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  • 5,932 Results in 1930
  • 5,079 Results in 1920
  • 2,320 Results in 1950
  • 1,448 Results in 1910
  • 1,223 Results in 1970
  • 1,194 Results in 1900
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San Antonio Light
Monday, Jul 16, 1917

army was in san Antonio accompanied by major Hiram Bingham a member of the officers Reserve corps who ...onel Rees. The reporter was informed by maj. Hiram Bingham that was considered most undesirable that ...epresented in the August personality of maj. Hiram Bingham. And maj. Hiram Bingham said a newspapers A... Read More

Honolulu Pacific Commercial Advertiser
Monday, Sep 13, 1909

ptain walkup did not go Down in the Schooner Hiram Bingham. Captain and reverend a. C. Walkup of the missionary Schooner Hiram Bingham did not go Down with his Craft when she cap...d from Sydney n. S. In or. Walkup waa on the Hiram Bingham ii., the missionary vessel when it capsized... Read More

Bridgeport Telegram
Wednesday, Dec 17, 1924

tion poll i was cast today in Fairfield when Hiram Bingham was Given a Large majority. B Ogham s total...f Way and tallied a very Small vote but gave Hiram Bingham a majority of More than 400 out of 65s vote...own court tomorrow . dec. Tele Gram service Hiram Bingham. Republican nominee for United states senat... Read More

Sydney Daily Telegraph
Wednesday, Aug 25, 1909

e sessions. Capsize of a Mission Yessel. The Hiram Bingham lost. Castaways terrible suffering. Missionary Dies from exposure. Tie Hiram Bingham an american Mission vessel has been lost in...rogressing favourably at last re port. \ the Hiram Bingham which was named after tee Pioneer american... Read More

Athens Sunday Messenger
Sunday, Feb 24, 1952

Plains Athens county once lived or. And mrs Hiram Bingham w Hose Early married life Wax probably neve...ins w Here she was eared for nearly 30 Veals Hiram Bingham was one of the 12 children of Captain Silas... a flame Structure which has just been razed Hiram Bingham a Verond wife was Kalama we. Daughter of th... Read More

New Britain Herald
Thursday, Dec 11, 1924

l Nighthawk. " 0 Joska Connecticut residence Hiram Bingham is a resident of Connecticut and Lias been ...ber 20, 1924. Mir i Gimel . Phylia Iel Pitia Hiram Bingham is for the Republican Tariff principle. Ham...t Erc Fra by pianist. 11 3p. Morgan recital. Hiram Bingham is against the league of nations and endors... Read More

Honolulu Pacific Commercial Advertiser
Tuesday, Dec 08, 1908

at 10 o clock this morn ing for the Orient. Hiram Bingham entangled. The barkentine philippine arrive... approached the slip the missionary Schooner Hiram Bingham was alongside the Dock. The harbormaster re...pine come alongside. Lines were sent off the Hiram Bingham to the Ewa Side of the slip but when the wi... Read More

Kokomo Daily Tribune
Wednesday, Jan 06, 1909

s of Gilbertene islands. Missionary Schooner Hiram Bingham commanding in thought Superb in Structure a...ling of the Hiram Bingham was also made to Mark a period of mourning for the death of Hiram Bingham la who while in the East to Correct the pro... Read More

Watertown News
Friday, Dec 12, 1924

n or a fist an assooa1 Connecticut residence Hiram Bingham is a and has been a voter in this state fo...r and pacifism although beyond the draft age Hiram Bingham was a world War Volunteer and at the close ...f new York Assembly in 1920. The world court Hiram Bingham favors president Coolidge s proposal of a w... Read More

The Hawaiian Star
Saturday, Dec 05, 1908

from san fran Cisco the missionary Schooner Hiram Bingham this morning arrived in port spick and Span...and head winds characterized the trip of the Hiram Bingham on her Maiden voyage from the Golden Gate. ...l were were other distinguished callers. The Hiram Bingham is a revelation in the Way of schooners. Sh... Read More

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