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Garden City Telegram
Monday, Jan 07, 2002

eing Back in classroom Hamilton returns biblical archaeology by Jennifer Chick staff writer partly Cl...m for life and the Bible into a class on biblical archaeology which he has taught every Spring semeste...veral years. Hamilton will be teaching a biblical archaeology class at Garden City Community College.... Read More

European Stars and Stripes
Thursday, May 30, 1991

re st13 5 he England tel1 0538-399181. A biblical archaeology the january february Issue of the a Magazine biblical archaeology review a a listed opportunities for bibl.... $2,695 for five weeks. For a copy of l biblical archaeology review s annual dig j Issue Send $4 to b... Read More

Wednesday, Dec 05, 1900

t the main results of modern research in biblical archaeology and throw a Welcome Light on the sacred ... Zombor of Tho Council of the society of biblical archaeology &.c. &.c. Eyre and s Mew Bible illustra...ev. C. J. Ball Member of the Council of biblical archaeology. Crown 4to. 380 pages. 15s. Professor Sa... Read More

Hopkinsville Semi Weekly South Kentuckian
Tuesday, Sep 18, 1888

disease. 5 18-tf of we a Fuqua physician biblical archaeology. A Section of Oriental antiquities of th...i Centennial exposition by an exhibit of biblical archaeology. Biblical archaeology is the study of th... Read More

Janesville Gazette
Wednesday, Oct 23, 2002

was announced monday by the prestigious biblical archaeology review and the discovery Channel televis...s a a Lemaire said. Other authorities on biblical archaeology were sceptical however saying the inscri...males at the time of ther authorities on biblical archaeology were sceptical however saying the inscri... Read More

Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
Saturday, Feb 01, 1997

a Public Art commission at 630 906-0654. Biblical archaeology opportunities abound associated press Be...97 season. The january february Issue of biblical archaeology review lists 26 dig opportunities includ... for All but the most rugged adventurers biblical archaeology is not like the old Days when archaeolog... Read More

New Bern Sun Journal
Saturday, Dec 28, 1996

. Together they Are shaking the Field of biblical archaeology and buttressing words believers have tak...t May be us Henna in a new Golden age of biblical archaeology. A recent expeditions at Shechem where t...le is the Bible a Hershel Shanks Edam of biblical archaeology review asks rhetorically. A the Unsei is... Read More

Standard Examiner
Saturday, Feb 09, 2013

this Sunday, focusing on her interest in biblical archaeology. Widner is a member of the Biblical Arc... organization that supports and promotes biblical archaeology. For information, send email to office@... Read More

Panama City News Herald
Saturday, Sep 20, 1997

Religion Lawrence of biblical archaeology scholar adventurer s contributions remai...ahoma. In an article in latest Issue of biblical archaeology review Tabachnik traces Brief but fruit... article. Lawrence would never return to biblical archaeology. Tabachnik said it was partly because Gi... Read More

Madison Wisconsin State Journal
Tuesday, Jan 30, 1979

director of the Nelson Glueck school of biblical archaeology and professor of biblical archaeology at...blic program us sponsored by the Madison biblical archaeology society. Car repair workshop held a a a... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions