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  • 81,828 Results in 1970
  • 60,222 Results in 1960
  • 47,837 Results in 1950
  • 46,657 Results in 1990
  • 41,468 Results in 1980
  • 31,643 Results in 2000
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Bill Bradley
Manchester Journal Inquirer Thursday, May 27, 1976, Manchester, Connecticut

...the sport, basketball, who knows Bill Bradley well, and who spent a good deal of time with... ...the author — Bill Bradley, himself. It probably should go direct to the Smithsonian. Most... should be surprised that Bill Bradley should, so to speak, do his own thing. He always... Read More

Bill Russell
Kittanning Simpson Leader Times Thursday, October 05, 1972, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

...part time commentator with ABC Bill Russell Applause Bill Russell moved toward the mike Not the old... ...Bill Russell but the new one You remember the old Bill Russell... ...before Senate communications subcommittee New Bill Russell Still Can Get Fire in Eye By MILTON RICHMAN UPI... Read More

Bill Sharman
Oxnard Press Courier Saturday, May 04, 1968, Oxnard, California

...boulevard who are worried about Bill Sharman. The basis for this kindly concern is that Sharman... ..., for anyone to worry about Bill Sharman is a waste of time. He will be riding in... ...MTA. The point is, Bill Sharman has his wits about him and is entirely aware of... Read More

Billy Cunningham
Kenosha News Tuesday, August 26, 1969, Kenosha, Wisconsin announce the signing of Billy Cunningham of t <* Philadelphia 76ers ot the NBA to a... ...example, all the fringe benefits Billy Cunningham Mas getting to move over from the Philadelphia 76ers to... or not. â€? Billy Cunningham, the NBA s third leading scorer last season will play... Read More

Bob Cousy
El Paso Herald Post Tuesday, February 10, 1970, El Paso, Texas

...UPI Bob Cousy says Bob Cousy is not the man to say if... ...Jo Jo White is another Bob Cousy But Bob Cousy confesses he likes Jo Jo White the... ...a Pr o Against Cincinnati Bob Cousy Likes Jo Jo By DICK DEW UPI Sports Writer BOSTON... being hailed as another Bob Cousy White whose first season in the National Basketball Assn was... Read More

Bob Lanier
Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News Monday, January 12, 1970, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

...big man in college basketball, Bob Lanier says the game will face a crisis next season. Nobody... ...Fame, too.â€? When Bob Lanier talks about things like the size of his feet, he... ...some more. There are times, Bob Lanier admits, when he laughs too much. “My biggest... Read More

Bob Pettit
Lawrence Daily Journal World Tuesday, March 31, 1964, Lawrence, Kansas

..." Way to Stardom Bob Pettit an Overlooked Great “Now suppose you wanted to... ...than a Mississippi scow. Bob Pettit just might be the most taken-for-granted athlete in... ...€”over the fence and out. Bob Pettit does it with bunts. He neither pops from way outside... Read More

Bob Ryan
Cedar Rapids Gazette Sunday, September 08, 1991, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

...only a handful Owner Bob Ryan ly in the eastern United States. Using a... ...measuring by hand, company owner Bob Ryan says. It’s more common in Europe, Ryan says... ...— Their work has given Bob Ryan and his staff some tales to tell. One project... ...the project was finished. Bob Ryan, owner of the Iowa City firm, Dennett, Muessig, Ryan &... Read More

Chick Hearn
Santa Ana Orange County Register Friday, May 15, 1987, Santa Ana, California

...Lakers play-bv-play broadcaster Chick Hearn would switch roles with Boston Celtics play-by-play man... ...they want to listen to Chick Hearn. If they wanted to hear Johnny Most doing the games... ...Southern Cali-fornians. "Chick Hearn is like a journalist, he just reports the game,"... Read More

Chuck Daly
Cumberland Evening Times Tuesday, June 11, 1985, Cumberland, Maryland

...right to hire Detroit coach Chuck Daly, leaving assistant coach Matt Goukas as the favorite to replace... .... “We never offered Chuck Daly the job,â€? Katz said. “We never made a... ...never have even spoken to Chuck Daly. I feel they mishandled it and should have just told... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions