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  • 185,868 Results in 1970
  • 144,747 Results in 1960
  • 107,694 Results in 1950
  • 80,734 Results in 1930
  • 77,442 Results in 1980
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Barry Sanders
Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Wednesday, November 30, 1988, Arlington Heights, Illinois

..., Sanders deserves the Heisman Barry Sanders may be the greatest trick ever played on the Heisman... ...> Foremost among them is whether Barry Sanders even exists. He is, I fear, the product of... .... Hey-hey, I’m Barry Sanders... If you’ll recall, there was no running back... Read More

Brett Favre
Madison Wisconsin State Journal Wednesday, March 05, 2008, Madison, Wisconsin

...BRETT FAVRE | END OF AN ERA ★ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5.2008... ...McCarthy “Nobody pushed Brett Favre out the door, but then nobody encouraged him not to... ...I respect Andre Agassi and Brett Favre the most because they were guys that played through pain... Read More

Dan Marino
Paris News Sunday, January 20, 1985, Paris, Texas

...and keeps coming back to Dan Marino versus Joe Montana Weve got the teams with the two... ...X DOLPHIN SCRAMBLER Miami quarterback Dan Marino scampers with the ball as he looks for a receiver... ...what were up against with Dan Marino and that 49ers Coach Bill Walsh said Weve seen film... Read More

Deion Sanders
Santa Ana Orange County Register Sunday, December 30, 1990, Santa Ana, California

...> Associated Press Atlanta's Deion Sanders attracts plenty of attention, some from opposing players who hope... kickoff time. For Deion Sanders, it is showtime. Look at him. He dares... ...the moment, he is the Deion Sanders you think you know. He struts, he gyrates, he evokes... Read More

dick butkus
Havre Daily News Thursday, October 07, 1976, Havre, Montana

...Whoa. Cut. Dick Butkus. broadcaster7 Dick Butkus, who graduated magna cum grouch from... ....v.vAv.;. V Dick Butkus:Super Crunch goes on the air Bx Bob Verdi... ...our broadcast is former linebacker Dick Butkus. It’s overcast here today and . . Wait a minute... Read More

Earl Campbell
Scottsdale Progress Wednesday, July 24, 1974, Scottsdale, Arizona

...Jack Campbell, Jr. and Michael Earl Campbell have filed-with the above-named Court a Petition in... ...Street. Seottsdale, Arizona 65857 MICHAEL EARL CAMPBELL' 8532 East Orange Blossom' Seottsdale, Arizona 85251. AMENDED PETITION FOR... ...Jack Campbell, Jr. and Michael Earl Campbell, both sons of the deceased. 2. Decedent died on or... Read More

Emmitt Smith
Port Arthur News Thursday, September 02, 1993, Port Arthur, Texas

...the Cowboys’ Kickoff Luncheon. Emmitt Smith was not behind Door No. I as he was in... ...interesting. But who cares, if Emmitt Smith is not signed? They gave out these neat little... ...Defensive Player. Great, but Emmitt Smith is not signed. As always, WFAA-TV sports director... Read More

Eric Dickerson
Kokomo Tribune Friday, May 04, 1990, Kokomo, Indiana

...he cer tainly has size Eric Dickerson Local fans speak Indianapolis Colts running back Eric Dickerson made... ...says allpro run ning back Eric Dickerson To sit back and not play to me would be... ...all along that we expect Eric Dickerson to fulfill his contract and Im sincere about Physical Bulls... Read More

Fran Tarkenton
Morgantown Dominion Post Monday, January 10, 1977, Morgantown, West Virginia

...passing attempts, lifetime —■ Fran Tarkenton (Minn) (3 games)— 89 >46 completed). Most... ...attempts passing, game — Fran Tarkenton. (Minn) 35 (17 completed). Most passing completions, lifetime — Fran Tarkenton (Minn)—46 (89 attempts). Most passing yards gained... Read More

Gale Sayers
Middletown Times Herald Record Friday, December 18, 1970, Middletown, New York

...friend Sayers NEW YORK UPI Gale Sayers still is getting help from Brian That could hit you... ...which existed between the two Gale Sayers probably is the greatest running back in the Chicago Bears... ...for them More than that Gale Sayers is a genuinely warm decent human and although he once... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions