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  • 994 Results in 1930
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  • 810 Results in 1910
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  • 628 Results in 1960
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Wichita Daily Times
Sunday, Mar 25, 1923

Sheba rules the s once Gertrude Bell Wai a society Bells in London Well educated...en. Slight in figure feminine in manner miss Gertrude Bell has been discussed by men prominent in land...le hotel in the Mountain of Switzerland miss Gertrude Bell talked with her arabian friends a Nike at t... Read More

Independence Examiner
Monday, Jan 05, 1976

etters testamentary granted in the estate of Gertrude Bell Liggett deceased to All persons interested in the estate of Gertrude Bell Liggett. Decedent on the 29th Day of december 1975, the last will of Gertrude Bell Liggett was admitted to probate and Paul h... Read More

Winnipeg Free Press
Friday, Dec 06, 1929

s to be established in Iraq As a memorial to Gertrude Bell for whom the Bagdad museum is named. At the...a Strong a pfc Between them and the British. Gertrude Bell had ample private Means and bequeathed in in Iraq said not All the witchery of miss Gertrude Bell can pre Vail Over the Plain fact of the ins... Read More

Adelaide Advertiser
Saturday, Apr 17, 1937

aim that he has said the final word about it Gertrude Bell As a Young woman the earlier letters of Ger.... Ernest Benn. Ltd., London 1 the letters of Gertrude Bell first j published in 1927, achieved a Del s... Read More

Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News
Tuesday, Feb 21, 1967

Miss Ellen Gertrude Bell weds Richard Chateauneuf in an la . Service...Walton Beach on saturday feb. 18, miss Ellen Gertrude Bell became the Bride of Richard Ballon Chateaun...enue. It mrs. Richard Chateauneuf miss Ellen Gertrude Bell by Abigail Van Buben dear Abby you had a le... Read More

Aiken Standard
Sunday, Feb 13, 2000

ns wrote eng Lish traveler and archaeologist Gertrude Bell in 1899 during her journey to what was then...ed the desert Home in the Oasis described by Gertrude Bell in her travels take for example the carpets...t us Aiken Tion most Are Domestic items that Gertrude Bell might have seen upon visiting her Oasis Hom... Read More

Charleston Gazette
Sunday, Jul 08, 1928

s Mission she met and became acquainted with Gertrude Bell of for some time she was also a Field worke...ent As you can such a Book is the letters of Gertrude Bell of these edited by devoted Trace her life of prom the time that sir Percey Cox took Gertrude Bell with him to bag dad As one of his staff she... Read More

Winnipeg Free Press
Monday, Mar 05, 1928

r dispute with be Sou with great will Nelson Gertrude Bell born at Wash Are the Corners of foreign Fields that Are forever England. Gertrude Bell is one of those rare people vrho make the w... Myra w Damascus an extra Ordin letters. And Gertrude Bell with a Fulli knowledge of Tho whole arabian... Read More

Trenton Evening Times
Thursday, Jul 11, 1907

s i Justice and Marlon Veltzel grammar Grade Gertrude Bell lil Lian Doherty Katie Kunsman High White A...rty Parsons Katie Kunsman Alma Slack grammar Gertrude Bell John Bloomfield Lillian Doherty Elvira Lill...Mcken Delck Marlon Lukens Philomena Anderson Gertrude Bell John Bloomfield Martha Case Lillian Doherty... Read More

Melbourne Australasian
Saturday, Feb 06, 1937

shortly to be published. It is to consist of Gertrude Bell s Early letters com piled by her sister lady Rich mond. Gertrude Bell by her brilliance her indomitable courage a...rcibly How far we have come from the Days of Gertrude Bell s girlhood for this dinner in Aid of a wome... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions