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  • 498 Results in 1970
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Arnold Toynbee
Xenia Daily Gazette Friday, December 02, 1892, Xenia, Ohio

...blood in the tffoit. ARNOLD TOYNBEE. SCANDINAVIAN ELEMENT. Various Facts of Interest From a... ..., London. Among tile first was Arnold Toynbee, a young man tailored by all who knew him. He... ...the brain of the enthusiast, Arnold Toynbee. His enthusiasm was of that catching quality which drew others... Read More

Ben Bernanke
Winnipeg Free Press Saturday, August 06, 2011, Winnipeg, Manitoba

...the Fed, returned proudly for Ben Bernanke Day in 2006. Uncle Mort Bernanke, 84, still resides on... ...€? “ Do you trust Ben Bernanke?â€? I wonder. “ No,â€? Burkett replies. â... ...a lender that — like Ben Bernanke — somehow made it through the worst of the crisis... Read More

Brad Delong
Brownfield News Thursday, May 25, 1967, Brownfield, Texas

...Hawkins, Darryl Oglesby, Randy Lloyd, Brad DeLong, and Kim Merryman. Also, Greg Bimie, Kathleen Crooks, George... ...Hawkins, Darryl Oglesby, Randy Lloyd, Brad DeLong, Kim Merryman, Greg Bimie, Kathleen Crooks, George Thomas, Janie... Read More

Christina Romer
Carroll Daily Times Herald Wednesday, September 22, 2010, Carroll, Iowa

...the Council of Economic Advisers Christina Romer. both of whom resigned this summer. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner... ...Orszag. Obamas budget director, and Christina Romer. head of the president s Council of Economic Advisers, departed... Read More

Claudia Goldin
Annapolis Sunday Capital Sunday, June 08, 2008, Annapolis, Maryland

....â€? she said Harvard economist Claudia Goldin, who published a well-known study in 2004 on name... ...the two. ’ — Claudia Goldin, on the challenges of keeping or changing your name after... Read More

David Gordon
Lethbridge Herald Thursday, November 24, 1910, Lethbridge, Alberta

...line blackened -in front of David Gordon's eyes. H-e took a quick grasp of the... In-the faoe, for David Gordon's mind was set In a'Tveek Rider was'back... .... Merlheim a dangerous man And David Gordon Mwlheiiu bt with David feJt strong: in bis'own He... ...long if between the lines. David Gordon read It there with greatest force. In an Instant precious... Read More

Deirdre Mccloskey
Cedar Rapids Gazette Wednesday, November 24, 1999, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

...- University of Iowa economics professor Deirdre McCloskey, who underwent a highly publicized 1996 sex-change operation, resigned... ...Iowa. I'm sorry to Deirdre McCloskey Decision not tied to gender change Robert Forsythe, senior associate... Read More

Douglass North
Indiana Weekly Messenger Wednesday, August 29, 1900, Indiana, Pennsylvania

...B A and T E Douglass north 37 degrees 55 minutes west1095 feet thence north along said... ...other laud of B A Douglass north 47 degrees 45 minutes east 950 feet to the place... ...along land of T E Douglass north 37 degrees 55minutes west 1095 feet thence along same land... Read More

Eric Hobsbawm
Colorado Springs Gazette Tuesday, October 02, 2012, Colorado Springs, Colorado

prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian award, in 2000 by President Bill Clinton, for both his corporate and civic leadership.British historian Eric Hobsbawm dies at 95 LONDON • Eric Hobsbawm, who has died aged 95, was Obituaries &Life Tributes Read More

Fernand Braudel
Madison Wisconsin State Journal Sunday, October 16, 1983, Madison, Wisconsin

...he Wheels of Commerce Fernand Braudel Hardcover: $55 QPB Ed: $12.95 28 5. The... ...Structures of Everyday Life. Fernand Braudel Hardcover: $52 QPB Ed: $12.95 295. After the Fact... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions