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  • 810 Results in 1910
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Clyde Dunstan Times
Monday, Nov 28, 1927

Kings again it s too great a so wrote Hiss Gertrude Bell tiie astonishing englishwoman who played a ... name was Ayishah the wife of the pro Phot a Gertrude Bell was one of the most Brilliant women student...d seen few climbers men or women. To surpass Gertrude Bell in skill a Emu mine to equal Lier in , Vav... Read More

Harvard Herald
Friday, Dec 02, 1892

E. Bagley Aud miss Winnie Hall. _ Solo miss Gertrude Bell brass quartet Tel messes. Slocum. Ainsworth...a. Instrumental duet misses Ethel Bagley and Gertrude Bell. Solo with Banjo accompaniment miss Jennie ...m. Ainsworth. Dresser and Darling. Duet miss Gertrude Bell and or a w Young. Heading miss Maine Groesb... Read More

Anaconda Standard
Sunday, Mar 25, 1923

ana sunday morning March 25, 1923. Sigl once Gertrude Bell was a society Belle in London Well educated... hotel in the mountains of Switzerland. Miss Gertrude Bell talked with her arabian friends smiled at most charming gowns that will please miss Gertrude Bell. What a quaint Little image she must Cut su... Read More

Renmark Murray Pioneer and Australian River Record
Friday, Nov 14, 1930

nd Book Lover s Section a great englishwoman Gertrude Bell and her work among die arabs the letters of Gertrude Bell. Selected and edited by lady Bell . Cheap e...that 110 other nation could to Day produce a Gertrude Bell the woman whose work among the arabs on the... Read More

Melbourne Age
Saturday, Sep 04, 1943

eryon. Compiled of her life in the East. But Gertrude Bell has gained hers in her own right with her s...ank of the modern arabian nights literature. Gertrude Bell contracted the fever of the Orient very Ear...markable woman. Frail body Stout spirit like Gertrude Bell Freya Stark has travelled and mapped region... Read More

Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
Monday, Sep 11, 2006

dventures of a desert Queen a adventures of Gertrude Bell englishwoman who helped create boundaries...h . Lawrence better known As Betsey Means As Gertrude Bell who helped create boundaries of Iraq durin...bers As if they were guests at one of Belles Gertrude Bell on a Camel in front of Sphinx third from l... Read More

Frankston and Somerville Standard
Saturday, Sep 23, 1933

k s the boy strange interlude Smilin through Gertrude Bell uncrowned Queen of Arabia contributed Gertr...ian and archaeologist and a Brilliant writer Gertrude Bell will live in the i Public memory most large...rince Feisal As Xing in this diplomatic work Gertrude Bell was next to the British High commissioner a... Read More

Frankston and Somerville Standard
Saturday, Sep 30, 1933

d an Arab King was appointed i in Thich work Gertrude Bell was the moving spirit i. In British history...aparte Captain Cook to land in Australia and Gertrude Bell by her intense love for and interest in the...arth a visit is Siade to a kurdish chief and Gertrude Bell is invited the wives in the Loren together... Read More

Coraki Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser
Friday, Jun 03, 1927

rather of a super Man. After a year in Egypt Gertrude Bell was sent As political officer to join Gen e...dth escapes and what terrify ing experiences Gertrude Bell went through Whilo she was engaged in this ... Arab Peoples under i turkish Dominion. Thus Gertrude Bell at the beginning of the world War was Alivo... Read More

Delphos Herald
Tuesday, Jun 17, 2008

Britain a one person offered her expertise a Gertrude Bell. At first her offer was denied so she volun...ribes were and what might be their leanings. Gertrude Bell was an englishwoman from an affluent family...ce sparing him from serving any prison time. Gertrude Bell one year ago a the relay for life of Delpho... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions