas

...The setting up of the radiocarbon dating laboratory at the newly con structed Tower of Science in... ...and the dis coverer of radiocarbon dating Dr Agosto Moreno y Moreno who will head the new... ...developed by Dr Libby for radiocarbon dating At present Dr Moreno is gather ing the necessary equipment... Read More

Drumheller Mail Wednesday, December 05, 1984, Drumheller, Alberta

plant spores and other microscopic clues to the past. A sedi-mentologist provides an understanding of how deposits of muds and sands trapped organisms that eventually became fossils. Taphonomy, the study of what happens to animals and plants between the times of death and fossilizatio Read More

Underwater Archaeology
Clovis News Journal Sunday, March 11, 2012, Clovis, New Mexico

...the creation of the state underwater archaeology unit that studies the other wrecks. It led to a... ...the Department of Cultural Resources’ Underwater Archaeology Branch facil- ~ ity on the grounds of the historic fort... ...state archaeologist and head of Underwater Archaeology Branch. “There are a lot of reasons, but the... Read More

Zahi Hawass
Brownsville Herald Sunday, August 06, 2000, Brownsville, Texas

...of mummified Egyptians and followed Zahi Hawass on his personal journey into antiquity. “This is... ...dark suit isn’t the Zahi Hawass the world knows. For that Hawass, the swashbuckler in the... ...archaeologist in ABOVE: Egyptologist Zahi Hawass gestures as he is surrounded by 2,500-year-old... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions