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  • 3,338 Results in 1930
  • 3,186 Results in 1910
  • 2,507 Results in 1960
  • 2,489 Results in 1940
  • 2,384 Results in 1920
  • 2,210 Results in 1970
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Ford Motor Strike
Centralia Daily Chronicle Saturday, October 09, 1976, Centralia, Washington

office manager invited to a board of directors' party. The latter group, small in number include Leonard Woodcock, president of the United Automobile Workers who ordered the Ford Motor strike. Some others in this group, who Read More

General Motors Strike
Elma New Era Thursday, March 04, 1937, Elma, Iowa

...responsible for the disorder. General Motors Strike Is Settled by Compromise t> OTH sides making concessions... ..., the General Motors strike came to an end in what Governor Murphy of Michigan... ...lose much more. The General Motors strike was one of the costliest in history. I am told... Read More

Green Corn Rebellion
Anderson Herald Bulletin Wednesday, September 15, 1965, Anderson, Indiana

draft efficiently and bloodies, y. It registered 24 million mor drafting of them. RGreen Corn Rebellion." It wa i brief, ineffective and shor ivcd affair. By (hen war had bccom systemized. Europe had learnc Read More

International Harvester Strike
Eau Claire Leader Telegram Wednesday, November 10, 1976, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

inmates had completed 77 feet of tunnel. In the photo below, one prison guard helps another from the 10-foot-deep hole leading to the tunnel. (AP Wirephoto) LIAW sets International Harvester strike date MADISON (AP) - Farm interests proposed Tuesday that the legislature provide financial assistanc Read More

Machinists Strike
Titusville Herald Monday, May 20, 1901, Titusville, Pennsylvania

...STRONG TODAY MARKS BEGINNING OF MACHINISTS STRIKE J P Morgan May Be Appealed Reports from New York... ...see the beginning of a machinists strike which shall rival the one in the engineering trades in... ...go out tomorrow morning SCRANTON MACHINISTS STRIKE SCRANTON May 1000 Scranton and WilkesBarre employes of the Dickson... Read More

Michigan Copper Strike
Jacksonville Daily Journal Thursday, January 29, 1914, Jacksonville, Illinois Congress For Investigation of Michigan Copper Strike is Resented by Shaw—t ’o-oporation Promised.Michigan copper strike. Mr. Shaw says the action proposed would prolong the semblance... Read More

National Cash Register Strike
Norwalk Reflector Thursday, October 14, 1971, Norwalk, Ohio

of I per cent increase in the current I per cent city income tax. Officials said the city is currently losing about $25,000 a week in income taxes because of the National Cash Register strike. A t Marietta f\6ricv* I WH, I nUnOl/M I f wv I wDtn I Bumper Crop Missouri farmer Rudolph Backe Read More

New Orleans General Strike
Sarasota Herald Tribune Monday, October 10, 1977, Sarasota, Florida

for work. m The longshoremen, defying * the wishes of local and na-5 tional unions, voted Saturday £ to continue a general strike J against the Port of New ? Orleans. General strike Bup-5 porters said the selective * strike strategy was un-; workable in New Orleans be-; cause container ship Read More

New York City Bus Strike
Kingston Daily Freeman Tuesday, March 18, 1941, Kingston, New York

...approach to settlement of the New York city bus strike, the Assembly i>assod and sent to „... ...of some help, in the New York city bus strike." , A proposal to create a division j of commerce... Read More

New York City Transit Strike
Monroe News Star Wednesday, April 06, 1966, Monroe, Louisiana

....-; its picket lines? The New York City Transit strike wa.*; an example of serious damage done to the public... .... In the case of the New York City Transit strike, even thc state legislature, in effect, repealed retroactively the law... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions